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The Way Of The Martial Arts Federation For World Peace

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

March. 26th, 1997

Washington Hilton Hotel

Translated by Mr. Peter Hyo Yul Kim

Closing remarks at the inaugural meeting of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace

I am grateful that with your cooperation this convention has been very successful. We have a saying in
Korea that getting started is half the job done. Therefore, please do not get discouraged but think that
the rest will follow naturally. Originally I planned to lecture for three hours, however time is ticking away
so I have less than one hour to talk.

We have to understand what humankind needs and desires most. Nobody in history knew this. In a true
man, mind and body become united. What about you? Does this apply to you? Both men and women
desire mind-body unity.

When we look at human history, our ancestors, Adam and Eve split. Because their mind and body
divided, human history is a history of division. Originally there should have been one nation under Adam
and Eves supervision and rule. However, because of their division there have been many different
nations. There are hundreds of nations, with differing cultures and traditions.

If God exists, what kind of nation and world would He create? It would be a world of unification, without
division or separation. A human body has over 40 billion cells. Wherever we go, whatever we do, these
40 billion cells work together in harmony. Gods world is the same. God Himself has absolute mind-body
unity. The teachings of major religions all emphasize mind-body unity, because this is how we resemble
God. Because we do not have mind-body unity we cannot see peace. The concept of peace entails more
than one person; there should be a horizontal alliance between at least two or three people. That is
what we call peace.
Then why did division start? Because of the human fall. Why did the fall cause such division? Because of
Satan, human beings started with false love, not with the true love that comes from God. Our physical
body has become the vessel of Satan; it is like Satan's military base. So where does hell begin? With our
physical body. This is why our mind and body are fighting.

Why has our body become the vessel of Satan and the starting point of hell? It is because of false love.
Because of this false love we inherit false lineage. Because Adam and Eve fell at the growth stage, God
never had a chance to build His original true love relationship with human beings. Humankind has been
dealing with satanic love, which is false love. At the fall, the power of false love was stronger than the
power of our conscience; that is why the fall took place. Therefore, humankind has been attached to the
power of fallen love. That is why even now men and women are driven by bodily desire.

The importance of religion

Satan is above our mind. In other words, our physical body, which represents satanic power, is above
our mind. So there is a gap between mind and body. We must fill the gap. Therefore, when we push this
mind to transcend bodily desires, God can come down and dwell with us. In order to achieve that goal
we must deny our body. Because of the fall, humankind needed the major religions. Those religious
doctrines all emphasize pushing down our bodily desire. That was the responsibility of religions. They
also emphasize abstinence and celibacy. That is why in Buddhism and Catholicism there are nuns, priests
and monks who practice abstinence, although they do not know the original reason.

There are only two ways to secure mind-body unity. One way is to negate and keep pressing down your
bodily desires. The second way is to focus absolutely on the connection with God and love God more
than your children or your parents. Then you will be connected to God and your bodily desire will be
negated. This is the reason that among all the world religions, Christianity is a major power.

Religious doctrines emphasize voluntary service for others. Satan wants to go up, but serving others
makes us go down. Religions teach us to be humble and patient and not to resist others. In that sense,
resisting is linked to the satanic world. To be humble is the opposite of being arrogant. Religions also
emphasize a sacrificial life. By practicing a sacrificial life you will become more humble. Religions teach
the value of making offerings, and martyrs offered their blood. That is why Jesus said that those who
seek to gain their life will lose it and those who are willing to lose their life for Jesus' sake will find it. This
statement sounds somewhat contradictory, but it means that if you live your life just for your own sake
then you will die spiritually, even though you remain physically alive. But if you give up your life for the
sake of others, even if you lose your physical life, you will live with God in eternity.

Religions also emphasize fasting. Have you experienced fasting? Kindness, humility, fasting, sacrifice,
and martyrdom hit our body, don't they? You martial artists do not think of such things, do you? You
train and then go after food and drink, saying, "I need more, more food, more energy." Our bodily
desires, which represent Satan's side, are diminished by things like fasting and making ourselves
humble. As our bodily desires keep going down, our mind comes up and we get closer to God and Gods
love comes upon us. Gods love dwells upon the foundations of kindness, humility, fasting, sacrifice, and

Christianity teaches the relationship between parents and children. Since Jesus is described as the
bridegroom, Christianity also teaches the relationship between bridegroom and bride. Christianity
teaches the relationship among brothers. Jesus called himself our brother, indicating that we are all one
family centered on God. Then, what is the purpose of pushing down our bodily desires? It is to unite
mind and body and then unite with a spouse who has the same mind-body unity; it is to find our love
partner. So first, we have to unite mind and body and second, we have to find our spouse.

Experiencing mind-body unity

Do you like love? (Yes!) How much? Is your love greater than the universe? We all seek love, but the
love we inherited all the way from Adam and Eve is satanic love. In our blood lineage there is separation
between mind and body. If there is a division of mind and body in our spouse, that means four entities
are fighting. That is the reality of the fallen, satanic world. We should destroy this problem and eliminate
this division. If such elimination had come about a long time ago, the process of restoration would have
been much simpler. Suppose there were only two people in this world to be restored: it would have
been much easier for God to restore them instead of restoring millions of people.

Do you all feel qualified to enter the Kingdom of God? You cannot enter as long as there is a division
between your mind and body or between you and your spouse. God does not exist where there is
division. God has nothing to do with such divisions. The first criterion for God to be involved with you is
absolute unity between mind and body centering on true love. Our bodily desires, which are on the
satanic side, have been higher than our mind. By pressing our body down further, our mind comes up
and then we achieve mind-body unity.
When I watched your martial arts demonstrations tonight I saw many of you trying to reach the
unification of spirit and body. As you know, the moment of the unification of your spirit and body is the
moment of unification of your mind and body. When you perform certain demonstrations, you achieve
that goal. Once you reach mind-body unity you can break whatever object you are trying to break,
because once you become one you generate great power. Once you reach that moment of unity
between mind and body and spirit, then you feel like your breathing has stopped and you can do
whatever you want.

In my experience, the moment my spiritual five senses are opened I can see the entire spirit world
freely. What enables me to see the spirit world? The power of love. You cannot see the point upon
which your mind and body unite. However, you must know that is where strength, energy, and power
are generated. Once you reach absolute mind-body unity, miracles take place. All kinds of miracles will
happen, such as healing. It is not difficult to see miracles.

What kind of love do you need? True love? Can you say what true love is? True love is love which unites
you and your love partner absolutely and inseparably for eternity. Have you and your spouse achieved
that? Once you reach that goal as husband and wife, God will come down to you and be united with you
absolutely and immediately. Once God comes down upon you and is united with you, you can do many
miracles. If you open your arms you can make people repent. Whatever you wish will happen. Don't you
think that would be more interesting and more fun than breaking bricks and boards? If you can perform
such miracles you can revive the dead. This is possible only when you can utilize the power of true love.
The more you practice true love the greater it becomes. Those who want to possess true love show your
hands. But there is a precondition: if you want to obtain true love you have to keep pressing your body
down to the zero point. Can you do that? If you cannot do that you will go to hell. He

I am a religious leader and somewhat controversial. The world has been criticizing and persecuting me in
every possible way, but I didn't perish. Just as you have been training in how to defend yourself and how
to attack your opponent, Satan has been attacking me and persecuting me all these years, but I always
defended myself and found my way out. Whenever I close my eyes I can go up to God and God comes
down to me. We freely travel together. True love provides that power and ability. Because I possess
such true love, there is no boundary when I reach the spirit world. The Kingdom of Heaven is where
people of no boundary and no limitation live. Don't you think it will be good?

It is getting late. You heard enough messages tonight, didn't you?

Overcoming bodily desires

You should know one thing. You are all strong people; your bodies are well built and well trained. But in
your daily life, will you follow your bodily desires, or will you make sure that your body follows your
mind? Which way? You are a physically strong man, which way will you choose? People are being led by
their bodily desire every day. Your body always says, "Well, your beloved wife is waiting for you at
home, but she doesn't know where you are going so you can go and buy a drink and spend some time
with your girlfriend." You don't care if your infant children are waiting for you at home and crying for
you, you just follow your bodily desire. If you really do that do you think your mind is happy?

Originally, God created humankind so that our mind would lead our bodily desires. But in this world the
order is reversed. That is why everybody goes to hell. However, if this becomes right side up, you will all
go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You must know this clearly!

You are martial arts specialists, grand masters. Even if you don't have all the logic and reasoning for this
at least you must know one thing: our physical body is the most fearful, treacherous vessel of Satan.
Unless we rid our bodies of this fallen, satanic nature, God cannot come down to us. Just as God could
not interfere in the fall, God cannot enter our physical body. Satan can be described as Gods love
enemy. Nobody knew this fact. We inherited Satan's blood lineage. Human beings were supposed to
multiply from Gods lineage and become Gods children, but instead we received Satan's blood lineage
and became Satan's children. This is why God cannot interfere.

How did the fall happen? Because of our eyes, nose, ear, mouth, or hand? Through the misuse of the
sexual organ, through false love, the human fall took place! Because of false love, human beings became
false parents, giving false love, life, lineage and conscience. They became one with Satan instead of one
with God. No one became absolutely one with God. They all united in opposition to God.

What kind of world are you living in now? It is hell! Nobody knew that. I have been fighting all my life to
eliminate Satan's lineage from humanity. Yet the world's religious leaders and their followers have been
opposing and persecuting me until now. In particular, Christianity has been opposing me, America has
been opposing me and Russia has been opposing me. From the individual level to the family, tribe,
society, nation and world, the entire world has been attacking me all these years. But I didn't pause.
Nobody supported me. Satan and his children attacked me.
(At this moment, one of the participants presented a medal to Father.) Since you are presenting this to
me, I will receive this. You are thinking of me as a champion. Thank you.

Who is the most famous or popular person in this world? It is me. What am I famous for? The world has
been crying, "Reverend Moon is the worst devil, the worst person in this world. Let us kill him. Let us
chase him out and eliminate him." That has been the cry. Even if I am an aged man, I am still strong. For
that reason, nobody can conquer me! Do you feel good now that you have finally met me? (Yes!) But I
don't like the fact that I met you tonight. I am standing on top of the cliff and you are standing at the
bottom. So I have to use my strength to pull you up. That is why I don't like you. There are over a
thousand people here tonight. If I have to pull everybody up, each of you will say, "Me first! Me first!"
All five billion people will ask to be pulled up first.

But you are special people. You are grand masters, so shall I give special consideration to you and
extend my hand to you first? To whom shall I extend my hand first? Those who are asking to be helped
first are destined for hell. So, instead of asking for help you have to prepare yourself by attaching a hook
with a rope onto your belt and then hook it onto my belt. That way we cannot be separated. That is how
it is meant to be. If you hook onto everything that belongs to me, including the truth that I teach, saying
"This is mine, absolutely mine; I wont let it get away from me; I will stick with the truth even to
eternity," then there is hope. Only when you take such action will you be liberated.

So you know that no matter what, you must achieve the goal of absolute mind-body unity. This body has
been a thief, a historic burglar. Satan, who is an enemy of God, corrupted and murdered countless
people; Satan corrupted Christianity and made it shed blood. This body and Satan have murdered,
sacrificed, martyred and shed blood throughout human history. This is why we have to capture this body
and Satan.

So how did I say the human fall took place? How did it happen? [Through the sexual organ.] How do you
know if I am lying? A person who looks like a swindler has a long nose. How do you prove that I am not
lying? You have to ask your mind and listen to your mind. When you deal with somebody, don't depend
only on your physical senses but use your intuition. If you cannot distinguish the difference, think of
yourself as a stream of water in a quiet forest and then, just like radar, your mind will capture the mind
of another person, analyze it and let you know. Your mind will play the role of radar.
Suppose you are to go home to take care of your children and meet your wife, but your body is leading
you to a bar. Then ask your mind which direction to take, and it will tell you clearly. If there is a beautiful
woman right next to you, your body keeps getting closer to her and is attracted to her; then ask your
mind if you have to go with her or stay away from her; your mind will tell you to stay away from her. No
matter who you are, when you do something wrong you always hear the inner voice of your conscience,
don't you? Your mind always tells you the truth. Is it true? If you know that your wife is waiting to meet
you at 5:00 p.m. but your body goes to a bar, don't you feel guilty? Yes or no? [Yes.]

Who is the owner of myself? Not my body but my conscience. The conscience is the eternal owner, the
eternal subject. You do not know that. You should know how valuable it is. Your conscience protects you
more closely than your parents, your teachers, your king or your president. Your conscience is the
closest being to you. You must know that. Your mind is in the subject position, and the conscience is
even closer than God is. However because of the fall, our minds function became weaker than our
bodily desires. I am not lying to you. I have experienced this and I am telling you this. I have dealt with
many people in the spiritual world and I gave the same truth to them. Do you understand? Now you are
learning to conquer your bodily desire.

Achieving true love

Once your mind and body become one, Gods love will automatically be upon you. True love has
magnetic power. Gods love is powerful like a magnet. People with mind-body unity always become the
subject anywhere they go. Those who are subject have a magnetic power and can create unity wherever
they go. Don't you think so? The concept is becoming reality. Once you reach mind-body unity, you
don't have to make effort to bring God down to your level and become one with you. God will
automatically become one with you.

[To a Christian minister:] Do you have absolute mind-body unity? [I am trying.] When does the trying
end? When will you complete it? Trying means that you are in the middle position. Trying by itself
cannot accomplish the purpose. No matter how difficult it may be, we must make unity between mind
and body. [To a professor:] No matter how famous you may be, you cannot enter the Kingdom of
Heaven until your mind and body are united. [I am trying.] God does not like only trying. If you are
trying, that means you still belong to Satan. This is the logical conclusion. Do you understand? Lets think
about the second method.
You must love God with your mind and body united. You have to conquer Gods vertical love. God is the
vertical central figure. There is only one point where God can settle in you, and that is at a 90-degree
angle. However, because of the fall, humankind could not connect with God at a 90-degree angle; the
angle has varied. People's minds are not vertically oriented; the problem is that people are horizontally
oriented. How can we adjust the mind to the original direction? In order to go toward the original
direction, you must prepare for the pain of re-creation. Otherwise, there is no way to be saved. This is
very logical.

Unification Church doctrine is very scientific and logical. The role of religion in this world now is
diminishing. However, the young people of the Unification Church are alive and working. When Gods
true love comes down and reaches our level, it ignites a spark like a lightning. Once that happens all
satanic elements will be eliminated from us and we will automatically become one with God and Gods
true love. Don't you want to invite that kind of true love to come to you? [Yes.] Those who want true
love raise your hands.

American women who have a weight problem restrict their bodies because they want to diet, not
because they want to conquer bodily desires in order to make mind-body unity. If anyone does this for
the purpose of chasing Satan out from herself, she will receive blessing, but I don't see anyone doing
that in America. This is why religious people have healthy bodies even if they don't diet. Because people
eat like pigs, Satan will take their bodies and they will die early. They are punished. Because they ate like
pigs, their bodies become large and heavy, and they will die sooner. They will go to hell sooner than
others will. So you must understand this truth clearly.

When you go to the spiritual world, you will meet me. When you see me in the spirit world you will say
"Oh Reverend Moon, I met you on such and such a day in such and such a year at the Martial Arts
Convention at the Hilton Hotel. Therefore, no matter what my status, please help me and take me to a
good place in the spirit world." What kind of answer should I provide? Even if I am walking side by side
with you, you will not be able to follow me. The atmosphere of the spirit world is love. Love is like the air
in that realm. Therefore, if you are not really on the same level with my love you cannot deal with me.

I can see nobody here who does not long for true love. Am I right? What is true love? What is the
essence of true love? [Father picks a few flowers from the vase and throws them to the audience.] True
love is giving and forgetting about it, and then giving again. It means giving forever and forgetting
forever. True love means giving everything. Even if God disappears because of giving He will still give.
Once you give everything of yourself for the sake of your spouse or object, then you are in a vacuum.
You belong to the person to whom you have given. When there is absolute low pressure, suddenly the
higher pressure comes and fills in the vacuum, making equilibrium. Isn't it true? [Yes!] Gods love works
in such a way.

Living for the sake of others

For hundreds and millions of years, God has been giving and providing everything, but God never tried
to remember it. He forgets. If God remembered what He has given to humankind the giving would stop.
Therefore, God forgets and keeps giving. This is how motion occurs. There is one absolute law in this
world that whoever most lives for the sake of others will become the central person in the family,
community, and society. The one who gives most will be the central person because that person
resembles God, who has been giving for the sake of humanity all these millions of years.

Among your family members, whoever sacrifices and devotes himself or herself most for the other
family members will be the central person in the family. Such children are called filial sons and
daughters. Such citizens of a nation are called patriots. Saints give everything and sacrifice themselves
for the sake of the world. Those who try to save the world even at the cost of their nation are saints. A
holy son is one who observes the palace law of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven, as well
as the heavenly law of both the spiritual and the physical worlds. The one who practices and lives for the
sake of these four laws will be called a holy son.

The universal truth is that the one who lives for the sake of others will become the central figure. For
example, you are all martial arts masters. There is a limited time for demonstrations. If everybody tries
to go first, can we call them people who live for others? Suppose one grand master who is qualified to
give a demonstration yields his turn to other people one time, a second time, and a third time and
without complaining or feeling sorry, by the fourth time everybody will come and say, "You go first."
Don't you think so? This is the very principle by which I have been living my entire life. Even though the
entire world has been criticizing me and opposing me I know this is true. This is absolute truth and this is
why I have been following it. In the end, the entire world could turn and give me its support and

God is the absolute being who gives eternally; that is why He is the eternal center of the cosmos. This is
the true conclusion. Do you understand? The one who eternally lives for the sake of others becomes the
eternal owner and eternal central figure. On the contrary, what is the definition of the devil? The devil is
the being who keeps living for himself, taking from others, and asking others to do things for his own
sake. The devil will become smaller and eventually disappear, while those who live for the sake of
others, such as God, will become bigger and bigger. This is very logical and principled.

Some black brothers and sisters have been severely persecuted and attacked by white people because
of racism. They have animosity and anger within themselves, and they seek revenge, but that is not the
right way. The same applies to people of any color. Orientals, Hispanics, Italians, Blacks and others are
continuously entering the United States. If Americans live for the sake of these people, America will be
raised up, but if Americans do not live for the sake of others America will decline.

Whoever attacks first will naturally be defeated. As we learned from World Wars I and II, the side which
attacked first was defeated in the end. Also in World War III, the side which attacked first will be
defeated in the end. This is the truth. This is the formula in the providence of God. Isn't it true? [Yes.] I
don't think so. [Still the audience answers, Yes.] If you are so sure, then you must answer yes with a
voice loud enough to awaken God.

Well, I am so intoxicated by my own talk that I forgot about my cold. That is why I am getting sicker. Isn't
it a good thing that I can help you enter the Kingdom of Heaven by sacrificing myself for all of you? The
same applies to you. You shouldn't complain about a situation when everyone is complaining. You
shouldn't despair in a situation where everyone despairs. Don't waste your energy for nothing. That is
the kind of life I am living. If you don't worry, you will live a long life. This is the way to resemble God.

Changing the direction of your life

Don't you want to become the true children of God? [Yes!] Have you thought about the difference
between your love toward your children to whom you gave birth and your love towards God, as you
become His true children? Which is greater, the first love or second love? [Second love.] How many
times greater love do you have for God than for your children? Which is greater: the love between
secular parents and children or the love of true children toward God? If the second love is greater than
the first love, how many times greater is it? [Infinitely greater.] Good answer. Remember what Jesus
said: "Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, and sister, and mother."

More than anyone or anything, you must love God. Do you understand? This is the fallen world. The love
in this secular world is connected to the fall. The love in the original, unfallen world is much more
valuable than the love in the fallen world. The love in the original world gradually increases but the love
in the satanic world gradually declines and ends up in hell.

