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Mintel’s 2018 Global Food & Drink Trends are the result
of collaboration between 60 of Mintel’s expert analysts 2
in more than a dozen countries around the world. These
global conversations have led to the identification of
Full Disclosure
five key trends that reflect overarching 2018 consumer
themes including trust, self-care, stress, individuality, and
sustainability. Each of the trends has been chosen because
it will have an impact on consumers, manufacturers, and
retailers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Self-Fulfilling Practices
Pacific, and the Americas in 2018.

The concepts are current but also incorporate elements

that are evolutions of Mintel’s 2016 and 2017 Global 18
Jenny Zegler
Global Food & Drink Analyst
Food & Drink Trend predictions, which continue to be
significant influences in many categories and countries.
New Sensations
To showcase the relevance of the five future-looking trends,
our analyst insights have been supported by evidence
gathered from Mintel’s proprietary consumer research, 26
innovative developments observed by Mintel’s expert team
of trend spotters, and international food and drink products Preferential Treatment
collected in Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD).

We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations

to help you explore the potential these trends present for 33
your business. Science Fare
Best wishes for the year ahead.

FULL In our new post-truth reality,
consumers require complete
and total transparency from

DISCLOSURE food and drink companies.

scandals, and suspicion

What’s about large companies. The
convergence of skepticism
Happening extends and enhances the
existing consumer interest
in 2018? in the origins of food and
drink that has been present
Many consumers around the (in some markets) for the
world lack trust in regulatory past decade.
systems, manufacturers,
French milk brand C’est qui le
and even their fellow patron?! (which translates to
humans. This compounds “Who’s the boss?!”) surveyed
a pre-existing wariness 6,850 consumers online about
half a dozen criteria from farm
about food and drink gate price to packaging in order
because of product recalls, to develop its product.

2 3
Widespread distrust has increased
the need for food and drink
manufacturers to be forthcoming
about their ingredients, production
processes, and supply chains.

As shown by the growth

in natural, ethical, and
environmental claims,
widespread distrust has
increased the need for food
and drink manufacturers to
be forthcoming about their
ingredients, production
processes, and supply
chains. This places pressure
on manufacturers to offer
thorough and honest
disclosures about how,
Betterwith "Honest" ice creams are claimed to be the first farm-fresh traceable premium ice cream in Canada. where, when, and by whom
food and drink is grown,
harvested, made, and/
The need for reassurance no additives/preservatives, environmental claims, such or sold. Food and drink
about the safety and organic and GMO-free) as environmentally friendly transparency can take
trustworthiness of food and appeared on 29% of global packaging as well as animal many different directions,
drink has led to increased food and drink launches and human welfare claims, but the various claims
use of natural, as well as from September 2016 to have risen to 22% of global serve a singular purpose: to
ethical and environmental, August 2017, which is an food and drink introductions help consumers feel more
claims in global food and increase from 17% of global between September 2016 confident about the safety Namyang Agiggoya Mom's Cooking baby food from South Korea is
said to be scientifically designed by the company's baby expert and
drink launches. According to food and drink launches that and August 2017 from just and purity of the food and made with selected ingredients, such as Korean rice or beef and
Mintel Global New Products used natural claims from 1% in the same period from drink that they purchase. pesticide-free vegetables.
Database (GNPD), natural September 2006 to August 2006-07.
product claims (which include 2007. Similarly, ethical and

