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New Era University

College of Engineering and Architecture

Department of Civil Engineering


DESCRIPTION: Foundation Engineering
UNITS/HOURS: 3 units; 3 hours lecture
COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Engr. Wendhel Q. Lubay


1. Attendance is required and will be checked by the assigned monitor of the class. A student who is absent for more than 3 times will be
given a grade of 5.0 if he/she does not officially drop the subject.
Note: The deadline for dropping subjects is on March 8, 2019 Friday
2. Before and after the class lecture, everyone has the responsibility to keep the classroom clean from any garbage and chairs must be
properly arranged.
3. 15 minutes grace period for late comers.
4. There will be a graded recitation every meeting. Correct answer/s will earn you 100 points.
5. Any missed activity/ies without prior and formal excuse letter signed by the student's guardian, course coordinator and the college dean
(depending on the type of excuse) will be given a grade of ZERO. Lest the student have provided an excuse letter for the missed activity,
the student automatically obtain a grade of 40 or the lowest grade furnished by his/her classmate on the said activity, whichever is lower.
6. There will be NO special examination/s.
7. The grading system will be as follows:

Midterm & Final Term

Recitation 50%
Long Quiz 50%
100% Class Standing

Class Standing 70%

Term Examination 30%
100% Term Grade
Final Grade = 30% Midterm Grade + 30% Final Term Grade + 40% Design Project
8. Long quizzes will be a combination of conceptual/derivation and problem solving questions. The instructions below must be strictly followed:
a. Answer sheets (5pcs - 8.5" x 11" bond paper; stapled at the upper left corner) must be submitted at least two day before the
date of the long quiz.
b. Write your NAME and SCHEDULE on the upper right hand corner of each page. Also write your numerals I, II, III, IV, V
on the upper left corner of the first page.
* (For a & b) Student/s who failed to do so will not be allowed to take the long quiz.
c. Start each problem on a new page and enclose your final answer/s in a box.
d. Use only BLACK or BLUE ink.
e. Do not use correction fluid/tape or friction pen.
f. Doors will be closed 15 mins after the actual class schedule. Late comers will not be allowed to take the long quiz.
9. Complaints/queries will be entertained within one week after the exam result has been returned.
10. Late submitted projects will obtain a failing grade for the whole CE522 course.
11. An intellectual dishonesty case will be filed against anyone caught cheating in any form with the possibility of getting a grade of 5.0,
suspension and/or expulsion from the university.
12. Grading Scale
Grade (%) Equivalent Grade (%) Equivalent
97.51 -100 1.00 72.51 - 77.5 2.25
92.51 - 97.5 1.25 67.51 - 72.5 2.50
87.51 - 92.5 1.50 62.51 - 67.5 2.75
82.51 - 87.5 1.75 60 - 62.5 3.00
77.51 - 82.5 2.00 below 60 5.00
Note: The professor reserves the right to modify the above rules as long as it benefits the students.
I. Course Orientation and Review of Soil Mechanics November 12, 2018
A. Geotechnical Properties of Soil
II. Compressibility of Soil Part 1 November 19, 2018
A. Immediate Settlement
B. Primary Consolidation
III. Compressibility of Soil Part 2 November 26, 2018
A. Secondary Settlement
B. Time Rate of Consolidation, Coefficient of Consolidation and Volume Compressibility
IV. Shear Strength of Soil December 3, 2018
A. Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criteria
B. Triaxial Shear Test (Single Test)
C. Drained and Undrained Triaxial Test
D. Triaxial Test (Series)
E. Unconfined Compression Test (Uniaxial)
F. Direct Shear Test
FIRST LONG QUIZ December 10, 2018
V. Lateral Earth Pressure January 7, 2019
A. Earth Pressure at Rest
B. Rankine's Theory
C. Coulomb's Theory
D. Retaining Walls
E. Active and Passive Pressures on Wall
F. Factor of Safety
VI. Bearing Capacity of Soils January 14, 2019
VII. Project Design Consultation January 21, 2019
SECOND LONG QUIZ January 28, 2019
February 11, 2019
VIII. Design of Footings
February 18, 2019
HOLIDAY February 25, 2019
THIRD LONG QUIZ March 4, 2019
Foundation Design Presentation March 11, 2019

1. Das, Braja M., 2011, Principles of Foundation Engineering SI 7th Ed, Cengage Learning, Stamford CT 06902, USA.
2. D.I.T. Gillesania, 2009, Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering, Cebu DGPrint, Inc. Cebu City, Philippines
3. V.I. Besavilla Jr., 2009, Geotechnical Engineering, VIB Publisher, Cebu City, Philippines.

Instructor: Engr. Wendhel Q. Lubay

Email: wqlubay@neu.edu.ph
Consultation: as per advise by the class monitor

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