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AFFIDAVIT | the undersigned PRAVIN JAMNADAS GORDHAN hereby make oath and say that + am the Minster of Publ Enterpxises inthe Republic of South Africa, with my principal place of employment atthe ofees of the Deparment of Pubic Enterprises situated at {80 Hamiton Steet, Arcade, Pretoria 2 The content of thie affidavit falls within my personal knowedge and are both true and correct. Iam duly authorised to depose to this affidavit. 3. There have been various utterances made by the leadership ofthe Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), against me. In pariculr, these utterances have been made by Mr \Juius Malema and Me Floyd Shivambu. | summarise those statements in relation to ‘each of them chronologically below: 4 Intemetiink of27 May 2017 - tps youtube, comatchv=uTeA26ohZA —widoly Viewed by the public 44 Me Malama stated the following against me: 1ipaee “And there comes Pravin, @ Minister of Finance who's got shares in all the companies. ‘And then we're taking about State capture and because the Gupta's have captured Zwane, we dont speek about how the Ruperts and tem have eaptured Pravin. Awhite ‘monopoly capits hes captured Treasury. I's not oaly Pravin, Anyone else who has ‘assumed that responsibilty has been captured by wite capa. Treve, has got shares. "Nene, has got shares inthe same companies that Pravin has got shares. ‘Wo is Pravin ater al? Why is Pravin trying to behave ike he is untouchable .. behave Ike, i you touch him this country wil collapse? No. He i the most powerku man, he is untouchable. If you touch him the markets wil react. We cant have @ Minister appointed by markets. You are eroding the power of the President and the politcal leadership. Some of you are happy because itis hapraning fo Zuma but you ere setting 12 precedent. Zuma wil not be Prosident forever. Lot us protect that office of the President. Whon you take over tht ofce, you will wat fo check, who Rupert want ‘and if Rupert does not want, you cannot appoint Why is Rupert not contesting elections then and then appoint a Finance Minister. cant bo. Let the markets protest elections and appoint @ Finance Minister. Finanoe Minister's and Ministos of the cabinet must be appointed by the President." 5 of 5 July 2018 = ty lube. comvatchv=HoAgCsZB790 5.1 This is a news bullotin by the news channel &-NCA -widely viewed by the publ. Mr Malema states the folowing: “Pravin saves the day! Which President allows @ Mhister to be so powortul the wey Pravin is? Knowing how Pravin and the Rogue Unit operate... ‘Pravin wanted to destroy me, oven when he did tha, | stil had the courage to defend him, why... m Inspired by justice, | will never allow injustice to hapeen, not evento my enemies.” We are not going to be subjected tothe gangsterismof Gordhen, this is Pravin’ style ‘he has done ito me | am not scared of Pravin, I’m not scared ofthe Cabal. am not ‘scared of the Indian Cabal" 21Page et 62 6 64 2 Ink of 5 uy 2018 tu cv; If the current regime wants tobe used the same way Zuma was used, they wil nd thomseives in he same situetion as Zuma. We are not golng to alow Pravin here to ‘ring another capture under our watch, we are not gong to alow Previn to undermine 2 democratically elected Prosident. Which Present aows a Minster to be so powerful the way Pravin is? Knowing how ‘Pravin and the Rogue Unit operate, that Rogue unit is gangsters. The Rogue Unit ‘s ther... they show you your story and don’ act on, that's how they have got control cover yeu Internet link ot 2 “This lnk is tiled “Jul Maloma grils Pravin Gordan ‘A819 minutes 28 seconds: if you want fo le poltically touch Previn... Renjeni once went to our Natonal Chairperson when Pravin was going through Court... Ranjen. ‘went fo Dall Mpotu and said guys propose Pravin as the Acting President when we ‘remove Zuma... Ranjen... Ranjeni went to Da, they are embedded, He went to Dal ‘and said let's make Pravin President .. tht time when we sel! we support Pravin. she wae confusing us tobe thinking that we area faction (haudlle need affection?) | thought she was gong to come here so | couls tel hr drecty... Rene, @ senior journal, went to Dall Mpotu and said guys, why are you not proposing... Intornetlink of 16 October 2018 - mn Dank-scandal - televised by eNCA videly viewed by the pubic