4 5
as a top three concern where a product was made. Santuario and other domestic consumers as shown
Why when choosing a specific Indeed, 70% of Italian, 66% coffee-growing regions. by a Vietnamese mobile
One in five
supermarket, hypermarket of French, 58% of Spanish, application, Te-Food, that Canadians trust
Consumers or online retailer. A lack of 56% of German, and 55% More brands can follow allows consumers to scan
the health claims
honesty can also damage of Polish consumers aged Nescafe’s lead and link to barcodes or QR codes on
Will Buy trust because 65% of Thai, 16+ are more likely to trust a local or domestic supply packages of pork to learn on food and/
64% of Australian, and 61% company if it manufactures or production as a way to more about the environment
Into This of Indonesian adults in major products within their own reassure patriotic shoppers, and treatment of the pigs.
or beverage
metropolitan areas feel country. At the same time, while other brands can Meanwhile, other consumers packaging.
Clarity is required because cheated when a company ethical claims can be an appeal to consumers who might need to see actual
distrust is rampant. A mere is not clear about the high expectation in certain are more focused on buying proof, such as the 22% of
one in five Canadian adults sugar content of its products, categories as shown by the products that are perceived US vegetable buyers who
trust the health claims according to Mintel research. 57% of UK adults who use to have the most trustworthy would like to see more fresh
on food and/or beverage and buy milk, milk drinks or or purist origins. Technology vegetables grown on
packaging. Nearly half (45%) Transparency takes many cream and are more likely also can be used to reassure store premises.
of Chinese grocery buyers forms, with some consumers to buy the products from a
aged 20-49 rank food safety simply interested in knowing brand and/or supermarket
that spells out on pack how it Natural and ethical claims on global new food
supports its farmers. Brands and drink product launches are on the rise
also can be built around
origin as shown by Nescafé’s
Artesano line launched in Natural SEPT. 2006-AUG. 2007 | 17%
Colombia that celebrates product claims
the heritage and farmers of (ie no additives/
organic, GMO-free) SEPT. 2016-AUG. 2017 | 29%

Nescafé Artesano Santuario

Risralda was launched in Ethical and SEPT. 2006-AUG. 2007 | 1%
Colombia in 2017 and is environmental claims
supported by Nescafé Plan, (ie environmentally
which aims to improve the friendly packaging,
livelihoods of farmers and animal/human welfare) SEPT. 2016-AUG. 2017 | 22%
their communities and
assist with the sustainable
management of landscapes.
(Source: www.facebook.com/
NESCAFE.CO) Source: Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD)

6 7
Budweiser has
launched new
packaging that
identifies the 12 US As more consumers find
states where the
beer is brewed. modern life to be hectic
and stressful, flexible
transparency attainable to giant Amazon’s acquisition
Where all consumers reflects the of premium grocer Whole and balanced diets
principles of Mintel’s 2017
Global Food & Drink Trend
Foods Market has the goal of
making “high-quality, natural
will become integral
In addition to disclosing
‘Balancing the Scales: Health
for Everyone,’ which noted
and organic food affordable
for everyone,” according to
elements of self-
more specific transparency that healthy food and drink the company. Retailers also care routines.
details, the next wave of are not to be considered have an opportunity to share
clean label challenges luxuries. Similarly, more information, which
manufacturers and retailers transparency will soon be could appeal to the one
to democratise transparency expected as a claim that will quarter of Brazilian grocery
and traceability so that be affordable and accessible retail shoppers who would
products are accessible to to more consumers. The like to know more about
all consumers regardless of market is moving in that how private label products
household income. Making direction as e-commerce are made.

8 9
by consumers developing Consumers agree managing/releasing stress
What’s their own unique definitions Verival Organic Pumpkin & Tomato properly is an important factor for a healthy lifestyle
of healthy diets and lifestyles Porridge is a savoury alternative
Happening that often include following to traditional sweet porridge
available in Germany that is high
balanced diets and allotting
in 2018? time for relaxation.
in protein and made with whole
vegetable pieces, herbs and spices.
52% 45% 43%
The frantic pace of modern The challenge of
life, constant connectivity, determining the
pervasive distrust, and elements of a healthy THAILAND AUSTRALIA INDONESIA
contentious tones in politics diet can contribute to
Base: internet users aged 18+ in major metropolitan areas
and the media have caused negativity and stress
(1,301 in Thailand, 1,407 in Australia, and 1,192 in Indonesia)
many consumers to look for because consumers Source: APAC Metro Consumer Study 2017
ways to escape negativity are bombarded with
in their lives. Many people potentially conflicting
who feel overwhelmed are reports as to which For example, French,
focusing on “self-care,” or ingredients are Italian, and Spanish
prioritising time and efforts recommended and consumers are as likely to
dedicated to themselves. which ones should be actively reducing their
Approaches to personal be avoided. consumption of or avoiding
well-being vary by individual, fatty foods as they are to
but are increasingly marked be reducing or avoiding
sugary foods. Aversion
to specific ingredients is
being heightened as more
Aversion to specific cities, states, and countries
ingredients is being implement taxes, labelling,
and other mandates in order
heightened as more cities, to raise awareness about
states, and countries the potential health impacts
of sugar, salt, fat, or other
implement mandates in order avoidable ingredients.
to raise awareness about the
potential health impacts of Austria's Tranquini expanded its line of relaxation beverages with a
non-carbonated flavoured water that contains extracts of green tea,
sugar, salt, and fat. lemon balm, chamomile, and lavender.

