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DEP clause: ISO clause Transfered Remarks

to new

A.1.1 Planning (addition to clause) No

A.1.2 Design Criteria (addition to clause) No
A.1.3 Codes and Standards (addition to clause) No Many of these codes in parts of ISO. The wind related stuff is partly
in 19901-1 and is now mostly based on the newer Euronorm
A.1.4 Documentation and Deliverables (new clause) 19902 21.7 No
A.3.5 Access and Auxiliary Systems (additional to clause)
A.3.8 Wells and Risers (additional to clause) 19900 4.6.2 No Riser position only partly driven by structural
A.3.13 Drill Cuttings (new clause) No Is this clause required? Drillers won't read the structures DEP. Has
this been a problem in the past?
A.3.14 Accidental Events (new clause) 19900 4.3.2 No
A.3.15 Abandonment (new clause) 19900 4.12 No
A.4.9.7 Seabed Subsidence (new clause) 19901-4 6.3.7 No
A.4.10.3 Soil Investigation and Testing (addition to clause) No If required part of DEP on 19901-4 no need to refer in this DEP
A.5 SELECTING THE DESIGN CONDITIONS (addition to clause) 19900 4.5 No
A.6 PLATFORM REUSE (addition to clause) 19902 25 No
A.10 REGULATIONS (replacement clause) 19902 Annex H No Propose to add specific requirements as addendum to annex H
A.11.1 Application of Quality Assurance 19900 9 & No
19902 21
A.11.2 Responsibilities 19900 9 &
19902 21
A.11.3 Documentation 19902 21.7 No
A.11.4 Software Do we want to be so specific on non-linear analysis? The reference
of FRED and sfatey software is of no use in a structural DEP; it
will not be read by the responsible discipline.
A.12.1 Units No Use of units covered in general DEP, no need to repeat
A.12.2 Reference System No This is common practise and the grid system of plant north is
driven by the plant layout discipline and not structural
B.2 DESIGN FOR IN-PLACE CONDITIONS (additional to clause)
B.5 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS (addition to clause) 7.10 & 12 No
B.6 REDUNDANCY (replacement clause) 9.10.2 & A9.9 No
B.7 CORROSION PROTECTION (replacement clause) 19 No Refer to DEP in clause 19 ISO
B.9 EFFICIENCY (new clause) 6.2 to 6.4 No
C.2.1 Factored Gravity Loads (addition to clause) 9.2.1 No Should we use EN001 for weight control or new DEP based on
C.2.4 Live Load 1, L1 (Replace the first sentence with) 9.2.3 No
C.2.5 Live Load 2, L2 (Addition to clause) 9.2.4 No
C.2.10 Weight Estimates & MTO ( new clause) No Should this be here? Just EN or weight Control DEP
C.2.11 Pipeline/Riser Loads (new clause) No is this part of structures DEP?
C.3.1.1 Factored Loads (addition to clause) No Loadfactor on dynamic part formulated differently
C.3.1.2 Extreme Wind, Wave and Current Load, We (Addition to clause) 9.4.1 No
C.3.1.3 Direction of Wind, Wave and Current (addition to clause) 9.4.2 No New wave ref in ISO19901-1
C.3.1.4 Operating Wind, Wave and Current Load (addition to clause) ? No Maybe ISO19901-1??
C.3.2 Static Wave Analysis (addition to clause) ? No Maybe good to include wave period variation bit.
C.3.2.2 Two - Dimensional Wave Kinematics (addition to clause) 19901-1 A8.4 No A8.7 - formula for kinematics not clear >1 NS?
C.3.2.4 Current Blockage Factor (addition to clause) &A.9.5.4 No hard figures or actuator disk model?
C.3.2.6 Marine Growth (replace the last sentence) No what does old clause add?
C.3.2.12 Local Member Design (addition to clause) 9.11 No
C.3.2.13 Recommended Static Wave Analysis (addition to clause) 19901-1 A8.4 No New wave mentioned in 19901-1
C.3.3.1 Extreme Inertial Load Dn (addition to clause) 9.8.1 No
C. Dynamic Analysis Methods (addition to clause) No is EP ref required?
C.3.3.3 Member Design (addition to clause) 9.4.4 & 9.11 No is EP ref required?
C.3.4.1 General (addition to clause) No iso 19901-1 gives wind guidance; Euronorm ref for wind forces
C.3.4.2 Wind Properties (addition to clause) No
C. Spatial Coherence ( replace the last three sentence in the clause) 19901-1 7 & A7.2 No
C.3.4.4 Local Wind Force Considerations (addition to clause) VIV 19901-1 7 No Ref to VIV calc here or DEP on 19901-1; EP or e.g. DNV \ Oppen

