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Technology PD Day

Technology Tool How/Why it May Be Used Classroom Examples

Storytelling, characterization, - Create a biography/autobiography
Voki explanation of a concept of a historical figure
including math, present - Consider how a character felt and
Voki.com information, creative writing acted during a certain situation.
Create a speech detailing the
events that occurred (small
- Have students create a person
that teaches a math concept
(example commutative property)
Explain a concept, flipped - Have students research and
Powtoons classroom, alternative to Power demonstrate their understanding
Point, present information about the New England Colonies
Powtoon.com - Teacher can create a lesson and
have them preview the concept
prior to teaching (example: how to
complete an area model)
Pre-assess, formative - Have students sum up the
Answer Garden assessment, brainstorming, what/how/why of objective or
warm up essential question
Answergarden.ch - Create a gist statement about a
story they read
- Describe the economy of the
southern colonies
- Find multiples of 2.
Collaboratively discuss, pre- - Science- discussion questions
Dot Storming assess, formatively assess, to - The answer is 9. What is the
vote on a topic or subject question?
Dotstorming.com - Jigsaw activity- inventions,
endangered animals, etc.
- Vote on the best solution to a
problem. Vote on the best
tsumani protection.

Other sites to explore:

Cheat Sheet

1. Powtoons
-Show powtoons (Ms. Martin Example)
- Ask how it could be incorporated in classroom
- Show Jocelyn’s video- see links below.
- Note that this may be good for a project/homework. Can be uploaded to youtube and emailed
to teacher
- Let them play for a few minutes
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnXQ1QgmidM&feature=youtu.be
- https://youtu.be/QTdQYnJV5dA

- https://youtu.be/nlUIvaSgYe0

2. Voki-
- show bulldog
- spell phonetically, need account to email so you may want to have them present that day
- let them play

3. Classtools.net
-show different features- fakebook, twister, pictures, timeline, anatomy thing, news headline,
star wars

4. Answer garden-

5. Dotstorming- like padlet