10 11
Consumers seeking
more routine relief from
stress will change the
definition of “permissible
Nature Dent Sugar Free Chewing Gum indulgence” from the rare
from Iran is made with a 100% natural
gum base and includes natural herbal feast to habitual better-
extract for a formulation that is said to
relieve stress. for-you treats.

The often contradictory plant-based ingredients Permission to enjoy treats or Consumers who are seeking
advice on what to avoid as noted in ‘Power to the satisfy cravings is an integral more routine relief from
finds many consumers more Plants,’ one of Mintel’s aspect of self-care that stress will continue to change
interested in what food and 2017 Global Food & Drink particularly addresses the the definition of “permissible
drink offers instead of what Trends. Plants are just one widespread need for stress indulgence” from the rare
it lacks. This affirmational component of balanced relief. For example, Mintel over-the-top feast to more Innocent Raspberry, Cherry
& Apple Morning Juice from
approach maintains the diets, with many consumers research reveals that 52% habitual better-for-you and France is made with goji berries
importance of formulating creating personalised diets of Thai, 45% of Australian, flavourful treats that are and added vitamins B1, B2, B5,
with the natural and often that also prioritise consuming and 43% of Indonesian adult indispensable elements of B6, a combination that is said
to reduce fatigue and stress to
nutritional ingredients of sufficient protein, staying metropolitan consumers say physically and emotionally help consumers get a boost in
fruits, vegetables, grains, hydrated, and allowing managing or releasing stress balanced lifestyles. the morning.
seeds, herbs, spices, themselves the properly is an important
botanicals, and other occasional treat. factor for a healthy lifestyle.

12 13
When it comes to stress launched from September
Häagen-Dazs Minis variety pack relief, ‘Power to the Plants’ is 2016-August 2017. Plant-
from Singapore contains three once again relevant because based ingredients also can
Green Tea & Almond and two Mango
& Raspberry 40ml ice cream bars for herbs, spices and botanicals be consumed as treats unto
portion-controlled treats. can be leveraged for their themselves as shown by
traditional connections with the 57% of US fruit
relaxation. Chamomile, consumers who eat fruit
lavender and lemon balm are to satisfy cravings.
the leading herbs and spices
used in global food and drink
with relaxation properties

Available in Japan, Meiji White

Café GABA Coffee contains 28mg
of the neurotransmitter GABA,
which is often claimed to provide
mental balance and relaxation.

Balance-minded consumers such as those high in sugar

Why often are willing to write their or salt are fine as part of
own definitions of “healthy” a balanced diet. Chinese
Consumers based on occasion and consumers, meanwhile, are
need-state. Two-thirds of open to either option when
Will Buy Canadians who eat sweet it comes to dessert because
baked goods agree that it is better-for-you ice cream
Into This acceptable to occasionally interests 85% of Chinese 57% of US fruit
indulge regardless of ice cream consumers,
nutrition. Similarly, 41% of while 76% are interested in
consumers eat fruit
UK snacking consumers indulgent offerings. to satisfy cravings.
agree that unhealthy snacks

14 15
You’ve paid for it.
Is it happening?

Dr. Oetker has extended their globally successful mug cake line in Brazil to include savoury
mug snacks that provide consumers with snack-sized potions of popular indulgent recipes.

openings in the
Where market for a variety of
formats, formulations,
Next? and portion sizes of
food and drink that
In 2018, individual provide consumers
definitions of self-care and with options that can fit
balance will reinforce the their individual diet plan
need for a variety of food and their current—or
and drink products that aspirational—mood.
present consumers with Indeed, self-care-focussed
positive solutions that can consumers will be looking
be incorporated into their for ingredients, products, Sargento Sweet Balanced Breaks is
customised and flexible and combinations that a line of snacks available in various
sweet-and-savoury combinations
definitions of health and address nutritional, physical, that offer protein and portion-
wellness. This creates or emotional benefits. controlled calories.
The difference between thinking you
know and being sure.
16 17
NEW Texture is the latest tool to
engage the senses and deliver

