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Portable Wireless Interface For AIS Pilot Plug To iPad/Phone Apps www.digitaldeepsea.com TEL+ 44 1179 554474
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Digital DeepSea
manufacture a range of
AIS products including
Class A & B transponders,
CLASS A AIS WiFi Interface
AIS Base station, AIS
receivers and wireless
PilotLINK is a wireless interface for Class A AIS systems. All Class A transponders System Layout Wireless network AIS LifeGuard
share a common connector for a pilot interface and PilotLINK connects directly created for mobile device
to this via a 1m cable. PilotLINK creates a wifi navigation network on board the with UDP & TCP/IP Options AIS LifeGuard is a new product which connects to any AIS
vessel which allows AIS and GPS data from the Class A to be sent directly to any Class A system and sounds a loud audio alert if an AIS SART alarm
connected mobile devices such as phones or tablets. It’s compatible with iOS AIS message is received. It’s ideal for use with the new
and Android systems (depending upon app utilised) as well as PC & MAC based generation of personal AIS SARTs and acts as a very
systems. effective MOB alarm system.

CLASS A AIS WiFi Interface

AISNET is a highly sensitive
IP Address: Port 2000

shore based AIS receiver for
use in ports and offices. It’s
systems all feature

fitted with a USB interface for

a common pilot plug
local PCs and a network
Tested to comply TEL +44 1179 554474
with FCC standards www.digitaldeepsea.com

connector DIGITAL
DEEP SEA interface for connection to the
internet or network and is ideal
AISNET for use with AIS sites like
PilotLINK AIS Base Station
MarineTraffic and AISLive.

PilotLINK is supplied with a 1m cable, fitted with the industry standard Class A AIS pilot plug Specification
mating connector. An optional 10m extension cable is also available. Simply plug in, switch
Dimensions 75 x 115 x 25mm
on and an instant WiFi hotspot is created and connected to the Class A system. The WiFi
Weight without battery 200 g
hotspot typically offers a radius of up to about 30m.
AIS Interface 38400 baud via 1m cable for Class A
Compatible Apps pilot plug connector IMO SN/Circ.227
WiFi Interface 802.11b/g
Access Point mode
PilotLINK PilotLINK is compatible with a wide variety of apps and PC
shown here UDP & TCP/IP Compatible
programs. iAIS is a free of charge app from Digital DeepSea
with the Range Typically 30m radius
which gives a basic AIS radar type display and target
optional Power 9V PP3 Internal battery
information. It’s also compatible with iSailor and iNavX -
rubber Optional USB external power source
both popular charting/AIS products and many other 3rd
jacket Battery Life Typically 15 hours
party apps available through the Apple App store or Google
Indicators Status-Data-Link
Play on Android.
Software Supplied with SmarterTrack Lite
PilotLINK is stand alone and can operate from its internal, user replaceable, dry PC software. iAIS available as
battery (PP3) for up to 15 hours. Alternatively, it can connect via a standard mini free download from Apple app store.
USB connector to any USB style power pack or AC/DC USB power adaptor that PilotLINK can also interface with a PC and Also compatible with 3rd party apps
are readily available from many 3rd parties. MAC. Popular navigation programs such such as iNavX and iSailor
iNavX full
as SmarterTrack, RodePoint, MACENC, featured app Options Rubber Jacket (ZDIGPLRC)
Seapro and MaxSea can be utilised. The with Navionics 10m Pilot Plug Extension cable (ZDIGPPLEXT)
Ordering information:
Part Number: ZDIGPLINK product ships with SmarterTrack Lite - a charting, AIS and
UPC Code: 081159829988 full featured AIS display program for
Windows PCs.
weather overlays
DIGITAL Digital Deep Sea
The Technology Centre, Green Lane
Failand. BS8 3TR. UK

TEL +44 1179 554474
Manufactured and Designed in the UK www.digitaldeepsea.com