The world where we are living is the kingdom of hell on earth. You must know this. You must stamp out
this world. You have to reverse the course 180 degrees. After listening to my speech, can you reverse
your life course 180 degrees? What if I say not to drink anymore? Why do you think I will say not to
drink? Satan has used alcohol as a weapon to control humanity and destroy human beings. Smoking
also. Of course, give up drug abuse and free sex, for these are clearly Satan's weapons. You have to
understand why you should not touch those things. Unless you are given a clear reason for not smoking,
drinking, or abusing drugs it is not easy to do that. It is not fair.

You are thinking and feeling different things after hearing my teaching this evening, right? Or is there no
change? This is what is called a brainwashing session. Shall I brainwash you a little bit more? (Applause.)

Just as Jesus Christ taught us, those who seek to gain their life will lose it and those who are willing to
lose their life for his sake will gain it. By the same token, if you truly live for the sake of the entire world,
for the sake of others, even if you lose your life God will come down and revive you. If I teach you this
truth will you still call me a bad guy? [No!] No means K. N. O. W. You know. I am revealing facts based
on my personal experience.

Bringing people to the Blessing

Human beings deal with four different directions - north, south, east, and west. Suppose you lose your
life three times yet are willing to give your life again, because in order to make a circle you need four
points - north, east, south and west. So even if you lose your life three times, God will give you a fourth
life. Women throughout the world caused Adam to fall; women destroyed Jesus family and destroyed
the world of the Lord of Second Advent. Women in the world caused the death of the first Adam,
crucified the second Adam, and almost destroyed the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent.
Women are in the position of Eve. Eve destroyed three husbands. So we must not trust women. (The
audience laughs.) Don't laugh. There are reasons. It would take hours to fully explain why I am saying

[To a member of the audience:] If you are a true husband, even though your wife attacks you three
times, you should be able to say that you cannot abandon her and you will live and die for her sake. If
you can do this, you will be able to live. If you can do this, you will become a true husband, guaranteed
by God. Even if a man is attacked by his wife three times, if he returns to his wife still smiling we can call
him a true man. In this way, you can sit on Gods shoulder. Don't you remember when Jesus Christ was
pierced by the Roman soldiers spear, instead of cursing them he prayed to God, "Father forgive them,
for they do not know what they are doing." He forgave the Roman soldiers. Why did Jesus do that? He
did it in order to enter the position of God and eliminate Satan.

Don't you think America is in the position of enemy to me? It incarcerated me although I didn't commit
any sin. Yes, in that sense America is in the position of enemy to me. I came to America offering
everything, sacrificing, and providing everything: my wealth, my power and almost everything for the
sake of this nation. If I keep doing this, eventually the entire nation and the American people will
recognize what I have done for the sake of their nation and their people; then they will all follow me.
Again the universal principle is that those who love more than anybody else will become the central
person working for the sake of others. Do you understand clearly? [Yes!] Thank you!

In order to find Gods love, you should live for the sake of others. Then, what do you want to have today?
You want to have Gods love. In order to do that, you should bring yourselves into the position of Gods
sons and daughters. Wouldn't it be nice if the son and daughter were to become a couple? If you are
truly determined and united and are willing to offer more love to God, then God will offer love to you.
When a couple lives for the sake of each other more than living for the sake of God, God will instantly
come down to their position and become one with the couple. Is this the correct answer or the wrong
answer? [Correct answer] That is the way we can conquer God.

Those who do not want God to dwell within them show me your hands. (No-one raised their hands.)
Then, anyone who desires this, show me your hands. (Everyone raised their hands.)

This means you will take my advice tonight? [Yes!] If you truly do that you can register in the Kingdom of
Heaven. You will be registered fairly in the Kingdom of Heaven. Then God will have me bless you and
make you His sons and daughters. How would you like that? (Applause.) Do you want to participate in
that and become a good couple?

Well I am told that there are about 200 million people in the world being trained in various martial arts.
If you bring all those 200 million people for this marriage blessing to Washington, D.C., we will have a big
problem, because we have the capacity for only 3.6 million couples. Therefore, I am allocating for you
only 1.2 million people. Can you do it or not? [No-one answers.] If you cant do it, then there is a big
chasm between you and me. The problem is that you are not totally one with me yet. When will you be
one with me? When?

You cannot meet me in person any time you wish. I am in a higher position than you are in many
different aspects. Why don't you promise me that you will receive the blessing? My most precious gift to
you tonight is this advice: to come to the marriage blessing in Washington, D.C., this November. If you
do not take my advice, when you come to the spiritual world you will all wail with regret: "If we had
listened to Reverend Moon, we wouldn't be in this situation." Because I know that you will be in grief, I
am giving this advice to you.

Developing the Martial Arts Federation

Well, it is getting late. So I am going to tell you my plan for the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace.
Did you expect to find out about this Marital Arts Federation for World Peace? [Yes.] Do you want to sit
still and have me support this Martial Arts Federation for World Peace? If nobody else comes with
support I may turn my back on this. If I support the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace three times,
what do you think you should offer? Some parents do not trust you and they do not send their children
to you to be trained because you might abuse the students obedience for your financial purpose. I know
that students follow your directions well. If you begin to tell your students to bring extra money for you
to support yourself, this will cause a big problem and you will be kicked out from your town.

You wont be able to do such things for your own financial support, but if any one wants your strength
for money, you can be easily sold. This is because your financial situations are difficult. In a tough
situation, even some martial arts experts can be bought and manipulated by rich people. Their power,
strength, and skills can be abused and misused. There is no secret in the world, and once you get caught
as a supporter of gangsters, you lose your life. Well, you grand masters are better off. However, first and
second-degree black belts open schools and have a hard time, resulting in some problems. Although you
have influence over these young people, you cannot be totally responsible for their lives, can you? Even
the nation cannot be responsible. Only God can. I understand God clearly. That is why I am giving you
this advice tonight. I am not here to make money from you. Even for this convention we spent about
$1.5 million. What about you, has anybody offered even $1,000? Have you offer

You cant take the responsibility, can you? So, I have a plan to solve these problems. When I went to
South America I saw many young people in poor conditions. Some of them become gangsters and do all
kinds of bad things. Some of them become thieves and robbers. In one state of Brazil, I am planing to
help young people who do not have proper schooling or job skills. I am planning to do the same in 33
South American nations. That is why we are constructing buildings to accommodate them and give them
proper training and education. In order to support the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace, I am
planning to build a huge martial arts center in each continent. In those continental centers, students and
teachers could be trained at the same time. Both students and teachers can pursue their academic
studies as well as martial arts training. Teachers can be trained as martial arts specialists or grand
masters on different levels. Some will qualify as elementary school martial arts grand master

Although ninth-degree grand masters may build a training center, not anyone can build one. It will
depend on their efforts and their skills. If they keep training hard they can keep going up the ladder and
become college-level grand masters. This will be like a degree program. For example, if you reach the
third-degree black belt level you will be qualified to teach elementary level children. With a sixth-degree
black belt certificate you may teach middle and high school kids. A ninth-degree black belt may teach
college students. You will be able to take care of your family financially because you will have a set
income. With a BA, MA, or Ph.D. degree, you should be able to work with the local police and religious
leaders. Religious leaders are in charge of people in a spiritual sense, and you can give a vision to people
of the right way of life.

In conclusion, make sure that you are united with the spirit of this convention, and make unity between
your mind and body. I am absolutely sure that I can block evil and liberate God, something no one in the
world can do. This is why I am instigating you to take up the task. You must know this. As long as you
follow what I have taught tonight, the future of the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace will be

If you grand masters do not follow my suggestion tonight, then I will begin to mobilize the grand masters
from Korea to support these efforts for the sake of the world. I have that kind of foundation. So, support
me, become one with me, and lets become victorious. I like a victor. How about you? Don't you like to
become victors?

It is getting late. It is almost midnight. After finishing this gathering I will have to drive five or six hours to
New York. My wife, Mrs. Moon, is giving a nationwide public speaking tour in Korea, so I have to go to
New York to hear my wife's speech. Even if it is sad to say good-bye, I have to go. Good night. Thank you
very much.
Restoration Of True Sonship

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

True Parents' Birthday Main Ceremony

February 13, 1997

World Mission Center

Translator Peter Kim

By sharing these rice cakes with True Parents this morning, we have to make sure that our minds and
bodies become one. Also between husband and wife there should be absolute unity. Between families,
nations and the world, absolute unity should be obtained before sharing this precious food with True
Parents. As Blessed couples we offer Pledge service with our families. After the Pledge service we are
supposed to share holy food among our family members.

Originally, Adam and Eve, without the Fall, were supposed to share this kind of food with their family
members, centered upon God. But due to the Fall this did not take place. Therefore, as Unification
Church Blessed couples, we are the ones who are doing the will of God which was originally the
responsibility of Adam and Eve's family.

Pass on the tradition of Pledge service and sharing the holy food

Through offering the Pledge service every Sunday morning and sharing the holy food, we have to learn
how to become united among our family members. Then upon this foundation we have to expand this
unity to the level of the tribe, nation and world. It is our mission to spread this kind of tradition to the
entire world. As Unification Church Blessed couples we are supposed to be longing for each Sunday
morning to arrive. Because that is the day that we can worship God and offer our Pledge to God and
share this holy food. By doing so we can expand our territory and expand our tradition, centered upon
God, to the whole world. This Sunday Pledge service when we bow to God was originated by True
Parents. Every Sunday we offer this Pledge service together with True Parents, whether we are with
them physically or not. How precious it is.
As parents we have to make certain that we bequeath our tradition to our children and to their
generation. Through the Sunday morning Pledge service we have to demonstrate to our children how
much we respect our True Parents. Through this our children will learn how to worship and treasure
True Parents so that the tradition can be handed down and inherited generation after generation. It
should be our most earnest desire to keep this tradition in our family, worshipping together and offering
Pledge service every Sunday morning with our family, centered upon True Parents. This is a most
precious tradition.

No matter what our circumstances or where we might be in our daily lives, we should always remain
faithful to maintaining this kind of tradition centered upon True Parents. Even if we are unable to
physically do the Sunday Pledge service because we are up in an airplane or something, we should
remember that particular moment and spiritually set that kind of tradition.

On each major holiday we gather and celebrate these holy days in almost exactly the same way. Many of
you fly thousands of miles in order to attend this ceremony. What is the significance? That is the
question. We have to understand that when we go our separate ways and return to our missions,
usually our minds and bodies are divided, people are divided, there is conflict throughout the world.
However, whenever this kind of major holy day comes, we know that we have to cleanse ourselves
internally and externally. Then we attend this ceremony and we build our unity and harmony
horizontally as well as vertically with True Parents, centered upon God. That is the significance.

Rebuilding the original world through indemnity

It is miraculous that through paying appropriate indemnity, we are the ones who are now in the position
to build this relationship with True Parents centering on God. And through this, to restore the entire
world, from the family, tribal, to world levels. But when God originally created Adam and Eve they were
the ones who were meant to build the ideal family, nation and world. But because they failed, we are
now in the position to pay indemnity. We have the privilege of being with True Parents to build the
original world in the place of Adam and Eve. It is your greatest honor to attend these Unification Church
major holy days as the representatives of your tribes and nations at this kind of ceremony.

We stand in the position to prepare ourselves for months, sometimes one whole year, through taking
cold showers and other conditions in order to cleanse ourselves to be able to attend this kind of
ceremony. By doing so we should be able to bequeath this kind of tradition to our coming generations.
It is also important for us that we should prepare our offering. Not just overnight. Rather we should take
months in order to prepare our offering. Even if it means skipping meals and not buying good clothes.
Whatever we sacrifice in our lives we can save money out of that and prepare our offering. Then that
offering will be used to develop our public missions.

In the Old Testament the laws and commandments were incredibly strict. The next stage was that of the
New Testament and now we live in the age of the Completed Testament. True Parents have completely
liberated us from these many restrictions and laws. Therefore, our Blessed couples are in the position of
offerings. True Love is our motto. True Love is the way that we reach the Kingdom of Heaven. True Love
is the way, means and purpose of our lives. Once we are centered upon True Love then all things
belonging to us become holy things. When a mother gives birth to a child, she never feels dirty when she
has to touch her baby's waste. We should have that kind of heart and love towards the entire world.
That is truth.

During the Old Testament era they usually shed the blood of an offering and then burned the offering. In
the New Testament era, through offering ourselves as children, we were waiting for the True Parents.
Now that True Parents are here, we should be able to offer everything through True Parents as a holy
offering. Then True Parents will offer these holy offerings to God. That is how all created beings will be
liberated. That is the order.

We must understand that the Lord of the Second Advent was supposed to come in glory. He was
supposed to be received by every human being with praise. However, in reality, the Lord of the Second
Advent has been receiving an incredible amount of persecution and mistreatment at the hands of this
world. This is the greatest tragedy of humankind.

Those nations which mistreated True Parents will be ashamed

The countries responsible for persecuting True Parents, and in particular those countries who
imprisoned True Parents, will be remembered as shameful nations in human history. Particularly the
countries of North and South Korea, Japan and America. These countries are the worst places from
God's viewpoint. These countries are all now experiencing difficulties. The family breakdown is rampant
in this nation of America, for example. Particularly in America and Japan the problems of youth are now
uncontrollable. It is equivalent to the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden once they fell.
True Parents came to this world in order to restore true sons and daughters, a true family for God. But
instead of welcoming True Parents the central nations persecuted True Parents. These are the countries
that must repent. True Parents' central mission is to establish God's true sons and daughters and true
family on the Earth. However, these three major providential nations have only persecuted True
Parents. Now is the time when the Unification Church will be lifted up and these nations will decline into
a miserable situation. The families in the nations of Korea, Japan and America are problematic now. We
could say that Korea is the worst country. Japan and America are also terrible. Here in America we find
so much organized crime; Chinese Mafia, Korean Mafia.

True Father is not an ordinary individual. Rather, True Father is connected to the thousands and
thousands of years of human history. The culminating point of the whole history of humankind is True
Father. Originally, the Christian culture represented the bride culture which was supposed to create the
family culture. Therefore, you have to understand how precious is the position of Blessed couples. They
represent the entire universe. That is why Satan has been desperately trying to eliminate True Father. It
is amazing that we could have a special ceremony entitled The Safe Settlement of the Family Federation
for World Peace and Declaration of Liberation of Indemnity on November 1, 1996 in Uruguay. By True
Parents' declaration at this ceremony last November, Satan's efforts to destroy all Blessed couples from
True Parents downward, has now been eliminated.

True Parents' mission is at the worldwide level

One major difference between Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent is that Jesus came to establish
the national level sovereignty, but True Parents represent the entire world. Therefore, Blessed children
are in the position of national messiahs. When they are at the national level Satan can still find reasons
to criticize and attack them. But once the Lord of the Second Advent is at the worldwide level Satan
cannot do any harm to them. That is why our Blessed children are still vulnerable to Satan's attack, as
they stand at the national level only. Because of the vulnerability of this Blessed children's level, True
Father can still be indirectly attacked. But not directly.

Jesus was supposed to have established his family which could have supported him and assisted him to
become the national level messiah. Then eventually he could have conquered Rome which represented
the entire world. However, this did not happen. Because of this failure Satan put Jesus on the cross and
killed him. Now, at the time of the Second Advent, True Parents have laid a strong enough foundation
which Satan cannot destroy. Also True Parents have accomplished each level of their responsibility. This
is why True Parents now stand at the worldwide level. Also True Parents have brought unity among the
chosen nations of Korea, Japan, America and Germany. That is why Satan is unable to attack True Father
directly. Even if Father does not have this family level foundation, Satan still cannot destroy Father.
Because Father is now standing at the worldwide level. Father has the national level already. Under
God's direction Father has established this foundation.

Father restored the lost foundation of eight stages in forty years

We have to remember that Father is the one who has been going through these eight different stages
for the past forty years single-handedly. Without Father's accomplishment in this regard, nothing could
have been done. Satan cannot occupy Father's position. The forty years' history of the Unification
Church centering upon True Father, has been the course of being hit first and then claiming ownership.
This has been Father's strategy. By doing so Father has been carrying all the Blessed couples along with
him. The Blessed couples' families have been cut off from the Satanic root and engrafted into True
Parents and are following this heavenly way. The blessing ceremony is the engrafting ceremony. It
began with 3 couples, then 36 couples, 72 couples, 430 couples, 777 couples, 1800 couples, 6000
couples, 6500 couples, 30,000 couples and 360,000 couples. These different stages of blessing history
were created by True Father.

The restoration of Elder Sonship, Parentship and Kingship

The Old Testament and New Testament history represented the entire spectrum of the restoration of
Elder Sonship. Upon that foundation we can begin the restoration of Parentship. After Father won the
victory over communism, then True Parents and the Completed Testament Era was declared by True
Parents. Through the demise of communism, True Father harmonized the democratic world and the
communist world. In fact, after the demise of communism and the destruction of democracy all that will
remain will be the True Family and True Children system, centered upon True Parents. That is what is
happening now.

No nation in the world is able to solve the family problems that are now rampant worldwide because
Adam's family's corruption is now being seen in the youth and family problems of today's world. The
only way to solve this is for individuals, families, tribes, nations and the world to have their center in
True Parents. This can occur through Blessings. The establishment of true families is the answer.
Through declaring the Family Federation for World Peace last year, a new transitional time period
began. The conclusion is that True Parents are the only ones who can solve the family problems
worldwide. These are now the Last Days.

We inherit True Parents' foundation through tribal messiahship

This is like the time when the Israelites were supposed to come out of slavery in Egypt. No matter how
difficult their situation might have been, it was their responsibility to inform their tribal members to
leave the country at the same time. That kind of responsibility is upon our shoulders right now. We have
to make sure that our tribal members receive this truth. This is the time when we have to make sure
that all of our tribal members participate in this year's Blessing. Even if they don't want to come, it is still
your responsibility to convince them to come to the Blessing. Because once they participate in the
Blessing their attitude will be completely changed.

Satan has been shedding the blood of God's children for thousands of years in order to prevent the
establishment of the true family. But we live in the Age of True Parents. This is a golden opportunity for
us. We don't need to shed our blood. We just have to do our absolute best to bring our tribal members
into this Blessing. If we cannot accomplish this we will regret it. No matter how difficult it may be, you
have to make this substantial foundation. This is the mission of Blessed couples. Especially American
families. The American families are more troublesome.

We must cleanse ourselves for months before coming to this holy ceremony

Even before coming to a holy ceremony such as this, some of you may wander around the night before
and go and drink in a bar. Then you casually decide that you have some money and so therefore you can
offer something when you come here. With that kind of miserable attitude you are certainly not worthy
to come here. Is there even one of you here who has prepared yourself for months and even years,
cleansing yourself from head to foot in order to be prepared to attend this holy ceremony? God has
been preparing Himself for millions of years to have this kind of holy day. Can we lower God's holy
standard? No, we absolutely cannot.

When doing our mission we cannot take a break when God does not take a break. Can we claim
vacations when we are missionaries for God? We don't have our sovereignty yet. All families are still
under satanic control. Therefore, no matter how difficult it may be, you have to liberate your family and
nation. No Blessed family has that unchangeable, unique, eternal site yet. You know this to be true.
Therefore, how can you build the Kingdom of Heaven? Without the establishment of the true family site,
the nation has no foundation. This is clear. None of you are able to deny this. We need absolute families
and absolute nation for God. No Blessed couples have this absolute individual, family and tribal base yet.