SENSATIONS share-worthy experiences.

posts. Mintel’s 2016 Global Of the various sensory-

What’s Food & Drink Trend ‘Eat engaging properties
With Your Eyes’ observed identified in ‘Eat With
Happening the potential for food and Your Eyes,’ texture has a
drink to involve more of particular opportunity to
in 2018? the senses through colour, follow the lead of colour,
shape, fragrance, and other which has become a popular
Encounters that appeal to formulation elements. In feature in formulations
multiple senses can provide 2018, the sound, feel, and that aim to allure more
consumers with escapes satisfaction that texture of the senses. Food and
from the routine and stress provides will become more drink products have used
of their lives, opportunities to important to companies and a variety of ingredients,
make memories, or generate consumers alike. such as turmeric, matcha,
“like-worthy” social media and activated charcoal, to

In 2018, the sound, feel,

and satisfaction that texture
provides will become more
important to companies and
consumers alike.

18 19
European consumers
Why are open to trying
food and drink with
Consumers unusual textures

Will Buy
Into This FRANCE

Asia is a model for the

potential of unexpected ITALY
Nabisco Oreo honored US applications of texture in
Independence Day celebrations with food and drink because
a limited-edition chocolate Oreo
with red and blue popping candy the region hosts a range of
inside the cream. beverages with pulp, tapioca
pearls, and extra carbonation
along with food that also
create vibrantly hued drinks, who continue to seek food boasts innovative textures
snacks, and other food that and drink that is perceived
Texture is the that might be unheard of
37% 26% 22%
attracts attention, especially as fresh, functional, filling, or next facet of in other parts of the world. 36% 22%
on Instagram, Pinterest, and simply fun. To align with this These innovations likely
other image-centric media. trend, brands can emphasise
formulation that influence the fact that many
Colour will continue to be the qualities of existing can be leveraged Chinese consumers are
Base: 2,000 internet users aged 16+
Source: Mintel Reports 2017
important, but texture is the products as evidenced by open to a range of textures
next facet of formulation that a South Korean ad for Ritz
to provide across categories. Just over
can be leveraged to provide Crackers that showcased the consumers with half of Chinese consumers and one third of Chinese
consumers with interactive— noises made when opening aged 20-49 who eat biscuits 20-49 year olds say their
and documentation-worthy— and eating the crispy cracker.
interactive—and or crackers identify layers ideal yogurt would have
experiences. Texture also can be a key documentation- of coating or filling as an cereal, grains, or seeds.
element for introductions important quality of an
From chewy beverages such as the May 2017
worthy— indulgent biscuit. In addition,
to complex formulations limited-edition Firework experiences. 43% of Chinese 20-49-year- 43% of Chinese 20-49-year-old
such as creamy ice cream Oreo in the US that old ready-to-drink (RTD) tea
with crispy chunks, texture contained popping candy consumers are interested in
RTD tea consumers are interested
can make products more inside the cream of the iconic RTD options with fruit bits in options with fruit bits.
captivating for consumers sandwich cookie.

20 21
The Boba Room was a pop-up exhibition in New York City in 2017 that provided multiple
photogenic rooms designed to provide visitors with the feeling that they were walking
through cups of bubble tea, a beverage that is emerging in popularity in the US.

Although Asia is home to could be inspiring some of carbonated soft drinks with mixed with seeds/grains, that are packaged in
many unexpected texture- the 37% of Spanish, 36% of added texture such as pulp. including linseed or chia, are see-through bottles to
enhanced innovations, Polish, 26% of French, and an important factor when allow consumers
Europe has the largest share 22% of German and Italian In the Americas, three in choosing juices. Companies to “see the
of global food and drink consumers who are open 10 Canadian adults who also are developing textured flavours.”
launches with descriptions of to trying food and drink with eat sweet baked goods are innovations, such as Yoplait
texture since January 2016, unusual textures. Meanwhile, interested in cookie and chip Disfruta, a range of yogurt
according to Mintel. These a quarter of UK consumers hybrids and 11% of juice- drinks with natural fruit
detailed product descriptions would be interested in drinking Brazilians say juices chunks introduced in Mexico

Taberu Mango
Europe has the largest share of Flavoured Crispy
Seaweed Snack from
global food and drink launches Thaliand is said to
be a healthy snack
with descriptions of texture made with seaweed
and crisped rice for
since January 2016. additional crunch.

