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Activities in BR Activities Continued

Knock! Knock! Children’s Museum: This Louisiana Art and Science Museum: Another
Museum provides over 18 learning zones and fun but educational day trip for the whole
experiences for children and families to family. With constant changes in their
explore. From storytelling to art, crawl spaces exhibits, this art and science museum
and bubble playgrounds this weekend provides hands on learning experiences for
adventure is not only fun for students but can those attending that are bound to be
enrich learning experiences outside of the different every time you come. Art exhibits
classroom and home. Weekly and monthly includes cultural pieces and sculptures and
events are held year round and birthday party Science exhibits include everything from
packages are available too! space to DINOSAURS! First Sundays of the
http://knockknockmuseum.org/ month are FREE from 1-4 pm. Located: 100
S River Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70802.
Located: 1900 Dalrymple Dr, Baton Rouge, LA Contact:225-344-5272
70808 Phone: 225-388-3090

Admission: 0-2 years are FREE. 3+ are $14.

Those with an EBT card are eligible for
reduced admission of $3 upon inquiry.

USS KIDD: Deemed the “Pirate of the Pacific”

families and kids can head on down to the
river to explore this U.S navy ship that has
been restored to her 1945 configuration.
Tours are given during hours of operations
and events are held monthly. Groups can even
hold events of their own such as overnight
stays on the ship. WHEELCHAIR FRIENDLY. We hope this guide we created for you
Located: 305 South River Road Baton Rouge, LSU Museum of Natural Science: A free will make your school year fun and
LA 70802-6220 Phone: 225-342-1942 museum for those interested in animals and enjoyable. We have taken the liberties of
Admission: First Sunday of the month is FREE!
nature. Lsu’s very first Mike the tiger is on finding the best resources in the Baton
display along with thousands of displays. Special
Otherwise 0-17 is $6, Adults are $10, and Rouge area to make your home and
speakers and events are held regularly for those
Veterans/seniors are $8 school life less stressful. Please contact us
interested in particular subjects so look out for
what you may want to learn more about !The with any questions or additions you
campus also provides beautiful scenery and would like to see put in the next guide!
open space outside the museum for families to
picnic and play. 119 Foster Hall Louisiana State 9765 Cuyhanga Pkwy, Baton Rouge, LA
University Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Phone: 225- 70815 Contact: 225-924-1606
Safelink Wireless: We know how important
School Related Resources it is to keep in touch with work, family, your
Childcare Continued
Pat’s Coats for Kids: This is a great service child’s school, and friends and that’s why we
Creative Children’s Learning: Another great
come the cold and chilly months here in Baton have found a program that you may qualify for
afterschool, before school, and daycare program.
Rouge. Ask the school or contact PCK and inquire one free cell service per household. Safelink
This school also has a bus that comes to and from
about receiving a free coat for your child. The Wireless is a provided that offers free cell
the day care to drop your child off here at school
company has given away nearly given away service to low-income households.
if needed from 6 am to 6 pm! Contact: 225-275-
200,000 used and new clothes. They also have https://www.safelinkwireless.com
9355 for pricing details Located: 11375 Stan Ave,
volunteer’s events and donation funds for those Baton Rouge, LA 70815
CATS: Capital Area Transit System: Baton
who wish to participate. Location: 1650 Highland
Rouge’s leading public transportation system
Road, Baton Rouge. Phone: 225-336-2339
around the city for as little as $2 a day. Available
year round and in and around the greater baton
St. Vincent De Paul: A wonderful community Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic:
resource that gives out free uniforms to baton rouge area. Passengers are able to download
This clinic provides free medical and dental
schedules online or track buses through their
rouge families who apply. Some other services they exams and procedures for those in need of
supply are thrift stores around the city, food banks, mobile device. Passes are available online at
service. They also provide counseling and eye
different costs depending on how long a pass is
car donations, hurricane relief and more. Check out care consultations. Prescriptions also come free
their events online or visit their website at needed. https://www.brcats.com/
or at a low cost of $4.00 and are available at most
https://svdpbr.org/ for more information. Located: department and drugstores. Located: 5414
Single Mom University: Online or in person,
1466 North St. Baton Rouge, La. Contact : 225-267- Brittany Dr Baton Rouge, LA. Contact: 225-769-
self-paced, education program. Provides life skill
5447 3377.
lessons, economic, and parenting classes.
Workload is dependent on the availability and
Women’s Hospital: Along with the generic
Family Resources ability of the student. Homework is optional but
care and procedures of a hospital this facility
Family Road: A FREE program for expectant encouraged and professionals are available to
offers many free or low cost classes to parents
women and mothers with children up to two years. work with the mom on their own schedule. Free
and families. Grandparents can brush up on baby
Their services include supporting moms and seven day trial and financial assistance up to
skills and raising children at a grand parenting
families with a variety of health care such as free 75%. Located: 11613 Newcastle Ave.Suite A
101 class and separate classes are offered for
ultra sounds, nutrition classes, incentive programs, Baton Rouge, LA 70816 Contact: 225-341-8055
boys and girls that are sprouting into young
etc. But wait! Dads can get involved too through
adults that teach about their changing bodies and
their Dedicated Dad Programs. Located: 323 E
Airport Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Childcare minds. A Baby Is Coming class prepares 4- 8 year
Little Land Childrens Learning: This olds on becoming a sibling and CPR/AED classes
daycare and pre-school service provides a are also provided for parents and potential
Contact: (225) 201-8888
hands-on active before and after school babysitters. Located: 100 Woman's Way, Baton
program that align with the same standards that Rouge, LA 70817. Check website for classes at
Needy of Greater Baton Rouge: Services
the school system requires teachers to include http://www.womans.org/classes-and-events.
provided include food bank and coupons for local
in the classroom. They also provide infant (DADS, there are classes for you too).
groceries, clothing, school supplies, toy drives, and
more. www.needyofgreaterbr.com through pre-school classes and a summer camp.
Located: 9212 Greenwell Springs Rd, Baton
Located: 2746 Berlin Dr. Baton Rouge, LA,70814. Rouge, LA 70814 Contact: 225-926-9788
Contact: 225-248-1020