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10 24 00


1.1 Contract Documents
1.2 Work Included
1.3 Related Work Specified Elsewhere
1.4 Quality Assurance
1.5 Submittals

2.1 Acceptable Manufacturers
2.2 Grab Bars
2.3 Toilet Accessories
2.4 Delivery, Storage and Protection
2.5 Schedule of Toilet Accessories

3.1 Installation of Toilet Accessories

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10 24 00
1.1 Contract Documents
1.1.1 All Work of this Section shall comply with the requirements of the Contract
Documents for the Main Building Works, with the Drawings, Schedules and with
all other Contract Documents.
1.2 Work Included
1.2.1 The supply and installation of toilet accessories including toilet tissue holders,
soap dispensers, sanitary napkin disposals, soap holders, hand dryers, tilted
mirrors, grab bars and all fastening devices to enable satisfactory installation of
the toilet accessories.
1.2.2 Provide all necessary data including manufacturers recommended Shop
Drawings, installation procedures and maintenance manuals.
1.2.3 Provide all items in Schedule of Sanitary Wares, Fittings and Accessories that are
not specifically mentioned in Section 22 40 00 Sanitary Fixtures and Fittings.
1.3 Related Work Specified Elsewhere
a) Sanitary Fixtures : 15 20 00
b) Toilet Compartments : 10 21 00
c) Joint Sealants : 07 30 00
d) Unit Masonry : 04 10 00
e) Stone Assemblies : 04 20 00
f) Membrane and Roofing : 07 10 00
g) Tiling : 09 60 00
h) For plumbing and sanitary installation, refer to Plumbing and Sanitary
1.4 Quality Assurance
1.4.1 Refer to Section 01 02 10 Reference Standards to comply with the requirements
of the referenced standards.
1.4.2 All materials furnished under this Section shall be in conformance with specified
standards and approved for use in Kingdom of Bahrain.
1.4.3 All materials shall comply with the specified local building code requirement.
1.4.4 It shall be incumbent upon the Contractor to provide proof of acceptance and
approval by local building code authorities for the use of the plumbing fixtures and
materials or systems.
1.4.5 The minimum acceptable standard for materials furnished under this Section shall
be not less than the British Standard (BS) for the respective materials to be
furnished. In the absence of a specified BS, the standards of ASTM, AU and UL
shall prevail.
1.5 Submittals
1.5.1 Manufacturers Shop Drawings
a) Submit three (3) sets prints and one (1) set CD-Roms of all manufacturers
Shop Drawings for each item prior to delivery.

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1.5.2 Samples
a) Submit two (2) sets of samples and fastening devices of each item for
b) Submit four (4) sets of all miscellaneous items that are required for
connection with builders works.
1.5.3 Product Data & Certifications
a) Submit three (3) sets of technical descriptive and installation information
for all items prior to delivery. Provide manufacturer's handling
instructions, anchorage information, roughing-in dimensions and
templates for installation of products specified in this Section.
b) Certificates
Submit all certificates of approval where required for each item from all
the relevant authorities at the time of sample submission.
2.1 Acceptable Manufacturers
2.1.1 Acceptable manufacturers, subject to compliance with specified requirements.
a) Toto
b) Duravit
c) Villeroy and Boch
d) Dornbracht
e) Laufen
f) Elkay
g) Johnson Suisse
h) Bobrick Washroom Equipment
i) Rigel
2.1.2 Other manufacturers offering equal products approved for use by the Kingdom of
Bahrain and approved by the Architect prior to submission of tender, will be given
equal consideration.
2.1.3 The manufacturers and model numbers stated in Section 2.3 are indicative only
of the level of quality and general appearance of the accessories intended to be
2.2 Grab Bars
2.2.1 Materials & Finishes
Material for grab bars shall be free from any defects which may impair the strength,
functioning durability, or appearance of the work or adjacent construction.
a) Stainless Steel (Austenitic) :
i) AISI 300 Series, non-magnetic type with No. 4 satin finish as
shown on Drawings, free of "angel hairs", orange peelings,
inclusion, occusion or other defects which may impair

