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How to optimize your CV

layout ?

CV Advice Session

18/09/2018 Career Center

The CV

What is the aim of the CV ?

To get you interviews !

Your CV is like a business card, it’s your principal communication tool.

The CV

At 1st reading, how long do recruiters spent reading a CV ?

An average of 15 seconds …!

What do they pay attention to ?

- The name
- The last experience
- The last studies if you’re a student or young graduate
- The Interests section

The CV

An effective CV is :

Easy and pleasant Adapted to the

to read opportunity

Free from spelling Using the key words

mistakes of the recruiter

The CV

When you send it to the recruiter :

Name it in the right way :

Name/First name/Job title

Be careful it’s not too heavy :

Logos are not compulsory

Send it in PDF format :

It’s more professionnal
You avoid opening issues

The CV layout

Title and objective :

A4 format, white paper must be clear and specify your
purpose and the domain you aim for.
This information will facilitate the
recruiter initial screening.
1 page CV is better (even if you’re
experienced, e.g Elon Musk CV !)

Use the keywords written in the

job description (useful to go
Font size : 10/11 for the text through the ATS - Applicant
12 for the titles Tracking System)

Color/s : soft and no more than 2 You can put in bold or

underline what is important

Choose simple font like Calibri

or Arial

The CV layout

Education :
year you started your studies and
year you graduated

Name and contact details :

No need to add your date of birth, School name + town/country +
programme + courses studied
age, marital status (keep in mind
(the most important ones)
that these information are
considered as discriminating
according to the law)

Always use the antichronological
Prefer year you started the job + order
duration rather than
mm/yy to mm/yy

Nature of the job and topic or

position in the company + short
description of the tasks . You can add
the tools used and the results.
Try to use action verbs

The CV layout

Use simple adjectives to qualify your
language level + European level if you
know it
Interests :
only mention activities you practice
regularly (or at a high level) : sport,
music, association, volunteering,…
IT Skills
Name the tools/languages you know
No need to specify your level

Hobbies like walking, reading,

travelling are interesting only if you
really are passionate about them.

The CV layout

And the photo ?

If you use it, must
The photo is neither necessary, be professional :
nor mandatory
(except if asked for) - Neutral
- Good quality
- Good framing
But… can be useful when - Good looking
you attend a fair ! - Smiling /

It’s your move !

Thank you for your attention !

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