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1. Contestants/Participants in the PICPA Rizal Chapter Accounting Quiz Bee must be currently enrolled in the College/University
he/she represents for the second semester of Academic Year 2018-2019. For this purpose, the student must present his/her
Certificate of Registration on November 30, 2018 upon registration at the PICPA Rizal Chapter Secretariat.

2. The Champion and the First Runner Up in the Chapter Accounting Quiz Bee shall be the contestants in the 2019 Southern
Tagalog Regional Accounting Quiz Bowl.

3. The contestant shall compete individually and not as a group.

4. The contest shall be in two categories:


Basic Accounting / Partnership and
Level 1 3 Year Students 2 participants Corporation / Financial Accounting
One and Two
Level 2 4 Year Students 2 participants All Board Examination Subjects

5. There will be three rounds: Easy, average and difficult. Each round has ten (10) questions. Corresponding Points and allotted
time are as follows:


Easy 5 points 10 seconds

Average 10 points 30 seconds
Difficult 15 points 45 seconds

All questions shall be read twice by the quizmaster. Using PowerPoint and LCD presentations, questions will be flashed in the
screen. Contestants may begin answering the questions only when the quizmaster says, “GO”. Anyone caught violating this
rule shall be given a warning for the first offense and shall be disqualified to answer the particular question for every
succeeding offense. Copies of the questions are provided to the contestants while being read by the quizmaster (at this point,
the contestants are allowed to read his/her questionnaire, but not allowed to begin solving and writing until the quizmaster says

6. Contestants shall be allowed to use a non-programmable calculator. Cellular phones of the contestants are not allowed in the
contest proper.

7. Answers to the difficult round shall be written on the boards provided. Flashcards/Boards with the letters A, B, C, and D shall
be used for the Easy and Average Round. Contestants shall raise their boards after the bell has rung, otherwise, they will get
no points for that particular question.

8. Answers provided by the host chapter (and concurred in by the panel of judges) is considered Final. (For questions and
clarifications, the decision of the panel of judges shall be final.)

9. The top three contestants, from each level, shall be declared Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, respectively.

10. In case of a tie, tiebreaker questions will be asked until the deadlock is broken.

11. Points earned by the two (2) contestants of the school shall be totaled and credited to the school. Top three schools in terms of
total points credited shall be declared champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up, respectively.

12. Misrepresentation of the contestants, automatically disqualify him/her to finish the quiz bee and all points gathered by him/her
will be nullified.

13. Cash and other Prizes await the winners of the Quiz Bowl.
a) Trophies for the first three schools with the highest points earned
b) Medals for the winning participants (gold, silver, bronze) in each level
c) Cash prices of P 3,000.00, P 2,000.00, and P 1,000.00 for the winners in each level

14. The PICPA Rizal Chapter reserves the right to nullify the winning of particular contestants who will be found violating the
rules/qualifications stated herein.

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