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1. President of China?
a) Xi Jinping b) Li Keqiang c) Mon Sui

2. With this, Pakistan became the first Asian country to become member of CERN on which date?
a) August 3, 2015 b) August 5 , 2015 c) August 4, 2015

3. Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away recently, was a founder of modern ?
a) Malaysia b) Indonesia c) Singapore

4. On July 29, 2015 Kazakhstan became 162th member of;

a) WTO b) FAO c) UNO

5. Angela Merkel is hold which office in Germany?

a) Federal President b) Chancellor c) President

6. Who is become Taliban new chief?

a) Mullah Akhter Mansour b) Mula Fazlullah c) Usman bin Umer

7. Canal street is the widest street in?

a) USA b) U.K c)Canada

8. Biggest bell is Great bell at ?

a) Moscow b) London c) Rome

9. Largest Ginger production nation is?

a) Indonesia b) India c) Pakistan

10. Wingless bird is?

a) Wheel b) kiwi c) Dolphan

11. 2010 was international year of:

a) biodiversity b) Fish c) Cats

12. 2011 was international year of:

a) forests b) Trees c) Plants

13. Glasgow is biggest ________ building centre?

a)Plans b) ship c) Helicopter

14. Who was the first country to propose Carbon tax to address global warming.
a) USA b) UK c) New zealand

15. The _______ Atlantic Route is the largest and busiest of the ocean trade routes?
a) West b) South c) north

16. Land of morning calm is called to?

a) Japan b) Norway c) korea

17. Which Russian city hosted 7th Brics and 15th sco summits?

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a) Ufa b) Mascow c) Bristol

18. Longest serving Foreign Minister in world. Prince Saud Al faisal of Suadi Arabia passed away on
9 July 2015 he served for?
a) 40 Years b) 45 Years c) 50 Years

19. Total no of districts in Gilgit Baltistan?

a) 10 b) 8 c) 6

20. Total no of districts in Azad Kashmir

a) 9 b) 8 c) 6

21. Which country was declared the most corrupt country in 2013 by transparency international.
a) Somalia b)Pakistan c) India

22. The president of China arrived in Pakistan for

two day visit on _______ .
A. 18 April 2015 B. 19 April 2015 C. 20 April 2015 D. 21 April 2015

23. The bill for 21st amendment in the constitution of Pakistan was passed from the
national assembly of Pakistan on __________.
A. 4 January 2015 B. 5 January 2015 C. 6 January 2015 D. 7 January 2015

24. International Court of Arbitration sets minimum flow of __________ m3 /sec into the
Neelum River.
A. 5 B. 7 C. 9 D. 11

25. The Installed Capacity of Neelum–Jhelum Hydropower Plant is __________ MW.

A. 948 B. 955 C. 962 D. 969

26. The Treaty on Accession of the Republic of Crimea to Russia was signed on?
A. 18 February 2014 B. 18 March 2014 C. 24 February 2014 D. 24 March 2014

27. The proposed motorway from Gawadar to Kashghar is about __________ km.
A. 2600 B. 2800 C. 3000 D. 3200

28. Turkish Justice and Development Party has been in power since __________ .
A. 2002 B. 2003 C. 2004 D. 2005

29. Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad has been Governor of Sindh since __________ .

A. 2002 B. 2003 C. 2003 D. 2004

30. The 21 st has amended the first schedule of the constitution and the article __________ .
A. 172 B. 173 C. 174 D. 175

31. The Secretary of States of United States is _______ .

A. John Kerry B. Joe Biden C. Hillary Clinton D. James F. Dobbins

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32. The Vice President of United States is _______ .

