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Observation Table for Task 1 – ‘Chit Chat’:

Class: 3E Number of learners: 27

Length of lesson: 40 min Teacher observed: Ms,Marie

Language Learning Goals: To improve students speaking

skill and to help them to be more confident in speaking skill.

Materials used: Books, Projector, Audio

Learner Learner D
Reason for speaking Learner A Learner B
Learner repeats
word(s) after
1 teacher /// // ///
- (whole class

Learner repeats
word(s) after
2 teacher // / /
- (group / pair

Learner repeats
word / phrase after
3 /
teacher -
(individual )

4 Learner answers //// / //

direct question from /

Learner answers
5 open question from /// / / /

Learner asks
6 / // /
teacher a question //

Learner answers a
partner in English
7 //
- (pair/ group work

Learner answers a
partner in Arabic
8 // // // //
- (pair/ group work

Learner speaks to
the teacher (E) (E ) (E)
9 informally - (Add E (E)
for English; A for (E ) (E)

10 Other reason(s) for When she When

When she
doesn’t she want When she
speaking need to go to
understan to doesn’t
the toilet. d .Also, answer understand
when she direct .Also, she
And she speaks needs some
when teacher let
need to go questions materials from
her to translate toilet. from the her friends or
from the
for the whole teacher.
Task 1 Cont.

Read the questions below and write your answers:

 What was the most common reason for speaking? When they don’t
understand and when they need to go bathroom.
 What was the least common reason for speaking? Answer direct
 Were there any boxes that had no ticks? 2,3,7
 What do you think is an appropriate sequence of communication
patterns between teachers and students? Ask questions and
answer direct questions from the teacher. Also, when the teacher let
the students to explain for the students who doesn’t understand or for
the whole class.