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PRIMARY SOURCE COLLECTION TOOL: Paste a copy of the primary source in the first box, its title and

URL in the second, the lesson strategy and inquiry

questions you will design for these primary sources, and in the final column, how that strategy and these sources will work together.

The topic you will teach: Your name:

Thumbnail photo Title and Permanent URL How will you incorporate these What inquiry questions can you use
sources into your lesson? How will with these sources?
the primary source enrich your
teaching of the topic?
Title: Washington before Yorktown I will use this photo before a unit What is the mood of this photo and
on the American Revolution to how do you think it inspired
show students how every Americans during this time?
URL: American was involved in fighting Why is it important that
https://www.loc.gov/resource/ds.00123/ for its independence. Washington is fighting for this
This will enrich the teaching of the cause?
American Revolution because
students will see that the President
was even involved in the
Title: Forcing Slavery Down the Throat of a Freesoiler I will use this as an introduction to What is the purpose of this photo?
the Civil War to show the differing What do you think the author
URL: https://www.loc.gov/resource/lprbscsm.scsm0326/ opinions of the country at this believed about slavery?
time. What is the importance of the
details of the “platform” the
I hope this allows students to politicians are standing on?
understand that the country was How do you think this effected the
discussing the idea of slavery from start of the Civil War?
all points of view.
Title: Stock watering hole almost completely covered by I will use this photo as part of a What concerns you about this
shifting topsoil. Cimarron County, Oklahoma primary source investigation of the photo?
Dust Bowl and Great Depression. How can you tell this photo may
URL: https://www.loc.gov/resource/cph.3c29097/ This photo will specifically enrich have been taken during the Dust
my teaching of the topic because Bowl?
students will see the climatic How do you think farmers
changes of the Dust Bowl and recovered from this kind of issue?
understand that humans were not
the only ones effected by this.
Title: [Women immersing bouchon assemblies for hand I would use this during a WWI unit, Why do these assembly lines exist
grenades in Vatudrip to prevent rust, Gorham likely in the middle of it after some for this war?
Manufacturing Co., Providence, Rhode Island, during primary knowledge about the war Why is it important to see women
World War I] has been obtained. working in factories?
This would enrich students’ How will this change the role of
URL: https://www.loc.gov/resource/cph.3c16444/ learning because they can visually women after the war?
see the changing role of women as
well as the changing style of
warfare to be more destructive.
Title: The evening herald., May 06, 1919, Section Two, I would also use this during a WWI How do the poems reflect a
Page Two, Image 8 unit and have students read the changing style of war?
poems to understand different What is the overall tone of the
URL: perspectives of the war. This poems?
https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn92070582/1919- would enrich the lesson because Do you believe the poems represent
05-06/ed-1/seq-8/ students will be able to understand how Americans felt about the war?
how Americans felt about the war
and the tole it took out of society.

Title: Are they equal in the eyes of the law? I would use the poster and lyrics Why is it important to have African
from this song during a WWI unit Americans fighting on the front
URL: to transition into Segregation Era lines?
https://www.loc.gov/resource/ihas.200200841.0/?sp=1 to show students how white What is the message behind this
Americans felt about having song?
African Americans fighting Why do you think this song was
overseas. written?
Title: Remember! The flag of liberty--Support it! Buy U.S. I would use this to discuss What do you think the goal of this
government bonds, 3rd Liberty Loan / / Heywood Strasser government propaganda and its propaganda is?
& Voigt Litho. Co., N.Y. importance. I would also help the Why is this an effective form of
students understand how war propaganda?
URL: https://www.loc.gov/resource/cph.3g09560/ changes a country’s economy. This
would enrich the lesson because it
would show the students how the
government wants its people to
support the war.
Title: WOMAN SUFFRAGE JAIL CELL This photo could start out a unit on What is surprising about this photo?
Women’s Suffrage. This enriches What does it say about the women
URL: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/hec.09980/ the lesson because students can who fought for their right to vote?
directly see the punishment a Why do we study the Women’s
woman could face for fighting for Suffrage Movement?
their rights.

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