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Business Associations

 Agency Law

 Liability of Principles for Acts if Agents

 Partnership Law:(formation, liabilities, governance, termination, duties, and


 Corporate form of Ownership:(formation or corporations, mechanics of incorporation,

organization of corporations)

 Dispersed Ownership

 Centralized Management:(board of directors, officers)

 Financial Aspects/( theories of value; elements of value-time value of money,

compensation for risk, risk aversion, diversification)

 Valuation techniques

 Protection of Creditors:(capital structure, statutory protections)

 Corporate Governance:(rights of shareholders, voting rights, information rights,

separating rights, Cash Flow Rights and voting rights)

 Federal Proxy Rules

 Duty of Loyalty

 Derivative actions

 Significant transactions(structural changes)

 Methods/classifications, control contests(hostile bids/takeovers)