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The Financial Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility (FAIR) Act 

A bill to establish an independent, ad-hoc Oversight Committee, and for other purposes.  
Sponsor: David Liang (Representative, Class of 2022) 
Co-Sponsors: Tony Ma (Representative, Class of 2021), Brett Barbin (Representative, Class of 2019), 
Eugene Miravete (Representative, Class of 2020), Alex Pu (Representative, Class of 2022), Anya 
Wang (Representative, Class of 2022), Bruce Li (Representative, Class of 2019), Ridgley Knapp 
(Representative, Class of 2020) 
Mission Statement 
To  better  support  Recognized  Student  Organizations  and  Graduate  Student  Equivalent 
Organizations  and  to  uphold  fiscal  responsibility  of  the University of Chicago Student Government 
by  facilitating  communication  between  SG  funding  committees  and  RSOs/GSEOs,  conducting 
audits  to  identify  inefficiencies  in  the  funding  process,  and  making  regular  recommendations to the 
Be it enacted by the Assembly of the University of Chicago Student Government (UCSG):  
Title I: Purpose and Power   
1. The  Student  Government  Oversight  Committee  (SGOC) shall be instrumental in upholding 
the  fiscal  responsibility  of  UCSG  by  auditing  student  organizations  which  receive  financial 
support  from  the  funding  bodies  of  UCSG  and  shall  make  recommendations  to  the 
Assembly accordingly.  
2. The  SGOC  shall  conduct  regular  audits  on  activities,  events  and  initiatives  by  Recognized 
Student  Organizations  (RSOs)  and  Graduate  Student  Equivalent  Organizations  (GSEOs) 
which are funded, either partially or in full, by the following committees of the UCSG:  
a. the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC) 
b. Annual Allocations (AnnAl);  
c. the Community Service Fund (CSF)  
d. the Sports Club Fund (SCF)  
e. the Program Coordinating Council (PCC)  
f. the Coalition of Academic Teams (CAT)  
3. The  SGOC  shall  make  quarterly  reports  to  the  Assembly,  detailing  the  findings  of  the 
auditing process and recommending best practices for supporting RSOs and GSEOs.  
4. The  SGOC  shall  have  the  power  to  officially  recommend  the  Assembly  to  take  actions  on 
RSOs or GSEOs suspected of financial misconducts. 
5. The  SGOC  shall  not  have the power to revoke the recognition and privileges of any RSO or 
GSEO  nor  shall  it  suspend  the  funding  benefits  of  any  RSO  or  GSEO  indefinitely. 
However,  the  SGOC  may  request  the  Assembly  to  formally  revoke  the  recognition, 
privileges  and/or  funding  benefits  of  an  RSO  or  GSEO,  either  definitely  or  indefinitely,  in 
accordance  with  the  provisions  set  forth  in  Article  II  §  2(h)  of  the  Student  Association 
6. RSOs  and  GSEOs  shall  have  the  right  to  speak  in  defense  of their organizations in front of 
the  Assembly  or  the  Councils  when  a  SGOC  recommendation  concerning  them  is  heard, 
and shall also be entitled to be notified of these rights.  
Title II: Membership  
1.  The  SGOC  shall  consist  of  eleven  members,  a  non-voting  Chair  and  a  non-voting  ex-officio 
member selected in the following manner:  
a. The  Chair  of  the  SGOC  shall  be  a  member  of  the  Student  Association  appointed  by  the 
Executive Slate. 
b. The  President  of  the  Student  Government shall serve as a non-voting ex-officio member on 
the SGOC.  
c. Two members of the Student Association shall be appointed by the Executive Slate.  
d. The  SGFC,  CSF,  SCF,  PCC,  and  CAT shall each elect one of their members to serve on the 
i. Members  elected  by  the  aforementioned  funding  committees  shall act as the liaisons 
between the SGOC and their respective funding committees  
ii. The  College  Council  and  Graduate  Council  representatives  serving  on  the 
aforementioned funding committees shall not be elected through this channel  
e. The  College  and  Graduate  Council  shall  each  elect  two  of  their  members  to  serve  on  the 
i. In  the  event  that  either  council  fails  to meet its quota of elected representatives, that 
Council  may  vote  by  two-thirds  majority  to  seat  a  constituent  in  lieu  of  an  elected 
2. The term for all members of the Oversight Committee shall be for one fiscal year. 
3.  Vacancies  on  the  Oversight  Committee  shall  be  filled  at  the  following Assembly meeting in the 
manner in which that SGOC member was selected.  
a. A  vacancy  will  occur  when  a  member  of  the  Oversight  Committee  has  three  unexcused 
absences,  voluntarily  resigned,  has  been  removed  by  the  Assembly  or  both  Councils,  or  no 
longer hold the qualifications of membership. 
i. An  unexcused  absence  will  be  defined as failure to arrive at the meeting within thirty 
minutes  of its start time with no designated proxy or leaving at a time earlier than the 
scheduled end of the meeting with no designated proxy.  
Title III: Auditing Code  
1.  The  Assembly  shall  establish  and  codify,  by  statute,  the  procedures  and  protocols  for  SGOC, 
and  this  shall  be  called  the  Auditing  Code.  Under  no  circumstances  should  the  SGOC  operates 
without a Code.