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Good morning, everyone! We’re now heading to Adityawarman Museum. But first, let
me tell you about this building and its feature. Listen carefully.

As a State Museum, Adityawarman Museum is officially known as the State Museum of

West Sumatra. The idea for a museum dedicated to the culture of West Sumatra was first
proposed by Amir Ali, the Head of the Department of Education of Culture of the Province of
West Sumatra.

Construction started in 1974 over a plot of land of about 2.6 hectares (6.4 acres).
Construction took about 3 years. The museum was inaugurated on March 16, 1977 by the
Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia at that time, Syarief Thayeb.

As you can see, the museum construction was adapted from the traditional Minangnese
architecture that called “Rumah Gadang”. The roof is the most unique part of the building
construction.There are seven pointed shoots that looks like buffalo horns. Furthermore, it was
made from palm fiber.

In addition, there are two complementary building granary Tower House infront of us,
combined with miniature carts, hansom and remnants of war planes of World War II . Now,
lets go inside to know more about the museum.

Based on the data, the museum has more than 6,000 collections of cultural heritage
which are divided into 10 collection categories. The categorization of collections is geology or
geography, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatics or heraldika, philology,
keramologika, fine arts, and technology.

The collections also include types of traditional jewelry, fashion accessories, musical
instruments, replicas of typical culinary offerings in various traditional ceremonies, as well as
various tools used in the daily lives of traditional Minangkabau people.

Moreover, you can see the old Qur'anic manuscripts and an explanation of the entry of
Islam into West Sumatra. There are also a room for a wedding decoration with Minangkabau
customs in the corner of the museum. This room is the most attractive place to take a photo.
Now, who wants to take a photo?! I give you 15 minutes to take the photo as much as you can

We’re almost done to visit Adityawarman Museum. Lets go outside if you’re already
done with the photos because its time to see the traditional dance called “tari piring”.

*a few minutes later*

It was cool right? They can dance with holding the plates. This show is the last thing
that you should see on this trip. Thank you for trusting me to guide all of you. I hope we can
save our own culture, especially Minangnese. Don’t forget to share your experience and
comeback here later. Bye, everyone!

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