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com Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: Credits to our DepEd Club Contributor Learning Area: ENGLISH
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: NOVEMBER 26 – 30, 2018 (WEEK 5) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER


A. Content Standards  Demonstrate understanding of text types to construct feedback.
 Demonstrate understanding that a change in stress entails a change of meaning to evaluate the speaker’s /author’s purpose and meaning.
 Demonstrates understanding that words are composed of different parts to know that
 Their meaning changes depending in context.
 Demonstrates command of the conventions of Standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
 Demonstrates understanding of the research process to write a variety of texts.
 Demonstrates understanding of different formats to write for a variety of audiences and purposes.

B. Performance Standards  Uses literal information from text heard to construct an appropriate feedback.
 Uses knowledge of stress and intonation of speech to appropriately evaluate speaker’s intention, purpose and meaning.
 Uses strategies to decode correctly the meaning of words in isolation and in context.
 Uses the correct functions of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in general and their functions in various discourse (oral and written)
 Uses a variety of research strategies to effectively write a variety of texts for various audiences and purposes.
 Drafts texts using appropriate text types for a variety of audiences and purposes.

C. Learning Competencies/ Listening Comprehension Vocabulary Study Strategies/Research Study Strategies/Research Writing Composition
Objectives Fluency Attitude
Use the words using prefixes Use a kind of sentence for a Monitor one’s understanding
Relate actual experience as you specific purpose and audience- as he/she organizes Follow steps in writing an editorial
make a stand expressing opinions/emotions information from the second article
Accept criticism politely

Write the LC code for each EN6LC-IIIe-3.1.13 EN6V-IIIe- EN6SS-IIIe-1.8.10 ENSS-IIIe-4 EN6WC-IIIe-2.2.10
EN6F-IIIe-3.5 EN6A-IIIe-18
EN6F-IIIe-3.2 EN6A-IIIe-16
I. CONTENT Making a stand (The Store of Inferring Meaning of Borrowed Using Kinds of Sentences Organizing Information from Writing a 3-Paragraph Editorial
(Subject Matter) Happiness) Words Using Prefixes the Secondary Sources Article

Accuracy, Appropriate Rate and

Proper Expressions in dialog
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide/Pages Lesson Guides in Elementary
English 6 pp. 264-267
2. Learner’s Materials Pages p. 235 pp. 240-241 p. 239 pp. 242-243
3. Textbook Pages Essential English Essential English Essential English Essential English Essential English
(Work text in Language and (Work text in Language and (Work text in Language and (Work text in Language and (Work text in Language and
Reading-Kto12) Reading-Kto12 Reading-Kto12 Reading-Kto12 Reading-Kto12
4. Additional Materials from Chart, paper strips, flashcards Chart, paper strips Pictures, story book, audio Pictures, Newspaper, Articles,
Learning Resource (LR) portal visual presentation School’s Publication
B. Other Learning Resources
A. Reviewing previous lesson Do you know what an editorial is? Review of yesterday’s lesson Study the following sentences. From the story, “Store of Review what is an opinion
or presenting new lesson Reading of some words using “Happy? Are you happy!” happiness”, recalls the Cite that openness and criticism
flashcards “I’d like to buy that house and I’ll characters and their dialogs should be observe the same way
pay you with check!” we would critique other’s opinion
“Tour me around I will buy every about a topic.
single happiness in your store!”
B. Establishing a purpose for Make brief background information Sing a song entitled " Prefix Song” In Facebook, if you like the What are the information can Cite 1 current government issues
the lesson for pupils to understand what an https://www.youtube.com/watch? photos or posts of your friends, you get from reading a book? and give your opinion on it.
editorial is. Let them realized that what emoticons do you click? Write your answers inside the
an editorial is the editor’s stand on bubbles.
current events or issues. It is all
right if learners do not always agree
with the editor’s opinion because
they have their own stand on
certain issues.

C. Presenting examples/ Read the editorial that follows and Show different prefixes like What kind of emotion does the Form 4 groups. Each group will Show an editorial article from a
instances of the new lesson see if the learner’s agree or “ante”,” anti”, “gastro”, “hemi”, speaker possess? choose one story. Read the newspaper and talk about its
disagree with the editor’s views “homo”, “hyper”,” manu”, “mega”, Original File Submitted and story then summarize it by content.
about child exploitation. “retro” and “trans”. Formatted by DepEd Club organizing ideas as they are Ask: What is your opinion on the
“Roles Children are made to play” Ask: Do you know the meaning of Member - visit depedclub.com recalled by members of the issue you have heard?
p. 36 of Reading Links 6 these prefixes? Do you know what for more group.
is the origin of these words? (Snow White, Cinderella, Discuss the steps on how to write
Pinocchio, Mulan) an editorial article.
D. Discussing new concepts and Answer: “Think and Ponder” on p. Post a chart with prefix, meaning Show flashcards of different Present a dialog based on the Present and tell that an editorial
practicing new skills #1 37 of Reading Links 6 and origin, 235 moods and tell what kind of character in the story you have has its own page in a newspaper
Prefix Meaning Origin emotion it convey chosen and it’s just an opinion of the
ante- positioned in Latin writer.
front of
anti- against or Ancient
opposed to Greek
gastro- of or Ancient
pertaining to Greek
hemi- one-half Ancient
homo- same as Ancient
another Greek
hyper- above normal Ancient
manu- of or Latin
pertaining to
mega- enlargement, Greek
retro- backward, Latin
trans- across, Latin