22 23
utilised to enhance or
innovate around texture,
The entire success
such as freeze-drying fruit
for snacking or twice-baking of your product is down
to in-store delivery and
salty snacks.
In 2018, more products
can be developed with In particular, food and drink
combinations of textures
that surprise and delight
consumers. As with
designed with additional
textures has the potential to
engage younger iGeneration
it’s the one thing that’s
colour, more companies
have the opportunity to
add texture via natural
consumers who are hungry
for experiences. These
teens and young adults
out of your control.
ingredients, such as the (ranging in age from 10 to
pulp of fruit or vegetables, 27 in 2018, depending on
the tingle of spicy peppers, the region), have grown
or carbonation resulting up with technology, which
from fermentation as with has made interactivity and Pepsi Strong 5.0 GV Cola Drink
kombucha. Production documentation indispensable was relaunched in Japan with rich
processes also can be parts of everyday life. Teens flavour, the highest carbonation
to provide a strong and refreshing
were the target for the sensation and high levels of
Australian launch of caffeine.
Coca-Cola’s carbonated
soft drinks Fanta Jelly that multisensory food and drink
instructed consumers to that uses unexpected texture
“shake the can; wake the to provide the iGeneration—
wobble” and Fanta Sour as well as consumers of
Tingle, which promises all ages—with tangible
to awaken taste buds connections to the real
with its tangy flavour. The world as well as moments
quest for experiences worth sharing either in-
provides opportunities for person or online.

Fanta Sour Tingle Berry Flavour Drink was

launched in Australia in 2017 and is said "to
be bursting with extreme sourness."
measurement and analysis
24 25
aged 20-49 now use their
What’s mobile phone more than a
desktop or laptop for online
Happening grocery shopping, which is
significant given that 77%

in 2018? have shopped at online
grocers for home delivery.
Motivated by the potential to
save time and ideally money,
consumers are sampling
a variety of channels and Amazon launched a range of
technologies when shopping private label products in 2017
for food and drink. The under the Happy Belly and
Wickedly Prime brands, offering
latest evolutions in shopping exclusive brands for online
offer consumers
A new era in
grocery shoppers.
prompt and affordable

personalisation delivery, a curated

adventure courtesy of
is dawning due to subscription services,
ease of automatic
the expansion of 35% of UK replenishment,
online grocery and simplicity of
online and mobile shoppers say synchronisation with

food shopping. the ability to add

smart home devices.
Busy consumers are
drawn to e-commerce
products sites, mobile apps,
to their grocery voice control, and
other online and mobile
order through options because they are
voice command advantageous to their busy
schedules and potentially
technology is their budgets. For example,
appealing. 65% of Chinese consumers

26 27
The adoption of voice-enabled
smart home accessories, such as
Amazon Echo, makes it easier to
add items to shopping lists.

technology to establish
new levels of efficiency,
such as customised
recommendations, cross-
category pairings, and
resourceful solutions that
save consumers time, effort,
and energy.

Beyond convenience,
technology will offer new
possibilities for personalised
As technology helps to make a feature of interest to the recommendations of
shopping as effortless as 35% of UK online grocery products and individually
possible, an era of targetted shoppers who, according targetted promotions. For Click-and-collect services, such as Walmart pick-up, are advantageous to consumers’ busy
promotions and products to Mintel, agree the ability example, The Coca-Cola schedules and potentially their budgets.

is emerging. The adoption to add products to their Company has developed

of voice-enabled smart grocery order through voice a smart vending machine physical Hema markets on online, as well as offline,
home accessories, such as command technology is that enables personalised where shoppers must use shopping behaviours. By
Amazon Echo or Google appealing. On the supplier offers and mobile purchases. a mobile app that provides combining consumer insights
Home, will make it easier to side, brands, companies, Chinese e-commerce efficient and personalised on purchases, as well as
add items to shopping lists, and retailers can leverage company Alibaba introduced shopping experiences. other online activities,
Meanwhile, e-commerce companies and retailers can
giant Amazon’s acquisition of target individuals based on
As technology helps to make Whole Foods Market and a their habits and preferences
shopping as effortless as possible, partnership between Walmart both in the store and online.
and Google will likely provide
an era of targeted promotions and consumers with targetted Walmart announced a partnership

products is emerging. promotions, suggestions, and

with Google to offer hundreds
of thousands of items for voice
innovations that capitalise shopping via Google Assistant.