A. John Kerry B. Joe Biden C. Hillary Clinton D. James F. Dobbins

33. Saudi Arabia began carrying out airstrikes in Yemen against Iran-backed rebels on?
A. 19 March 2015 B. 21 March 2015 C. 23 March 2015 D. 25 March 2015

34. Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linked ___.
A. America and Mexico B. England and France C. France and Germany D. England and

35. MI-5 is the secret agency of ____.

A. United States B. United Kingdom C. Israel D. France

36. The largest producer of Uranium is _____ .

A. Canada B. Russia C. China D. Kazakhstan

37. Pakistani currency rupees designed has been changed who designed the new note?
a) Shan ul Haq b) Ishrat Hussain c) Sajid Rizvi

38. 2012 was international year of:

a) sustainable energy b) Kinetic energy c) Bio energy

39. AS Dulut was a former?

A. RAW chief b. Airforce chief c. Army chief

40. US Special Representative to Afghan-Pak is?

A. James dubbins b. Daniel feldman c. Richard halbrook d. Richard olson

41. Current Secretary or head of OIC is?

a) Lyde Amean Madni b) Tasudiq Hussani c) Amir bin Hattam

42. Australia won the mens hockey league 2015 by defeating ___ with score 1-0
a) Belgium b) Austrailia c) Pakistan

43. Father of zoology ?

a) Aristotle b) Plato c) Suqrat

44. GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) was founded on 25th of May?

1981 b) 1988 c) 1990

45. Total no of districts in KPK?

a) 26 b) 30 c) 32

46. The largest emitter of Carbondioxide in the atmosphere is___ .

A. Canada B. Russia C. China D. Kazakhstan

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47. The Book "Long Walk to Freedom" is written by _____ .

A. Nelson Mandela B. Henry S. Commager C. Bill Clinton D. Mother Terasa

48. The Book "Higher than Hopes" is a biography of _____ .

A. Nelson Mandela B. Henry S. Commager C. Bill Clinton D. Mother Terasa

49. Secretary General UNO Ban-Ki-Mon belongs to _______.

A. South Korea. B. North Korea C. Japan D. China

50. The provisions of the 21 st amendment shall remain in force for a period of _______ years.
A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

51. The president of China on his visit to Pakistan signed development projects of
A. $40 B. $46 C. $50 D. $54

52. Currently, there are __________ member states of the United Nations .
A. 190 B. 193 C. 196 D. 197

53. Currently, __________ countries hold the status of Observer States in the United Nations.
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

54. There are __________ members of SAARC.

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

55. 2013 was international year of?

a) water b) Land c) Sea

56. Secretary General SAARC Arjun Bahadur Thapa belongs to______.

A. Pakistan B. India C. Maldives D. Nepal

57. Which from the following countries does NOT yeild veto-power?
A. United States B. United Kingdom C. Canada D. France

58. Which from the following countries is NOT a non-permanent member of Security Council.
A. Angola B. Chad C. Lithuania D. Sweden

59. Al-Jazeera TV Channel belongs to ___________.

A. Qatar B. Kuwait C. Egypt D. Bahrain

60. The newest member of the Eurozone is _______.

A. Lithuaniab B. Croatia C. Bulgaria D. Cyprus

61. The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline is also called ______.

A. friendship pipeline B. future pipeline C. peace pipeline D. unity pipeline

62. Which country decided to make plastic currency instead of paper recently?
a) China b) uk c) France

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63. Total no of districts in Balochistan?

a) 32 b) 30 c) 28

64. ___ BRICS SUMMIT held by Russia from 8-9 July2015 in Ufa city..
a) 7th b) 6th c) 8th

65. Novak Djokovic beats _______ in Wimbledon 2015 men's singles final.
a) J. Rojer b) roger federer c) Sania Mirza

66. J. Rojer and _____ Won in Wimbledon 2015 Men's Doubles final
a) H. Tecau b) Roger c) Hingis

67. Who Won in Wimbledon 2015 Women's Singles final?

a) S. Williams b) Sania Mirza c) J.Rojer

68. ____ and S. Mirza Won in Wimbledon 2015 Women's Doubles final
a) S. Williams b) J. Rojer c) M. Hingis

