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Xuanming “Donny” Gu

(678) 862-6883 | DonnyG130@gmail.com

Education and Testing
 Chattahoochee High School, Class of 2019
 Currently dual enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology
 ACT: 36
 SAT II: Chemistry (790), Math II (800), US History (790), World History (790)
 AP: Calculus BC (5 out of 5), Chemistry (5), English Language and Composition (5), Physics I (5), US
Government and Politics (5), US History (5), World History (5)

Achievements and Skills

 National Merit Scholar Semifinalist
 Georgia Certificate of Merit
 Fluency in Mandarin Chinese
 Pathway certified graphics designer, proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
 Proficiency in Microsoft Office, AMS, and EchoSign

Extracurricular and Leadership

121Reach (Operations Manager) (Jan 2016 – Current)
 Organizing free tutoring service for students of Taylor Road Middle School
 Teaching Chinese immigrant students English and other subjects
Student Government (Aug 2016 – Cu rren t)
 Organizing school events, including Homecoming Dance, Pep rallies, and Prom
Fencing Club (Varsity, Captain, E-Rated) (Aug 2016 – Current)
 Mentoring new fencers in proper footwork and blade-work, leading them in GHSFL tournaments
 Bringing multiple sets of electric fencing strips (each set has two reels, one scoring box) to every practice
 Leading team in setting up home tournaments
Student Leadership of Johns Creek (Aug 2017 – Curren t)
 Learning to be an effective leader and team-worker through a variety of speakers and public leaders
 Serving community through group and personal projects

Work Experience
The Speculator (Aug 2016 – Ma y 2017 )
 Editorials Designer- digital graphic designing for the school magazine with a team of specialized designers
Hearth Education LLC (Jan 2017 – May 2017 )
 Intern- Assisting tutor with teaching students on successful test-taking skills
Chattahoochee Work-Based Learning (Aug 2017 – May 2018 )
 Teacher Assistant- Printing papers, grading tests, filing documents, helping the teachers with anything
The Beck Agency (Aug 2018 – Cu rrent)
 Intern – Making and receiving phone calls to and from clients and companies, emailing appraisals and
inspection notices, sending applications for client signatures, scanning and filing signed applications, filing
and following up on insurance claims, learning about insurance and work at an office
 Electronically documenting Agency IDs and passwords and redesigning agency website
 Creating a detailed manual for future interns and employees

Community Service
Youpei Education Training School (Jun e 2015 – Cu rrent)
 Working with students (ages 5 to 14) on proper English pronunciation, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary
 Leading oral classes, grading exams, teaching with western school activities and games
 Designing lessons and workshops teaching students why and how to help others