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In this era of new technology, the word social media is not new for our society and
everyone along
with traditional media�s are affected by this.
Suppose you are a Public Relation officer of a political party and you think using
communication technologies will be more helpful to accomplish
tasks given by leadership.
In view of Six (6) Point PR Model; your task is to plan a PR Campaign using social
media to mobilize the youth for upcoming
political event.

6 points PR planning model

in order to plan a successful and result oriented PR plan following model should be
� Appreciation of the situation.
� Definitions of objectives.
� Definitions of public.
� Selection of media & techniques.
� Planning of budget.
� Assessment of results.

Let us now to study the above enumerated parameters of successful PR plan model

1: Method of appreciation a situation:

In order to prepare an effective strategy to
counter a situation it is important that the gravity of
situation should first be assessed and
appreciating. Following are the Universally tried and accepted
methods of the appreciating a situation.

� Opinion, attitude or images surveys.

� Sales figures tend & sales report indications,
� Press clippings monitored broadcasting scripts.
� State of competition within & from imports.

2: Definition of objectives
1) Change the image because company has changes its activities.
2) Improve the caliber of job applicants
3) Tell people about little known story of the company & gain credit for
4) Make company known & understood in new local & international markets.
5) Prepare stock market for a new share lunch.
6) Improve community relations following public criticism based on
misunderstanding of company�s intention.
7) Educate installers, users or consumers about the products.
8) Regain public confidence after a disaster which had portrayed company as
inefficient in any way, the cause has been rectified.
9) Establish a new corporate identity.
10) Support a sponsorship scheme.
11) Propagate company�s researches activities.
3) Definition of public

Although the public of public relations can be various yet

these can basically be divided into two major categories

a)Internal b) external

But with operations, problems and expectations increasing

manifold, these have expanded a lot.
For understanding purpose a generalized list is given below:

Expanded public:
. The community.
. Protentional employs
. Employs
. Supplier of services & materials
. Investors --- the money market.
. Distributors.
. Consumer & users.
. Opinion leaders.

4) Selection of media & techniques:

Once the objectives have been worked out and the
public selected, it will be necessary to select
the media and technique to be adopted for the
achievements of the desired objectives.
It is important as in
relation to the objectives, determined
publics identified, only the selection of proper
public will yield positive results.

Following is the classification of different as in the present days.

Print media electronic media Electronic

1. Press. 1.Radio
2. Printed material 2. Television. 2.Television.
3. Direct mail.
4. House journals.

Misc. media
1. Exhibitions.
2. Air balloons & ships.
3. Electronic Bill Boards.

5) Points for planning PR budget:

1. To determine, what will it cost to carry

out a PR plan.
2. What sort of plan can be carried out for
a given sum of money?
3. After agreeing to a cost & budget
provides a checklist of tasks, to be done as per a timetable
4. Budgets set a discipline for both
expenditure & over � expenditure
5. After completing a campaign, results can
be measured against the budget.

6) Assessment of results
Once all essential like objectives, proper identification of public and
of media and techniques are in place and the cost involved for such plan has been
worked out on the above-explained strategy, it is imperative that an assessment
should be made with regard to the public relation plan about the result or
achievement of the
objectives on following lines even if these may be qualitative and not