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Competency as a cluster of related knowledge, attitudes, skills and other personal

characteristics that: -
à Affects a major part of one¶s job
à Correlates with performance on the job
à Can be measured against well-accepted standards
à Can be improved via training and development











A competency model is an organizing framework that lists the competencies required for
effective performance in a specific job, job family (e.g., group of related jobs), organization,
function, or process. Individual competencies are organized into competency models to
enable people in an organization or profession to understand, discuss, and apply the
competencies to workforce performance.

The observations made during the study as well as the suggestions I came up with, are written
as under:

ÿ By in large the writing skill for majority of the employees¶ is µGood¶. Context being they
are the ones who are supposed to write High Quality Reports. There is a fair chance of
improving the skill.
ÿ Band B1 are supposed to be an expert [as in technical certifications], however majority
of the people (from the responses I have) are not equipped with technical certifications
other than their degree. This expertise can be enhanced if people go in for more of
certifications relating to their project or area of work; which is directly equivalent to an
accentuated Domain Knowledge as well as for future purposes.

ÿ Mentoring and Developmental activities are justifiable

ÿ There is a provision for 'building practice capability w.r.t. to the domain area through new
methodologies, enhancing current offering' which to the understanding given to me,
à Getting expertise in various new verticals of business
à Recruiting the resources with specific backgrounds, certifications & experience
à Training the resources of the practice, etc
ÿ From the responses I have, I decipher that not much is being done on its
implementation. Working on it would in manifold improve Domain Knowledge/Proactive
Behaviour/More of Client Orientation
ÿ From different survey question format in interview follows indifferent sectors shows in
the graphs