Our lives should elevate God and True Parents

You cannot attend this kind of holy ceremony with the same attitude that you have when going to a
drinking bar, or on vacation. Your attitude in attending this kind of ceremony should be more serious
than if you were going to see your dying parents and children. Father is now clearly warning you all on
this his 77th birthday. We have to realize how hypocritical our life of faith has been. When a mission is
given to us we carry that mission upon our shoulders. We have to ask ourselves if we have been
successful enough to push that mission even higher so that we can carry True Parents and God to an
even higher position instead of being crushed by the weight of our mission. If we cannot become such
people then we will eventually become extinct.

Do we all have holy salt? (Yes) The world where we have to use holy salt is not the Kingdom of God. We
have to create the world where we don't need holy salt. Such a world has not yet appeared. At the time
of the holy matrimony of True Parents, actually True Parents could have excluded the entire world
except for themselves, because the rest of the world was so stained and dirty. Apart from True Parents
there was no one else who was qualified to exist. However, True Parents could not do that. The rest of
humanity had a different lineage. Through celebrating the major holy days and holy ceremonies we are
still trying to turn ourselves towards the heavenly lineage of God.

We really have to seriously and clearly understand the significance of the holy days: True Parents Day,
True Parents Birthday, Day of All Things, Children's Day and God's Day and all other major holy days.
Father has been so serious in order to be able to announce these major holy days throughout these
years. We have to live up to the expectation and standard of True Parents. However, when we look at
ourselves we are in fact like garbage. True Parents cannot become like us. True Parents have the
responsibility to reindemnify and restore the foundation that Adam and Eve destroyed by their fall.
Father has been walking the path of restoration and indemnity these many years with confidence and
showing his smile. That is why Satan could not attack Father.

Father's life course has been one of blood, sweat and tears
Father has been teaching us with the body of parents, shoes of the servant, with sweat for Earth, blood
for Heaven and tears for humankind. That has been Father's life course. By doing so Father has set the
example of how to become sons and daughters of filial piety, patriots, saints and holy sons and
daughters of God, centered upon True Love. Without True Love nothing can be connected. Even though
we know that this formula has existed, can we claim that we have really paid indemnity on the
individual, family, tribal and national levels?

God gave the commandment to Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil. Now True Parents are giving this warning to you the children. Once a person has absolute faith,
absolute love, and absolute obedience how can anyone dare to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of
Good and Evil? We have to understand that when God first gave the commandment to Adam and Eve
He didn't give this commandment without practicing that standard Himself. God already applied this
standard when He created the entire world and Adam and Eve. Upon that foundation He gave that
standard to Adam and Eve so that they could become the love partner to God.

Father gave the Declaration of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience in Brazil a few
years ago. By so doing, Father initiated the second generation forty-years course era. Through this, God
and Father want to make sure that through offering absolute faith, love and obedience, we build the
original family and world which Adam and Eve lost because of their fall in the Garden of Eden. That is
the key. Just as God gave the commandment to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, in this Completed
Testament era True Father is giving us warning to have absolute faith, love and obedience to God and
True Parents. Without being equipped with this absolute standard of life we cannot enter the Kingdom
of God.

Blessed husbands are in the position of restored Adam, not Archangel

Blessed husbands are in the position of restored Adam not Archangel. Since we are in the position of
restored Adam and True Parents are in the position of God, when this kind of warning comes from True
Father then no matter how difficult it may be for you to follow this direction, we absolutely must do it.
As restored Adam, you must continue to restore your relatives and tribal members. There are two
different types: the Cain and Abel type or the Archangel and Satan type. Your mission is to unite them.
That kind of significant mission is upon your shoulders. We don't need the 3.6 million couples Blessing.
Centering upon the restored Adam's family we should be able to restore two Archangel families to make
our environment there. Then the satanic world would disappear. The satanic world is always opposing
and attacking to prevent this coming about.
Those in the spiritual world can now receive the marriage Blessing

From 1992 Father could finally bless 30,000 couples and by doing so now on the worldwide level this
vertical journey started at the growth stage. The 360,000 Couples Blessing represented the growth
stage. This year the 3.6 million couples will represent the worldwide level perfection stage vertical
course. By doing so Heaven and Earth will be connected. Because of this condition all 360 degrees to this
entire world is now open. There is no blocking. There is a vertical connection between Heaven and Earth
and so people in the spiritual world can receive this Blessing also. Because of this condition, at the time
of the 3.6 million couples Blessing, Father will allow Heung Jin Nim to exercise Blessing in the spiritual
world. This means that all those people who have not entered the Kingdom of God can now receive
Blessing in the spiritual world. Then they can stand behind Heung Jin Nim and can eventually enter the
Kingdom of God. That is the course of restoration through indemnity.

The family unit is required to enter the Kingdom of God

Originally, Adam was supposed to be on top and the Archangel at the bottom, but because of the Fall of
Man the order became reversed. Now True Parents have made it right side up. That is why we are the
ones who have to be absolutely united with True Parents with the standard of absolute faith, love and
obedience. That is the only way that we can be connected to True Parents and God. Also it is the only
way that we can eventually enter the Kingdom of God, by following True Parents. It requires a family
unit to get into the Kingdom. Centering on God, morning, noon and night, loving God, talking to God, 24
hours a day. There is no other way except to follow True Parents with absolute obedience. This is my
conclusion this morning. We must understand this.

True Father is now 77 years old. No one knows how hectic and busy Father's schedule was last year.
Each time Father gave a heavy mission to leaders they were struggling in their minds. However, they
constantly followed Father and now after everything is done they realize that this is the way it should
have happened. Father has not found one son among us who is just like Father, a son who would say,
"Give me more responsibility. I will do even more than what you ask me to do." None of you have really
understood the course of indemnity because none has paid the proper indemnity in order to do the
mission. That is why we have no other choice but to stand behind Father and hold onto the string which
originates from Father. Some of us are 1,000 miles apart from Father but are still hanging onto this rope.
Those who come after you may surpass you

There are ardent Christians who do not know Divine Principle yet, but once they clearly understand True
Father's teaching how eager and enthusiastic they will be to come and follow and work with True
Parents. You stand in the position to lead those people and even be ahead of them, but you are not
worthy because you have not done this yourselves. Therefore, if you continue to trail behind like this,
eventually the order will be reversed.

On this significant 77th birthday of True Father you are being given this warning. This is the turning
point, the transitional period when we have to make sure that we give absolutely everything to God and
True Parents, following them with the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.
Even if it requires us to sell our homes and everything that we have and sacrifice our families and entire
tribes to do so, we have to make sure that we are with True Father, no matter what. We have to be
determined and have conviction that we will hang onto True Father throughout our whole lives.

Those who clearly realize that they have received the Blessing, raise your hands. What kind of Blessing
do you belong to? True Blessing, mediocre Blessing or the worst Blessing? (Truly absolute Blessing)
(Laughter) It is easy to say absolute, but then why do you laugh? It is not a laughing issue at all. By
hearing True Father's words this morning can you imagine how serious True Father's life has been? It is
not a children's game. Father has been building the railroad tracks and the railroad cars in order to carry
all of humanity and the entire dispensation. This has been an extremely difficult life Father has lived.

We do not truly understand indemnity. Therefore we need True Father and we have to hang onto him.
The second generation is not an exception to this. The second generation children in Korea who choose
to go to other universities rather than to Father's Sun Moon University will be separated from the
second generation who follow Father's direction to study at the Sun Moon University. Even if you
graduate from Harvard or Yale universities Father doesn't care. Some of True Children study and
graduate from Harvard, but Father directs them to go attend the Unification Theological Seminary
eventually. The goal of True Children going to these Ivy League schools is so they can understand the
satanic world first. Then by doing so lay the foundation in the physical world, then go to the Unification
Theological Seminary and study.

The time is coming when True Parents will not give the Blessing directly
The Blessing will no longer be given by True Parents after the 3.6 million couples Blessing. The time is
coming when True Parents will not bless anyone anymore. Then your children will surely complain to
you because they will want to receive the Blessing from True Parents directly.

Let us make sure that we are absolutely united with True Father. The course of indemnity is not a
random formula, but rather it is extremely scientific and tight. In Father's family he was the second son.
When Father was born the entire tribe of Father was incredibly attacked. All manner of accidents took
place. The invisible Satan appeared and exercised physical power in order to destroy Father's family at
the time of his birth. The elder brother of Father suddenly became crazy, Father's elder sister also
suddenly became crazy. In the year that Father was born, five out of 13 family members died. There is
no exception to the law of indemnity.

In Father's children's generation the second son died by accident. Also Heung Jin Nim died by accident.
Within the church membership, former President Eu died in the hospital. He was the second son of the
three disciples. If not, the first son would just be naturally grabbed by Satan. By the same principle Ye Jin
Nim and Hyo Jin Nim are on the same hook right now. We are responsible to restore that.

Satan still continues to cling to the three nations of Japan, America and Germany because Father gave
them a chance to be restored. Through this Satan is continually attacking Father. We have to overcome
this hurdle. All three major nations are suffering with the breakdown of families and the problem of

Gays and lesbians will realize that they need families

The Mafia tried to destroy Father but they have not succeeded. All those gays and lesbians will
eventually realize that they need families also. They will probably be at the end of the line following
Father in the future. God cannot subjugate this world situation right now, and Satan doesn't have that
right either. But True Parents alone have the authority and right to deal with this world's problems right
now. In the original Garden of Eden Satan's evil seeds were sown. Now in the last days we have to cut
them off, root them out and burn them in order to cleanse this situation. We are now harvesting evil
fruits as a result of the evil that was first sown in the Garden of Eden. Now we have to engraft them
onto the good tree so that good fruits can be harvested.
We have to keep our Sunday morning Pledge tradition. This is so very important and we must not forget
that. Father has seen some second generation children who don't know about Sunday morning Pledge
service at all. Never even heard about it. How can we say that they are from Blessed couples? True
Parents have been keeping this tradition for 40, 50, 60 years. As Blessed couples who received the
Blessing from True Parents, can we comfortably sleep on Sunday morning while True Parents and other
couples are doing Pledge service? Such lazy couples deserve punishment. Just think about how many
thousands of years God has been waiting to celebrate this True Parents Day. The words "True Parents"
are not simple words. If we research we will find it contains thousands of years of history of sweat and
tears of God. The goal of creation for God was finding True Parents.

Do you consider True Parents as important as your relatives? (More important) Our life has been just for
ourselves thus far. In order for us to be able to attend a holy ceremony such as this, we should do at
least one day fasting a month and save that money and bring it as an offering. If this kind of offering
money is collected Father will never spend it personally. That kind of offering would represent
ourselves. By offering this small amount of money we are offering our entire body and mind. That kind
of prayerful preparation is necessary.

We should prepare ourselves for an entire year by fasting and setting all manner of conditions and then
finally when this holy day ceremony comes, we offer ourselves with a prayerful bow. Our daily life is so
low that we cannot even reach any level at all. But because of these seven major holy days we have the
privilege to bring ourselves up to the heavenly standard. These seven major holy days represent seven
different bridges that can bring us closer to the heavenly standard, rather than on our mundane level.

We can judge ourselves as we follow these seven major holy days. Then we will see if Father is just
about two steps above us or if we are 10,000 steps below Father. It is all up to ourselves. We have to
sacrifice ourselves in order to come up closer to Father.

It is fearful to come before God and True Parents unprepared

Since the Kingdom is here with us, we have to be able to find our own course. This is a time of fear. But
for those who have prepared themselves this is a time of peace and joy. Father is now sending all the
national messiahs out to their mission countries even if it means separating from their wives and
families. Some of the national messiahs are appealing to Father with the excuse that their country does
not grant them a visa, so can they be taken off the list of national messiahs.
Even though the entire world is opposing Father he never compromises himself. Rather he continually
marches forward. Yet, some of the national messiahs want to give up because their small country
opposes their entry! There are many different ways to get around these obstacles. For example, during
Jacob's 21 year course, he came up with all kinds of strategies in order to please his uncle and
accumulate his wealth. Then eventually he won the victory. By the same token, the national messiahs
can find the way if they are truly desperate, directly or indirectly. National messiahs should have better
strategy than Satan has.

Please understand that this kind of ceremony is a fearful place. If you are not properly prepared you will
suffer. Your ancestors will come and attack you if you are not really qualified. Many who held critically
important missions within the Unification Church died of cancer. Father's heart is going out even to such
people in order to cure their disease. In order to do so, Father himself experimented with the mugwort
"moksa" treatment. Father realized that this treatment is effective. Now he is endorsing this method for
the entire world through the national messiahs. On God's Day in Brazil Father explained this method of
treatment and made a gift to each national messiah of all the equipment in order to offer the mugwort
moksa treatment in their nations.

Imagine that there may not be any more holy day celebrations with True Parents, but rather Father
gives this right over to you so that you can hold this holy day ceremony with your own tribe. In order for
you to prepare yourselves for that kind of time period, Father is giving you this kind of teaching this
morning. You have to understand clearly. It is a serious issue and Father is telling you the truth this
morning. Father is now driving the entire universe, spiritual and physical worlds, in one direction. Based
upon the worldwide family scale, Father is going to give Blessing.

In order to achieve the goal of 3.6 million couples Blessing, each nation has been allocated a certain
number of couples. Each nation must fulfill its responsibility in this regard. Probably the most advanced,
rich nation will become the last in terms of fulfilling this responsibility. If this becomes the trend then
those people who live within those countries will have to shed so much more sweat in order to achieve
the goal.

Father is working to restore Kingship

From now on Father has to depart from us at the individual, family, tribal, national and worldwide level
and go on in his own course to establish the restoration of Kingship successfully. The King cannot meet
just anyone. That time is coming. Even leaders will not be able to see Father freely in the future unless
they make an appointment and that appointment is granted. Father left Korean Christianity and he is
now working on worldwide level Protestantism and Catholicism. Father no longer is dealing with the
Korean national level Christianity. But rather Father deals with them at the worldwide level, South
America representing Catholicism and North America representing Protestantism. Father can no longer
concern himself with the family or nation, because Father has now completed all the necessary

Even if Father were to hide, the world would come looking for him to lead them

Now is the time that even if Father were to hide himself in a deep mountain, sooner or later the
worldwide Christianity will come and find him and beg him to lead the unification of Protestantism and
Catholicism. The time is here that even if the entire North and South Korean governments turn their
back on Father, the entire population in the Korean peninsula, 70 million people, will eventually come
and beg Father to lead the unification of the Korean peninsula. In terms of the conflict between the
eastern and the western cultures, people will have to eventually come to Reverend Moon in order to
solve this problem. Then from tomorrow on Father can take it easy and rest. Even if Father stops helping
the South American church and other projects, eventually the world will be restored by Father. Don't
you think it is time for Father to rest?

All the nations have national messiah teams, plus Blessed couples are there. Father has bequeathed all
that he has to those nations and members in the world. That means even without Father, God's Will can
be accomplished in this world. If Father stops working physically here, then the entire spiritual world will
come down and work directly with us. Because once Father's physical involvement ends, it means the
entire spiritual world has to come down and replace that work. That kind of era is coming now. Our
ancestors in the spiritual world are in the position to support restored Adam's family based upon the
Blessing from Heung Jin Nim. Then they will come down and eventually have to support us in the
position of restored Adam in this physical world. Therefore, if we are not strictly following the truth, our
ancestors will come and chastise us.

Throughout the entire world, how many of those who are above elementary school level have not yet
heard about Reverend Moon at all? What do you think the percentage is? Above middle school age we
can say that virtually everyone has heard about Reverend Moon in the whole world. While they do not
understand the Divine Principle they are at the end of the line. But as soon as they understand Divine
Principle they will become the first.

If Father had never exercised his right of giving the Blessing from the beginning then the amount of
opposition from the world would certainly have been less. Because of the Blessing many thousands of
parents became angry that their children were matched and married by Reverend Moon. That is how
the opposition began. The interracial marriages that we have conducted caused a lot of opposition as
well. Father knew that no Korean or Japanese parents would agree with him on this issue. But Father did
it anyway.

The future leaders of the world will be the mixed race offspring of Blessed couples

When the time comes for Korea and Japan to be united as one nation, from which lineage do you
suppose the leader will emerge? From this kind of interracial marriage lineage, the new national leader
will appear. That is the formula actually. For example, when the time comes that Great Britain and
France become one nation then one leader will have to be selected. Instead of selecting a strictly British
or French leader, the new leader will more likely emerge out of this new mixed lineage. The same
principle can be applied to the merging of any nations.

Father knew from the beginning of the Blessing history that in order to prepare the future world, even
though there would be an incredible amount of persecution, he had to do so. Otherwise, there would be
no way for Father to make preparation for the future. Here in America there are thousands of interracial
couples who married outside of the Unification Church. But these couples are not actually maintaining a
high standard of life. Eventually however when they recognize the value and standard of the Unification
Family international, interracial couples, they will bow down and follow our couples. That will be the
trend. In other words, these two extremes will meet and whatever was in between will naturally merge

We can now go out and declare to those international, interracial couples who do not have confidence
in maintaining their married life, to come and join the Unification Family and your lives will be
guaranteed. We can launch the campaign of receiving these international, interracial married couples
into the Unification Family. That time is now coming.

You are responsible to restore those living an immoral life and give them God's Blessing
If you have a younger brother or sister who is living an immoral life, what is your responsibility? You
have to do your absolute best to restore them back again. This is truly the time of blessing and grace
from God. Even if you have brothers and sisters who have lived the most terrible kind of life, in this
precious era, if they learn the Divine Principle they can participate in this Blessing and be forgiven. Do
you understand that this 3.6 million couples Blessing has the meaning of the liberation of the families of
the world? (Applause)

If we have 3.6 million couples blessed, don't you think that all kinds and types of people will make up
that number? Robbers, swindlers and all kinds? A real mixed bag. If we have to deal with the individual
crimes of each of these 3.6 million couples it would take tens of millions of years to cleanse them. But
because of this particular time of grace and blessing, with one prayer from Father everyone will be
cleansed. True Love power is the most formidable power on Earth! (Applause)

Once this True Love power is activated, even the strongest and worst of satanic love will be eliminated.
The church leaders who officiated at the preparatory blessing services throughout the world have
reported that no matter how unprepared people may be, all of them have changed greatly after the
Blessing. Some of the wives of these couples have admonished their husbands after the Blessing saying,
"True Father is my true elder brother now. If you dare to fool around again I will report you to my True
Father." This is truly the time of women's liberation. (Applause) This is the way that you women can
create ideal husbands.

Husbands must allow their wives to follow God's will

As a woman, what position do you desire to obtain? Father's elder sister, younger sister, or
grandmother? (Laughter) Which one of these positions would you feel most comfortable in with True
Father? (Younger sister) How about your husbands? (Younger brother's position) Archangel's position.
You husbands must understand that no matter what direction Father gives to your wives you have to be
happy. Because they are now in the position of True Father's younger sisters. When you unite
completely, then and only then will your wives return to you and take the position of your wives. In the
Garden of Eden Eve was in the position of Adam's wife. But that wife was taken away. In the time of
restoration, even if your wife has a mission which separates you, you cannot complain. The Archangel
cannot have a partner. We have to understand this clearly. Therefore, women from all over the world
are being mobilized. The women are on Father's side. They are like True Mother's younger sisters.
Do you think that Father created this particular theory in order to please you or is this the theory of
providential restoration? It is the formula. What is your preference, particularly you Western women.
Do you want to follow your husbands, listen to your children, or be united with True Father? (United
with True Father) But look at Father, his hair is a different color and his face is different. Are you still
willing to follow him? (Yes) The Japanese movement has mobilized 22,200 Blessed wives, even though
they have to leave their husbands and children. Their direction is to follow Father.

Would you Western wives do this? (Yes) Can you Western brothers accept this challenge? (Yes) Will you
still be united with True Father even if your wife has to leave you? (Yes) Satan has done all kinds of tricks
on this Earth throughout history. The restoration through indemnity is a serious matter. We have to
have that kind of attitude. The time is here where we need the kind of condition where we don't need
men, women and children. That kind of condition is needed. The satanic world is claiming not to need
husband, wife and children. But the heavenly side needs everyone.

