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Interview #1

Adrian Canales

age :19

Seventh day adventist

1. How long have you been a member of this community for ?

4 years

2. What makes you a member of this community?

Just attending the services on a normal basis makes me a member.

3. What distinguishes you as a member of this community vs. non-members?

We have baptism at our church but even if you're not baptized you are still a member of

the community. To be baptized you have to go to special talks for like 2-3 weeks before

being baptized.

4. What is the mood of the environment?

The mood is happy, because its church. I see it as a reliever from all the stress from


5. What are the expectations laid upon church members?

Represent the church in a good way. Sometimes the pastor assigns us to read bible scripts

before the next meeting.

6. Can you tell me about marriages in your church?

The pastor has a license to marry couples who are members of the church only.

7. Can you tell me about the structure of a regular service ?

Announcements, prayer, 2-3 praise songs lead by the choir, collect tithes and play music

while that happens, preaching, prayer and final song holding hands.

8. What do you do in this space?

I come with my family every saturday to listen to the pastor and praise.

9. What role does this community (your church) play in your life?

I have been coming to church since I was little so i guess you can say it plays a big role in

my life.

10. How do you feel when you are in this space?

It is a welcoming environment so i feel welcome and safe.

Follow up

11. Do you feel a sense of stability in your community?

Yes I have been attending this church for the past 4 years and nothing inside the room has

changed. It makes me feel comfortable, I usually always sit in the same bench too and it's

just a familiar space.

12. Are there certain positions held by members of this community?

Yes, we have members, elders, greeters, choir singers and the ones who play an


13. What are greeters?

They stand at the door and handout programs to the people entering.

Follow up questions after attending:

14. What are elders?

They're members that have been there for a long time and have a bigger voice in voting.

15. What do the elders vote on?

They vote on certain church related activities that will be done and they also organize

events like bible studies.

16. Is this space used by other people at different times than your community?

Yes we have other activities during the week like praying, bible study and member

meetings. The room is used only by members of the community.

17. How is the leader of your community chosen?

There are certain requirements to be a pastor. I know my pastor had to go to school to

become our pastor. The pastor has to be an older male.

18. How would you describe your interaction with the other members of your community?

A lot of these people I have been around for several years, they always say hi to me. But

we have never gathered outside of church. So I guess they're just my church friends.

19. Can a female be a pastor ?

Females can preach to the church but can not have their own church.

20. How would you describe the other members of your community?

They’re nice and they treat you like family. They're always asking me how I am doing at

school and checking up on me.

21. Do you feel a sense of belonging? If so, what makes you feel this way?

Yes I feel a sense of belonging because of the greetings and because i've been here for a

long time. No one judges me and that also makes me feel like I belong.

Accept people as they are. A man was standing outside with a banner protesting christianity and

we still treated him with respect despite him not respecting us.