69. Who wins the miss USA crown 2015?

a) Miss Oklahoma b) Miss Celue c) Miss Jaidan

70. Rafique Rajwana new govrnor punjab took oath on?

a) 7 may 2015 b) 10 may 2015 c) 8 may 2015

71. Honorable High Court Lahore has ordered the release of Ayyan Ali on bail after?
a) 4 months b) 3 months c) 5 months

72. After years of talks, Iran and six major powers clinched a historic nuclear deal on?
a) 14-July-2015 b) 16-July-2015 c) 18-July-2015

73. 2014 was international year of?

a) family farming b) Fish Farming c) Ostrich Farming

74. 2016 will be the international year of:

a) pulses b) Vegetables c) Fruits

75. The Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran is:

a) Mohancher Motaqi b) Jawad zarif c) Hassan Farsi

76. Kobane is a city in:

a) Syria b) Iraq c) Libya

77. Alexis Trispras is Prime Minister of:

a) Autria b) Spain c) greece
78. Ahmet Davutoğlu Prime Minister of:
a)Jordan b) Turkey c) Sri Lanka

79. Saudi Arabia's Prince Saud al Faisal, who was the world's longest-serving foreign minister died 9
July 2015 who many years he was remained on his post:

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a) 40 b) 43 c) 45

80. Who is Iran president?

a) Mahatir Muhammad b) hassan rohaani b) Ahmadi Nijad

81. Benjamin Natinyahu is prime minister of:

a) Israel b) Egypt c) Mayanmar

82. Bashar al Asad is president of :

a) Syria b) Iraq c) Libya

83. Who was the first martyr of zarb e Azab operation?

a) Capt. AakashAftab Rabani b) Maj. General Shuja Pasha c) Maj. Niaz

84. Which name is given to new discovered galaxy aftr the name of soccr player?
a) christiano ronaldo b) Ronaldeno c) Kaka

85. Who is the chairman of NEPRA?

a) Tariq Sadozae b) Shahbaz Sharif c) Rana Mohsin Iqbal

86. Who is chairman of WASA?

a) Shahbaz Sharif b) Sulam Rafique c) Ittifaq Butt

87. Uruguayn soccer legend Alcides Edgardo Ghiggia died on?

a) 16 july 2015 b) 18 july 2015 c) 20 july 2015

88. Total no of districts in Punjab?

a) 36 b) 32 c) 34

89. Total no of districts in Sindh

a) 24 b) 26 c) 28

90. Which state recently declare itself a secular state?

a) Nepal b) India c) Bhutan

91. 2015 is international year of:

a) Sun b) Light c) soil

92. Special assistant to prime minister on foreign affairs is:

a) Tariq Fatimi b) Sirtaj Aziz c) Irfan Sadiqui

93. Pakistan has which position in SAARC countries due to educational level?
a) 6th b) 5th c) 4th

94. Pakistan is going to participate in world judo championship event will b held in _______ from
20-31 August 2015. 4 male and 2 female judokas participate from Pakistan.
a) Kazakistan b) Turkey b) Azibijan

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95. On which date, the government has issued notification for formation of four new districts in
Gilgit-Baltistan: Hunza, Nagar, Kharmang and Shigar.
a) On July 25 b) On July 20 c) On July 26
96. 2018 FIFA Cup event will b hosted by:
a) Russia b) Qatar c) England

97. ICC Cricket World Cup 2018 will be hosted by:

a) UK b) India-Bengladesh c) Australia

98. Aqsa Ahmed Janjua opened Pakistan's medal account in World Special Games in Los Angles
with mpressive run and won silver medal in which category:
a) Swimming b) Running c) Ping Pong

99. Brazil won the FIFA world title who many time he become runners up 2 times:
a) 5 times b) 3 times c) 4 times

100. The GDP growth rate for the new fiscal year 2015-2016 has been fixed at ___ , growth
rate for agriculture sector at 3.9% and that of manufacturing sector at 6.1 %.
a) 5.5 % b) 5% c) 6 %

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