The time is coming when God will restore the whole world at once

If there is a woman who has practiced free sex for many years prior to joining the Unification Church,
but after joining the church she is matched to a virgin man and they become a couple, do you think that
when they go through the Blessing that God will punish them? What do you think?

No matter how dirty and terrible an environment that Satan has created up until this point, when the
time comes for God to restore the entire world at once, Satan even contributed to that purpose in a
way, because the entire world will be restored at once. No matter what situation they may find
themselves in.

We often hear from Father the meaning of the concave and convex relationship. When Father explains
this to us do you think that God is pleased by Father's explanation of the male and female sexual organs
or would God be upset? (God would be happy.)

Try your absolute best to become pure 24 karat gold

Another way of interpreting Blessing is gold plating our sexual organs with 18 karat gold. Ordinary
people cannot discern whether it is pure gold or not. Do you understand? Because there is no 24 karat
gold sexual organ. What about the Lord of the Second Advent's sexual organ? Do you think it is a pure
24 karat gold sexual organ or a 23.999 karat gold? Just by looking, all qualities of gold appear the same
until they are thoroughly tested and examined. Isn't that true? (Yes)

People go with all kinds of fake gold. It is okay even if it isn't 24 karat gold. Many Western people don't
care about the quality of the gold in terms of their spouse. Even a gold plated sexual organ is fine for
them. They don't pay attention. This is the difference between Eastern and Western people.

Amateurs cannot discern just by looking if it is 18 karat gold or 24 karat gold. Of course God is not going
to stamp you as pure 24 karat gold or 18 karat gold. Only True Parents have the right to place a stamp
on whether you are pure 18 or 24 karat gold. Then you can be taken as pure gold and enter into the
Kingdom. However, there is a catch; even if in quality you are not 24 karat gold, at least the color should
be the same. (Laughter) That means that your family must resemble True Father's life.

You must try your absolute best to become true pure 24 karat gold for the sake of your entire family and
descendants. Eventually they should become 24 karat gold as well. This is the life of the Blessed couples.
If some couples are only 14 or 18 karat gold you will go in the furnace again and become 24 karat gold.
Make sure that you give the right and proper education to your children for the future of your

The suffering to harmonize an interracial couple will purify the descendants

If you have five children and you are willing to offer them for international, interracial marriage, then
your descendants will be purified in a much shorter time period, because they will have to go through
much more heartache and suffering than ordinary couples. Perhaps you have five sons and your five
daughters-in-law all come from enemy countries to one another. In order to harmonize and live
together in one family is not easy. There is much suffering to go through.

Once you digest these five different nationalities and win the victory with them it means you have
conquered five nations. When Father deals with the Unification membership he is dealing with the five
different races of the world without any discrimination. Father deals with you all on an equal basis. That
is why Father can fly from one corner of the world to another at will any time. There are no boundaries
for Father. That is what is known as the Kingdom of God.
We should be crystal clear in our conscience

On this my 77th birthday I give you this clear explanation this morning. Before celebrating this holy
ceremony Father sheds many tears, feeling like the sinner of sinners. This is Father's serious preparation.
If you are not properly prepared for this particular ceremony you will be attacked by Satan in some way.
Because the law of indemnity still exists and it applies to Father's life as well as our lives. When we turn
360 degrees we should not have even a speck of guilty conscience. We should be crystal clear in our

Who else in this world does the kind of work that we are doing? Out of the 33 nations in Central and
South America can any head of state or religious leader have that vision? Father is the only one who
went that far with that kind of sacrifice. Therefore God bestowed blessings upon Father. With this
blessing from God Father could lay a strong enough foundation in South America within one year,
equivalent to the foundation laid in America in the last twenty years.

All humankind will have to unite with the Absolute Subject of Love

When Father conducted the providence in America he began from the bottom up. However, in South
America Father began the providence from top to bottom. It was easier. Out of the 480 million people in
South America, none of them can compete with Father in terms of offering the sacrificial life, love and
heart for the sake of the entire South America. Eventually all South American people will become united
with Father because of this True Love. Father stands in the absolute subject position in heart so
eventually all creatures, all humankind will automatically have to unite with the Absolute Subject of
Love. Those who work harder and offer more will become the central persons in God's providence.

When the national messiahs go to their assigned nations they need to go down to the bottom levels and
serve. If they refuse to do so and just try and maintain their position, they will fail.

Only those who serve at the grassroots levels together with the local people and pour their hearts and
love into their nations will become successful. They will become like fertilizer for those nations and they
will become victorious.
Focus on restoring 160 families

In conclusion, Father is asking, what is this year's motto? "Love True Parents and Be Proud of True
Parents." The fact that we established a family means we have sown a seed for the nation. The
individual doesn't matter so much anymore; what matters is the family unit. Father has been harvesting
the family level seeds from all different races and continents all these years. But for us, we don't even
have to go out to the world. We only have to focus on our own tribes and neighbors and harvest these
160 families.

Your mission is only the territory of your relatives. How much easier it is for you compared to True
Father's course. You have absolutely no excuse. Those who have the confidence to fulfill your mission of
accomplishing 3.6 Couples Blessing this year, show your hands. (Applause) Father is instructing all of us
to make our absolute commitment to accomplish the 3.6 million Couples Blessing this year.

Be willing to take the high and difficult road

Suppose there are two individuals: One accomplishes his or her mission by fasting everyday, eating just
one meal and pushing him or herself in the difficult path. The other individual accomplishes his or her
mission by taking it easy and living the life he wants. When God looks at them, to whom do you suppose
God would give His sympathy? (The first one.) You all like the easy life but Father likes hard work.

Therefore you have to take a good attitude from now on and take the high and difficult road in order to
accomplish your mission. The easy life-style is no good. You have given your pledge to Father this
morning that you will fulfill your responsibility of accomplishing 3.6 million Couples Blessing this year.
Therefore Father will take it easy and relax because he trusts you.

After we achieve this goal this year, then even if Father passes into the spiritual world, Father's will has
been done. Once Father steps back from this providence and rests himself somewhere in the world,
many of you will come and beg him to push you. But Father won't do it anymore once that time comes.
Once this Blessing foundation is made, your own physical parents will have to do the work. If the
children work harder than the parents, that lineage has hope. Do you think that the second generation
children should work harder than the first generation parents or less hard? (Harder)
This teaching we have received this morning is the gift from True Father on the occasion of this 77th
birthday to all of us. The speech which will be given from 9 a.m. to our general membership is the very
speech which Father gave on January 2 of this year in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In this speech, Father goes into a
deep explanation of the heart of restoration and what our attitude should be. Those of you who need
breakfast raise your hands. Only the persons who showed their hands should go take breakfast; the rest
of you should go directly to the Grand Ballroom. (Thank you Father. Applause)

The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1997

True Family and True Universe Centering on True Love

Sun Myung Moon

July 18, 1997

Washington Times 15th Anniversary Banquet

President, Family Federation for World Peace

Washington D.C.

Respected guests from Washington D.C. and abroad, dear staff of The Washington Times, eminent world
literary leaders, ladies and gentlemen:

I deeply appreciate your taking time from your busy schedules to attend this meeting.

Today, as we celebrate The Washington Times' 15th anniversary, I cannot help but feel deep emotion.
Fifteen years ago, when the world was adrift on the stormy waves of the Cold War, I established The
Washington Times to fulfill God's desperate desire to save this world. Since that time, I have devoted
myself to raising up The Washington Times, hoping that this blessed land of America would fulfill its
world-wide mission to build a Heavenly nation. Meanwhile, I waged a lonely struggle, facing enormous
obstacles and scorn as I dedicated my whole heart and energy to enable The Washington Times to grow
as a righteous and responsible journalistic institution.

Today The Washington Times Corporation can be proud of its development into a world-class global
media enterprise. Since the end of the Cold War, the world began to realize that the direction taken by
The Washington Times was correct. History will not forget our contribution. The efforts of The Times to
revitalize the moral and spiritual values of the United States and the world are being recognized as
absolutely urgent and necessary at this time.
I want to convey my warmest appreciation to all The Washington Times staff who have worked so hard
together with me to develop The Times. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the
American and world leaders who have offered their unwavering support.

The most precious thing that I can offer from the bottom of my heart as a token of my appreciation on
this special day is to introduce you to what I consider to be the two most significant lectures that I gave
during my most recent world tour.

I refer to "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation" and "In Search of the Origin of
the Universe." Today, we need a complete solution for the problems of sexual immorality, family
breakdown and alienation among our young people. These two speeches provide fundamental solutions
for these problems. When each one of you goes back to your home, I hope you will take some time for
self-reflection. Whenever you want to bring more love into your family, read these speeches together
with your family and think deeply I believe this can help you and your family to achieve harmony and
real happiness.

I suggest that you read these two speeches as many times as the number of your age.

If your age is over 80, then read them more than 80 times. The more you read these speeches, the more
heavenly blessing and fortune will be with you. The more you read them, the more peace will flow in
your family naturally and automatically. I invite you to read more!

The title of the first speech is "View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation." To
summarize: Because of the failure and Fall in the family of the First Adam, Jesus came as the Second
Adam to restore the failure of the first family at the national level. The First Adam had become fallen
Adam. Thus, the Messiah, Jesus, came as the Second Adam. However, since Jesus was not able to realize
a family based on being True Parents, the Messiah needs to come back as the Third Adam and restore
the mission of True Parents on the world level. This is the mission of the Second Advent, who is coming
as the Third Adam. This speech also introduces the fact that the fundamental issue of salvation is the
restoration of the original lineage.

The title of the second speech is "In Search of the Origin of the Universe." Since the human Fall
originated in the misuse of love, humankind lost True Love. Thus the problem arises: How can we
recover True Love? The loss of True Love means falling through adultery. In other words, True Love
became degraded by misusing the sexual organs, and in order to restore it, we need to use these organs
in the right way Just as the seed of fallen love was planted in the Garden of Eden during the first
ancestors' youth, so in these final days, mankind will harvest the fruit of the Fall among our young
people. That is the reason why today we find so much chaos and confusion, centering on the issue of
sex. This problem can only be solved with what I call "Absolute Sex." Only the concept and practice of
Absolute Sex can prevent the destruction of the family and reverse the corruption of our youth.

Becoming True Parents

This evening, because time is limited, I would like to share a speech with a new title: "True Family and
True Universe Centering on True Love."

Everyone here has parents and teachers, and you also have the leader of your nation. Correct? These
are things everyone undeniably needs. However, when compared to the true standard, there are many
different levels of parents. What do you think? To what extent have you, yourself, become True
Parents? In the same way, if a person is a professor at an Ivy League university such as Harvard, Yale or
Columbia in the United States, or Oxford or Cambridge in England, does this mean that he or she can be
called a True Teacher? Similarly, there are different types of leadership in a nation compared to the true
standard of leadership. Even if someone is the president of a superpower such as the United States,
does this mean he or she is a True President?

In fact, today in the family, children do not trust parents. Between spouses, there is no complete trust.
Brothers and sisters also don't trust each other fully Furthermore, students do not trust the teachers in
the schools, and the people do not trust the leaders of their nation.

So the problem is, how can we attain the true standard of even one of these three most important
positions of parents, teacher and leader?

When I say you should become True Parents, True Teacher or True Leader, what do you think is the
highest standard or central model for those three positions? That is God. God is the True Parent among
parents, True Teacher among teachers, and True King among kings. God is the Eternal True Parent,
Eternal True Teacher, Eternal True Leader and King.
If we are children of God, we need to become True Parents first, just like God. We should also follow the
way of the True Teacher, just like God. And we need to follow the way of the True Leader, just like God.
This is the idea of the three primary positions. The ultimate model is God.

The Messianic Concept

Who is the Messiah sent to the people of Israel, as promised in the Old Testament? The Messiah is the
one who comes as True Parents, True Teacher and True King. However, because Jesus was prevented
from establishing the True Family and uniting his people, he needs to come again. In other words,
because he did not accomplish the national-level foundation, the Messiah of the Second Coming will
come as the Third Adam and teach the way of the True Parents, True Teacher and True King at the world
level. This is the messianic concept. Wherever the family, nation, world and Heaven exist, the idea of the
three primary positions of parents, teacher and leader should always be established.

To exist in the spatial dimension, human beings need to stand in relation to what is above and below,
right and left, front and back. In this way, one's position is determined. One's shape and situation
depend upon where one stands relative to above and below, right and left, and front and back.

This same formula that applies in the relation of above and below, right and left, and front and back also
applies to the family, the nation and the world. Just as there are above and below, right and left, and
front and back centering on the individual, in the family there are parents and children, husband and
wife, and brothers and sisters. Similarly, in the nation, centering on the leader, families should embrace
all the civilizations of East and West and all the civilizations of North and South. Then they can embrace
all people of the world as brothers and sisters. Ultimately every level will form a family pattern. All these
models have the same pattern and the individual self is the central model. In the same manner, one's
existence expands to the level of the family, nation, world, Heaven and Earth, and eventually reaches
God. Each person has the desire to live as the center of the cosmos and the potential to make this a

Thus, the core concept of the universe is the concept of the family Heaven represents parents. Earth
represents children. In the concept of East and West, East symbolizes man, West symbolizes woman.
When a woman gets married, she usually follows wherever the husband goes, but they have equal
value. When the West side reflects the sunlight, it has the same value as the East side. The relationship
of brothers is the same. When the older brother works, the younger brothers naturally help him.
Therefore, people should exist in the relation of parents and children, husband and wife, and elder and
younger siblings. And these three relations meet at one central point. There can be only one center.
Above and below, right and left, and front and back should not have different centers. If the central
point is different, then the balance of the relationships between above and below, right and left, and
front and back will be broken. Eventually above, below, right, left, front, back and the central point all
together comprise seven positions. Thus, the number seven represents all elements uniting to become
one centering on God, with perfect True Love. Together, these seven elements form a complete sphere
and eventually a family structure of harmony and unification. So, as you can see, seven is truly a lucky

When this sphere completes itself and revolves, it becomes a new entity based on the number eight. As
long as True Love remains unchanging, the central point can revolve without change. But because of the
human Fall, God was expelled from the central position. Since God's True Love was expelled, the True
Family ideal collapsed.

There are many differences in lifestyle between East and West. In many ways, they are totally opposite.
For example, when Koreans call someone to come to them, we motion with the palm down, like this.
But if we do this in the West, people go the other way. We often misunderstand and wonder if people
don't like us, because they go away from us when we are actually asking them to come closer. Also
Western writing has a horizontal structure, proceeding from left to right. Oriental writing originally is
vertically structured, starting from top to bottom and proceeding from right to left. So Western books
open from left to right. But in the Orient we open a book from right to left. Thus Western civilization is
more horizontally-based, while Oriental civilization is more vertical. As another example, shaking hands
is a horizontal greeting, while bowing is vertical. In the Orient, there is a tradition that the ancestors are
the core of the family system. But in the West there is no strong concept that considers the ancestors as
the core. There is mostly a concept centered on the self.

All Are One In the Family

Because everything is connected through the core, without the movement of the core, the whole entity
does not move. Therefore, all the positions of one, two, three, four, five, six and seven, the central core,
have equal value. Once they are divided, they comprise twelve segments. These twelve will fit wherever
they are placed. Whatever the grandfather wants, the grandchild is not against. The children of the
grandfather also want whatever their parents want. Ultimately all three generations become united in
one desire. All of the elements -- grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife,
son and daughter -- resonate with the center. Let us look at the family, centering on love. Since the
relationship between parents and children is one of unity, they are said to be one body. The relation
between husband and wife is also said to be one body, as is the relation between brother and sister. In
the family, all are one body. Centered on what are these relations called one body? They are one body
centered on God's True Love, which is the center of all love. Centered on True Love, parents and
children become one, husband and wife become one, and brothers and sisters become one. Through
this process, the value of each element becomes equal.

Then what did God want for His children? To become billionaires? To have more power than anyone
else? What God wanted for His children, Adam and Eve, was for them to grow to become children of
filial piety, loyal citizens, saints, and a Holy Son and Daughter. Did you ever consider that, in accordance
with God's desire, we should become children of filial piety in the family, loyal citizens of the nation,
saints in the world, and Holy Sons and Daughters before Heaven and Earth? In history the saints and
sages have taught that we should become children of filial piety, loyal citizens, saints, and Holy Sons and

This evening do you think you have mastered the way of filial piety, loyalty, sainthood, and Holy Sonship
which is needed to become an ideal human being and to complete the human personality? Without
knowing this, you cannot perform the function of True Parents in the family. True Parents need to teach
their children progressively to complete the way of the filial child, loyal citizen, saint, Holy Son or
Daughter, and eventually even to reach God.

If there is someone who truly teaches and exemplifies these things, then God will see that person as the
ultimate True Parent, True Teacher and True Leader.

Following the True Way

When you are qualified as True Parents and True Teacher, you also will be qualified as a True Leader;
and furthermore you will be qualified to become a True King or Queen. Fallen man lacks this concept of
filial piety, loyal citizenship, sainthood, and of becoming Holy Sons and Daughters. That is why this world
is perishing. Who wants Holy Sons? God does. Who wants saints? The world does. Who wants loyal
citizens? The nation does. Who wants children of filial piety? The family does. This is the way of truth.

The truth centering on love continues eternally in one direction. We did not know this, and that is why
we could not be True Parents, True Citizens, True Saints, and Holy Sons and Daughters. When Jesus
came to this world, there were no True Parents in the family, no True Leader in the nation and the
world, and ultimately there was no True King in all of Heaven and Earth. People did not know how to
follow the True Way. However, now you should know.
True Parents do not tell their children, "Once you become children of true filial piety, do not become
loyal citizens." True Parents should teach children of filial piety to sacrifice their family by following the
way of a loyal citizen in service to the nation, and to sacrifice the nation to fulfill the way of saints in
service to the world. And then parents should teach their children to sacrifice the world in service to
Heaven and Earth, and to sacrifice Heaven and Earth to come to God.

To achieve this, individuals should sacrifice for the sake of the family By sacrificing for the family, a
person becomes a child of filial piety To become a patriot, a person will sacrifice even their entire family
to save the nation. That is the way to become patriots. To be a saint, you will sacrifice even the nation in
service to the world. The Holy Son should establish the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven, even
sacrificing the world. Therefore, among all parents, those who live more for the sake of their children
are True Parents. Teachers who do more for the sake of their students are True Teachers, and the
president who sacrifices more for the nation will be the True President. We did not know this concept of
investing and sacrifice. But without it, we will never have one eternally peaceful and unified world.

Nothing is Alone in Nature

What is the basis of individualism? One cannot claim anything as "mine alone." When the child, through
the love of its parents, grows from an egg in the mother's womb and is born, 99.999 percent of its
existence is from the mother's bone, blood and flesh, which was combined with the 0.001 percentage
from the father's sperm. There is no concept of "myself alone" in nature. Nobody had a concept of
"myself' when they were born.

Anyone who considers that they are the best cannot say they became so by themselves, including
Reverend Moon. Bone, blood and flesh are all received in the mother's womb. We should recognize that
the important parts of our body are the extension of our mother's body All the essential elements of our
body were included in the egg and sperm. There is no exception. Therefore, there is no basis for self-
centered individualism.

When we say the word "above," that word automatically recognizes "below" Can individualism stand
only with the concept of "above" by itself? There is no way that a being can be only individual. Talking
about the "right" side presupposes the existence of "left." In the relation between front and back,
"front" presupposes "back." The word "man" also cannot exist by itself. It presupposes "woman." This is
not just the claim of any one person, but a cosmic fact.
Why was man created? Usually, men say that they can live by themselves alone, so they don't care why
they were created. But man was born for the sake of woman. Without woman, there is absolutely no
need for man. Actually, nothing was created for man by himself or for woman by herself alone.

