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Jennifer G.

8 Country Hill Lane, North Kingstown, RI 02852
Jennifer_roth@my.uri.edu | (401) 965-9957

November 14, 2018

Alison Jackson Frasier

Lead Consultant
All Business Consulting, Inc.
123 Leadership Rd.
Kingston, RI 20818

Dear Ms. Jackson Frasier,

I am expressing my interest in a position at All Business Consulting, Inc. as the Director of Public Relations. I learned
about this position through The University of Rhode Island’s Center for Student Leadership Development and connected
to the company’s mission. I believe that my past experiences, gained knowledge and drive will make me a great candidate
for the position.

In the past few years, I have gained valuable experience and developed skills that will translate into being successful in
this position. Currently, I am a member of the Student Organizational Leadership Consultants (SOLC), a group that
specializes in creating and facilitating retreats for organizations on campus. Within this organization, I have learned how
to create a personalized retreat for a group that matches their needs and allows them to effectively reach their goals. This
is accomplished through a thorough analysis of their goals and the activities that match them, an area where I use my
Analytical strength. In this way, we establish credibility among re-occurring and potential clients. Prior to each retreat, a
review and revision of the program agenda is conducted to ensure effectiveness, which has made me detail-oriented.
Following each retreat, we debrief how it went and write a reflection. Due to regular practice in my Public Relations
major, I have been able to refine my writing skills and utilize them here. Lastly, this group has given me the opportunity
to communicate and interact with many different types of students who each have different backgrounds and points of
view. After attending a disability training in my HDF413 Advanced Facilitation class, I am able to understand how the
things that make every person unique are the things that are necessary in a working environment.

Additionally, the past three years I have been a part of the Student Entertainment Committee at the University of Rhode
Island and I am currently serving as the Special Events President. In this position, I am able to utilize what I have learned
in my Leadership Studies minor as well as my Responsibility strength, by ensuring the committee’s vision and values are
upheld. Every week, I hold meetings in which I communicate specific goals and duties to my committee and group
members. This has greatly cultivated my interpersonal communication skills as well as verbal communication skills
because I am always working with other people to put on events. Another duty of mine is to come up with new and fun
ideas to keep the members interested. I use my Relator strength to form bonds with my members through fun ice breakers,
member outings and other member-appreciation activities. This has allowed me to gain insightful knowledge on how to
increase retention in a large group. As one of the presidents, I am constantly representing the committee and the
University. Whether I am introducing an act in The Ryan Center or hosting a movie, I always make sure that I remain
poised and professional.

If given the opportunity, I would love to work with you and your business. I will send you a follow-up email in the
upcoming weeks because I would love the opportunity to interview and discuss my qualifications and experiences. My
contact information is listed above, along with my attached resume for additional information, and I am available to meet
at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for the consideration.


Jennifer Roth