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_______________________ in technology has changed the way people

live their lives nowadays.

2. _____________________ is a small device or machine with a

particular purpose. A smartphone is an example.

3. Smartphones are convenient because they are ___________________,

which means that you can have them on you wherever you are.

4. “Go to www.myhappymonkey.com and __________________ the

audio file from the website onto your laptop.”

5. “I can’t log in my Facebook. I’ve forgotten my ___________________.”

6. “Don’t forget to ____________________ the website or else you might

forget it.”

7. Samsung smartphones have certain _____________________ that

might be the same or different from Apple smartphones.

8. “You should buy a __________________ if you’re going to stay

indoors. If you’re always travelling, you should buy a


9. John loves technology too much. He is such a ______________.

10. “I can’t _____________________. The Wi-Fi signal is very weak.”