Look at our five senses. Were my eyes created to look at my eyes? Nose, ears, mouth, hands -- all of
them were created for the sake of the object. The force that mobilizes and focuses all five senses is True
Love. Eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hands were created for True Love as a tool for the use of True Love.

Nothing is created only for myself. On the contrary, a person who says that what belongs to others is
"mine" is called a thief. When someone takes the things of others and uses them as his own, isn't he a
thief? Therefore, any man who uses his five senses and his body as he wants for himself alone is a thief,
since these exist for the sake of woman.

What is the difference between man and woman? Their bodies, including the sexual organs. Then to
whom is man's sexual organ absolutely necessary? Man's sexual organ exists for the sake of woman. The
human sexual organs are shaped as concave and convex. Why are they shaped that way? Both of them
could be pointed or both could be flat. Why are they shaped differently? Each is for the sake of the
other. Woman absolutely wants what is man's. And man absolutely wants what is woman's. Until now,
we did not know the fact that, absolutely, woman's sexual organ is man's and man's sexual organ is
woman's. By owning each other's sexual organs, man and woman come to know True Love.

Only through the experience of two becoming one can we know the highest level of love. No one can
absolutely deny these facts. Everyone should recognize this. At the place where husband and wife
become completely one, the ideal couple will be created. In that very place, absolute love exists. That
place of love, which is absolutely unchanging, is the dwelling place of God.

Absolute Sex and True Love

Absolute Sex is centered on God, and free sex is centered on Satan. Historically, world literature and the
media have often stimulated free sex. But from now on, you literary figures and journalists should lead
the way to prevent free sex. Free sex should completely disappear.
Now that you have heard Reverend Moon's speech, you can change your current position 180 degrees
and become a new person, new nation and new world. Definitely you are being changed. It is an
absolute necessity to change this evil world. This world must be transformed.

People in the evil world, including Satan, don't like people on God's side. Therefore, everyone in the
world has opposed Reverend Moon; even at the level of the nation and the world they opposed me. But
because Reverend Moon belongs to God, God has protected me. Satan doesn't like Reverend Moon; but
God likes me. No matter how many times the world pushed Reverend Moon down or ignored me, I did
not care. Reverend Moon never went down. Rather, he came up to the highest position. Therefore, now
nobody can oppose me.

How could I establish this worldwide foundation even under all kinds of persecution? With what kind of
power could Reverend Moon create these foundations to teach eminent world scholars and leaders?
That was possible because God gave Reverend Moon a special kind of power. God has protected me and
directed me, and even now God continuously protects and teaches me, so I am moving toward the way
of success all the time.

Throughout history, there have been numerous religious leaders who could communicate with the
spiritual world. You should know there is only one, Reverend Moon, who fully understood and unified
the spiritual world and commenced work in this world. Since unifying the spiritual world, I received the
heavenly seal of recognition from God. Otherwise unification on the Earth cannot be done. You should
know that in the same way that God has trained me and raised me in the spiritual world, He
continuously leads me on the Earth.

For more than 20 years, since I came to the United States, I received enormous persecution. But I knew
that God's plan for Christianity has endured through bloody sacrifice for 2,000 years, ultimately settling
in the United States. Therefore, I could not give up on this country Please consider, if America had
accepted Reverend Moon even 40 years ago, how would this country be today?

Sacrificing and Giving Again

Then from where does True Love begin? This is True Love: After you sacrifice your own life and are
resurrected, you try to invest again, more than three times. Since we have inherited fallen lineage, even
at the cost of our own lives we have to persevere and overcome. Therefore, "whoever seeks to gain his
life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it." (Luke 17:33) Jesus followed this way when he
came to this world. That is why he could lead the world, not by selfish individualism, but by altruism.
Therefore, although I have created great wealth during my life, none of it, not even one penny, is mine. I
invested everything for the world and then I forgot what I had done for others, and then I sacrificed and
invested again. I repeated this process again and again.

Which do you prefer, "One Nation under God" or "One World under God?" Among Americans, some
people do not like the concept of One World under God. Some white people do not like black people.
White Anglo-Saxon Protestants occupy dominant positions in the United States. America, led by this
group, should have the idea that this country exists for the sake of the world. If America lives only for its
own sake, America will ultimately perish.

Now the times are changing. The coming time is the age of One World under God. God is working for
this kind of world and will always help those people who also are working for that kind of providence.
But there is a problem with many people wanting to lead the world but not wanting to participate in
that providence.

In order to make one peaceful world, I have poured myself into various efforts. Let me give a few
examples. We need to establish an ideal, worldwide academic institution like a UN University,
transcending the barriers of race, religion and language, in order to complete the foundation for the
future world. Also, to exchange knowledge globally, we need a university system for distance learning.
We also need to develop a unified medical science. We need not only to cure the diseases of the body
caused by the Fall, but also to end the conflict between Orient and Occident through harmonizing
Eastern and Western culture. By unifying Eastern and Western medicine we can cure formerly incurable
diseases, such as AIDS. In Korea, among the people of the countryside who never had formal medical
education, there are many gifted healers who can cure serious diseases that are incurable through
modern medicine. These healers have received teaching from the spiritual world about special
treatments. Without recognizing certain realities of the spiritual world, problems will continue to grow.

Already these projects are being implemented at the University of Bridgeport and Sun Moon University I
have also created The Washington Times and other newspapers to cover the entire hemisphere, and I
am expanding this media foundation into 185 countries to help all the people of the world learn from
each other and cooperate as one. Since I came to America, I never had any debt to the American people.
Rather, America should feel indebted to me. 1 shared the blessing I received from Heaven with America.
I didn't receive any blessing from America, but my entire blessing was given to her.
Regardless of the degree of opposition, the person who loves the most will become the owner. Those
who love more, invest more, who give more and forget what they have given, will become central
figures. This is cosmic law.

In the future, please follow the way that in the family you offer filial piety to your parents, become a
loyal citizen before the nation, become a saint before the world, and become a Holy Son or Daughter
before God. Whoever can stand without shame before the family, nation, world, and Heaven and Earth,
will be protected in the center of the cosmos and can then realize a family that receives God's highest

Such a person shall transform this world into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, being registered in the
Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world and entering into an era of kingship both spiritually and
physically centered on God. Such a person shall receive the International Ceremony of Holy Blessing,
which is to establish a world of victory, freedom, happiness and unity. I invite each of you to participate
in this year's 3.6 million couple Blessing Ceremony, and so become a person welcomed by Heaven and
Earth and find the way of eternal life.

Today literary leaders from all over the world are gathered together here. I hope the staff of The
Washington Times and all the world literary leaders will become major figures to create a True Family
and True World (cosmic) culture centered on God's True Love, ushering in a world of peace and
unification in the forthcoming 21st Century.

May God bless you, your family and all your endeavors.

Thank you.
The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997

Declaration Day Of Heavenly Parentism

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

September 1, 1997

Belvedere International Training Center

Translator – Peter Kim

What is the meaning of Chun Bu Ju Eui to you? Chun Bu Ju Eui, which was declared on September 1,
1989, means the "ism" of Heavenly Father and True Parents. Centering on the true love of God, the new
family, the true family is now being established in this world. This is the start of a new era and new life
centered on Heavenly Father and True Parents. This is the meaning of Chun Bu Ju Eui.

What did we celebrate yesterday? Pal Jung Sik, which as you know is the celebration day of the eight
stages. As I explained yesterday, we celebrate Pal Jung Sik because True Parents won the victory on each
of the eight stages. God has grieved that He could not come down to dwell with us vertically or
horizontally for the 6,000-year history of restoration. Now God can come down to our level, vertically
and horizontally, through True Parents. Now God can dwell with us and start His new providence. That is
why the day after Pal Jung Sik I declared Chun Bu Ju Eui.
Since the declaration of Chun Bu Ju Eui, God’s providence is not just centered on individual restoration
but on the basic unit of the family. Centering on the restoration of families, God could start working on
the entire world. Because of that, centering on True Parents and True Family, Chun Bu Ju Eui was
expanded, and finally on this foundation I could declare this year the "Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for
the Parents of Heaven and Earth." This is the time for expanding the family unit as True Family to the
worldwide scale. That is why I started with 30,000 couples horizontally on the worldwide level as the
formation stage, then blessed 360,000 couples as the growth stage on the worldwide scale, and finally
this year 3.6 million couples as the perfection stage.

As we remember, at the time of Adam and Eve, God wanted to see Adam’s family being perfected, and
upon that foundation the sinless perfected family would be expanded. However, because of the fall of
man, that ideal of God was not fulfilled. Therefore, now that I have won the victory on all of the eight
different stages, I finally could declare this year the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of
Heaven and Earth. Because of this I have expanded the blessed family on the worldwide scale. Also,
because of the three stages of the blessing on the worldwide level, the 3.6 million couple blessing which
is the perfection stage is the watershed point. So from this point on, the blessings which will follow--36
million couples and 360 million couples -- will be somewhat easier because they are being accomplished
on the downturn rather than the upturn. This is the direction the providence is going in now. The era of
the global family is dawning.

Share God’s blessing with all of humanity

We have to understand that at this time wherever we go -- to any village, city or town or even nation --
it is possible to share God’s blessing with the families there even though they belong to the secular
world. Because True Parents have won all the victories on the eight stages, that is why this global family
era is here. Wherever you go you will be welcomed to share the blessing you carry in place of True
Parents. After we accomplish the blessing of 36 million couples, what would you expect to happen? In
each village in every corner of the world we will be able to hoist our flag, the flag of the Family
Federation for World Peace and Unification. We will be able to set aside one particular day and call
everyone there and give them the blessing. That time is coming.

One of the miseries of humankind up to this point is that from the individual level to the family level we
had no relationship with True Parents, no relationship with God. We only had a relationship with Satan.
Therefore, now is the time when Heavenly Father and True Parents are snatching you away from Satan.
We are doing the same thing now by sharing the blessing. That is why we have been witnessing how
individuals, families and even entire nations at times have been mobilized to oppose True Parents, to
oppose our work. That is why you have seen your own parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives
sometimes coming against you. As some of you experienced in the past, there were sometimes
kidnappings carried out by your own physical parents, because they still belonged to Satan and you were
being snatched away by heaven to the heavenly side. But True Parents alone have won all the
providential battles and victories, which they are sharing here together with you out of their love.

God is always prepared to deal with us whenever a providential time period is here. When we look at
the roughly 70,000,000 families in America, can we find any single family in which God can dwell
comfortably and peacefully? Ordinarily American families believe that they do not need their
grandparents to live together with them. Often when the children have grown up, parents feel they do
not need their children to stay with them. To a certain extent even between husband and wife, they say,
"I don’t need you; I can live my life by myself." Many Americans live completely, strictly centered on
selfish individualism and privacy. Satan wants this. Satan knows that restoration of the four position
foundation is the beginning of God’s ideal, so Satan is desperate to hold onto it and not allow it to be
taken away by God.

America declined because it rejected Reverend Moon

However, ideally, according to the principle of creation, each family needs the positions of
grandparents, parents, children, brothers and sisters. But Satan still wants to destroy all these
relationships. Think about it. Right after World War II America, equipped with the spirit of Christianity
centered on family morals, was the single most powerful country. But within forty years this bond was
completely broken and torn apart. Why? Because America along with Christianity opposed Rev. Moon
right after the war. They were supposed to welcome True Parents as the Messiah for humankind, but
they did not. That is why this kind of tragedy is taking place in America. Right after World War II,
centering on Christianity and America, it was the first time in history that the Messiah could come and
take the throne. That opportunity was prepared providentially, but America and Christianity did not
realize it and threw it away. Right after World War II, America centered on Christianity was getting ready
for God and True Parents, because Christianity is in the position of the bride religion and bride culture.
America and Christianity were ready providentially to receive the Messiah as their bridegroom and the
True Parent, but failed to do that. That is why America has been declining, perishing step by step. On the
individual level, the family level, and even on the national level now America is not well respected by the
rest of the world.

From the viewpoint of the Kingdom of Heaven, the base of the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos
was lost. Why? Because the bridegroom, who is the central king of these bases and the Messiah, that is
the True Parent, was kicked out. True Parents and God connect as one seated upon one throne. Once
the Messiah sits upon that throne, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will come about through the
unification and perfection of the family, world and cosmos. That was America's God-given purpose, but
instead of fulfilling the role of the bride, America chased the bridegroom out. Everything was lost. So
America has been going down and down and has lost God, Godism, God’s viewpoint of the universe, the
world, the nation and the family, God’s viewpoint of grandparents, parents, couples -- everything was
lost. So America is a place without hope.

AIDS is the result of false love

That is why America is smitten by AIDS, which is the obvious result of the human fall. What is AIDS? AIDS
is the result of false love. You can describe woman’s sexual organ as being like the mouth of a poisonous
rattlesnake with sharp teeth to bite man’s sexual organ. So man’s sexual organ is going into the mouth
of a rattlesnake. Then think about it; it will just be bitten. It involves two tongues, a split tongue. There
should have been just one tongue, but because of the fall the tongue was split. So in the Last Days, the
most fearful thing is the love organs of man and woman. Do you understand that Satan wants to break
down God’s ideal four position family system?

That is why in the Last Days we see the practice of free sex, including even incest. Don’t we see in
America cases in which incest is carried out by parents towards their own children? As such children
grow up they come to hate the opposite sex: some women only want to stay with women, and some
men only want to stay with men. That is why they become homosexual. Sometimes even a grandfather
will rape his own daughter or granddaughter. There is total chaos and confusion when a grandfather
sleeps with his own granddaughter, or a father or his brother or nephew sleeps with his daughter.

So how can we find absolute love? In the midst of this turmoil now God has come to do something in
America. Do you think God will be able to find somewhere He can settle down, or will God have to go
away from America? When God comes down to America with these kinds of chaotic families, God feels
that this present time is worse than the time of Adam and Eve’s fall. It is like a third fall. So God will
withdraw Himself and not stay with these fallen families in America.

What is the meaning of the fall of Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve could not establish a God-centered
family because of the fall. Then at the time of Jesus Christ, centered on Judaism and the Israelites, the
family ideal was supposed to be established on the national level, but it was not established. Therefore,
the third time, in the Last Days at the time of the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, God wanted
to see this ideal established on the worldwide level. However, after World War II, America centered on
Christianity failed to do that.

After the Fall of Adam and Eve how many years has it taken for God to reach this point? Over 6,000
years. According to the Christian calculation it is said symbolically that from Adam’s time until now is
about 6,000 years, but actually it is more than 25 million years since the beginning of human history.
Probably from Jacob’s time it has been 6,000 years, because that was the beginning point of restoration.

If at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent we fail we do not know how many years it will take until
God’s restoration can be completed. Only because True Father, the Lord of the Second Advent, clearly
understands and knows the Principle from God, it did not take that long.

The Lord of the Second Advent came after World War II

Right after World War II, the worldwide population of Christianity was about 800 million. Again, please
think about it. Centered on Christianity if America, France and Great Britain, which happened to be at
that time the Allied countries, were truly united with the Lord of the Second Advent and had received
him as the king of kings, it would have been very easy to establish these blessed couples all at once--not
just 3.6 million, 36 million or 360 million couples. Within a short time period the entire world would
have been completely changed. Within seven years I could have declared Pal Jung Sik, and Chun Bu Ju
Eui. All these celebration days would have been established right away.

We must remember that because of this failure, America which was representative of Protestant
countries at the end of World War II in a way laid the cornerstone for the destruction of humanity by
failing to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, the True Parent. Only because True Parents came has
the situation of humanity not deteriorated that far yet and we still have hope. Without True Parents
there is no hope on the individual, family, national or worldwide levels.

A good example of the degree to which the world is perishing and without hope is the AIDS epidemic
which is threatening humanity with its sharp teeth. If the spread of this disease continues humanity is
doomed to perish, because it is like a vacuum cleaner.
But the Messiah came as a single Lord of the Second Advent and has established a model man, and then
on the family level a model, true family, true tribe, true nation and true world. This is the process of
restoration True Parents have been carrying out, and at some time the entire world will be embraced all
at once, with everyone connecting through true love. Do you understand?

What is true love?

What is true love? It is becoming absolutely one or united. Without true love unification absolutely
cannot be achieved. Without God and True Parents we would never be able to have true love here in
this world. That means all of you women would not be able to marry, but would have to live a life of
celibacy. That is why if we study the major religions of the world they usually encourage people to leave
their family and their society and live a life of celibacy. That means one has to deny and negate the
secular world and keep oneself really pure in isolation. It is like turning around 180 degrees and kicking
away this free sex world. Because free sex was practiced at the time of Adam and Eve through the fall of
man, we have to kick this satanic world away. Because Satan planted free sex in Adam’s family, in this
time of harvest standing at the end of history, the fruit being borne is free sex.

At the time of Adam and Eve, even though they practiced free sex, to begin with there were only two
involved. But now people who practice free sex may get involved with hundreds or even thousands of
people. It is like beginning from the point of Adam and Eve the entire world has turned around 360
degrees and returned now to the original point of the practice of free sex.

Centered on the worst kind of parents and the practice of free sex, human history began and humanity
has multiplied. This standard to which all humankind is connected is the way of diminishing, the way of
perishing. How miserable a situation America and the free world are in! Do you understand?

That is why America is in the position of the archangel. The archangel cannot have a partner, because it
is a spiritual being. So that is why even the religion of Christianity is an archangelic religion. America as
the base of this archangelic religion lost its direction for the future. That is why all of these distorted
phenomena are now manifesting themselves in America. America is in a way now giving these
poisonous rattlesnakes to all of the many countries of the world by sending people to those countries to
influence them. What are we exporting from America? Man is in the position of archangel. That is why
these American young people go abroad and plant Satan’s love seed.
Homosexuality is a consequence of incest

Again, think about it. If a child has been sexually abused by his or her father, grandfather, mother, elder
sister, or whomever, such children grow up hating members of the opposite sex, which eventually leads
in many cases to a person becoming homosexual or lesbian. As this population of people who had this
kind of experience grew, they began to use the term "free sex" and to establish it as a fad against the

Homosexuals and lesbians claim that a woman who does not like men, or a man who does not like
women can marry someone of the same sex. They demonstrate claiming, "We are the real American
population." This is a totally, absolutely satanic phenomenon from the viewpoint of God’s purpose of
creation. Is that true? This is in reality the way in which society can only diminish and perish. How can
we deny that?

How can such a society, without hope in the darkness of the dungeons of hell, welcome the morning
sun? That morning sun is the Lord of the Second Advent, who comes as the king of kings of the nation,
of the tribe, and of the family. He is the owner and king of kings of all grandfathers, all parents, all
husbands and wives and all children. Do you understand? According to this viewpoint, through
connecting to this Second Coming, we can realize individual perfection, perfection of the family and
perfection of the tribe, nation, world and cosmos, and ultimately reach God.

There is only one main center, the Lord of the Second Advent, through whom perfection can be
achieved in every direction on a worldwide base. Father did it. Father has established the center at the
highest level in every direction; for example, in the political and diplomatic worlds, in the economic
world and the cultural world. No matter how much there is denial, having passed through each of
humanity’s twelve gates, once inside each of these various worlds will be both liberated and perfected.
Is that true? [Yes!] But it is not an easy course.

Women should now lead the restoration providence

As a result of the fall, Eve actually ended up killing three male figures. Therefore, in order to be restored,
women in Eve’s position are in the position, symbolically, to be killed by three men, or three times. At
the family base Adam was killed, at the national base Jesus was killed, at the world base, symbolically
speaking, the Second Advent was also killed. Three husbands were killed. Through the mistake of one
woman, the family base, nation base and world base were lost.

