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1. _____ the demands of aerospace, medicine, 8. The batik paintings ...

in the exhibition were

and agriculture, aengineers, are creating extraordinarily good.
exotic new metallic substances. (A) were showed
(A) Meet (B) shown
(B) Being met are (C) showing
(C) To meet (D) that shows
(D) They are meeting 9. I ... Accounting at campus at this time
2. _______ James A. Bland, “Carry Me Back to tomorrow.
Old Virginny” was adopted is the state song of (A) Will be studying
Virginia in 1940. (B) Will study
(A) Was written b (C) Will have studied
(B) His writing was (D) Will have been studying
(C) He wrote the 10. By the end of this year, Mary ... in Jakarta for
(D) Written by 4 years.
3. Mary Garden, ______ the early 1900’s was (A) Will be staying
considered one of the best singing actresses (B) Will have been staying
of her time. (C) Will have stayed
(A) a soprano was popular (D) Will teach
(B) in a popular soprano 11. The patient .... before his family came.
(C) was a popular soprano (A) Died
(D) a popular soprano in (B) has died
4. In the realm of psychological theory Margaret (C) was died
F. Washburn was a dualist _____ that motor (D) Had died
phenomena have an essential role in 12. David, accompanied by his friends, ... to Mr.
psychology. Reeve who is an English teacher right now.
(A) who she believed (A) Are talking
(B) who believed (B) Is talking
(C) believed (C) Talking
(D) who did she believe (D) talk
5. His father can’t understand ... to the 13. Michael Jackson, who was a king of pop, ... in
prestigious college. 2008.
(A) His not wanting to go (A) Was died
(B) His doesn’t want to go (B) Was dead
(C) Him not wanting to go (C) Was death
(D) Him doesn’t want to go (D) dead
6. The draw for the tournament... by the end of 14. Your laptop is broken. It needs ...
this week. (A) Fixed
(A) would be announced (B) to fixed
(B) will be announced (C) to be fixed
(C) will have been announced (D) fixes
(D) will have announced 15. The problems will ... next Sunday.
7. If only she had caught the train, she would (A) Be discussed
have been killed in the crash. (B) Be discussing
From the sentence we know that... (C) Discuss
(A) She was saved by the SAR team (D) discusses
(B) The train came earlier 16. Neither the big house nor the smaller houses
(C) The train got an accident ... right now.
(D) She was the only one saved in the (A) Is being painted
accident (B) Is painted
(C) Are painted 25. ... It rains so hard. All the students keep going
(D) Are being painted to school.
17. The town .... since 13 years ago. (A) Although
(A) Has been left (B) Despite of
(B) Have been left (C) Inspite of
(C) Has been leaving (D) Because
(D) Had been left 26. Kim waters the flowers everyday ... grow well.
18. The town .... before The United Kingdom (A) In order that
came. (B) So
(A) Has been left (C) Because
(B) Has been left (D) In order to
(C) Has been leaving 27. Orangutans are extinct becuase the place ...
(D) Had been left They live are often burned by human to open
19. The woman ... is killed at boarding house is 26 unirigated agricurtular field.
years old. (A) In which
(A) Who (B) Which
(B) Whom (C) on which
(C) Whose (D) in where.
(D) which 28. I came home ... you were sleeping.
20. The man ... hair is long looks so beautiful. (A) When
(A) Whose (B) In which
(B) Whom (C) That
(C) Who (D) so
(D) of which 29. My friend said that FC Porto played very well
21. The motorcycle, the chain ... is severed, is yesterday. I wish I ....
mine. (A) Watched the match
(A) Whose (B) Would watch the match
(B) That (C) Had watched the match
(C) of which (D) Have watched the match.
(D) which 30. She teaches me as if She ...
22. The thief ... motorcycle yesterday is being (A) Were the teacher
pursued by the people. (B) Had been the teacher
(A) Who steal (C) Is the teacher
(B) Stealing (D) Was the teacher
(C) Stolen 31. If only I ... have an exam tomorrow. I
(D) Stole shouldn’t study hard tonight.
23. The vegetables ... this morning by my mother (A) Will not
was bought in the market yesterday. (B) Wouldn’t
(A) Which cooked (C) Will
(B) That cooked (D) Would
(C) which is cooked 32. ... the prize, I would have given you some.
(D) Cooked (A) If I won
24. .... his sickness, He didn’t come to his (B) Did I win
daughter wedding party. (C) If I had not won
(A) Because (D) Had I won
(B) Because of 33. The productions of that company are not as
(C) Since many as last year productions. The Manager
(D) Despite requested that the employer ... efisiently and
(A) Work
(B) to work
(C) working
(D) worked
34. As soon as the last passenger ________ into
the ship, the gate will be closed
(A) Will get
(B) Gets
(C) Got
(D) Have got
35. ________ Vonny always comes late to class
annoy the teacher very much
(A) If
(B) That
(C) Whether
(D) Because