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Jason Cagle

159 Waterlace Way • Fayetteville, GA 30215 • 404-713-5731 • jasontcagle@att.net

▼ Objective
To be fast-tracked to be a pilot for Delta Airlines by being selected for the Propel Program to fly Air National Guard for
the military.

▼ Experience

August 2017–Present
Air Force ROTC Cadet • Detachment 157
I have served in many positions as a follower and as a leader. I am also an enlisted E-2 in the Air Force through an
academic scholarship and I have been the class leader and flight commander on multiple occasions. May 2018–August

May 2018-August 2018

Sales Representative • Smith and Davis Clothing and Fabrics
I worked for four months selling shoes and clothing with an emphasis on outstanding customer service and developing
proper people skills

July 2016–July 2018

Construction Assistant • Bryan Adams Private Contracting
Worked part-time doing labor-intensive jobs part-time to get experience in construction

▼ Education
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL
 I am a full-time student enrolled as a sophomore. I have a current GPA of 3.3 and I have taken much relevant
coursework for this job such as Aerodynamics, Aircraft Performance, and Aviation Meteorology. I am majoring
in Aeronautical Science.
Private Pilot Certificate (ASEL)
 Instrument Rating (52.3 simulated)
 Pilot-in-Command (53.5)
 Working towards Commercial Multi-Engine

▼ Leadership and Skills

Air Force ROTC (2 years) Computers

 Flight Commander  Proficient in Microsoft Office
 Flight Deputy products
 Class Leader  Able to fix most common to
Eagle Scout (8 years) advanced computer problems
 Senior Patrol Leader Strike Eagle Squadron
 Patrol Leader  Club that teaches SERE
 Scribe training, small unit tactics, and
Marching Band (4 years) combat awareness
 Drum Major  Completed 1 year as a trainee
 Trumpet player and 1 semester as a Staff
 Equipment/ Loading Member
Crew Leader