However the time has come in the providence of restoration in which the Lord of the Second Advent has
the right to snatch women away from the satanic world. Because you belong to the satanic world, the
Lord of the Second Advent has the right to take you away from there.

Through the mistake of one woman, the family base, national base and world base were lost. So you
American women, blessed wives, have to take all of your belongings to the world by going, for example,
to Africa or some other place and devoting your life there for the sake of the people. America is a fallen
field now. So instead of planting the seeds of free sex and AIDS here in America, you can pack up and go
to those countries and start something fresh and new.

Because the male, archangelic figures are going around the world and destroying the women of the
world, recreating the fallen atmosphere opposed to God’s viewpoint, the women have to be at the
center. That is the law of indemnity.

Don’t you want to somehow live like a queen at home and make yourself really pretty and beautiful? Up
until World War I there was no notion even among Westerners that the wife is the queen or master of
each home and family. But after World War I women’s position was in a way escalated to that of the
queen of the family. The whole purpose was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent as the
bridegroom and to work with him. But this purpose was turned in the wrong direction, and instead the
Second Advent owner and bridegroom was chased out by the bride, centering on America and
connecting to all of the women of the world. The husband was chased out.

You American women do not know what has been happening. These men, the archangel figures, have
been going around the world like a poisonous rattlesnake and breeding with millions of women in the
world, but you American women are unaware of it. The Bible reveals that Adam and Eve fell because of
the temptation from the snake. We see the same thing now in the Last Days. These archangel figures are
going out to the world and using their split tongue and rattlesnake-like head. What other weapon does
man have to swallow or eat women? That is the only one you have.

That snake head which is man’s sexual organ contains the worst kind of poison. It has to be cleaned up,
even if it must be hit to do so. It is only fair. The poison of AIDS is being spread through that
rattlesnake’s head throughout the world, even among Oriental women who have been really
encouraged to abandon the moral standard of their own culture. When handsome looking American
men appear in the rest of the world everyone looks up to them, thinking they must be rich, they must be
handsome. So women usually are attracted to them, and that is the way they are destroyed.

Statistics show that by the year 2010, about one billion people will be affected by AIDS, which will be
about one sixth of the world’s population. Once you have the AIDS virus it takes seven to twelve years
until you become obviously infected. So think about what kind of result we can expect. We have to cut
them out, otherwise the human race will become extinct within one generation. If even God could not
interfere in or stop the fall of man, how can anyone expect that American legal or economic or political
power can solve this problem, which is rampant now all over the world?

No power of the fallen human world can solve this problem. Even God does not touch that kind of
action, but continuing in this direction we have no choice but to decline, to perish. The women of the
free world do not have any route to follow. You do not have your real husbands; you do not have
whatever you want.

American women are like kings; they possess every kind of property. Through divorce they take
ownership of their husband’s property, and after divorcing two or three husbands a woman becomes

Absolute sex is the solution to the problem of AIDS

How can this kind of action be prevented? Unless we have men and women as individuals and in groups
applying themselves to stop and to prevent the practice of free sex and all the immorality of this secular
world, we have no hope to save the world from this problem. The only hope is the Unification Church,
because we promote absolute sex.

This absolute sex is the sledge hammer with which to hit Satan who is using tools such as cigarettes to
begin enticing or seducing men and women. It is customary in the Orient for men to smoke, but women
usually do not, because according to the traditional Oriental view any woman who smokes is really low
class, like a prostitute. However, nowadays cigarettes, and of course alcohol and drugs, are being used
by both men and women to seduce or create a certain rapport between men and women in the wrong
direction. What does alcohol do to you? Once you become intoxicated the other party can usually
control you easily. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. You can be pulled or you can
pull someone else to do whatever you want to do with them. So what do people do after they become
drunk with alcohol or intoxicated by drugs? Engage in free sex. As you know, America has launched wars
against drugs many times, but all have failed. America should have given this responsibility to me with
its full support; then I could have ended this problem a long time ago.

Since you know my teaching now, would you be sold to free sex, or would you rather give your life?

The Blessing wildfire is spreading all over the world like lightning

Now this satanic world does not have any owner or master, any leader. Therefore, the Blessing fire is
now spreading like a wildfire all over the world from the east, west, north and south, burning the entire
world. As the Bible says like lightning from the east to the west, every corner of the world is now feeling
this lightning of Blessing fever.

Centering on the viewpoint of true love, this world is a vacant place, without air. Do you understand?
Now the wind of the blessing is flowing throughout this fallen world and breaking it up. Who is the
owner of this world? True Parents, their children, their tribe, and their nation; through connecting with
this blood lineage of True Parents the world can be saved. Whatever it takes to break apart this fallen
world, that is no problem. True love power is the greatest power, so that like the power of high voltage
electricity, when we are touched by it that which is untrue is burned up by its absolute power.

As the Lord of the Second Advent I am the owner of this world of death. But I have prepared everything-
-the medicine and injection, even the hospital to save all of humanity. No one else has done it,
therefore, the world must follow Rev. Moon. There is no other solution, no other direction or choice.

When I started the campaign for world salvation, many people in the world thought that just like the fig
tree in the time of Jesus I would bear no fruit. Eventually, however, as time passes people are coming to
realize that the fruit of Rev. Moon, like the clean-cut, clean action, clean idea, clean everything
Unification Church members with a higher moral standard than they can even imagine, is really ripe and
the right one.

People are coming to recognize the efforts of Rev. Moon

So now people are coming closer to me and are recognizing the contribution of my efforts to this world.
The parents and relatives of our members in particular have started opening their eyes wider and wider
because they see the reality, and the truth of my teachings. They see that in there can be found the
characteristic’s of a true man and woman, true husband and wife, true family, nation, world and
beyond. So that turning around 180 degrees opposite to the direction of this present world they are
amazed to see within Unificationism the amazing standard of every level of true king from that of the
individual king to the cosmic king. Seeing how wonderful it is they want to bow down; the same is true
for you. The world outside is now changing its direction 180 degrees.

Do you like that kind of atmosphere? I don’t like it. Why? While creating this atmosphere I was
persecuted with so much hatred. In response to that persecution, I went the way of indemnity. However
America and the Christian world continue to deny and oppose Rev. Moon. Therefore the time has
passed for unification of Christianity. The world and humankind have arrived at a more intimate level.
Observing Rev. Moon and his life, many are coming to realize that for such a long time he has been the
leading religious figure and champion in the world. They are amazed to see that, despite the level of
opposition he has received throughout his life, Rev. Moon himself has remained unchanged.

In there is the beginning point of the eternal ideal home and ideal world, which is the place of God’s
ideal. Is that true? [Yes!] No, no. Isn’t Rev. Moon the greatest swindler and thief? People in the secular
world have made that kind of rumor. Is it true? [It’s a lie.] Yet there are people who want to strike and
tear down Rev. Moon.

Think about the world situation. The sun is now rising in that world of darkness. lighting up every corner
of it. That sun is Sun Myung Moon.

The meaning of Father’s name

In Chinese characters, sun consists of two characters, one of which means ocean and the other land.
Myung represents heaven. So Father’s name has the sea, land and heaven all included. Also, sun means
brightness. Myung also consists of two characters meaning sun and moon. Myung is in the position of
subject, while sun is minus. The name moon represents the truth. So within my name there is the truth,
heaven, the sea, the land and brightness, and also the meaning of man and woman.
In the spiritual world everything is bright and clear; in that clear, bright atmosphere nothing can be
hidden or denied.

So would you like to buy Father’s name? If you had the choice to buy this particular name, then you
could possess everything -- land and water to begin with, and even heaven and truth. Therefore,
everything existing under God would belong to you. How much would you pay? One single man or
woman could not do it; not even three. Even if all of the men and women of the world come together as
the price, God would say no.

But if God finds one really, shabby looking man hiding in a corner of the street, and asks him, "What are
you doing here?" and he answers, "I am a Unification Church member, and I am following True Father to
save the world," then God will bring him out and lead him to True Father.

God will say, "I have concern for you, who are in a position like that of the lowest, most miserable black
man or laborer, being hit because of representing the Unification Church." Originally God cannot touch
this man, but His heart is such that He needs him. So God will touch him and say: "I am concerned for
you; follow behind me."

So, since you know the truth, do you think you have a right to go after smoking and drinking, drugs and
free sex? Now we know the identity of Satan. Satan has used smoking, drinking, drugs and free sex to
destroy all of humanity. These things are Satan’s armament! Once they are used or practiced, everything
breaks apart, creating Satan’s dungeon of hell on this earth.

Western men prefer oriental women

Do you understand, American men? You have a snake. The fall of one person connects with and causes
the breakdown of the family, tribe, nation and world. Man’s position is fearful. American young people
do not know this. American women, too. American women are proud: "We don’t need Oriental men like
that kind of too small Japanese man." Nowadays all American men do not like American women, who
behave like the queen of queens -- as individuals they want to become queen, as children they want to
become queen, they want to be queen of the village, nation and world. That kind of queen does not
want man. So Oriental women are needed who have genuine minds, who create a warm place, and who
go the way of service, dedication and sacrifice. That is the model needed by the husband, family and
world. Think about that. That kind of woman is the number one woman in the Orient, not the American
style woman who focuses on kissing.

That is why once you know the truth and the reality and you become Unification Church members, even
Western brothers prefer Oriental women as your brides, don’t you? So no one likes American women
who take things for themselves as if they are queens. Now they have confessed that to you.

On the other hand, American, Western women who have lost American men have no choice but to say,
"Well as a Western woman I have a lot of money, so you Oriental men who do not have much money,
please come to me. Look how beautiful I am; my arms, breasts, hips, walking this way, moving fast,
dressing well." That is true.

Again, in terms of acting and thinking, the Orient and the West are exactly opposite in many ways.
Oriental culture is more vertical and based on spirituality, while Western culture is more horizontal and
materialistic. Because the spirit is in the position of subject to the material, all the major religions
originated in the Orient. Based on those teachings all of the culture and traditions of the Orient profess
that we have to become children of filial piety in the home and patriots in the nation, saints on the
worldwide level and divine sons and daughters on the cosmic level.

However, when we look at Western history and culture, instead of separating the body from the mind,
you have in a way been dominated by bodily desire and ambition and go after material wealth. When
we study your origins, particularly that of the white race which came from the Scandinavian region, your
ancestors used to be pirates out on the ocean. England was a base of pirates for a while, a military site.
Based on the small island of Great Britain pirates went out across the five oceans and stole goods from
the lands they went to, killing the people there, then storing the things they took from those lands in
their own country. That is why if you go to some museums in New York or in London there are millions
of things which were confiscated or stolen from other countries in the past. This was in actuality the way
your ancestors helped the world to go down the drain, but now your people are proud of those
treasures they have.

Understanding Father’s character

Do you need me? How do you know I am not a charlatan or swindler? Look at me: I have small eyes, like
a camera lens which can see far off, so that in looking far I am able to understand the future world. But I
am seen as one who sits and waits to capture youth and property as the worst kind of swindler. Rev.
Moon is such a controversial figure that whatever evil-meaning label the secular world has it has applied
me. However, depending on the point of view of the beholder, it is also apparent that I have done good
work. Therefore, I represent all different types of goodness. In reality, the satanic world can only give
me 99 bad names, but because I have done much good work, the good labels can begin from 101 and
continue infinitely.

Therefore, don’t you feel that no matter what it may take you have to buy my name? What if you have a
choice between buying Father’s name only or buying the whole of me? But God has already taken me as
a whole, by trading the entire, fallen cosmos. Do you understand? The fallen world belongs to me. The
price God paid was the entire fallen universe, so I can claim it now.

If you have the choice to buy either a tuxedo which was worn at a wedding or a rag which has been
laying on a street corner, which one do you want to buy? [The tuxedo.] You may be able to find billions
of different articles of clothing, but if you have to find the tuxedo which Rev. Moon wore for his
wedding, there is only one in the world. Suppose all of the people in the world come forward and wait in
front of me with all of their belongings, wanting to buy my tuxedo. This is what Unification Church
members are doing. You may not be able to buy the whole tuxedo, but at least you want to hold onto
even one thread of it, no matter how feeble or weak it may be. Then you can still say that this small
piece of thread is from Rev. Moon’s tuxedo. If you truly have one piece of thread which belonged to Rev.
Moon’s tuxedo you can say that conditionally you have a small part of Rev. Moon.

So what is this small piece of the thread from Rev. Moon’s tuxedo? It is the blessing. The people in the
world are now rushing forward even just to touch this tuxedo thread or to possess a small piece of it.
Even if they have to cross the ocean or climb over a big mountain, they are all coming forward.

Once people have this thread, they can use this as the condition or base to make their own tuxedo and
come proudly in front of me and say, "Rev. Moon, look, I am wearing the same tuxedo as you." If people
say that even in front of God, then God will recognize it, and nod His head.

Wearing this tuxedo gives you a free pass to go anywhere, and you will be welcomed everywhere. Do
you understand? How wonderful is its value! Wow! This word Americans have is a wonderful one, isn’t
That is why all of humanity is bound to receive the blessing, one way or another. Originally, this blessing
from God is so precious that only after we offer everything to God, our personal belongings as well as
our national level possessions, should the blessing come. But because of the history of restoration, I
started the dispensation of the blessing on the church level. So we have a long way to go; next is the
national level and then the worldwide level blessing. That is why after I declared Pal Jung Sik in 1989, the
worldwide level celebration of Chun Bu Ju Eui, the Day of Heavenly Parentism, was declared. Humanity
will have one value system under God, and will then marry centering on that value system and ideology.
That is the meaning of Chun Bu Ju Eui.

The victory of the 1988 Olympics

As you remember, starting from the Korean War, which began in 1950, the world developed into a polar
system in terms of communism and Christianity, or Godism and "non-Godism." By the time of the
Olympics in Seoul in 1988, these two polar systems were merged in a way and became one value
system. Remember, before the Seoul Olympics the communist bloc and the free world bloc did not join
together even at the Olympic Games. America and many other free world countries did not attend the
Moscow Olympics, but beginning with the Seoul Olympics they started to meet again.

The president of Korea at that time was Noh Tae Woo. I had already set enough conditions that Noh Tae
Woo was in the position of Cain, and I was in the position of Abel. I offered every possible thing to those
Olympic athletes who came to Korea in 1988. We brought tons of McCol by truckload to the athletes,
and also gave them lots of fabric for suits and dresses. We also offered a number of brand new cars to
the Soviet athletes, but there was one condition: if they wanted to receive this gift, they had to open the
demilitarized zone at Panmunjom, or the way through to North Korea. Through these conditions the
way was opened spiritually as well as physically to bring about the unification of Korea.

So many of the athletes who came to Korea in 1988 said afterward they wanted to remain in Korea. We
invited those athletic champions from many fields, particularly those from the communist bloc, to the
Little Angels Performing Arts Center for a beautiful banquet during which they were buried in gifts.

At that time, I also called our missionaries from around the world representing each of the countries
which were participating in those Olympic Games to come to Korea. These strong young champions in
the position of Abel came to the Olympic Stadium to create oneness with the athletes from their
respective nations. Some of our missionaries came from nations which did not have embassies in Korea,
so the athletes from those countries did not have anyone to cheer for them during competitions. But
our members as the Abel type representatives went to the stadium, held their national flags and
cheered for the athletes from their nations, who were surprised. Through this these representatives of
Abel and Cain were becoming one.

The unification of these world level youth was the condition upon which Pal Jung Sik could be declared.
Of course even if the government wanted to oppose our actions at that time, they could not do it. We
shipped truck after truck of McCol from the factory and unloaded it at the Olympic Village where the
athletes were staying. It was like a mountain stacked there. Even though the government discouraged
them, every athlete came and took it. Some athletes later told us that they drank more than ten bottles
a day. Some even took bottles to the market and sold them to make money. Then Father told them,
"You have done well." Connecting everywhere; it was the setting of a condition.

Restoration is that difficult, complicated and detailed. While the world was in deep sleep I planned each
step of the history of restoration and completed it. Saegae-juk Chun Bu Ju Eui means the worldwide
level heavenly parentism. Externally through these conditions I could bring about unification, and by so
doing communism was doomed to decline and perish. If America keeps opposing Rev. Moon, America
will have the same destiny. I am still holding onto the tail of America. That is why America is still alive
with its head above water. But if I let go, America will go down the drain rapidly. For this reason I have
been mobilizing every possible leader here in America with whom we have connected over the years
and have been working together with them. I offered many different seminars and conferences last year
alone to bring unity among the Protestant churches in North America and the Catholic Church in South

Developments in Korea

Upon this victorious foundation, True Mother went to Korea to carry out a nationwide speaking tour.
Mother spoke in eighteen major locations delivering the truth to the leaders of Korea. Upon that
victorious foundation I finally could declare the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven
and Earth. In other words, because of the forty years of persecution from Christianity, Korea has been
rather slow and not really powerful, in terms of our church’s influence and activities. However, for the
blessing campaign, I really wanted to see Korea become the number one country in the world. That is
why I invested everything there, even sending True Mother three times in the last few years to tour the
nation and deliver this truth, mobilizing every possible member in Korea and thus bringing the top
blessing result among the nations of the world.
The goal which I had given Korea was 1.2 million couples. At one point President Hwang of the Korean
Unification Church had told me that by the "eight sevens" celebration day probably the maximum they
would be able to achieve would be one third, or around 400,000 couples. That was his viewpoint. Then I
sent Mother to Korea to mobilize the Women’s Federation members, and the husbands followed also.
So by the time Mother finished the third speaking tour in Korea, the number had risen quickly to
700,000 couples. Finally, on the eight sevens celebration day, the number of blessed couples Korea had
accomplished was 1.05 million, a number which they had never imagined. Pres. Hwang is coming here in
a couple of days. I expect him to report blessing 1.2 million couples. In the past our church membership
in Korea was low, but because of this effort by True Parents, Korea now has the top number of blessed

I had been thinking that if Korea could not reach its goal I would take this blessing to Uruguay. When we
look at the geographical relationship between Korea and Uruguay, if Korea represents the north pole,
Uruguay represents the south pole. There are many similarities between them. For example, during the
fight for the independence of Korea from Japanese domination, forty-three Korean patriots formed the
initial power to mobilize Korea. Uruguay has the same number of patriots. Among the national holidays
of the two countries also there are many similarities. God worked through history in the background in
this way. No one can deny that.

So although I was thinking of taking the blessing to Uruguay, because Korea became the number one
country in numbers of blessed couples, Korea has set enough conditions that soon the unification
between North and South Korea will be achieved. In addition, the equalization of wealth between the
countries of the northern and southern hemispheres will be achieved. The resolution between east and
west culturally will also be achieved.

After World War II, centering on True Parents, the Christian cultural world combined as one for the first
time, making the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. However, that prepared foundation was lost.

True Parents have set up again that kind of flat, family based, horizontal foundation on the earth. Is that
true? Within that foundation there is no race, no boundary, no nation, no individual’s name; there is no
America, no culture, no political phenomenon or power. There are no concepts in there. It is the starting
point of recreation. Do you understand?

If a woman has the concept that being a famous graduate of Harvard is something impressive, that is
Satan’s concept connecting with her. If she is proud to be a woman like that, proud because she is living
in America and it is the best place, that kind of thinking is connecting her immediately with Satan’s
world. The original place of creation did not have the color of America. Is that true? [Yes.] But inside you
say no. Yes, that is true. Any kind of color doesn’t want that kind of point of view.

So if Father commands you to go to Africa, that place where you go becomes your hometown. Is that
true? The hometown of your African husband becomes your hometown. Such a woman can feel, "Wow,
this most famous, colored man is my king. Thank you God for this blessing, this permission; forever my
body will be connected with this earth." Our personality is formed on this earth. isn’t it? We need to be
so thankful that we can receive this original blessing which was lost until now. How about American
couples? Do you like me to talk about this kind of thing? [Yes.] Yeeeeesss! You have to have that kind of
confidence, action, ownership. Otherwise God will leave you again.

