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Black Magic,

Masonic Witchcraft,
Triangle Powers
Ever wonder why the Masons installed the statue of a
woman in stone atop the U.S. Capitol building in
Washington, D.C., and the statue of a woman called
"Liberty" in New York City's harbor? Well, now you know.
America, meet your satanic mistress, Isis.
—Texe Marrs
The triangle is of primary importance in all Illuminati realms,
whether in the ritual ceremonies of the Rosicrucians and
Masons or the witchcraft, astrological and black magic
practices of other Illuminist followers. Always the triangle is

Among satanists and witches, the double triangle, the

Seal of Solomon, also called the hexagram, is of great
interest. This seal, known as the Magen David of the Jews,
is actually composed of two triangles, superimposed on
each other. One triangle pointed upward represents the
flesh or material matter and the male generative act; the
other, pointed downward, signifies female sexuality and the
spiritual plane.

Therefore we have a masculine and a feminine triangle

integrated. This indicates sexual union, the sex act, and the
reconciliation of opposites, yin and yang, or God and Satan.
The blasphemous suggestion in the symbol becomes clear.

Remember: Everywhere in the world of Illuminism, we

discover sexual connotations. Theirs is a sex cult; indeed it
is the world's greatest sex cult; yet, the Illuminati use
symbols and signs to mask their sexual messages.

The Star of David and the Beast's Number, 666

The supremely evil nature of the double triangle, the

hexagram, Solomon's Seal, the Magen David (Shield of
David), is proven by the fact that the symbol contains the
hidden number 666, the number of the beast (Revelation 13).
Notice that there are six triangles incorporated on the
outside of the hexagram; that it has six out points, and that
six lines are used in constructing the symbol's two
triangles. Thus, 6-6-6.

Also, the symbol incorporates six triangles of three sides

each. Six times three equals eighteen (6 X 3 = 18 and 6 + 6 +
6 = 18).

An outstanding study of the six-pointed star was

accomplished by Dr. O.J. Graham in the book, The Six-
Pointed Star.1

Dr. Graham proves that this symbol was never used by King
David of Israel and so the name Star of David is a misnomer.
The symbol was chosen in 1947 for the flag of the fledgling
nation of Israel at the insistence of the Rothschilds. Its
usage stems from the medieval period when corrupt rabbis
into cabalistic magic began to use the six-pointed star in
their rituals.

Dr. Graham does not mince words in declaring this emblem

a tool of Satan, unworthy of use by the holy people of God.

The Occult Triangle and the Masonic Lodge

Returning back to the single triangle as a common symbol

of occult usage, we note that the Freemasons were able,
through the influence of Grand Master Benjamin
Franklin, to have the triangle became the sun-lit
capstone above the pyramid on the obverse (reverse) side
of the Great Seal of the United States.

The design of the 33rd degree jewel worn by the elite Mason
is made up of interlocking triangles.

The Real Grip of a Master Mason, which the Order claims

can "resurrect" the candidate and cause him, in essence, to
be "born again" (a counterfeit of the Christian experience) is
formed with fingers separated to form a triangle. In the
photos and illustrations in this section, you will find several
real-life examples of this grip.

In Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia we are told of the triangular

chain, the legend taught by Freemasonry that Jewish
Freemasons were carried as captives from Jerusalem to
Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, being bound by triangular
chains. The Babylonian King is said to have been gravely
insulting the Jews by doing this because, to the Jews, the
triangle, or delta symbol, was a symbol of their Deity.2

King Solomon and the Triple Triangle

In the 6° of Freemasonry, the Degree of Intimate Secretary,

the concept of a triple triangle is introduced, said to be
emblematic of the three Masons who were present at the
opening of the first Lodge of Intimate Secretaries. It is
further claimed that King Solomon was one of those three

It is significant that in the first Book of Kings in the Bible ,

King Solomon rebelled against God and His commandments
and began to worship the God and Goddess of the heathen
in his temple. He also required of the High Priests of
Solomon's Temple that they annually render to him, as
tribute, the sum of 666 talents of gold.

Undoubtedly the number 666 is symbolically the triple

triangle, because the holy number of the Goddess was 666.

In Mackey's Masonic Ritualist, the author, Sovereign Grand

Commander of the Scottish Rite, Albert Mackey, emphasized
the key importance of the triangle in the rituals of

The late Jim Keith, an exposé of conspiracies and cults, also

discussed the importance of this symbol to Masonry. He
writes, "There is in fact a triad of three governing officers to
be found in almost every degree."4

In a number of books written by Masons, the downward

pointing triangle is related to Set, the God of Egypt, and to
Bacchus. Both of the deities are Satan in other guises.

