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Labor only contracting – does not Employment Discrimination – biases Drugs and devices

have substantial capital upon which we make our choices Cosmetics

Sexual Harassment – as one Regular Employee – has rendered at

committed by someone over another least 1 year of service Different forms of sexual
demands , request or requires sexual harassment under physical
favour regardless for submission is Shares – Malicious touching
accepted Overt Sexual Advances
Dolo incidente – utilized when there
Gestures with lewd insinuation
Dolo Causante – Employed to get a is already a contract to speak
person agree or enter into a contract Forms of Sexual Harassment
Social Justice –
Sustainability – concerned with the Verbal
Marry Engle – head of federal trade
effect which actions taken in the Use of objects, pictures or graphics,
commision’s advertising practices
present has upon option available in letters or written notes with sexual
the future underpinnings
Other forms analogous to the
Probationary employee – is one
who is on trial Components of Corporate Social
Republic Act 7877 – Anti-sexual
Economic Responsibilities Penalties for light offenses
harassment Act
Legal Responsibilities 1st – Reprimand
Economic Responsibilities – belief Ethical Responsibilities 2nd – Fine or suspension not
that the firm has a responsibility to Discretionary Responsibilities exceeding 30 days
use resources available to produce 3rd - Dismissal
Types of Confusion that would
goods and services for society.
warrant Trade Infringement
Accountability – Responsibility for Confusion of Goods
Confusion of business Principles of CSR
the effects of its actions
Misbranding – is the labelling of a Types of deceptive packaging Accountability
product so that it replicates a more Slack fill packaging Transparency
famous product Excess package cushioning

Corporate Social Responsibility – it is

a concept whereby companies
Forms of Contractualization that are
integrate social and environmental
prohibited by law
concerns in their business operations
1.labor-only contracting
on voluntary basis
2.Contracting out of jobs results in
Legal Responsibilities – laws and termination or reduction of regular
regulations that all firms are employees
expected to abide by as they perform 3.contracting out of work with a cabo
their daily functions 4.Taking undue advantage of the
economic situation
Fraud – It is the conscious and 5.Contracing out of a job through an
intentional proposition to evade in-house agency
normal fulfilment of an obligation 6.Contracting out of a job that is
directly related to the business of the
Trademark – is the visible sign principal by reason of a strike
capable of distinguishing goods of an 7.Contracting out of a job being
enterprise performed by union members
8.Repeated hiring of employees
Adulteration – is the unethical
under an employment contract of
practice debasing a pure or genuine
short duration
commodity by imitating or
counterfeiting it. Types of adulterated products
Adulterated Food