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School: AMPAYON CES Grade Level: IV


Teaching Dates and
Time: NOVEMBER 12-16, 2018 Quarter: 3RD QUARTER


A.Content Standards Force that can change the shape, size, or movement of objects
B.Performance Standards
C.Learning Competencies/Objectives Practice safety measures in Practice safety measures in Describe the force exerted by Describe the force exerted by
Write the LC for each physical activities and proper physical activities and proper magnets magnets
handling of materials handling of materials
S4FE-IIIb-c-2 S4FE-IIIb-c-2
S4FE-IIIb-e-3 S4FE-IIIb-e-3
II.CONTENT Lesson 47 : Safety Measures in Lesson 47 : Safety Measures in Lesson 48: The Magnet Lesson 49: Force Exerted by
Physical Activities Physical Activities Magnets

-Practice safety measures in -Practice safety measures in

doing physical activities doing physical activities -Identify objects attracted by a -Describe the force exerted by Summative test
magnet magnet


1.Teacher’s Guide pages 222-223 224-225 226-228 228-231 231-232
2.Learner’s Materials Pages 177-179 177-179 182-183 184-185
3.Textbook pages
4.Additional Materials from Learning
Resource (LR) Portal
B.Other Learning Resources Power point presentation Video presentation Power point presentation Video Presentation
Power point presentation
A.Reviewing previous lesson or Review about applying force to Inviting a resource person Review on the different safety What are the materials that
presenting the new lesson an object. inside the class like fire officer, measures when at home and can be attracted by magnets.
policemen or somebody in school
working in in the Phil Red
Cross with complete uniform.
B.Establishing a purpose for the lesson - Showing pictures of children They talk about their work and Answering a puzzle on TG page Posting pictures (TG p. 228).
doing different physical their role in keeping everyone 226. Arrange the events in the
activities like running, safe. story.
climbing, riding a bicycle.
- Describe what each child in
the picture

C. Presenting examples/instances of the What physical activity do you After their task, pupils are What are the words you Present the correct sequence
new lesson like to do? encourage to ask questions to produced? of the photos.
the guest to learn more about Emphasize the people behind
their work. the discovery of magnet and
other principles of magnetism.
E.Discussing new concepts and practicing Divide the class into four Give additional discussion on Group activity.. Show a magnet. Tell something
new skills #1 groups. keeping one’s self safe in doing Divide the class into 4 groups. what you know about this
Do lesson 47 activity 1 & 2: LM physical activities. Do lesson 49, activity 1- what magnet.
Activity pp. 177-178 and Allow objects are Attracted by (emphasize to the class that
the pupils to share their Magnets? magnet has 2 poles)
answers and results of the Prepare for a group output
different activities
F.Discussing new concepts and practicing Discuss group outputs. Discuss safety at school and at Group presentations. Group activity.
new skills #2 Giving feedback. home on LM pages 179-180. Give of feedbacks. Divide the class into 3 groups.
Do lesson 50, activity 1.
Group presentation.
G..Developing mastery Answering the different guide What are the reminders to Discuss the key ideas about Discuss about the force
(Leads to formative assessment) questions in the activity. keep you safe in school and at magnets. exerted by a magnet.
H.Finding practical/applications of What will you do if you see a Write a slogan on the What are the materials we Are magnets important? Cite
concepts and skills in daily living signage “please fall in line”? importance of safety measures used at home that attracts by situations in our daily lives
in performing physical magnets? showing importance of
activities. magnets.
What are you going to do What are the safety reminders What are magnets? What is magnetism? If 2
when doing activities? to make ourselves safe when What are the several types of magnets are put near each
Original File Submitted and at home and school? magnets? other:
I. Making generalizations and
Formatted by DepEd Club What are the objects attracted If the poles are different, then
abstractions about the lesson
Member - visit depedclub.com by magnets? they will ______.
for more If the poles are the same, then
they will _______.
J. Evaluating Learning What are the tips to remember Write A if the situation shows Write check (/) if the ff objects True or False
when in public playgrounds? practicing safety measures and attracted by magnets and 1. All magnets have 2 north
B if not. cross(X) if not. poles.
1. Skateboarding in a busy 1. Spoon 2. If you break a magnet into
street 2. Table 2 pieces, you will have 2
2. Wearing industrial gloves in 3. Book mgnets with the same
bending iron rods 4. Slipper poles.
3. Ironing clothes with wet 5. Thumbtacks 3. The pulling or pushing
clothes force is strongest at the
4. Turning LPG tank before north pole.
going to bed 4. Most objects with iron are
5. Playing with old batteries attracted to magnets.
5. Magnet can repel an object
made of paper.
What are the safety tips when What are the safety reminders List down materials found in How compass work?
K. Additional activities for application or at home? when crossing a street? school that can be attracted by Research it in any science book
remediation magnets or in the internet. Draw an
V. Remarks
VI. Reflection
A.No. of learners who earned 80% of the
formative assessment
B.No. of learners who require additional
activities to remediation
C.Did the remedial lessons work?No. of
learners who have caught up with the
D.No. of learners who continue to require
E.Which of my teaching strategies worked
well?Why did these work?
F.What difficulties did I encounter which
my principal or supervisor can help me
G.What innovation or localized material
did I use/discover which I wish to share
with other teachers?