Jim Tresner, 33°, whose academic writings are often

published in Masonic journals and publications, notes the
use of triangles in the ritual for the fifteenth degree of the
Scottish Rite, Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the
Eagle. Tresner says that the apron worn for this degree's
ritual in the Lodge is of red velvet, and "on the apron are
three triangles, one inside the other, formed of chains with
triangular links." These three triangles, he explains,
"represent the three great limitations on, or enemies of, the
human intellect — tyranny, privilege, superstition."5

In reality, Tresner is subtly alluding to the Masonic Order's

long-standing doctrine of fierce opposition to existing
political sovereigns not yet corrupted or conquered by
Illuminism and its hatred of the true Christian Church, which
the Masons teach is "superstition" and is a sectarian belief
that cannot be tolerated. Tresner may object to my
characterization, but the evidence of my allegations is
insurmountable, as the rituals themselves prove.

Rosicrucians, Theosophists, and The Triangle

The Rosicrucian Order, too, relies on the triangle as a

vehicle to impart and convey its teachings to rising
candidates. For example, Arkon Daraul, in A History of
Secret Societies, describes a ritualistic scene of initiation in
a German branch of Rosicrucianism:
The room of initiation was carpeted in green and on it were a
number of objects... Three candelabra were placed to form a
triangle, and nine glasses indicated the male and female
Helena Blavatsky's worldwide cult Theosophy and its
offspring, The Lucis Trust, led for many years by prolific
occult writer, Alice Bailey, likewise adopted the triangle as
symbolic of their teachings. In 1937 the Lucis Trust founded
a subsidiary group named Triangles which today
encourages people across the globe to network by forming
local three person triangle groups to come together often
and meditate. In this way, said the parent organization in a
letter, occult adepts can,
"help to illumine world thought... through which the new
incoming Aquarian energies can function, the new ideas
spread, and the New World Order emerge."7
According to Bailey, the coming New World Order of the
New Age is best symbolized by a triangle within a circle,
with a single dot, or point, within the triangle. This
symbol is said to represent three Centers (in U.S.A.,
Centers), the point standing for the ruler of the spirit world,
Sanat (an anagram for "Satan" apparently), the entity who at
the appointed time will emerge to rule the Earth and
humanity. The second Centre is Sanat's "Hierarchy," the
many unseen spirits (i.e. devils), and the third Centre is the
human masses.8

At the close of the Age, Bailey assures us, "the three major
Centers will be in complete unified and synchronized
activity," controlling all manifestations of life.9

Aleister Crowley, the late British satanist and Freemason,

was also a devotee of the triangle as symbol. As a high-level
officer of the occult group, Order of the Golden Dawn,
Crowley used for one of his emblems the Eye of Horus in
the Pyramid of Fire, radiated by the sun's rays. It was Horus,
in the form of a spirit guide named

Aiwass, that allegedly gave Crowley The Book of the Law, a

book of prophecy Crowley claimed he received by automatic

ABRACADABRA Not Just Childish Fun

Witches and deep occult magicians join Bailey in use of the
triangle. Take the word ABRACADABRA that is repeatedly
used in kids TV cartoons and programs by supposedly
mythical creatures like wizards and witches and fairies.

Actually, this word is of ancient origins. In a poem on occult

medicine written by a pagan doctor in ancient Rome about
250 AD, to ward off fevers and sickness, the physician
recommended the word abracadabra be written down in an
inverted triangle like this:

Next, the paper on which the word was written was to be

tied round the patient's neck for nine days and then thrown
backwards over the shoulder into a stream running
eastwards. The fever then would shrink to nothing, the
patient was told.
The magical word ABRACADABRA comes from worship of
the gnostic God, Abraxas. It literally means: The dead body,
or corpse, of Abraxas.

Witches often use the triangle as a protective symbol. They

foolishly believe it can be used as a talisman, especially if
the Tetragrammaton, the Hebrew letters for God, are
inserted inside the triangle. The Masons do the same thing
essentially in the Masters Jewel of the 4th degree. The
triangle is inscribed on the ring given holders of the 14th
degree also.

The Geometrical God Is a Woman

A closely kept secret of higher level Masons and other

Illuminists is that, in addition to their worship of the Devil by
other names, they also worship a female deity, the Great
Goddess. This is made plain by John Yarker, a renowned
British Freemason. Yarker's translation of the French
manuscript, Lectures of a Chapter, Senate, and Council,
informs us that the triangle's origins can be found in
Egyptian religion, being the symbol of Isis, the Egyptian
The triangle, which they called the geometrical God, was the
emblem of Isis.11
You'll recall that the symbol "G" is found at the center of the
most common of Freemasonry's symbols, the Masonic
square and compass, and that the Mason is told this letter G
represents "God" and "Geometry." This, then, is the
"geometrical God" that, Yarker observes, "was the emblem
of Isis."

Ever wonder why the Masons installed the statue of a

woman in stone atop the U.S. Capitol building in
Washington, D.C., and the statue of a woman called
"Liberty" in New York City's harbor?

Well, now you know. America, meet your satanic mistress:

Pages 800 and 801 from Encyclopedia of Freemasonry by
Albert G. Mackey, 33° and Charles T. MrClenachan, 33°.
A dark scene inside a Masonic Temple in Greece. The
human sacrifice lays straddled as a five point star on the

Superimposed behind are the descendant (hell) triangle and

the tau symbol of the Royal Arch. The delta triangle design
is feminine and corresponds to the female's vulva.