Developments in Uruguay

Can you see how complicated it is? That is why I prepared the country of Uruguay a long time ago. Even
eighteen years ago the best top class hotel in South America was built in Uruguay. Also a bank was
obtained which has branches nationwide, and also a newspaper. I thought in case Korea could not fulfill
its responsibility everything would be taken to Uruguay. I went around the entire world from Korea in
the northern hemisphere all the way down to Uruguay, and came back around to Korea again and
restored everything.

By re-engrafting to that kind of foundation we can proclaim the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the
Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Now can you connect it together? So again, Chun Bu Ju Eui was declared centered on the True Family.
Chunji bumo means the parent of heaven and earth. and chunju ahnsik-gwon means realm of cosmic
sabbath. When we hear such terminology, because it is so providential, if we truly understand it we will
bow down, or kneel down, and our entire body, all 40 billion cells, will shake with excitement.

From there is the starting point of the individual kingdom of heaven, the family kingdom, and the tribe,
nation, world and cosmos kingdoms, connecting heaven and earth, making a one body system centering
on true love. When True Parents go to the Western world, God is following too. Also all Unification
members follow behind True Parents like a shadow. Is that true?
Don’t you feel when True Parents are out of America that the entire country is empty? But when we
come even just to Kodiak and you know that we are there, then you feel, "Oh, the sun is rising." When
we are growing up, if we come home and do not find our father or mother there, we feel no one is
home. There should also be this kind of love between parents and children on the worldwide level.
When the entire world feels the same way as you do about True Parents, then the time will be here
when we can restore all humanity.

It is a time of big transition. If you know the significance of the time, will you just keep sitting around
and taking it easy, stand up and run, or fly like lightning? Which one? [Fly like lightning!]

Those people surrounding you will be amazed and maybe even fearful thinking that lightning may hit
everything. But that lightning originating in places all around the world will be gathered in one place. In
there can be established the ideal country, connecting with the world of the Kingdom of Heaven, the
liberation of God and of all things so that God may rest within the original, ideal house of creation. Is it
true? You know well that, like True Parents, you also have to reach that ideal. Can you do it? [Yes!] I
don’t believe you! Can you really do it? [Yes!] Then raise your hands! Oh, mansei, mansei. God bless you,
the heavenly kingdom and the earth, forever.

Peter Kim:

This is the completion of Chun Bu Ju Eui. Please join me in prayer. Father, this morning we are sitting
here to be electrified by Your thunder and lightning. Father, True Parents truly gave us the message of
Chun Bu Ju Eui this morning. We are fully awakened, we are fully educated. Therefore, now it is time for
us to stand up and fly like lightning so that the thunder will wake up all humanity to follow True Parents.
Father, please, give us Your whip, so that we can really push ourselves in every moment of our lives to
keep marching forward, no more backwards. Father, we truly want to inherit Your love, Your heart, Your
strength and Your wisdom so that we can fully utilize them in our daily life as we continue our mission
here in America.

This is the only hope for America to be saved, according to True Parents. Father, therefore, please let us
be able to totally unite with True Parents and with the direction which True Parents have given to us this
morning. Our immediate goal is reaching the blessing of 36 million couples worldwide, Father. This is our
ultimate goal. We have to remember this goal during the day and night, twenty-four hours every day.
Father thank You. Thank You again for the wonderful message You have given us through our True
Parents this morning, and we are totally united with this message. We pray all of these things in the
names of our True Parents. Amen.

Rev. Moon:

Have a brand new attitude

Today is the first day of September so we need to have a brand new attitude in our life. Centering on the
family we have to create the absolute environment. The first condition we need in order to be able to
start this brand new environment is we must memorize the Family Pledge in Korean.

In other words, every day when we wake up we have to recite this Family Pledge in our minds and make
sure, if not all seven points of the pledge, that we pick at least one of them and determine that day to
live up to the standard of that part of the pledge. Also at night before you go to bed you have to reflect
upon your entire day and whether or not you have truly lived up to the teaching of the pledge. If you
feel that you have not lived up to that standard, then you have to repent and determine that the next
day you will invest more effort and will go forward to reach it. Just as we eat every day to nourish our
bodies, we have to put more effort every day into reaching higher and higher until we reach the
standard of the Family Pledge.

Those who can recite the Family Pledge from memory, show your hands. You all have a family so you
repeatedly recite the Family Pledge, but if you do not memorize it, it means you are false.

This family pledge is the paradigm for the education of your family. Therefore, if you are the man of the
family, you have to memorize it and understand it fully. You have to be able to teach the meaning and
the value of this family pledge to all of your family as well as to your neighbors. That is your

During this past summer, the True Family took part in a 21-day workshop during which representatives
from all of the different organizations under True Parents' umbrella gave a detailed report to them
about what True Parents have done up to this point in various fields, so that they can be aware of these
activities in more detail. Up until now I have offered many 21-day and 40-day workshops to people from
the secular world, but I had never offered this kind of opportunity to my own children. However, the
time has now come for me to do this. Up until now Satan could come into the True Family freely and
play around and kick them around, but the time has come that Satan should not do that any more.

Always the problem stems from woman. Particularly in this time of transition, women have had more
tendency to cause this kind of problem. Even within my own family, if that kind of situation develops I
will have to restore it through the reverse way. That is why I may decide that this liberation and
restoration course will take place centering on the youngest son. This youngest son always comes to
Mother and wants to touch her and be close to her physically, because he loves Mother so much. He
feels amazement that he was born from this very mother; what a mystery! So sometimes he sneaks into
Father and Mother’s bedroom even at night and tries to sleep together with us.

Meet the two new couples

There was a time of declining, but now is the time for rising. These two youngest sons are so pure, so
well developed, raised and educated. In terms of the relationship of Cain and Abel, of course Young Jin
Nim is older so Young Jin Nim is in the position of Cain and Hyung Jin Nim is in the position of Abel. Even
regarding the sound of their names, in Korean hyung means elder brother, and Hyung Jin Nim is in the
position of elder brother. You know the meaning of young in English, and Young Jin Nim is in the
younger brother position. It is mysterious.

My view of the providence of restoration is that, just as before they were born these sons were
contained within Father and Mother’s bodies and were then born from the same body, therefore, when
they start their family life these two couples, four people, should have no problem even though they live
in the same house. God’s ideal is centered on the family, on a couple. Therefore, they have to be reborn
as couples.

Please keep your eye on them, on how they develop and prosper. Young Jin Nim’s fiancée, Hwa Jung
Nim, may have some tendency to subjugate Young Jin Nim, but that is allowed only in the secular world,
not here. On the other hand, Hyung Jin Nim’s fiancée, Yun Ah Nim, would not have that kind of tendency
at all. So even though within the True Family there may be some struggles and friction among the
brothers and sisters, these two youngest families will never have problems.
Please understand that from True Parents' point of view these are the last, youngest sons for True
Parents to bless. The date of their holy wedding is September 6. Both 9 and 6 are satanic numbers. Upon
that base True Parents will win victory and start the brand new heavenly families.

Also, these are the first couples receiving True Parents’ blessing after the declaration of the Realm of the
Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Hwa Jung Nim may be a center of controversy in the future, so you have to keep your eye on her. If you
feel there is some kind of advice you can offer her, you can write a letter and quietly send it to her. Hwa
Jung Nim may have a character similar to American women, so she needs a more vertical center. She is
still young, and so bright and exuberant that she feels as if I am on the level of her friend or husband.
When we were sitting in a small place on a boat the other day, as the boat was moving like this, Hwa
Jung Nim was gradually pushing me off. Of course I was amazed by that. She is the one central point of
harmonizing force for all of the brothers and sisters in True Family.

Hwa Jung Nim’s family name is Yoo. In Chinese characters, the meaning of Yoo is willow tree. The main
characteristic of the willow tree is that even when a small breeze comes, it moves like this, dancing like
this, because the branches are very long and thin. Hwa Jung means harmonized family, so she should
become the queen of harmonizing the entire True Family, moving like a small willow tree in a breeze.

Of course Hyung Jin Nim’s name is Moon, which stands for truth. Hyung means almighty, Jin means
marching forward. So he is marching forward almighty, making everything perfect, with no obstacles
and every gate open before him.

Of course this sister-in-law, Hwa Jung Nim and we can say younger brother-in-law, Hyung Jin Nim really
match well in terms of building harmony in the family. I actually expect that the relationship between
this elder sister-in-law and younger brother-in-law should become so good that Young Jin Nim and Yun
Ah Nim may even become jealous about their relationship. In other words, Yun Ah Nim and Young Jin
Nim have to convert their spouses to become like them, or these two should try to convert their spouses
to be like the other two, to create perfect harmony.

If they truly pray together well in that kind of harmony, then God will truly come to East Garden and
dwell there twenty-four hours every day. But those who do not follow these traditions will not be
allowed to live at East Garden. There may be separation, but later maybe there will be a way to be
received again. The same applies to you. If you do not follow the will of God, you will be cut off.

This is the time that we can truly establish settlement. Another factor in terms of their ability to build
unity between the two of them is, Hwa Jung Nim is a wonderful, excellent singer and Hyung Jin Nim is an
excellent dancer.

Happiness is now coming through our door here into the Unification Church. To bring that happiness in
these couples will have to sing a song. Yesterday Hwa Jung Nim sang here, but I could not give her an A+.
So she is going to try again. Today is the growth stage. [Hwa Jung Nim sings Keurieun Keumgang San,
"Longing for Diamond Mountain," Hyung Jin Nim sings another Korean song, then True Mother asks all
four to sing together.]

Make conditions for a new start

Make conditions for a new start. The following are the conditions needed for a new start:

Memorize the Family Pledge

Read Father’s Public Speeches:

View of the Principle of the Providential History of the Universe

In Search of the Origin of the Universe

The True Family and the True Universe Centering on True Love

Read The Way of God’s Will

Read Blessing and Ideal Family

You do not have to study anything else. As leaders or members you just have to memorize and fully
understand the meaning of the Family Pledge, and of course continue to read the three major speeches
at least the number of times as your age. Recently I said not just your own age, but if you have four
family members, and grandfather and grandmother and your children, put all those ages together and
that is the number of times you have to read them. Then you will memorize them.

The Way of God’s Will is the record of my lifelong devotion and fight against Satan, as well as the history
of my restoration course. You will feel True Parents' heart more deeply the more you keep reading it.

And finally, Blessing and Ideal Family, which contains excerpts from volumes 1 through 40 of the 200
published volumes of Father’s speeches.

These are the materials which you have to master and fully utilize in your daily life and teach to others.
These are the main resources you can fully maximize. Once you master these contents and the meaning
behind them, you do not have to read any other philosophical books, but you will be able to teach any
person from any field in the world.

Of course on top of this you always have to study and master the Divine Principle, as well as the Victory
Over Communism book and Unification Thought. You know these three already while the others are
relatively new ones.

As blessed couples you all need to study these readings, fully digest the contents therein and memorize
them as much as you can. Then four times a year -- spring, summer, autumn, and winter -- we will have
an examination on these contents. After we give the blessing to the 3.6 million and 36 million and 360
million couples, don’t worry about educating them as long as you master these contents and share them
fully with them. Do you understand?

If a certain part of any of these readings is pointed out to you, you should be able to explain that part
completely without difficulty. That means this subject matter should become your own property. I am
now bequeathing this truth to all Unification Church members. Do you understand? I have taught you
everything, all of the contents and every secret of God’s restoration course. Parents completely one
making your one body truth viewpoint of perspective. Is this clear?
The time has come for the re-education of the entire Unification Church membership of the world.
Everyone has to go through 7-day, 21-day and 40-day workshops. Since Americans are used to the
environment here in America I may take you all the way to Uruguay to the remote countryside where
you cannot see anything but nature. That is where you will be educated. Not just Americans, but
Japanese and even members from small island countries will go to one of the Mercosur countries --
Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil or Argentina -- to be educated.

North and South America should become like one nation

Again, North and South America should become like one nation. North Americans should learn Spanish
and Portuguese, which are spoken in South America, and South Americans should learn English. By
doing so you will become closer and more united. Together you have to learn Korean.

South America has reached its goal of 1.2 million blessed couples, and of course you will reach your goal
of 360,000 couples. Later on among the blessed families from North America and South America, the
children of couples from North and South will be blessed with one another. This is the way we can unite
the two parts of the American continent, just as between Korea and Japan, which are enemy countries, I
initiated an exchange marriage program, and now their second generation are growing up like bamboo
shoots. The second generation of these couples are more universally minded; not really Korean-minded
or Japanese-minded, but harmony-minded.

A time of worldwide peace is coming. Whoever advocates just their own race and their own nationality
will have to stand back. When this generation extends into third and fourth generations, each family’s
pride will hinge upon how many different nationalities came to join its lineage. The more lineages
connected to your family, the more proud you will become. If you have the lineages of twelve different
nations in your family, all of the twelve different languages they speak will compete with one another.
Then you will have to say, "Well, we have twelve different languages here, but the language which was
spoken by True Parents is the original language, so we have to be united with that language, which is
Korean." Then everyone will say, "Yes, sir." Why? Because Korean is the language of our home, of our
hometown. Unless you and your children really master Korean, you cannot have your lineage connected
to the top leaders of the world in the future.

Learning Korean is mandatory for the unification of languages

At the eight sevens celebration, I declared that from now on whenever I call a leaders' meeting
worldwide, I will never use another language even through an interpreter, only Korean. If the leaders of
the world cannot understand my directions and teaching they will need to have a second meeting to
find out from their Korean national messiahs what was said.

Within three years, by the year 2001 which is the beginning of the new millennium, everyone in the
world should master Korean by utilizing the Korean national messiah in their own country. You have to
put your hearts into it. Soon the time is coming that as a genuine Unification Church member, unless
you can speak and write Korean fluently you will not be able to put your foot into the land of Korea. I
want to see the unification of languages all over the world. As of now, about 1,600 different languages
are spoken. Who is going to unify all of these languages? I am. Once we have one single language for the
entire world, it will take only one broadcasting station, radio or TV, to reach every corner of the world.
In terms of publications, if there is one language it takes only one book, then everyone in the world will
be able to read and learn. But right now 1,600 different books have to come out on the same contents.
It is a waste of time, manpower and materials. Everything is being wasted because of the division of

But the time of the world family, the global family is coming. It is inevitable. Is there any "ism" or
thought in the world superior to Godism? It is the best one, so it has to unite all. In the future when
scholars dig into these teachings they have to be able to read the original texts, not the translated
versions. There is a big difference between them. If any scholar comes and says he or she has studied
Rev. Moon’s Godism, then we have to ask which version they studied. If they studied the English
translation, then they will be in the second class.

If you have the ambition that your children be married with a Korean, then you should teach them
Korean to begin with. The greatest hope you have as fallen descendants is for your lineage to be
connected to True Parents' lineage. Therefore, the Korean language is mandatory. If you want to master
Korean it takes about three to five years, but if you really, really dig into it, it may take only one and a
half years. Those who do not want to learn Korean language and culture, raise your hands. Now is your
opportunity. Now those who are eager to learn it, show your hands. We have to achieve unification of
these two. Once we reach that goal, wherever True Parents go there will not be any language barrier.
My heart and your heart can then be fully communicated.

God is working hard, taking action, isn’t it so? This is Godism, not Rev. Moonism. No matter how proud
you may be of your country, America cannot subjugate and dominate the world forever. Your phrase is
"one nation under God," but we need one world under God. One nation under God is the democratic
way, but one world under God is the final purpose God desires. It is humankind’s last purpose. History
wants that kind of terminal point. All things wants that kind of purpose. Do you understand? Man,
woman, the family, the nation and all of history want to achieve that purpose. Upon that foundation
God can control everything, building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We have to have a brand new life starting from this very moment on. That is why we need to fulfill all
these conditions. Have you written down all of them? So if I or one of your leaders meet you anywhere
and ask you to recite Family Pledge Number 3, you have to be able to do it automatically. If you do well,
your leader may shake your hand again, embrace you, and take you to lunch or invite you to his home
for dinner. There is connecting power there. Don’t we need that kind of power? [Yes!] Of course, if you
are in the position to ask someone to recite, you have to thank the person if he or she does well. Do you
understand? It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are parents or college students, even
elementary school students, you all have to do it. When you recite it you have to stand in a position of
attention with a salute. Don’t you think you will feel great if you are able to do that? [Yes!]

Every person in the secular world can come to understand that within Unificationism is the center which
is God’s ideal family. Without hesitation we can make that proclamation. Is this a good sounding
phenomenon? Mansei!

Cutting Off Satan's Lineage, Which Is the Origin of this Most Evil World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Morning Service (Part 1)

Belvedere International Training Center

December 1, 1997

Translation: Rev. Peter Kim

Unofficial Notes: Tyler Hendricks

Blood lineage is a matter of love. Centering on love, the good history which God intended was reversed
to become the evil history we have witnessed. While growing in the physical world, we need parental
love. If the parental love is incomplete, we will not grow to maturity. Restoration begins from true
parental love, and it is elevated by stages. As you are elevated, you build from what you established
before, for instance, from the family level to the tribal level. The history of restoration has reached the
world level now.

If the fall had not happened, a true man and woman each representing God would have stood at the
center of each level. Unfallen Adam's family would have been the center of every level reaching the
world. On each level, they would have been the public center. In the family, parents. In the village, the
mayor. The center serves as the bridge through which the entire group reaches the higher level. That's
how we progress. As long as the bridge figure exists, we can access every corner on every level, because
all people would have a flat, horizontal relationship, like one family, with all people as brothers and
sisters. Then we all climb up together to higher levels.

As you are being elevated, you will pay indemnity on the horizontal level, then advance more. In the
fallen world, however, there is no such formula. Thus there is no real progress, no elevation. We are

Restoring the Order of Love

The teaching here is that the individual sacrifice for the family, the family for the tribe, and so on. The
lower is the material with which to build the higher. We can be proud of ourselves for being the center
of each level, because we are the material building the higher level. Once we reach the world level,
circular motion begins. This motion includes myself.

Contrary to all this, the origin of the satanic world is the person centering himself on his own selfish
purpose. Such a person will try to eliminate others. Each person, in their conscience, wants to become
the center of the world, and to create circular motion centering on himself. But the bridge should be
centered on true love. To be that center, one invests and invests oneself on each level. That means to
sacrifice oneself for the higher level. The concept of selfish individualism and the exaltation of privacy
have no place here.

The world has been built on selfishness, which has created war and division. God, however, did not
abandon this fallen world. He sent a new Adam, to restore the true order. The world is divided into left
and right, battling each other. In order to unite them, we need the original world ideology. Right and left
always oppose each other, but through Godism, centering on true love, we see the light at the end of
the tunnel. Godism offers a rope of true love, a true love pillar. Through true love we can reverse the
left-right relationship.

The left represents the body, the right represents the mind. We can reverse the body's domination of
the mind. We make the same reversal, by analogy, on each stage up to the world level, at which point
the proper relationship of spirit and material will come about, and the evil world will be gone. The fallen
history of six thousand years has brought us to the point at which this is possible. At this return to the
original point, upon which the human beings were supposed to reach the ideal, we follow God's word,
not Satan's, and, by living for others rather than ourselves, cut off the satanic lineage. Then we can fill
up the vacuum created by the lack of people above that line, and this creates the kingdom of heaven.
Once we cut off the satanic lineage through True Parents, we can fill this vacant area, bringing restored
people, all humanity who lost everything because of the fall. That will complete the history of
restoration through indemnity. That is the clean-up job.

Between man and woman, there should be only "conjugalism," or "husband-wife-ism," there is no room
for individualism. Through living for each other, you can become parents, and as such invest yourselves
100% to build your family, tribe, and reach the world and God. Beginning from the original point, you
pass through eight stages.

