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EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Formal Lesson Observations Feedback

MCT and MST Placement Feedback Form Semester 4

Student Name: Asma Abdulla School: ISCS

MCT/MST: Nesrine Abou El Seoud Date: 12-11-2018

Directions: The MCT and MST will use this to formally observe your performance during the Internship,
offering you feedback based on the selected competencies for this semester.

Commitment to the Profession

Demonstrates consistent attendance and punctuality

Accepts and respects school based authority structures, and complete reasonable request from school MST
and leadership

Is prepared and ready for each lesson

Participates in professional activities across the school


Asma is a committed student who really showed lots of respect to everyone in school, she was
always on time for her lessons and always ready to help and fulfill all the tasks given to her.

On her assessment day, her plan was ready and printed with more details and more fun activities.

EPC 2903 Teaching Practice Booklet

Implementing Learning

Presents material which is accurate, meaningful and accessible to support student engagement and learning

Implements learning centres/ student-centred work which engages learners & secures learning

Instructions are clear & concise


At the end of the carpet session she explained all activities. She prepared very nice activities that
were differentiate to suit all student levels.

The instructions were clear and the students enjoyed them all.

She implemented learning centres which engaged all students.


Designs & implements simple diagnostic assessment (possibly through questions or a classroom task)


During plenary time, Asma asked the children questions to assess their understanding of the given
lesson, she also gave them boards having addition equations (differentiated) as extra assessment.

During her activity time she used the ”assessment capable learner chart” , and she asked the
students about their levels.

Reflection on Practice

Asks a range of questions to guide reflections on her classroom practice


At the end of the carpet session she asked the children some questions for assessment.

Also during plenary time, she asked the children for feedback about the activities.

EPC 2903 Teaching
Practice Booklet

Planning for Learning

Has completed lesson plan for every lesson, printed and available to MST and MCT upon request

Ensures lesson plans have sufficient detail to secure effective delivery

Includes clear and appropriate learning objectives

Lesson plans include a range of relevant, engaging activities


For her assessment she prepared a good lesson plan, that had nice activities and clear learning

This time she also prepared a focus sheet for the activities which made her learning objectives very
clear to the teacher conducting the activity.

She also prepared some addition activities to be done independently (continuous provision).

Managing Learning

Implement a range of classroom routines


During her assessment she was able to manage the students during carpet time, she used different
fun activities, songs and warm up exercises.