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Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Academic and Research Vice-Rector

Activity guide and evaluation rubric

1. General description of the course

School or Escuela de Ciencias de la Educación

Academic Unit
Academic Level Profesional
Academic Field Formación disciplinar
Course Name English Conversation
Course Code 551015
Course Type Teórico Práctico Retake Yes ☐ No ☒
Number of Credits 3

2. Description of the activity

Type of
Individual ☐ Collaborative ☒ of 4
Initial ☐ Intermediate ☒ Final ☐
Total score of the activity: Environment to submit the
80 activity: Collaborative Learning
Starting date of the Deadline of the activity: May 10th,
activity: April 17th, 2018 2018
Competence to develop:
Students acquire specific skills to obtain a high performance in the
speaking module of the international exam Certificate in Advanced
English (CAE).

Topics to develop:
Unit 2: Rehearsing speaking skills through standard tests

Step, phase or stage of the learning strategy to develop

Task 5: Collaborative work on standard tests
To complete the speaking part of a CAE mocking test
Activities to develop

1. Register in a Google Drive document in order to participate in a

synchronic CAE mocking test via skype to demonstrate your
ability to perform independently after being asked a series of
questions – The registration will be sent through a course

2. Check the following material in the knowledge Setting:

Cambridge English Language Assessment (2013). How to
prepare for Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE).

3. Watch sample videos regarding people performing in some CAE

tests as well as ways to be prepared to take it.

4. On the set day, you will participate in a CAE mocking Test via
Skype. In the mocking test you will have to:
a. Answer some personal questions
b. Compare and answer some questions about some pictures.
c. Discuss view points by asking and answering some
d. Answer some general questions.

The participation in pairs will be 15 minutes long, and

microphone and camera are mandatory.

Collaborative Learning: Sign up to participate in

the synchronic CAE mocking test via skype – Interact
with a peer in the interview.
for the
Monitoring and Evaluation: Check your grade and
of the activity

a. Answer some personal questions
Products to b. Compare and answer some questions about some
be submitted pictures.
by students c. Discuss view points by asking and answering
some questions
d. Answer some general questions.
a. Meaningful and clear participation in all the parts
of the CAE, where interaction with a peer will take

General guidelines for the collaborative work

All collaborative activities complement each other and

make part of the task based approach and they
represent a clear and significant sequence on the
Planning of
speaking English process which is the main purpose of
activities for
the course.
Thus, each collaborative task is planned for three or
four weeks and will consist of:
-Reading theoretical resources and watching videos on
language issues
-Be prepared to participate on the speaking part of
the CAE test on the selected date and time by Skype

Roles to be
by the This activity does not require the distribution of roles
student in as the outcome is the participation in a live interview
the with a peer and the tutor through Skype.
Roles and
duties for
Distribution of roles is not required for this activity, as
each student participates on the selected date and
time in the debate for about two hours.
of products
by students
All references considered for this activity have to be
cited using APA Style
Plagiarism Plagiarism takes place when we use another person’s
policy ideas without giving credit to them.
In agreement 029 of December 13th, 2013, article 99,
considers as offenses that infringe upon the academic
order, among others, the following: paragraph e) “To
plagiarize is to present as your own the total sum or
part of the whole of a piece or work, writing, report,
task, document of invention developed by another
person. It also implies the lack of citation or lack of
references, or including citations where there is no
coincidence between them and the reference” and
paragraph f)”To reproduce, or copy for profit,
educational resources or results of research products,
which have intellectual rights reserved for the

The academic penalties that the student may face are:

a. In case of proved academic fraud in the
academic work or evaluation, the student will
receive a zero (0.0) score without separation of
the corresponding disciplinary sanction.
b. In case of proved plagiarism in the academic
work of any nature, the student will receive a
zero (0.0) score without separation of the
corresponding disciplinary sanction.
4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric
Activity type: Individual Activity ☒ ☒
Initial ☐ Intermediate ☒ Final ☐
Evaluated Performance levels of the individual activity
items High score Average score Low score
Lack of
Previous understanding of
The performance in
registration, stages of CAE
the interview shows
students perform speaking module
that more attention
accurately in an will not allow the
Pragmatic is required to give 20
interview similar to expected
Competence information in points
CAE speaking preparation for
regards of the
module with one this kind of
posted situation.
peer and the tutor. international
(Up to 20 points) (Up to 10 points) (Up to 5 points)
Ideas are
Ideas are
adequately but It is difficult to
expressed with
inconsistencies are understand ideas
ease in proper 15
Grammar often displayed because of
sentence structure points
with sentence grammar mistakes
and tenses
structure and
(Up to 15 points) (Up to 8 points) (Up to 2 points)
It is slightly unclear It is difficult to
Pronunciation is
with pronunciation understand
very clear and easy 15
Pronunciation at times, but because of unclear
to understand points
generally is fair pronunciation
(Up to 15 points) (Up to 8 points) (Up to 2 points)
Speech is effortless
Speech is very
and smooth with Speech is slow and
slow, stumbling, 15
Fluency speed that comes often hesitant and
nervous, and points
close to that of a irregular
native speaker
(Up to 15 points) (Up to 8 points) (Up to 2 points)
Uses limited
vocabulary and
expressions or uses
Uses a variety of Uses only basic
a variety of
vocabulary and vocabulary and 15
Vocabulary vocabulary and
expressions expressions points
expressions, but
makes some errors
in word choice
(Up to 15 points) (Up to 8 points) (Up to 2 points)
Final score