The Last Days

From the returned lost Adam, the lost true family can be found. God comes down to the individual level
to find that lost Adam. Centering on Adam as plus, Eve is created as minus. This was the order of
creation, and it is followed in recreation. How old is the human race? [Various figures are suggested.] It
is a pure guess. The biblical record can be multiplied by 10, by 100, or by 1,000. Human history could be
as long as 30 million years. The Bible says there have been three periods of 2,000 years, but you can
multiply that by 10, 100 or 1000. So let's say more than 20 million years. How many generations is that?
To restore the lost Adam, God has taken this long.

It represents so much human effort. For all of history, men and women worked hard, but they spun in
one place, going nowhere, and finally the spinning stopped and they died. We have lost so many
ancestors. Think of God's heart and how much pain He has endured. All that sacrifice for no result.
Therefore, all those ancestors are anxiously waiting in the spirit world, waiting for their descendants to
fulfill their unfinished mission. And what a lot of resentment their ancestors have toward Adam and Eve.
The ancestors' sacrifice brought no immediate result; it was just like fertilizer, at best. What was it all
for? It was to find the true Adam and Eve. This is why religions emphasize the life of asceticism, not just
as a concept, but as reality.

After this lapse of time, the Lord of the Second Advent arrived as True Parents to restore humankind to
God. The world was full of cursing and opposition, but he overcame it all and won the victory. But the
first point is that God won. Two thousand years ago God found one champion and sent him, His only
begotten son, to the world. But Israel killed the one who came as its own parents. The spiritual
archangel, Lucifer, destroyed Adam; the physical nation killed the second Adam. So humankind lost
Adam spiritually and physically. This is the only way to understand the suffering of history. This suffering
was necessary for us today to reach the world level. There was a gap, and the suffering of God's people
filled it.

Suppose the world opposes the Lord of the Second Advent and eliminates him. At the time of Adam,
there was space to save him, because he was the formation stage. But the Lord today comes in the
completion stage, so there is no room for restoration, no more time in the growth stage. Everything will
be lost if we cannot bring humankind to God; humankind will have nowhere to go. We can see the self-
destructive trends. This is reasonable. God chased Adam out of the Garden. The third Adam came down
and gave the truth to this world. The world could have united centering on this truth. But the allied
world opposed the Lord of the Second Advent.

If there are mistakes from now, they cannot be restored; those who commit mistakes are like wasted
fruit. The time is as when Jesus cursed the fig tree; it is a fearful time. Father and God cannot intervene
to save anyone. The law of indemnity applies to everyone. Suffering inevitably comes to those who deny
God's obvious and common sense truth, written in the conscience. So it is from great love that Father
gives the Blessing, to save the fallen descendants. We all are fallen descendants; there are no
exceptions. All receive the Blessing in order to be reborn. All humanity can go through the ceremony of
restoration. Then we can grow up to spiritual maturity and enjoy the heavenly kingdom.

Reborn to Unite Mind and Body

The first stage of new life is in the mother's womb; this means rebirth through the Blessing. The second
stage is our growth in the physical world, and the third stage is heaven in the spirit world. We are now in
the mother's womb stage worldwide. The infants receive the holy wine, as do the children. Ideally, we
receive it in the womb.
These are the last days. God cannot wait another 2,000 years. He wants to bring restoration and
purification around the world at once. The fetus receives life through the mother. Also all the family
members participate. All are connected to the ceremony of restoration. Then they all will enjoy eternal

From now, Father is launching this new campaign. All people, from the womb forward in age, drink the
holy wine to be restored. If it is not done, Satan can interfere with your family for seven generations.
The holy wine ceremony, therefore, is so precious and fearful. It is the turning point dividing the paths to
heaven and to hell.

You are not reborn yet, because your mind and body are not united. Our courses are zigzag. But we now
can find the center, straighten out our path and create circular motion. The centripetal and centrifugal
forces, in balance, create circular motion. The unity of mind and body defines a heavenly person.
Selfishness brings disunity of mind and body.

If blessed couples are not perfect, we need a repair shop in the spirit world. What caret gold are you?
36? 18? Less than zero? God is serious when He watches us, and so is Satan. The body controls the mind,
leading the person into the world of free sex. The archangel has no partner, so people who follow that
way cannot enter into a true partnership. People who practice free sex risk contracting AIDS. God's
power is exercised spiritually and physically.

Adam and Eve were to have been the eternal ancestors. But when they fell, God chased them out
instantly. Do you think God will act differently today? The fallen world is heading in the direction of
destruction. When Father came here, he stepped on the brake to slow down our careening toward self-
destruction. But people resisted his putting on the brake. So Father built his own foundation. Now he
can turn the world in the right direction through the international, inter-religious Blessing. Everything is
being united in the Blessing. If your family is not related to an international blessing, you will be in the
back. Don't you think so? I'm not an international blessing, so I don't know.

Blessing and Restoration

Originally, true marriage was to have started in Adam's family. But they fell as brother and sister. There
resulted a disorder of love, with adultery, incest, etc. But now God is bringing the world out of hell.

After World War II, restoration could have happened in seven years. Many billions have died since then.
They are resentful toward the Christians who rejected Father back then. We can stop this war in the
spirit world. We accomplished this by restoring the physical world. Then Father can allow Blessings in
the spirit world. So the Blessing is the key to open the physical world and spirit world. Also it is
international, interracial and inter-religious in the spirit world. Thus, as Father has conducted the
Blessing in the physical world, he has also done so in the spirit world. First he blessed his own immediate
relatives. Then he brought the Blessing to the Christian realm, centering on Heung Jin Nim and

Christianity only had a spiritual foundation. To connect all Unification Church members to this, we
attended the workshops at Chung Pyung Lake. Then the physical world and spirit world will be equal,
harmonized and united. To do that, we transcend the realm of Satan's lineage and receive the Blessing.

Beyond the third Adam's course, there is no indemnity, and we will be in the realm of the fourth Adam.
All families are in the condition of Adam's family in the Garden. Father will be able to embrace and bless
all families and bring them into the Garden by the year 2000. Moses was eighty when he brought the
Israelites out of Egypt. We are on the world level now.

When Father blessed 124 couples, there were 120 nations in the UN. The 430 couples blessing took
place in the 4,300th year of Korean history. It was the national level blessing. Father opened the gates
for Koreans to enter the Kingdom of God. Then they had to prepare to open Korea to the world. The
blessed couples were the plus and the Korean people were the minus. Then the 43 couples blessing in
Japan, Europe and America reached the world level. They initiated the process for all the tribes of the
world to enter the kingdom.

Then the 777 couples blessing took place, involving 10 nations representing all people. Then 1,800
couples, which is 3 X 6. Six is the number in the growth period Satan claimed, and 18 years old is the
borderline between the teenage years and adulthood. This is where free sex can begin. Satan acts from
that time.
Man is in the archangel position. It is awkward for men to serve women, opening the door for them,
etc., but God trained the archangelic man this way, so that we would be able to serve the bride. He is to
serve the queen of Adam. This began after World War I. But women took advantage of this to sit back
and boast. That is okay only if you have a baby in your arms.

Laws reflect the ruling conscience of the society. So the modern divorce laws send the children with the
mother. If they sent the children with the father and had no alimony clause, would so many divorces
take place? No. The status of bride is over when you become a wife.

Male and Female

God created all things for Adam and Eve to use. He invested every ounce of His energy. Adam was
created as the pinnacle of all things. Adam and Eve unite not through the noses connecting together,
but through the sexual organs connecting. When people kiss, they have to move their noses out of the
way. And the man is always on top, except for playboys depicted by Hollywood.

You cannot make love by yourself. Centering on love, man and woman become one, and lineage is
created. In Korea the saying is that the first stage of a boy and girl in love is the eyes meeting, then the
mouths meeting. If the girl took the initiative, the boy will be controlled by her. If he takes the initiative,
she will follow him. Who usually takes the kissing initiative in the modern world? Woman.

Husbands like to touch their wife's hips, which are round and soft. She feels happy when he rubs against
her hips. In the original world, the male is considered more attractive and beautiful than the female.
Consider the rooster, the peacock and the turkey. The male attracts the female. Males sing and females
respond. They approach each other, and become quiet. Love is the magnet that takes you to God.
Convex and concave should become one. If another force interferes at that moment, you will throw
your house against it. This is true among all races.

Anyone who can see only their own race is colorblind. In each day, there are many colors -- dawn,
midday, etc. Cows don't care about each other's colors. If we eat the same thing every meal, we become
tired of it. When opposites meet, there is stimulation. Hot water poured into ice water creates noise and
steam. The vibration created by corresponding entities is greater the more distance there is between
them. Perfection comes through the interplay of plus and minus.
They call Rev. Moon a playboy, believing he seduces women and that this is why he has so many female
followers. Father shares deep teachings about true love of husband and wife. Do all female Unification
Church members fall in love with Father? If you say yes, your husband may attack Father. This is why
men want to be rid of Father. The stronger the male persecution, the stronger the female attachment.
Therefore, Rev. Moon is called the king of the playboys. It is ironic that we, who are teaching absolute
sex, are deemed worse than homosexuals.

But the time is different. In the past, the media was against me. Now it is just the Washington Post. They
added great excitement to the Blessing. By studying us, however, they will eventually realize that what
we are doing is healthy.

Uniting Plus and Minus

I have been teaching directly about love for five years, but I still have more content in storage. If you
practice true love, people will say, "Yankee don't go home!" You are happy now. But in general, as a
Unification member, are you happy? (Yes.) If you had plenty of money, cars, airplanes, wouldn't you be
happier? (No.) To describe one aspect of the true husband-wife relationship, you want to possess
everything in order to give it to your spouse. And you extend your love beyond your spouse to your in-

Rev. Moon wants to offer everything to God; all things follow me because I am a true owner. A true
owner is defined by constant giving. Brazil has 160 million people, and Father wants to give blessings to
all of them. He doesn't count what he gives to others. Heavenly fate supports this. One grows when one
becomes a minus to heaven. Heavenly fate protects your life. Heaven works to balance the pair system,
to harmonize partners. The one who gives, therefore, becomes the minus which is filled by heaven.

You think you want to dress up and be in the best restaurant with the most admired, beautiful or
handsome member of the opposite sex. But better than that is to be there with your beloved. If you are
even in the lowest place, and are tempted by beautiful women, you will shake them off them for the
sake of your wife. All people respect this. Even fallen people will give you a standing ovation. This
humble person will receive the standing ovation, and then, on stage, he will take off his shabby coat to
reveal a suit of gold.
Unification is best when it unites entities from far distances, including east and west. [Father speaks on
the eastern and western ways of putting on one's coat and eating. Fingers and knuckles. Printing text.
Calling to others. Revealing oneself.]

Everything goes through a formula to reach true love. In the Orient, silence is valued, silent meditation,
because the universe began in silence and tranquillity. God has been absolutely silent for thousands of
years, yet no one has noticed. To receive from God, we should be more patient and quiet than He is.

A New Start

[On the problems created because the world has many languages.] The quality of a language is based
not on how well it conveys science, technology, or economics, but on how well it expresses love. True
love emerges from the unification of God and true parents. To learn true love teaching, we all will want
to learn Korean. To spread true love teachings, Father has published 200 volumes.

Father has been teaching constantly for several days, and he had long meetings yesterday. I didn't
expect you to be here; I expected to pray alone, because it takes time for you to get back from the DC
mobilization. But by the fact that you are here to meet me, means we have a new start, and we have
already won the 360 million couples blessing victory.

Let us complete the 360 Million couples blessing by the end of May, '98. That is six months away. We
will celebrate it in three locations. The entire world will be watching, and the world will be eager to join
in. The world will recognize the value of blessed couples. At first we appeared before the world as
beggars, but now they see us to be loving and serving. The whole world will respect, follow and
resemble blessed couples. Thus we embrace the world.

360 million couples equals 720 million adults. If we connect four relatives on the wife's side and four
more on the husband's side, plus children, the total is three billion, which is over half the world
population. When we reach this level, we will build a world tribe, world nation and true world.

Children are good at the Internet. They will learn about the Blessing through the Internet. They will find
their true love spouse on the Internet. So, send the news of the 39.6 million couples blessing out on the
Internet. Everyone will know of it. >From this perspective, we are happy the Washington Post stood in
opposition to the Blessing. Youth with clear thinking will see the reality and follow the truth, rejecting
the Washington Post. They will demand that the Post print the truth. Thus the world will change.

At that level, we can free the world so that all races together can build the Kingdom of God on earth. It
will center not on democracy or communism but upon Headwing ideology and Godism. Even slow-
witted intellectuals will begin to comprehend.

Love Creators

We begin the new era. Rebirth by holy wine is the formation stage. The growth stage is the restoration
process. The completion stage is eternal life. We connect to eternal life by eternal love. There are three
levels of blessing for Unification Church members: church, nation and world. The world level is the
kingdom of heaven on earth. We can open the nation by reaching the world level. These are parts of the
growth stage, which requires indemnity through eight stages. We progress by investing and forgetting.

This center of investment for the sake of others can go over every obstacle, everywhere. In that center,
God and True Parents are liberated, and we are forever free. In the near future, we do not need any
prayer. Instead of praying, read and study Father's lifelong victorious record, which is recorded in
Father's speeches. That content is the plus axis. Follow Father's standard of love with absolute faith, love
and obedience. The universe was created through absolute faith, love and obedience. Absolute faith
opens everything, every creature in the Pantenau.

The 360 million couples will clean up everything. Then everything will be flat ("the valleys will rise up,
and the high places brought down"). The center point of this plane is God and True Parents. This is
meaning of the realm of the cosmic Sabbath and parents of heaven and earth. God can come down to
that plane. He will bring the restored archangel and connect with saints and sages in the spirit world,
completing Adam's position. This is the complete foundation for all the human race, centering on your

Heavenly fate will come to children of filial piety, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters in that
place. God will dwell in our bodies, as will the entire angelic world. Billions of people will come into our
bodies. Our conscience should embrace them. Our conscience will even go beyond God if there is
something greater we can grasp.
Even one of your forty billion cells is the seed for an unlimited number of new cells. This is why our
desire is unlimited. The conscience does not want to be filled with money, but with saints and sages who
resemble God. Then it expands and embraces all the saints and wants more, and they come to the earth
and embrace everyone here. You can say, I am a love creator. You can love others everywhere. You will
challenge God to be a love creator greater than Him.

Tour of Spirit World

I will walk across the world and jump into the kingdom of heaven. I will reach the "True Love Huge
World Center." You can cut off Satan's blood lineage day and night, wherever you may be, by giving the
Blessing. Fallen people stole everything from God, and used this stolen property as thieves. So they
should return everything to God. The wealth was taken by Satan; this means that everything will return
through the True Parents. True Parents bring a natural, prosperous and just structure to this entire
world. Absolute ownership comes through absolute love. To whom does America belong? There is more
to be done before we can say that America belongs to God. God's world is a world of absolute,
unchanging love.

Establish the three generations of goodness in your family. Then we can climb up the ladder and create
one world under God. This true family is the world in microcosm, in which all are equal. Without this we
will not be able to make any progress in spirit world. If we achieve this, we can call our ancestors up to
our level in the spirit world.

When Father takes a tour of spirit world, where will we go? We will face Father, but what if you are in
chains and you cannot go to Father? You may not be able to reach Father. You will be ashamed that on
earth you did not work with Father more actively. Father will not be able to liberate you there; if he
tried to he would be violating his own teachings. Everyone else is in heaven, but what if you are chained
in hell? What will you do? That's why we need this physical world. Life on earth is brief compared with
the spirit world.

Perhaps you would like to wear a coat made from diamonds. You can do it in spirit world, and stand in it
overlooking the kingdom of heaven. You can travel with Father and God in spirit world. But if you live as
an aloof and selfish person, it will not come to pass. This is not a lie. The added value necessary is true
The True Love Highway

All the universe is a highway, centering on love. Insects, flowers, all entities have an electricity which
connects when you put the plug in the socket. It's natural, not inconvenient. Time and space are no
problem. If you want to travel a million miles, when your mind goes there, you arrive. When you say
something, it is substantialized. You can visit a diamond moon, and live there a thousand years if you
like. But eventually you will return to your husband, your wife, which is the most valuable love. You will
have a true love bed, true love floor, true love furniture, it is all made of true love. This is the place of
eternal excitement.

The most evil thing is Satan's lineage. It brings the separation of mind and body, man and woman,
parents and children. This means we lost everything at the beginning. If we unite them, we can welcome
God and cross the boundary to the Kingdom of Heaven. When everything is connected with ideal love, it
can be perfected.

The national messiahs are king of their land if they fulfill this principle. They want to make a home for
Father in each county. You are different from me, but what is the same color is true love. Everything
belongs to true love.

Once we clean up Satan's blood lineage, this is how the new world is born. When the time comes for us
all to move there, are you going to carry your satanic blood-stained body and possessions? Become
new! Your eyes, ears, nose, and all senses will face heaven.

[We recite Pledge #5.] This means that everyday, we bring the 360 million couples blessing. We will
make the round circle smooth in a short time if we make a successful completion. So don't be separated
from True Parents. Drop the baggage you are carrying from the satanic world. Just wear gym shoes.
When you arrive in the new world, everything is there for you, waiting. There are no boundaries. You
can have a big house, land, a hundred cows.

Oneness with Nature

In North America, the Pilgrims came and divided everything, but many parts of South America are
untouched. The Amazon and the Pantenau have many resources. There are 30 million species of insects
in the Pantenau, 1,500 species of birds and 3,300 species of fish. Father wants to preserve and protect
them, not to lose anything.

Different villages will be responsible for specific species of insects. There will be more and more
entomology Ph.D.'s. We won't need a formal school. We will utilize the Internet, video tapes, and so
forth. Professors will guide the students' reading and answer questions. Specialists will raise the insects,
birds, fish and animals, and all families will take care of them, feeling the joy God felt at creation.
Businessmen will remember that they have to feed their insects and will jump on the next plane home.
There is no qualitative difference between loving an insect and an elephant.

Your entire family will enjoy it. There will be swimming pools and all kinds of recreation. Like they did to
St. Francis, all the creatures will come to you. You can train them to follow you, sit on your shoulder, and
so forth. Each family member will study a different set of creatures, and you will exchange information.
You can set up automated feeding. Each family member will have their favorites in their room. Towns
will be named after the type of creature they take care of, like "Birdtown."

God poured His love into insects. They are male and female. Even bacteria is male and female. Do they
have a sex organ? We can see it through a strong microscope. Also we can see their eyes, ears and nose
and nerve system. They have something like that, albeit on a lesser degree than higher creatures.

Study God's Word

One CD can contain 500 volumes of Father's words. You can carry a library in your pocket. Father's talk
today can be sent to the world today, by Internet. This will surpass the interest people have in
politicians. The world and spirit world will be full of Father's words. Even in bed you can hear Father's
words. Father knows the Internet. If it had a desire, what would it like to transmit? True love, not cheap
messages. Headquarters can transmit a daily Principle exam to the world by Internet. The computer also
can grade the exams, checking for the presence of the key words. The present-day school system will be
outmoded. This will be a project of the University Federation for World Peace.
The University of Bridgeport is creating distance learning. Our members' company repaired the Hubbell
telescope. Members are developing cutting-edge media. The Washington Times was the first newspaper
to set up a web site. Father predicted these things years ago, and no one believed him.

At 6 am everyday, have a "Gathering for Teaching and Reading"(Hoon Doh Quai) at your home. There
will be tests in the future, centering on the Completed Testament Age teachings. Those who pass will be
qualified to travel around the world and teach families.

Instead of Father, you do the 360 million couples blessing.

[Everyone responded: "I will do it. I have complete confidence." Rev. Peter Kim gave the closing prayer.]

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