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Talya Cohen

TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Mathematics

Grade Level Kindergarten

Learning Objective K.1 The student, given two sets, each containing 10 or fewer
concrete objects, will identify and describe one set as
Content Knowledge

having more, fewer, or the same number of members as

the other set, using the concept of one-to-one
K.2 The student, given a set containing 15 or fewer concrete
objects, will
a) tell how many are in the set by counting the
number of objects orally;
The students will be making numbered and pictured flashcards
using http://studyblue.com to help with counting their numbers
1-15 and understanding the concept of “fewer than,” “more than,
“and “the same as.”

-To begin class, the students will learn about the numbers 1-15.
They will do multiple counting activities aloud for each of the
numbers. The students will also review and learn the concept of
“more”, “fewer” or “the same as” when looking at different
numbers. I will ask questions such as “are there more or fewer
objects in this set of 10 then in this set of 5?” Students will be able
to count and understand if there are more or fewer objects when
looking at numbers of objects. It will also help because students
will put the flashcards in order from 1-15, so the concepts will be
easier to understand. When they get the hang of it, the numbers
will be random asking the same types of questions.

-After the reviewing lesson, the students will make their own
flashcards online on a website called studyblue.com. These
flashcards are also printable, so after making them, they can
review them in hand. Or they can just use the online version of
the flashcards. The students will be able to easily access their
flashcards at home to study their numbers and concepts.

-The flashcards that the student will be making will include a

number on one side and the number of items in picture form on
the opposite side of the flashcard.

Technology The website that the students will be using to make their online

flashcards is http://studyblue.com. This website is free and easy


to use.
Directions for Use 1.) Click on the Chrome browser which is the yellow, green,
red and blue circle.
2.) Once opened, into the search bar type in the link
3.) Click on the blue “Log in” button at the top right of the
4.) Under “Email” type in talyaalana@comcast.net
5.) Under “Password” type in class123!
6.) Then hit the blue “Log in” button at the bottom of the
7.) At the top of the page go to the “flashcards” button in
blue, and scroll down to “make flashcards.”
8.) The first card will appear, and you will type in the
number “1” under “term.”
9.) Next at the top right corner of your search bar, open a
new tab.
10.) Under the search bar type in https://www.google.com/
11.) Under google, search “one animal cartoon”
12.) Then, click on an image with just one animal to match
the number written on your flashcard.
13.) Highlight the picture by right clicking and dragging your
mouse over the picture.
14.) Then, click “Command” and hold down the letter “S” on
the keyboard at the same time.
15.) Save the image as to your documents.
16.) Go back to your tabs and open back up studyblue.com
17.) Under the “definition” box click on the third item over
that looks like a tiny box next to the picture of the sound
button (If you lay your mouse over, it’s labeled “add
18.) Once you click on the square box, click on “or choose a
19.) Go to your documents and find the picture that you
saved of the one animal cartoon.
20.) The picture will then paste into the definition box.
21.) After this, click “+ Add card” and do the same process
for the number 2 following the same steps from before.
Instead, as the number increases, you will need to find a
picture that matches that number. Example: “Two
animals cartoon” under the image search.
22.) Continue these steps until you get to number 15. By the
end, the student should have 15 different flash cards
with a term and definition on each side.
23.) When all done the flash cards, click on the button in the
top right corner labeled “Save and Exit.”
24.) Under “Title” type in your name and numbers. Ex. “Talya
Cohen numbers”
25.) Under location, click on “Elementary, Early and Special
Education, SPED 313”
26.) Privacy should be set to “Public” so I am able to view the
27.) Click the blue “Save Button” down at the bottom.
28.) You will now be able to view, practice, and review your
flashcards under the blue “Classes” dropdown bar on
the upper left corner. Look for the flashcards with your
name on it.
Link to the example product https://s.tudy.it/3i9gt