C.3.4.5 Shape Coefficients (addition to clause) 9.7.2 No A9.7.2 refer to EN

C.3.4.6 Shielding Coefficients (addition to clause) A.9.7.2 No ref to EN
C.3.5.2 Current Associated with Waves ( replace last sentence in the clause) No ISO19901-1?
C.3.6.1 Substructure Elevation 19901-1 6.1
C.3.6.2 Deck Elevation Yes
C.4.1.1 Scope (addition to clause) 11
C.4.1.2 Evaluation of Seismic Activity (addition to clause) 11
C.4.1.3 Evaluation for Zones of Low Seismic Activity (Addition to clause) 11
C.4.2.4 Response Analysis (Addition to clause) 11
C.4.2.5 Response Assessment (Addition to clause) 11
C.5.2 Dynamic Effects (Replace last paragraph in clause) 8.3.2 No new clause made based on iso 19901-6
C.5.3 Load Factors (Addition to clause) No add cog shift factor?
C.5.5.1 General (Addition to clause) 8.3 No
C.5.6.1 Direct Lift (addition to clause) No Is this clause req'd in DEP?
C.5.6.2 Horizontal Movement onto Barge (Addition to clause) 8.5.2 No
C.5.7.2 Environmental Criteria (Additional to clause) 8.6 No Maybe more in 19901-6 (draft)
C.5.7.3 Determination of Forces (Addition to clause) 8.6 No
C.5.7.4 Other Considerations (Replace second sentence in clause) 8.6.4 No
C.5.8.1 Launched Structures (Addition to clause) 8.7.2 No
C.5.9.1 General (Addition to clause) No Should we add minimum FOS overturning of 1.5?
C.5.9.2 Environmental Conditions (Replace the clause) No
C.6 ACCIDENTAL loads (Addition to clause) No heading only
C.6.1.1 General (New clause) 10 No
C.6.1.2 Collision Events (New clause) 10.2 & A10.2 No
C.6.1.3 Method and Objectives of Analysis (New clause) Yes
C.6.1.4 Structural Performance (New clause) Yes
C.6.2 Dropped Objects (New clause) 10.3 & A10.3 Yes Propose to change EP reference to Norsok.
C.6.3 Blast Loading and Fire (New clause) 10.4 No
E.3.1.2 Design Practice (Addition to clause) 14.2.5 No Clause re written to say either 75 nominal gap or 50 between toes

