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TO: Charles M. Duggan, Jr., City Manager

VIA: Forrest E. Cotten, AICP, Planning Director

FROM: Carl T. Morgan, AICP, Assistant Planning Director

SUBJECT: Initiation of discussions for a historic district in the Pindedale Drive

DATE: June 12, 2008

As you are aware, at the regular meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission
(HPC) this week, the HPC determined an initial boundary for a potential new historic
district. Discussions with the community and among HPC members are in the very
early stages, but I am pleased to share with you and the City Council the background
and key issues thus far, as well as the procedure that must be followed to designate a

Location and Property Description

Attached you will find a copy of a map that shows the boundaries of the
proposed district. It encompasses all of the original Pinedale Park Subdivision of
1931 (also attached), except for the four parcels that front on Samford Avenue
and 466 Pinedale Drive (lot 16). It is an area of about 10.86 acres, of which 1.73
acres is parkland and 1.51 acres is right of way for Pinedale Drive. There are
twelve existing structures with a thirteenth that was demolished earlier this year
and is being rebuilt.


This area is a subset of a larger area that the HPC was considering for
designation in the spring of 2007 that included Payne Street, Pinedale Drive, and
Nelocco Drive, as well as portions of East Samford Avenue, Thatch Avenue, Gay
Street and Armstrong Street.

The work on the larger district was put on hold indefinitely after the HPC held
an open house in March 2007. At the open house, a proposed boundary was
presented to the residents in the area with maps and information about historic

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Memo to Mr. Duggan re: Pinedale–area historic district
June 12, 2008, Page 2 of 3

districts. A survey was also provided to residents to solicit comments for the
Commission’s consideration. The feedback was mixed and the meeting was
quite spirited at times. Citizens at the meeting shared an array of sentiments in
favor, against or undecided.

In the interim, the Commission has focused its energies on other activities, such
as coordinating public improvements in the existing district and refining the
Design Review Standards that are used to review projects in the district. However,
the focus on these more pressing issues was done with the intent to eventually
return to the discussion of a district in this area.

Discussion of a smaller district

In February 2008 at the HPC’s regular meeting, Commissioner Carol Pittard, who
lives on Pinedale Drive, voiced some concern about redevelopment pressures in
the area. A recent demolition of a home on Pinedale Drive was one of the more
evident indicators of this pressure and catalyzed Commissioner Pittard’s
initiation of a discussion with the HPC.

Recognizing that the larger district will take some time to develop and that the
1930s plat of the Pinedale Park Subdivision makes this neighborhood somewhat
different from the other neighborhoods in the larger district proposal, the
Commission determined to engage the community regarding a possible Pinedale
designation. In the past few months, Commissioner Pittard has had informal
discussions with Pinedale Park residents and provided them with printed
material about historic preservation, including the January memo I provided to
you summarizing historic preservation in Auburn.

Next Steps

The reception, thus far, has encouraged the HPC to engage the residents more
formally. Later this month, the Commission will advertise an open house for the
residents where the HPC Chair, Anne Shaw, Commissioner Pittard and I will
briefly present some information about what a historic designation would mean
for the neighborhood and we will solicit feedback from the residents and answer
their questions. The dates being considered are June 23 or June 30 at 5:30 PM.
Commissioner Pittard is contacting the residents to find out which date will
work out the best for the area residents.

After the open house, the HPC will evaluate the reception from the community
and determine whether or not to proceed with the designation and review

The procedure for designating a local district is found in Section 2-120.1 of the
City Code as well as Section 11-68 of the State Code of Alabama and includes the
Memo to Mr. Duggan re: Pinedale–area historic district
June 12, 2008, Page 3 of 3

Who’s Steps in the process What’s involved

HPC Preliminary Research Survey of historic resources and their significance
Notice of public hearing At least 10 days in advance and no more than 20
days in advance:
• Notice in newspaper: Publishing in three
consecutive issues
• Mailed notice: to all owners of property and
to all occupants
Public Hearing To be held at a meeting of the HPC
Formal recommendation • Within 15 days of the public hearing
to the Council • In the form of a resolution
• An accompanying report that includes:
o Physical description
o Significance
o Map of boundaries and properties
o Justification of district boundaries
o Design standards
o Representative photographs
City Council Action on the HPC • Evaluation by the Council which includes
Recommendation looking at “Criteria for selection of historic
districts” 1
• In the form of an ordinance
• Options to adopt as proposed, adopt with
amendments, or reject
City Notification to owners Within 30 days of the adoption of the designation
Administration and occupants ordinance:
• Notice that the designation ordinance was
• Apprising owners and occupants of
applicable design review guidelines an the
need to obtain a certificate of appropriates for
material changes
Notification to agencies Notification to all municipal agencies within the City
of Auburn that the designation ordinance was

As you can see, the HPC is at the very beginning of the preliminary research stage and
there are a number of steps left to go. I hope the information above is useful and if at
any time, you, the Council, or citizens in general have any questions that you will not
hesitate to contact me or the HPC Chair, Anne Shaw.

Specific criteria are found in Section 2-120.1.c of the City Code of Auburn