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Regular and Irregular verbs

Write the past simple form of Write the past participle form of
each verb. each verb.

1. do - ___________ 1. begin - ___________

2. buy - ___________ 2. find - ___________
3. come - ___________ 3. tell - ___________
4. hear - ___________ 4. steal - ___________
5. feed - ___________ 5. swear - ___________
6. hurt - ___________ 6. take - ___________
7. forget - ___________ 7. let - ___________
8. write - ___________ 8. keep - ___________
9. think - ___________ 9. freeze - ___________
10. speak - ___________ 10. do - ___________

Complete the chart.

Infinitive - Simple Past - Past Participle
● Teach - Taught - Taught
● Shoot - ___________ - Shot
● ___________ - Ran - ___________
● Fight - ___________ - ___________
● ___________ - ___________ - Had
● Win - ___________ - Won
● Take - Took - ___________
● ___________ - Shook - Shaken
● Drive - Drove - ___________
● Bring - ___________ - Brought

Fill in the blanks with the past simple form of the verb in parentheses.
1. A mosquito ___________ (bite) me!
2. Grandpa ___________ (catch) eight fish on our fishing trip.
3. When Whitney stepped in the gum, her flip-flop ___________ (stick) to it.
4. They ___________ (wake) up at 4:30 a.m. to catch their 7:00 flight.
5. We ___________ (fly) from New York to Atlanta for the conference last
6. My stomach ___________ (feel) strange for hours after I ate that old
7. Stephanie ___________ (give) her sister a CD for her birthday.
8. Ben and Matt ___________ (make) a movie about a really smart janitor at
9. The dog ___________ (dig) a hole in the yard.
10. I stepped in the hole and ___________ (break) my ankle.

Fill in the blanks with the past participle of the verb in parentheses.

1. Have you ___________ (see) my keys? I can’t find them anywhere.

2. I have never ___________ (be) to New Orleans.
3. We hadn’t ___________ (grow) tomatoes before last summer.
4. Has she ___________ (hold) hands with her new boyfriend yet?
5. Our team hasn’t ___________ (lose) a game yet this season.
6. Have you ever ___________ (meet) a celebrity?
7. Has he ___________ (sell) his car yet?
8. They haven’t ___________ (speak) in years.
9. He hadn’t ___________ (throw) a baseball in ages, but he still remembered
10. Have you ___________ (find) your keys yet?

Fill in the blanks with the verb in parentheses in either past simple or
present perfect.

1. I ___________ (see) three movies this week.

2. Rob ___________ (crash) his car last year.
3. We ___________ (live) in California for five years before we ___________
(move) to Oregon in 1999.
4. The Titanic ___________ (sink) in 1912.
5. Eden ___________ (fall) off her bike 3 times this month.
6. ___________ you ever ___________ (have) the chicken pox?
7. I ___________ (not/drink) any coffee yet today.
8. I ___________ (not/drink) any coffee yesterday either.
9. We ___________ (not/go) to Grandma’s house at all this year.

1. Excuse me! you speak English? 11. What can we do for her? We do
a) could b) can nothing.
c) will be able d) be able a) can b) could
c) aren't able d) won't be able
2. He spoke too fast. I .... understand
anything. 12. Can you come tomorrow? I don't know
a) couldn't b) can if I...
c) were able d) won't be able a) could b) am able
c) will be able d) can't
3. I smell something burning when I
arrived. 13. My father .... speak several languages.
a) is able b) was able
a) can b) were able
c) could d) will be able
c) could d) will be able
14 you help me, Susan? I can't do it
4. If you give me money I... to go to the cinema.
a) can b) could
a) Are able b) Can
c) will can d) will be able
c) Will be able d) Were able
5 she cook before she got married? 15 to finish it in time?
a) Can b) Could a) Will you be able
c) Were able d) Did she can b) Can you
6. We ran after the thieves but we to c) Could you
catch them. d) Will you can
a) couldn't b) can't 16. They ... to arrive by 8.
c) won't be able d) weren't able a) can't b) couldn't
7. I looked for the pub everywhere but I.... c) won't be able d) won't can
find it. 17 you come with me?
a) didn't can b) didn't could a) Will can b) Can
c) couldn't d) wasn't able c) Will be able d) Do you can
8. Did they escape from the fire? Yes, they 18. When I was five I ... swim.
... to escape. a) can b) will be able to
a) could b) did can c) could d) was able
c) were able d) will be able 19. How many languages .... speak?
9 she drive a car when she was young? a) will you be able
a) Can b) Could b) do you can
c) Did you can d) Did you could c) are you able
d) can you
10. 'Why doesn't she come tomorrow?'
'Because she ....' 20. We .... go today, I suppose!
a) can't b) don't can a) could b) will be able
c) are able d) will can
c) couldn't d) can not

1. Have you had enough? Yes, thanks, .... 11. Is your sister going for a walk? She's
too much. already ...
a) I've ate b) I ate a) going b) gone
c) I eaten d) I've eaten c) went d) go
2. It .... for ages in this country. 12. Have you ever driven a car? No, I've
a) hasn't rained b) has rained never ... one.
c) doesn't rain d) did rain
a) drive b) driven
3. How long .... training for? c) drove d) driving
a) has she been b) did she be
13. She has never been Scotland.
c) she has been d) she is been
a) at b) a
4. I a holiday since 1980. c) on d) to
a) have taken b) haven't taken
c) didn't take d) didn't have 14. I .... about it for the last six months.
a) haven't heard b) didn't hear
5. What .... doing all this time?
c) heard not d) don't hear
a) have been you b) did you do
c) you have been d) have you been 15. We haven't .... New York yet.
a) gone to b) gone at
6. I .... to the gym for months.
c) been to d) been in
a) haven't be b) haven't been
c) didn't be d) don't be 16. I haven't ... lobster years.
7. Who .... written this article? a) eaten/for b) ate/for
a) have b) had c) eaten/since d) ate/ago
c) has d) having 17. They .... for six months.
8. Has she done the exercises? No, she .... a) didn't meet b) haven't meet
them yet. c) don't meet d) haven't met
a) haven't done b) hasn't done
18. What .... doing lately?
c) didn't do d) doesn't do
a) have you been b) you have been
9. Have you ever eaten caviar? No, I've c) are you d) you are
never ... any.
19. He yet.
a) eating b) eat
c) ate d) eaten a) don't finish b) didn't finish
c) doesn't finish d) hasn't finished
10. Where is your brother? He has to
the cinema. 20. I've never America.
a) gone b) going a) gone to b) been in
c) go d) went c) been to d) gone in