E. Discussing new concepts and Let the learners know the basics in Study the meaning and origin of Does your excitement change In what way can you easily Read the following editorial written
practicing new skills #2 writing an editorial. An editorial is the stated prefixes, 235 your emotion? recall the details of the story. by a student and see how each
made up of three parts: a.) the Give some instances. paragraph was developed,
introduction or the news peg; b.)
the body; and c.) the conclusion.
F. Developing Mastery Group work: Have a classification Give the meaning of the following Put a punctuation mark to Group Work Below are suggestions on how to
(Lead to Formative game for pupils. Task: Identify the words: express your emotion. write an editorial. Check the blank
Assessment) parts of an editorial written on 1. ante 1. Wow Choose your own story before the number if it is seen or
strips of cartolina. Then let the 2. antidote 2. Phew presented and be able to tell reflected in the editorial you have
pupils explain how the writer 3. gastroblast 3. Oh, my something about it. just read.
developed each part. 4. hemicycle Can these be taken as sentences? ___1. Choose a topic that has a
5. hyperventilate current news angle and would
interest readers
___2. Gather information and facts
___3. Give opposing viewpoints
___4. Never use “I”
___5. Give a realistic solution to the
G. Finding practical application If you are the ones involved in an Create a quotation that refers to a Write exclamatory sentences Aside from the books you use Give your opinion on how social
of concepts and skills in daily editorial article, how are you going word “before” that you may use in which members of your family in school, what other sources media affects one’s study
living. to react with the opinion that is your study. usually say. Punctuate your do you use to get valuable
written about you? sentences correctly. information?
H. Making Generalizations and What is an editorial? What is the How do we get/know the meaning How can you transform a What is a secondary source? What is an editorial?
Abstraction about the Lesson importance of an editorial? of words? declarative sentence or question What are the examples of How to write a 3-paragraph
into exclamatory? Can emotion secondary sources? editorial article?
change the kind of sentence you
want to state?
I. Evaluating Learning Write a 3-paragraph editorial article Directions: Supply the correct Rearrange the words to form a The pictures below have plenty Write a 3-paragraph editorial article
about a current event or issue. prefixes in the following words and meaningful exclamatory of versions already. What based from the topic “Does Money
(e.g. extrajudicial killings, the fight write the meaning. sentence. Punctuate the reference materials or Can Buy Happiness?”
of our country against drugs, etc.) sentence you have formed secondary sources could you Use the guidelines below
New word Meaning correctly. use to look for these? Write 1.Title
1.___script 1. world dog you best the them below. 2. Intended audience
2.___mart are in the _________________________ 3. Purpose
3.___flex 2. my out of stay room told _________________________ 4.Topic sentence
4.___phones I you to _________________________ 5. Supporting details
5.___scribe 3. occupied great the yet _________________________ 6. Conclusion
from our seats not 7. Level of persuasion
4. got whoa almost the hit
kid spreading car by the
5.there spider under yikes is
creepy bed your a

J. Additional Activities for Make an album of clippings of After answering the above, use the Create comic strip with a partner Write PS for Primary Sources Cut an editorial article from the
Application or Remediation editorial articles from newspapers. new discovered words in in any given genre. Make use of and SS for Secondary Sources newspaper and give your opinion
Be able to identify what kind of sentences. exclamatory sentences in your ___1. Textbooks on it with politeness and open to
editorial are the clippings. 1. manuscript speech balloons. ___2. Journal articles criticism. Present it in the class.
(interpretation, criticism, 2.megamart ___3. Pictures
argumentation, entertainment, 3. retroflex HORRO COMED ___4. Autobiographies
information) 4. homophones R Y ___5. documents
5. transcribe DRAMA

A. No. of learners earned
80% in the evaluation
B. Number of learners who are
required additional activities for
remediation who scored below
C. Did the remedial lesson
work? No. of learners who have
caught up with the lesson
D. Number of learners who
continue to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well? Why did
these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my principal or
supervisor help me solve?
G. What innovation or localized
materials/discover which I wish
to share with other teachers?

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Credits to our DepEd Club Contributor