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LIsTEN To YouR HEART Words and Music by Per Gessle and Mats Persson Moderately ae i fe Bm 1 know there's some- thing in the wake of--your smile, Some- times you won- der if this fight’ is worth- while. Bm G pr r iH Qa I get @ no- tion from the |look in your eyes, yeah | You've built a love. ut that ‘Thepre-cious mo-ments are all | lost in the tide,— yeah | They're swept a-way- and—noth-ing Copyright © 1988 Jimmy Fun Music (BMI) 14 Internatonal Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved re eee eee eS ee Lis- ten to your| there’ noth-ing | else you can do. I dont |know where you're go-ing—_and_| oo : a 7 Bs 1 don't know why, but lis-ten to your beart____ you tell him good-| 15 Andthereare voie-es that |want tobe heard, —_______ Somuch to men-tion but you eo ‘Thescent of mag- ic, the |beau-ty that’s been. 16