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Role Title

Examinations Assistant

Role Information

Role Type Pay Band Location Duration Reports to:

Existing Role J Algeria One year Fixed Exams Services Manager

Term Contract -

Role purpose

This role is primarily concerned with supporting the day to day delivery of examinations. The role may be
responsible for one or more discrete functions within the overall delivery process or the end-to-end delivery
of a single product.

The post is likely to be monitored quite closely and will need support and guidance, particularly when taking
on new duties or tasks. However, the post may lead on discrete projects within its own sphere of activity,
particularly around identifying and developing innovations in the search for ongoing efficiency
improvements or improved customer satisfaction.

About us

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.
We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do
this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating
opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.

We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language,
education and civil society. Each year we reach over 20 million people face-to-face and more than 500
million people online, via broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by
Royal Charter and a UK public body.

Geopolitical/SBU/Function overview:

Our work in exams creates international opportunities and builds trust and value for the UK. We also:
 Give people access to life changing opportunities through UK qualifications.
 Support the promotion of the UK as a study destination.
 Provide a sustainable base for other cultural relations activities.

The Examinations department in Algeria is a major operation at the British Council where a team works in
harmony; however, it also has 6 IELTS UKVI and Life Skills Examiners, 9 invigilators, 3 Examinations
services Officer (Grade H), 1 Examinations Business Development Manager for IELTS/ School/
Professional/ APTIS tests, (Grade G), Country Examinations Manager.
The Examination Services in Algeria has administered around 3,000 exams in the last year which includes
Education Professional and Academics, IELTS and Aptis exams.

1 [Examinations Venues Officer] | [09 January 2017] | The British Council

Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
(including people management and finance)

Duties Skills and Knowledge

A. Supporting general effective management

A1. Supporting effective Raising and goods receipting P.O.’s or creating vendors. Understands
and compliant financial procurement policies if involved in making procurement decisions.
processes Understands principles of Approved Supplier List (ASL) and can follow
where required

Understands principles and importance of receipting and daily reconciliation

of income.

Supporting preparation of examiner/marker/invigilator payments.

A2. Delivering effective Understands the exam process (registration through to results) and is able to
customer communicate this clearly to the customer.
communication (mainly
exam candidates and Answering customer queries, dealing with initial complaints, within BC
enquiries from supplier corporate and local customer service standards. Understands where to find
schools, agents etc) information to respond to queries where the answer is not immediately

How to use SMS and other systems eg mail merge to send information to
mass candidates.

Product knowledge – able to answer queries about the different products

and explain their benefits to the customer

B. Supporting exam delivery

B1. Processing exam Understands the importance of keeping exam materials secure and of
papers following systems which protect self and colleagues from unfair accusations
of malpractice. Understands different exam bodies may have different
requirements. Understands underlying principles of secure exam paper
processing. Familiar with relevant exam body/EQS/IELTS regulations. Able
to process exam papers in line with exam body/EQS/IELTS regulations,

 Unpacking, counting, logging, shredding materials securely

 Using appropriate/different stock management systems and equipment
inventories to ensure secure materials and equipment can be tracked
internally and externally
 Packing and despatching materials back to exam bodies or recording
secure local destruction

B2. Arranging exam Identifying and booking suitable venues, including brand, spacing, health
venues and safety requirements whether EQS or exam body regulations. Can
ensure a venue is set up correctly.

B3. Setting up the exam Can use required receipting, registration and exam entry systems eg ORS,
day ESOLCOMMS etc to process candidate entries. Able to enter data quickly
and accurately. Able to apportion candidates where required to venues or
examiners using relevant systems. Able to produce and despatch candidate
test day information eg statements of entry/hall tickets etc.

Can schedule supervisors/invigilators as appropriate and ensure they have

correct (pre-prepared) training and knowledge for that particular exam.

2 [Examinations Assistant] | [14 September 2017] | The British Council

B4. Supporting the Understands requirements of invigilator/supervisor. Can act as or monitor
exam day performance of venue staff. Able to ensure materials are secure throughout
the day.

Can set up a venue for pen and paper or CB tests, in line with brand and
security guidelines.