28 29
The personalisation made an app called Meu Desconto
Why possible by new technologies (“My Discount”) that provides
could draw in more customised promotions from
Consumers consumers. In particular, brands for members of the
three in 10 Brazilians agree store’s loyalty programme.
Will Buy that loyalty programmes that The retailer has plans to
give personalised rewards upgrade the app to include
Into This based on their interests store maps and virtual
are appealing. Brazilian queues that allow consumers
supermarket chain Grupo to schedule a time to go to
Pão de Açúcar has launched the cashier.

Motivated by the potential to save time and money, meal

kit subscription services, such as Hello Fresh and Blue
Apron, offer consumers a curated adventure.

Retailer apps could be consumers with recipe 36% of

used to improve in-store suggestions that complement
selection and displays for shopping lists, a quality that
Americans say
more efficient shopping could appeal to the 36% planning meals
experiences. Leveraging of US consumers who say
such insights could appeal planning meals and eating
consumes more
to the 39% of Canadian occasions consumes more time and energy
grocery shoppers who of their time and energy than
Supermarket chain Grupo Pao de Acucar has launched a new app called Meu Desconto (or “My
agree that supermarkets they would prefer.
than they would
Discount”) that offers loyalty programme members customised promotions based on their shopping
habits. (Source: iTunes App Store) should organise food by prefer.
meal occasion. Retailers
and brands can also target

30 31
The rapid expansion in
the variety of food and
drink retail channels
will fuel the opportunity
for recommendations,
promotions, and product
innovations based on
actual consumer behaviour
patterns. While this offers
opportunity, it also could
Brandless is an online-only grocery store in the US that provides high-
compromise brand discovery quality food and products priced at $3 each.
and endanger brand loyalty
because custom offers might behaviours. This new era
prioritise benefit, such as of plentiful places to shop
convenience, value, or time, will pressure all brands to
over brand. This presents be more relevant, efficient
a challenge to well-known and/or affordable in order to
brands while also creating retain customers.
an opening for upstarts,
such as US e-commerce site
Brandless, which offers a
Three in 10
range of private label food, Brazilians are
drink, and household goods
for a universal price of $3
each. Companies also could in loyalty
tempt consumers by creating
products, suggesting
programmes that
combinations of goods give personalised
and other options across
consumer categories that
rewards based on
align with online and offline interests.

Technology is being used to as those made by General
Mills, Tyson, Cargill, Unilever,
availability of scientifically
engineered food and drink.
consumers to think differently
about how scientifically
engineer solutions for our and tech billionaire Bill
Gates, have hastened the In 2017, 26% of Spanish,
engineered products could
benefit the traditional food
stretched global food supply. pace of development and 13% of Polish, 11% and drink supply, especially
of French, 9% of the potential to alleviate
Italian, and 8% of some of the pressure that our
German consumers global food supply is under.
solutions to replace Developments that engineer aged 16+ agree that Forward-looking companies
What’s traditional farms and food and drink staples lab-grown, cultured, are raising awareness by
factories with scientifically such as laboratory-grown or synthetic meat putting their products into
Happening engineered ingredients meat and animal-free dairy appeals to them. perspective compared with
and finished products. have grabbed headlines in Pioneering products the traditional food and drink
in 2018? Enterprising companies are the last five years, but the may encourage supply chain. US company
building on advancements resulting products are often
A technological revolution is in technology, including expensive and some are still
playing out in manufacturing stem cell cultures and 3D years away from widespread Beyond Meat’s prepared meal is made with plant-based chicken
and states that when buying the product, the consumer is said
as some forward-looking printing, to replicate nature commercial availability. to be “lending Mother Nature a helping hand and positively
companies are developing in controlled environments. However, investments, such impacting climate change by conserving water, energy, and land.