E.3.5 Other Complex Joints (Addition to clause) 14.4 No 14.4 gives guidance on overlap; is EP92-0595 req'd for diaphragm
E.4 BOLTED CONNECTIONS (new clause) 14.11 Yes New clause added in DEP
F.1 FATIGUE DESIGN (addition to clause) 16 No EP reference deleted ISO covers critical bits.
F.2 FATIGUE ANALYSIS (addition to clause) 16 & 16.12 & No
F.4 S-N CURVES FOR TUBULAR MEMBERS (replacement clause) 16 No
F.5 STRESS CONCENTRATION FACTORS (replacement clause) 16 No Probably should add SCF for butt welds!!
G.1 GENERAL (Addition to clause) 17.1.2 ?? Yes
G.2.1 Driven Piles (Addition to clause) 17.2.2 & 22.5.1 No
G.3.2 Foundation Response (addition to clause) 12.3.7 No
G.3.4 Foundation Capacity (addition to clause) 17.3.2 No ISO different approach with mat factor; maybe add line on pile
G.4.1 Ultimate Bearing Capacity (replacement to clause) 17.4.2 No
G.4.2 Skin Friction and End Bearing in Cohesive Soils (replacement to clau 17.4.3 Partly
G.4.3 Shaft Friction and End Bearing in Cohesionless Soils (replacement c 17.4.4 Partly
G.9.2 Axial Behaviour (Addition to clause) 17.9.2 No
G.10.3 pile design checks 17.10.5 No
G.10.6 minimum wall thickness 17.10.6 No
G.10.7 allowance for underdrive and overdrive
G.10.8 Driving Shoe (Addition to clause) 17.10.8 No
G.10.10 Driveability (New clause) 22.5 No
G.11 LENGTH OF PILE SECTIONS (addition to clause)
G.12 MUDMAT DESIGN (replacement clause) 19902-4 No
G.13 MUDMAT BEARING CAPACITY (replacement clause) 19902-4 No
G.13.1 Acceptance Criteria (New Clause) 19902-4 No
G.13.1.1 Installation Storm Conditions (New Clause) 19902-4 No
G.13.1.2 Still Water Conditions (New clause) 19902-4 No
G.13.2 Undrained Bearing Capacity (replacement clause) 19902-4 No
G.13.3 Drained Bearing Capacity (replacement clause) 19902-4 No
G.13.4 Sliding Stability (replacement clause) 19902-4 No
G.14 MUDMAT SETTLEMENT (replacement clause) 19902-4 No
G.15 SCOUR (new clause)
G.16 JACK-UP SPUDCAN/PILE INTERACTION (new clause) 17.3 Yes added clause
G.17 SUCTION CAISSONS (new clause) 17.4 Yes added clause
H.1.2 Deck Design Model (replacement clause) ISO topsides
H.1.3 Deck Design Load Factors (replacement clause) ISO topsides
H.1.4 Other Deck Design Considerations ISO topsides
H.2.1 General (addition to clause) ISO topsides
H.4.1 General (addition to clause) 15.1 No Old DEP says fcu 60MPA min -> high; ISO between 20& 80
recommended 40MPA min. Currently no clause in DEP
H.4.2 Computation of Applied Axial Force (Addition to clause) 15.1 No
H.4.3.4 Other Design Methods – to further discuss DEP use Den method while ES/088
15.1 use No Think ISO is based on Norsok approach, sometimes
unconcervative API calcs no more concern
H.5 CONDUCTORS (Addition to clause) 15.4 Yes added clause
H.5.1 CONDUCTOR GUIDES (new clause)
H.7 ANCILLARY SYSTEMS AND MISCELLANEOUS ATTACHMENTS (New Clause) fatigue for misc. attachments is covered.
SECTION I MATERIAL ??? Either use material DEP based on EN10225 or ISO?
I.5 Materials other than structural 18 Yes added all non-structural material to DEP; or material DEP?
J.1 GENERAL (Addition to clause) No
J.8 AS-BUILT DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS (addition to clause) 23.9.g No
K.1 GENERAL (replacement clause) 20 No EEMUA or ISO?
K.2 POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT (new clause) 20.6.18 No PWHT specified in EEMUA; otherwise add thickness limits
L.1 GENERAL (replacement clause) 21 No EEMUA or ISO?
M.1.4 Temporary Bracing and Rigging (replacement to clause) 22.1.4 No Potentially require to change ref if EEMUA is used.
M.2.2.3 Barge Strength and Stability (addition to clause) 22 & 8.6 No Is the full model really required above 3000mt?
M.2.2.4 Loadout (addition to clause) 22 & 8.5 No
M.2.2.5 Seafastenings (addition to clause) No
M.2.2.8 Buoyancy and Flooding Systems (addition to clause) 22.2.6 No Also part of MWS ruls and part of 19901-6 Draft
M.2.3.4 Model Tests and Analysis (addition to clause) No
M.3.3.3 Flotation (addition to clause) No
M.5.1 General (addition to clause) 22.5 No
M.5.5 Obtaining Required Pile Penetration (replacement clause) 22.5.6 No
M.5.6 Driven Pile Refusal (addition to clause) 22.5.7 & 22.5.8 No
M.5.8 Drilled and Grouted Piles (replacement clause) 22.5.10 No
M.5.10 Pile Installation Records (addition to clause) 22.5.13 No
M.5.11 Grouting Piles to Structure (replacement clause) 22.5.12 & 15.1.2 No
M.5.12 Use of Hydraulic Hammers (addition to clause) 22.5.14 No
M.6.6 Installation Aids (New Clause) 22.7 No Stabbing guides part of MWS code or 19901-6 or Installation C
M.8.1 Site Investigation Data (new clause) 19901-4
M.8.2 Calculation of Setting Depth (new clause) 22.6 Yes partly
M.8.3 Installation Method (new clause) 22.6 Yes partly
N.1 GENERAL (replacement clause) 20 No ISO or EEMUA
N.2 SINGLE SIDED CLOSURE WELDS (new clause) 20 No If EEMUA is used this should come elsewhere otherwise maybe
O.1 GENERAL (Replacement clause) 23
Q.2.2 Fatigue Analysis (replacement clause) No
Q.4 MATERIAL (replacement clause) No


COMM.A.3.8 Wells and Risers (addition to clause) No ref A.3.8

Comm. C.2.10 Weight Estimates (new clause) No Would a DEP on ISO19901-5 not be better? No specific OU ref.

