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The 1st Placers Ingredients


As the Goa National High School proudly present their accomplishment in achieving the award
as the Best Implementer of Brigada Eskwela 2018 from Division, Regional up to the National Level, Mr.
Jesus Beloy Jr. the Faculty President of Goa National High School kindly shared their ingredients in
achieving their goal.

According to him the first ingredient was their love for the students. This became an important
factor since they have the desire to provide students a conjusive place for learning. Second is motivation
because is factor also that helps them achieve the goal and third is because of the guidance of God.

“Goal is achieved for the faculty and PTA are commited enough” Mr. Jesus also added.
According to him with commitment nothing is impossible and it is the fourth ingredient that helped
them achieve the goal.

“We believe that this school is prepared enough to handle big events” Mr. Jesus ended his
speech confidently