European consumers find lab-grown, 26%

cultured, or synthetic meat appealing

Based in the US, Memphis Meats has

created lab-grown meatballs as well as
cultured chicken and duck prototypes 13%
grown from stem cells, with an aim to 11%
launch in 2021. 9%


Base: 2,000 internet users aged 16+

Source: Mintel Reports 2017

34 35
Beyond Meat notes that water would stop buying one in five Brazilian grocery
when consumers purchase Why water that was harming retail shoppers agree
its prepared meals, which the source area’s natural environmentally friendly
are produced in partnership Consumers resources. Meanwhile, products such as recyclable
with General Mills, “the around 20% of Indonesian packaging are worth the
consumer is lending Mother Will Buy and Thai consumers, and extra cost.
Nature a helping hand and just over 10% of Australian
positively impacting climate Into This consumers, agree that In time, the target audience
change by conserving water, helping to protect the for scientifically engineered
energy and land.” Fellow Scientifically engineered food environment through ingredients could go beyond
plant-based meat company and drink will initially attract activities such as using environmentally conscious
Impossible Foods gets more consumers who are worried fewer plastic bags or riding consumers and appeal
specific, defining that its about the environment and bikes instead of driving cars to consumers who are
plant-based burger uses are taking steps to be more is an important factor for a concerned about ingredient
95% less land, 74% less eco-conscious. Six in 10 healthy lifestyle, according to consistency, efficacy, and
water, and creates 87% less UK adults who buy bottled Mintel research. Meanwhile, purity. For example, US
greenhouse gas emissions
than the current meat
supply chain. Mosa Meat is a start-up from the Netherlands that has reportedly lowered production costs for
its tissue-cultured hamburgers to €10 per burger from €250,000. (Source: culturedbeef.org)

companies are
raising awareness
by comparing
engineered food
and drink with the
traditional food and
drink supply chain.

36 37
indoor farming company
Bowery has a goal to grow
Just over 10% of Australian consumers who agree
organic and natural produce consumers agree that Where that meat substitutes that
using automation and are similar in taste, texture,
machine learning to use less
helping to protect the Next? and/or appearance to
water and yield more and environment through real meat appeal to them.
higher quality food. Lab- Technology will begin to Technology also could
made advancements also
activities is an important disrupt the traditional food eventually be used to
can address consumers who factor for a healthy lifestyle. chain in 2018 as enterprising design food and drink that
are open to efficiency, such manufacturers aim to replace is inherently more nutritious,
as the 32% of US fruit buyers farms and factories with which presents the potential
that are interested in fruit that laboratories. An important to extend the audience of
is genetically modified to stay aspect to capture consumers scientifically engineered food
fresher longer. will be that products provide and drink to reach nutrition-
acceptable substitutions to conscious consumers.
their harvested counterparts,
such as the quarter of UK
Impossible Foods, which is based in California's
Silicon Valley, designed the plant-based Impossible
Burger to sizzle, smell, and release juices similar to Technology will
animal-based hamburger.
begin to disrupt the
traditional food chain
in 2018 as enterprising
manufacturers aim to
replace farms and
factories with
laboratories. US start-up Perfect
Day has set out to create
cow-free dairy products by
using yeast and fermentation
to create the same milk proteins
that cows make, which are then
combined with plant-based sugar,
fat, and minerals.

38 39
Some questions we MINTEL
can help you answer
Where does the white
Your cost-effective solution
Are my products reaching
the shelf?
space exist?

How are my competitors’

pricing and promoting their
to ensure your in-store
investment gets delivered.
Is my investment being
brands in-store?
How are my products delivered in-store?
being presented? What are the new product
Are my products being
introductions are being
Where are packaging merchandised as intended?
made in my category?
defects occurring? How do my products
Are there new point-of-sale
Is my product on the shelf compare to the competition
at the right time? on the shelf?
What claims are being
Are my products Are the right point-of-sale
made within my category?
being sold to my intended messages being used?
quality standards? How can I increase my
Are my point-of-sale
space allocation?
Are my products being messages in the
served in compliance right place? Who is stealing my space
with regulation? on the shelf and whose
What does my
space can I steal?
How will I procure hundreds category look like in
of products for focus emerging markets?
groups next week?

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