Comm. C.3.1.2 Extreme Wind, Wave and Current Load (Addition to clause) 19901 No Joint probability discussed in ISO 19901 and choice for criteria is
not a structural issue
Comm. C.3.1.4 Operating Wind, Wave And Current Load (addition to clause) A. No Some guidance is given here; is more specific input required or
could this be done addenda to the regional section.
Comm. C.3.2.1 Apparent Wave Period (addition to clause) 19901 8.3 No
Comm. C.3.2.12 Local Member Design (replacement clause) Why not use DNV 30.5 for waves\current & e.g. Oppen papaer for
wind (based on Norway experience and EN & DNV codes)
Comm. C.3.2.13 Recommended Static Wave Analysis (New clause) No New wave is mentioned 19901-1 but will not be adopted as
standard for design
Comm. C.3.3 Extreme Wave Dynamic Analysis (addition to clause) No ISO recommended action factors wuill be used
COMM. C.5 Fabrication and installation forces No ISO gives sufficient detail combined with proposed DEP clauses on
section 8
Comm. C.6.1.2 Collision Events (New clause) 10.2.2 & 10.2.23 No
Comm. C.6.1.3. Collision Process (New clause) No Need to review, maybe add speed half of Hs
Comm. C.6.1.4 Structural Performance No Evacuation time and shut-down time are not part of structural
design as such.
Comm. G Geotechnical Partly Pile bit included, allow shallow foundation references covered in
different DEP.
Comm. L Fabrication No Depending on outcome of fabrication specification
Comm. O Survey No
Comm. Q Minimum Structures No
Proposed action: Remark:

Offshore Installtaions (Safety Case) Regulations 1992 Statutory

Instrument 2885

Index to DEP publications and standard specifications DEP

The use of SI units DEP

Painting and coating for new construction projects DEP

Structural steel for offshore applications DEP

Design of cathodic protection systems for offshore structures DDD


Codes of Practice

Major Hazards on Offshore Installations Control and Recovery EA/005 Delete OU standard and contains no guidance on structural design.

Passive Fire Protection: Offshore Installation EA/078 Delete OU standard and contains no guidance on structural design.

Recovery from Explosions on Offshore Installation EA/083 Delete OU standard and contains little guidance on structural design.
An standrad as N-004 also gives guidance on this and new DEP is planned for
Engineering Procedures

Drawaing Office Standards and Procedures EM/004 Delete

Structural Standard Drawings EM/014 Delete Each OU to have it's own set otherwise standard drawing in a DEP

Guidelines for Lifting Point Design, Fabrication and Inspection EM/039 Delete Does not add to existing design practices

Structural Integrity Re-Assessment of Fixed Offshore Structures EM/063 Delete Covered in ISO 19902 section 24

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) EM/072 Delete OU standard and contains no guidance on structural design.

Drawing Maintenance and Management EM/075 Delete OU standard and contains no guidance on structural design.

Design Guidelines for Subsea Pipelines and RIser EM/076 Delete OU standard and contains no guidance on structural design.

Information Notes

Weight Engineering Principles and pROCEDURES EN/001 Delete OU standard and very complicated spec; better to use ISO with contingnecy from either DEP or project specific
Evaluation of Fire Hazards and Passive Protection Rerquirements- EN/064 OU standard and contains no guidance on structural design.
Offshore Installations
Engineering Standards

Topsides Facilities Structural Design Offshore Installation ES/006 OU standard, to be replaced by ISO 19901-3

Painting and Coating of Offshore Structures and Facilities and ES/011 DEP to be used
Offshore Process Facilities: Volume 1 – Technical Requirements;
Volume 2 – New Construction Coating Systems
CorrosionProtection of Fixed Steel Offshore Structures Offshore ES/115 DEP to be used
Corporate Documents

Verification Scheme: Volume 1 – Guidance Notes for Preparing a 3609-001/002

Written Scheme; Volume 2 – Performance Standard Templates

Quality management and quality assurance standards - Guidelines ISO 9000

for selection and use
Quality Systems – Model for quality assurance in design, ISO 9001
development, production, insallation and servicing
Petroleum and Natural Gas Induxtries – Fixed Steel Offshore ISO 19902
Issued by:
Central Secretariat of ISO
1 rue de Varembé
1211 Geneva 20


Recommended Practice for Planning, Designing and Constructing API RP 2A-LRFD Delete
Fixed Offshore Platforms - Load and Resistance Factor Design
Bulletin on Stability Design of cylinderical Shells API Bul. 2U ?

