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{Al Al Sboh itary Academy Project Sacha SE Aas oe oc fi i arty YY ag Inspection Request for Civil Works CONTRACT NO: 1412612 INSPECTION REQUEST NO. = IR-Cwo08 CONTRACTOR :O8G Enainecrng WILL Comzary CC Previous No, ‘CONSULTANT: Gut Gonsut DATE 22/08/2018 SUBJECT: MODA Consutat's Sto Ofices DATE & TINE 2102015600 AM LOCATION: Ste |A: Approved FEF. :1) Submit No: SF-S0)0025 Rev. 08 [© Approved as Noted 2) Drawing No, SD-ST-MO8002 Fev. 02 Not Approved Information Notes ‘DESCRIPTION OF INSPECTION REGUIRED- ‘SERVICES | -SiGhATURE [DATE MOD Ste Oss, Fecigs, Locations & Dimensions ae ‘As por atace sktch, Fae) FIRE FIGHTING HVAC ELEVATORS oTwers SURVEYOR SITE ENGINEER: (Contactor (GC Coneutant, zi Locensiss OF PosTInGS etheormr AS pee Tae ATTHMMEnTONLy M05) ‘sume PRRIER. peso: C] ropoved CC] armrovedes oes naa riba GCs Eng, GCs Sew, Eng. RA | G's RE: e Date , ‘ Date Aig j20 | dae = 251 ¥ / 2015 $4. | tne me Te Wo RE Woo Oo. FE Enger Received by Contactor: Dee ey ‘The Contractor to lave notes han one working dy ntce before covering up concealed ms of works armuten: — [J renteeraree — [Jourcanan — [7] contacter LO ones Jeonsuct ae Ali ALSaban Military Academy Projet TT Submittal Form | | esx S) erm dg Pret ANA aren Suonitaiie. + _sFsooass is ro ete Sea toe aa conten”: “O80 seg WL Goa WEAR cow TueaiTEO FoR Sumurva rave cone] = SO-aeng Ta Trove 1: ato Da ier 3am aad Siete Bins fae een oT ea Cane Fj Hyer samen Orhan OS ort - ton Ne] Onn See poo oaipion | eos fate 7 | S608 ett ORG sem mate || Si ofeerrongt ome 2 [sestwossioanos_| itt > |) - ostuonenean | Some Toa berry] —— © [eosrnonmoneos [is 5 2 o-aomsec rs bs Cea Sais a | —> = cen ro + ¢— [batons — [acinar onr ——$ mel] [eciarerstarcaasne mre | Contac Reeenave read tai a aes 17 An Piet tr ate: 06/08 / 2018, Sis xan: [Trin crmetasne Clatoma Tomes sawn LLL LLL Contrector’s Surveyor v ah vee nepectfn Fe 1R-CWW ~ 043,