Understands what to do in case of a crisis or issue on the exam day

B5. Coordinating Can schedule appropriate numbers of examiners/markers and arrange

marking of double marking as appropriate. Understands examiner/marker validity
scripts/interviews and periods. Inputting results where required eg IELTS. Can print IELTS TRFs or
processing exam results other results/certificates where required. Can arrange despatch of
TRFs/other exam certificates.

C. Personal Effectiveness
Time management
Stress management.
Effective written communications
IT Skills
MS Word
MS Outlook
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Access
Knowledge of wider BC work
English language – likely to be B1/B2
Managing yourself

Other important features or requirements of the job

The post involves frequent weekend work, frequent off-site work, occasional very early mornings and
evening work, also occasional travel for trainings and meetings. Where applicable, this will be compensated
with Time Off In Lieu.

Work will take place on going mostly during IELTS Exams sessions. Administrative work will take place at
intervals throughout the year, and work times to be agreed in line with business needs and staff availability.
Work location will be within one or two areas in the same city as the location can change based on the
British Council’s needs i.e. Algiers.

Key Relationships:

 All venue staff at the Exams venue

 BC Exams Managers and Officers
 BC Support Staff
 Venue Personnel Manager
 Finance team
 Local representatives of the UK exam boards
 Schools representatives
 Exam candidates (external)

Role Requirements:

Threshold requirements: Assessment stage

Passport requirements/ Post holder must be eligible to work in Algeria. Shortlisting

3 [Examinations Assistant] | [14 September 2017] | The British Council

Right to work in country

Direct contact or Yes

managing staff working Appropriate police check
with children? Criminal Records Check

Notes The post involves:

 Frequent weekend work
 Frequent off-site work
 Occasional very early mornings and
evening work
 Occasional travel
Where applicable, this will be compensated with
Time Off In Lieu.

Person Specification: Assessment stage

Language requirements
Minimum / essential Desirable Assessment Stage

 English at Proficiency Level B1  English at Proficiency Level Shortlisting

 Arabic/ French at Proficiency Level C1 B2

Minimum / essential essential Assessment Stage

 University Graduate or equivalent Shortlisting

 Diploma (3 years post baccalaureate

Role Specific Knowledge & Experience

Minimum / essential Desirable Assessment Stage

 Experience in the field of administration  Good knowledge of UK Shortlisting AND

 Experience in assisting in event qualifications delivered through Interview
planning and organizing British Council
 Experience in assisting exams

Role Specific Skills (if any) Assessment Stage

 Multi-tasking and ability to prioritise tasks Shortlisting AND

 Strict adherence to deadlines Interview
 Strict adherence to examining board/British Council regulations
 High level of flexibility

British Council Core Skills Assessment Stage

 Managing people: supports others Shortlisting AND

 Managing projects: follows project management discipline
 Managing risk follows good practice and supports a risk management
 Managing Finance and Resources; uses Resources effectively, uses
Finance systems & processes
 Using Technology; operates as an advanced user in all Microsoft office

 Communicating & influencing; clearly & effectively.

4 [Examinations Assistant] | [14 September 2017] | The British Council

British Council Behaviours Assessment Stage

Connecting with others – Essential Interview

I find common ground and build relationships and connections to support British
Council goals.
I apply my understanding of the underlying feelings and concerns of others. I adjust
my behaviour to respond to how other people think and behave. I integrate with
people of different background in order to achieve business objectives.

Being accountable – Essential

I always meet my commitments and take personal responsibility for the results. I do
more than what is required, I put extra energy into dealing with obstacles I act on
feedback and seek support. I adapt easily to different cultural settings.

Working together- Essential

I work towards common goals with others, sharing goals and resources to add
more value. I ask for feedback from others. I agree expectations and make changes
to deliver benefits for everyone. Share responsibility and help others to work
together more effectively.

Making it happen- Essential

I deliver excellent results, achieve challenging goals and develop myself and
others. I take action promptly when necessary. I consistently meet my objectives. I
develop my own knowledge and learning.

Creating Shared Purpose -Essential Required for role but

will not be assessed at
Communicating an engaging picture of how we can work together.
Shaping the future - Essential
Looking for ways in which we can do things better

Prepared by: Date:

Fella Boudjema 14 September 2017

Examinations Business Development Manager

5 [Examinations Assistant] | [14 September 2017] | The British Council