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Shortcut Description

Finds the next occurrence of the previous search

F5 Start debugging
F7 Jump to code behind file from .aspx files
Moves the cursor to the next item, such as a task
in the Task List window or a search match in the
Find Results window. Each time you press F8, you
move to the next item in the list.
F9 Toggle breakpoint
F12 Go to definition of identifier under cursor
Ctrl+F5 Start without debugging
Jump to the Navigation Bar (hit TAB to get to the
right side)
Ctrl+F3 Find word under cursor
Ctrl+TAB Toggle between windows in Visual Studio
Ctrl+I Incremental search (this is way better than Ctrl+F)
Ctrl+J Force IntelliSense for field members

Ctrl+C (with nothing selected) Copy whole line

Ctrl+Enter Open line above line cursor is on

Ctrl-X or Ctrl-L (with nothing

Cut whole line

Bounce cursor between matching

Toggle between Design and Source views in .aspx
Alt+W, L Close all windows
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Comment out selection

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U Uncomment selection

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D Format document

Insert snippet (or just type in the snippet name and
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X
hit TAB, TAB)
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+S Surround selected lines with snippet

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K Toggle bookmark on/off

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P Jump to previous bookmark

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N Jump to next bookmark

Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M Open/close current fold

Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O Fold all methods

Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R Enables or disables word wrap in an editor.

Ctrl+Shift+B Build solution

Ctrl+Shift+C Displays the Class View window

Ctrl+Shift+Enter Open line below line cursor is on

Ctrl+Shift+F Global Search

Ctrl+Shift+F9 Delete all breakpoints

Displays the Command window, which allows you
to type commands that manipulate the IDE.
Displays the Immediate window, where you can
Ctrl+Alt+I evaluate expressions and execute individual
Displays the Task List window where you
customize, categorize and manage tasks,
comments, shortcuts, warnings and error
Open the Solution Explorer (to find your file after
you just closed them all)
View Document
Displays the Output window to view status
messages at run time
Ctrl+Alt+R Open browser within VS.NET
Displays the Modules window, which allows you
to view the .dll or .exe files used by the program.
In multiprocess debugging, you can right-click and
select Show Modules for all Programs.
Ctrl+Alt+X Open Toolbox

Shift+Alt+Enter View editor in full screen mode