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Topic: Globalization and Identity

Grade: 10
Subject: Social Studies
Unit 1.2: Lesson 4

Essential Questions/Critical thinking questions (objective):

To what extent should globalization shape identity?
Am I a product of globalization?

Materials/ Technology:
Student Booklet
Google Slides

Active Plan:
Opening Expectations (10)
1) Have Student Booklet out on desk
2) Research (after attendance question)

Online working - Laptops (Rest of Class)

Read and answer identity sections in student booklet. NEED the Questions and then the Chart
1) (Language)
2) Traditions
3) Religion and Spirituality
4) The Arts
5) Clothing
6) Role Models
7) Relationship to the Land
8) Ideologies

If Time Permits

Identity Poster or Collage (Rest of Class/ 30 min)

Examine ways in which individuals express identities by creating a poster or a collage that
represents the three or four most important features about yourself.
What features shape your identity the most? Categories?

-How much the feature impacts how others see you
-How much the feature impacts how you see and feel about yourself

Ask students to number their list of categories in SB based on influence to their identity.

1) Construction
Be creative and consider the following:
-Factors and/or influences that have shaped your identity (ex. History, traditions, peers, family,
ethnicity, religion, geography, and language)
-Interests, hobbies, subculture, music, activities, groups to which you belong
-Aspects of your identity that are most important to you
2) Reflection
-In addition to the self-portrait you are to write a reflection about the process of making the product
and why you chose to include certain features.
-Discuss the final product. This reflection should be at least one page; single-spaced and typed on a

Appearance 15 marks
• Some thought to the arrangement of pictures, symmetry or balance
• words that are used can be clearly read ( if you are typing use 48 point type)
• overall appearance effectively communicates ideas

Content 15 marks
• a variety of concepts related to identity are communicated (cultural, historical, geographical,
• interesting use of symbolic representation
(Presentation - We will discuss in class the presentation of your posters)
Total: /30 marks

Optional - Share the posters and collages

Form pairs to discuss their poster or collage by describing the features they chose and explaining
how these features reflect who they are.
Encourage to respect differences.

Exit Slip
What is the most important part of the poster/ collage to your identity?