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2.2.2 Fabrication of Grab Bars
a) Cutting
Cut metal by sawing, shearing or blanking. Flame cutting will be permitted
only if cut edges are ground back to clean, smooth edges. Make cuts
accurate, clean, sharp, square and free of burrs, without deforming
adjacent surfaces or metals.
b) Holes
Drill or cleanly punch holes (do not burn), so that holes will be accurate,
clean, neat and sharp without deforming adjacent surfaces or metals.
c) Connections
Make connections with tight joints capable of developing full strength of
member, flush unless indicated otherwise, formed to exclude water where
exposed to water. Locate joints where indicated on drawings. Provide
connections to allow for thermal movement of metal at locations and by
methods agreed by Architect. For work exposed to view, use concealed
fasteners (unless welded or other connections indicated) with joints
accurately fitted, flush and rigidly secured with hairline contacts.
i) Welding
Welding shall be in accordance with recommendations of the
American Welding Society and shall be done with electrodes
and/or methods recommended by the manufacturers of the
metals being welded. Welds shall be continuous, except where
spot welding is specifically permitted.
1) Welds exposed to view shall be ground flush and dressed
smooth with and to match finish of adjoining surfaces so
that joint will not be visible; undercut metal edges where
welds are required to be ground flush and dressed
2) All welds on or behind surfaces which will be exposed to
view shall be executed to result in a finished surface free
of imperfections such as pits, runs, splatter, cracks,
warping, dimpling, depressions or other forms of
distortion or discolouration. Remove weld splatter and
welding oxides from all welded surfaces.
ii) Bolts and Screws
Make threaded connections tight with threads entirely concealed.
Use lock nuts. Bolts and screw heads, where shown to be
exposed to view, shall be flat and countersunk. Cut off projecting
ends of exposed bolts and screws flush with nuts or adjacent
d) Built-In Work
Furnish anchor bolts, inserts, plates and any other anchorage devices,
and all other items for grab bars to be built into concrete, masonry or work
of other trades, with necessary templates and instructions, and in ample
time to facilitate proper placing and installation.
e) Supplementary Parts
Provide as necessary to complete each item of work, even though such
supplementary parts are not shown or specified.
f) Coordination

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Accurately cut, fit, drill and tap work to accommodate and fit work of other
g) Exposed Work
In addition to requirements specified herein or shown on drawings, all
surfaces exposed to view shall be clean, and free from dirt, stains, grease,
scratches, distortions, waves, dents, buckles, tool marks, burrs and other
defects which mar appearance of finished work.
i) Finished work exposed to view shall be straight and true to line or
curve, smooth arrises and angles as sharp as practicable, mitres
formed in true alignment, profiles accurately intersecting, and with
joints carefully matched to produce continuity of line and design.
ii) Exposed fastenings, where permitted, shall be of the same
material, colour and finish as the metal to which applied, unless
otherwise indicated and shall be of the smallest practicable size.
2.3 Toilet Accessories
Dimensions of stainless steel accessories are based on Toto or similar approved products.
Products from other approved manufacturers may have slight variations in dimensions.
Refer to Schedule of Sanitary Wares, Fittings and Accessories for final accessories
2.3.1 TD-01 - Peco V 858 S (or approved equivalent) jumbo roll toilet tissue dispenser
in stainless steel finish, with key, complete with
Size: 257 x 265 x 120mm
2.3.2 SD-03 – Peco P-333 (or approved equivalent) double soap dispenser for showers
(with lock and key) complete with
Size: 260 x 155 x 85mm
i) Capacity 400(ml) x 2
2.3.3 SB-01 – Peco- 1239 (or approved equivalent) 2-in-1 recessed sanitary napkin
disposal bin, with key
2.3.4 CH-01 – TOTO TX 704 AES (or approved equivalent) double robe hook
Size: 76 x 50mm
2.3.5 Handicapped Grab Bars
a) HR-01 – TOTO T112 CH1 (or approved equivalent) stainless steel hand
rail for handicapped (movable / flip-up type with PVC cover) complete with
Size: 34mm dia.; 700mm length
i) Stainless steel pipes covered with vinyl chloride
ii) Anti-bacterial
iii) Stain resistant
b) HR-02 – TOTO T112 CL1 (or approved equivalent) stainless steel multi-
purpose handrail for handicapped (L-shape with PVC cover) complete
Size: 34mm dia.; 700 x 600mm length
i) Stainless steel pipes covered with vinyl chloride
ii) Anti-bacterial
iii) Stain resistant

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c) HR-03 – TOTO T112 C6 (or approved equivalent) grab bar (with PVC
Size: 600mm length
i) Anti-bacterial
ii) Heat insulated
2.4 Delivery, Storage and Protection
2.4.1 Provide all necessary protection to all items to be supplied to enable the proper
handling and storage on Site.
3.1 Installation of Toilet Accessories
3.1.1 Install toilet accessories at locations indicated on Drawings with approved
fasteners and in accordance with reviewed Shop Drawings, including provision of
framing as specified under Section 06 20 00, Finish Carpentry.
3.1.2 Install products as specified by manufacturer.
3.1.3 Verify location and mounting heights of products with the Architect prior to
roughing-in or installation.
3.1.4 Install products plumb, level, straight, tight and secure to mounting surfaces and
centred between joints on masonry and tile walls.

- END -

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