Bulletin on Design of Flat Plate Sructures API Bul. 2V ?

Issued by:
American Petroleum Institute
Publications and Distribution Section
1220 L Street
NW Washington DC 20005

Steel, concrete and composite bridges: Part 3 Code of practice for BS 5400 Delete
design of steel bridges
Load for buildings: Part 1 Code of practice for dead and imposed BS 6399 Delete
loads; Part 2 Code of Practice for wind loads
Code of practice for Fatugue design and assessment of steel BS 7608 Delete
Guidance on methods for assessing the acceptability of flaws in BS 7910 Delete
fusion welded structures
Lattice towers and masts: Part 1 Code of practice for loading BS 8100 Delete ISO refers to EN, more recent standard

Non-Destructive Examination of Welded Joints – Ultrasonic BS EN 1714 Delete

Examination of Welded Joints
Hot rolled products of non-alloy structural steel – Technical BS EN 10025 Delete EN norms already referenced in
delivery Conditions
Welded, brazed and soldered joints – Symbolic representation on BS EN 22553 Delete
Arc-Welded Joints in Steel – Guidance on Quality Levels for BS EN 25817 Delete
Issued by:
British Standards Institution
British Standard House
389 Chiswick High Road
London W4 4AL
United Kingdom.

Offshore installations: Guidance on design, construction and DEn

certification, Fourth Edition, 1990
Issued by:
HMSO Publications Centre
PO Box 276
London SW8 5DT
United Kingdom.


Steel Specification for Offshore Structures EEMUA Publication No. 150 Delete Use DEP

Construction Specification for Fixed Offshore Structures in the EEMUA Publication No. 158 ?
North Sea
Specification for Structural Casting for Use Offshore EEMUA Publication No. 176 ?

Specification for the Fabrication of Non-Primary Structural EEMUA Publication No. 197 ?
Steelwork for Offshore Installation

Rules for the design, construction and inspection of offshore DNV

structures, 1977, Appendix B, Loads, (Reprint with corrections
RP's and CN? 30.5?
Issued by:
Det Norske Veritas
Veritasveien 1
PO Box 300

Action and action effects N-003 Add

Design of Steel Structures N-004

Issued by:
Norwegian Technology Standards Institution
Oscarsgt 20
Majorstua, N-0306
Oslo, Norway
Listing: Proposed action: Remark:

1.       Health & Safety Executive, Offshore Installations: Guidance on design, construction and certification, Fourth Edition, 1990 (HSE design and construction guidelines) NB
This document has been formally withdrawn by the HSE but may be used for guidance where specifically stated in this ERD

2.       ULTIGUIDE, Best Practice Guidelines for Use of Non-Linear Analysis Methods in Documentation of Ultimate Limit States for Jacket Type Offshore Structures, DNV- Delete Refered to in ISO

3.       Practice for the dynamic analysis of fixed offshore platforms for extreme storm conditions, Shell report EP 87-0170

4.       Practice for calculation of an extreme inertial load for steel substructures for fixed offshore platforms, Shell report EP 93-2525

5.       Practice for the assessment of vortex-induced vibrations of structural members, Shell report EP 93- 0455 Delete Could we use DNV CN 30.5 for waves \ curretn and e.g.
Oppen paper for wind (Norway experience EN based)

6.       10,000 Year Extreme Total Levels, FUGRO GEOS, Final Report, Ref. No. C50088/2016, March 2000

7.       Design for offshore steel structures exposed to accidental loads, VERITEC, August 1988, published as Shell report EP 89-0230 Delete

8.       Interim guidance notes for the design and protection of topside structures, against explosion and fire, The Steel Construction Institute SCI-P-112, January 1992

9.       Practice – fatigue analysis of steel substructures for fixed offshore platforms, Report EP 93-2005 Delete All key items are in ISO

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marine conductors, Shell report EP 87-0160

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13.   Practice for the analysis and design of marine conductors, Shell report EP 87-0160.

14.   Shearwater Development Alliance, Shearwater C Jacket Design, Technical addendum to ES/148 – Jacket (Detailed Specification for Jacket Castings), Document No. SW-S- ?
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Conference , Houston, Paper 6422 (OTC 6422)

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219, HMSO, July 1986

20.   NEWWAVE and current blockage: Their implementation and application within SESAM, February 1994 EP-0161 Delete Theory will not be used

21.   Code Checks exceeding unity: The refined checking of various structural components EP 92-0595 Delete Contractor will know what to do