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Interview Report

Nada Arif

English for Classroom Management EDU 2113

The most important thing in teaching is classroom management, there are many ways and
strategies for classroom management and I choose 5 strategies that I am going to use them in my
classroom in the future. First strategy is making different tones of my voice, this strategy help me
as a teacher to take the student’s attention and let them stay focus with me. Second strategy, if I
ask them question and they start talking together and making noise I raise my hands and put my
other hand to my mouth so they understand that they should raise their hands to speak. Third
strategy is to make a reward system that always work with the KG students, such as; making a
table with their name and give them happy or sad face and that encourage them to be good in the
classroom. Fourth strategy is using the routine and teach them how the routine of the class, this
make teaching easier and manage the classroom a lot. Last strategy is if they were too noisy
especially in the circle time which is the important part of the lesson, I switch and changed their
places so they don’t talk to each other.

I met teacher Hala Ayoob in Creative Science American Private School in Sharjah and I made an
interview with her by asking her some questions about education and teaching. Teacher Hala
choose teaching because she love teaching and love being with the students, she think that
teaching is the best job for a women as a mother and as a women, according to Ms. Hala “Being
with kids in my opinion is wonderful”. Teacher Hala said that she have just one certificate which
is Bachelor of English Literature. Moreover, she have been teaching for more than 15 years and
she teach in many schools in UAE not just one school. She is teaching now many subjects such
as; English, Math, Science and she teaches Social Studies and Islamic for Non-Arab speakers. In
her class the numbers of the boys equal to the girls, they are 11 boys and 11 girls. Finally she
said that they are having about 25 section for both levels in KG.

English for Classroom Management EDU 2113

1. Why is teaching a new language important for kindergarten students?

Learning new language is very important for all people nowadays but for kindergarten is
very important to start early with kids because their brain is ready to learn new language
easier when they grow older.

2. What do you think are the advantages of discipline in the classroom?

Of course it will make teaching easier, the environment of teaching will be better for the
teacher and for the students.

3. Do you use transitions? How many you use in one lesson?

Yes I am using it, nearly we are using it for 5 times in a lesson so the students can move
to different stations.

4. What is the importance of transitions?

Transitions give the chance to the students to practice all skills such as; reading, writing,
speaking and listening. It’s more interesting and it engage most of the students in the

5. How do you give children instructions for an activity?

Of course by planning first for the instructions and making it clear by repeating it many
times for the students.

6. Is routine important for KG students? What kind of routines do you use?

Yes of course because they are too young so routine make the education easier. Different
kind of routine like entering the class, leaving the class, moving between stations, having
lunch time, doing their tasks inside the class. Everything in the class has a routine to

7. Are you using one language with the students? Or talking with them in two different

English for Classroom Management EDU 2113

Yes, when I am teaching English I am using English and when I am teaching Arabic I am
using Arabic. I don’t prefer to mix between two languages in one subject because it wil
be confused for the students.

8. In your opinion, how does maintaining control over the class help you in managing the

Managing the class is one of the most important things in teaching and learning,
controlling the class is one of the most important things.

9. How do you manage your time for each lesson?

By planning well, by putting a certain time of each object and make sure that I am
following the plan that I have already planned before.

10. Do you use a reward system in your classroom?

Yes, I am using class dojo and even in our school we are using “Maliha Money” as a kind
for the behavior only.

11. In general, what advice can you give me about classroom management?

First, you have to know the nature of your students to know what interested them to
engage them in the lesson and if you feel that they are bored and not interested you have
to stop the way that you are teaching and find different way that interested them so if they
were interested and engaged everything will be ok.

English for Classroom Management EDU 2113