Two magical seals based on the Black Book of Honorius.

The first is the occult seal of Great Work. The second is the
occult seal of Black Magic. Note in both of them the
opposed position of the triangles and the position of the
moon (in the center of the Black Magic seal).
Freemasonry's The Royal Arch Banner reveals two angels
holding their respective wings in a triangle shape. The
cloven hoofs and goat legs demonstrate the Luciferian
nature of these angelic creatures. (From Coil's Masonic
Encyclopedia, revised 1995)
Only an adept heavily schooled in occult symbology would
understand the message being communicated in this full-
page ad for "Virginia Slims" cigarettes. The occult
significance of the lightning bolt, the triangle, the square,
the arm and hand signs and positions, even the wide spread
of the model's legs is explained in the pages of Codex
The colors she wears, black, red, blue, and white also
contain significance. Still, given the general deterioration of
intellectual thinking in society and of moral values and
Christian knowledge—and the dearth of knowledge of occult
deception—it is entirely possible that neither the fashion
designers nor the Advertising Agency are culpable of
intentionally using occult devices. The significance
however, remains, and in the author's opinion, such
advertising cannot help but aid the cause of evil forces.

Display ads like these are common in New Age and occult
To interest like-minded people to inquire about the
Rosicrucians, this or a similar ad is placed in some
magazines. Under the heading, "Secrets Entrusted to A
Few," we find an ancient and worn book with a triangle and
cross imprinted on the cover. The Rosicrucians are actually
several different Orders. This ad is for AMORC, an
American-based Order that is less influential among the elite
than European branches. Perhaps the most famous initiate
of the Rosicrucians was Benjamin Franklin.

Catholic Pope John XXIII was reputed to be a Rosicrucian as

was Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer. U.S. Senator
Ted Kennedy (DMA) is today a high-level Rosicrucian.
The design for the Jewel of Scottish Rite Masonry's 33rd
degree includes a system of interlocking triangles, circles,
the "X," and the quadruple Tau background.

Official logo of conference held by socialists promoting the

political and economic merger of the United States and the
old U.S.S.R. Speakers at the 1989 conference included
Illuminati U.S. Senator John Heinz (Order of Skull & Bones),
U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, and Pittsburgh Mayor Sophie
Aleister Crowley, British satanist who was a high level
initate of many occult Orders and Secret Societies, giving
the supreme sign of the horned God.

The triangular hat resembles the style of hat worn by many

in the earlier colonial period in America. The triangle
contains the all-seeing eye and has the radiant rays of the
sun deity shining forth.

This logo of Triangles, a Lucis Trust organization, and the

message from Alice Bailey, occultist founder, was included
in World Goodwill newsletter (1997, No. 4). World Goodwill
is yet another global organization, affiliated with the Lucis
Trust, but which also networks with scores of other
Illuminist groups, orders, and secret societies.

Lucis Trust and World Goodwill teach of the coming of the

Cosmic, New Age Christ, avatar for the Age of Aquarius,
who represents the Central Sun, also called the Solar Logos.

The New Age group, Energy System Parameters (ESP), has

this as the logo on its letterhead. In this letter announcing
its general membership's annual meeting, the co-Presidents
emphasized ESP's focus on "group energies," "cosmic
reorganization," and the importance of achieving the
"crystalized form of new patterns."

The signature line had the phrase, "In the Service of the
The jewel of the 32nd degree, Scottish Rite, contains four,
interlocking Tau elements and four squares.

Symbology-wise, this arrangement conceives of the

Freemasons and their coming Prince to be rulers of all four
corners of the globe. (From the back cover of Scottish Rite
Journal, October 1998)
Eastern religions believe that the use of the Sri Yantra
produces unparalleled spiritual power by evoking (inviting)
help from the unseen spirit world. Commonly employed in
sexual tantra rituals, the design of the Sri Yantra meditation
device begins with the four "T"s, (Tau) which, interestingly,
is the same as the design of the Mason's 32 n d degree
jewel. From this base, the Sri Yantra is drawn from nine
(666=6+6+6=18=1 +8=9) triangles, four pointed downward
and five pointed upward, forming 42 (6x7) triangular
fragments around a central triangle. Occultists teach there
is no other set of triangles which interlock with such
integrational perfection.

The diagram of the Sri Yantra is said to contain, or

synthesize, within all the activities and energies in the
universe. Made up of black and white triangle elements, the
design bears also the yin/yang, black is white and white is
black principle underlying the Masters Carpet
(checkerboard) floor of Masonry and also parallels the "two
heads" doctrine implicit in the great symbol of 33rd degree
Freemasonry, the double-headed eagle. (Drawing from book,
Sacred Geometry, by Robert Lawlor, Thames and Hudson,
New York and London, 1989)

Two more versions of the Sri Yantra. Left: A Sri Yantra

found inside the cover of a rock album. Right: Sri Yantra
from the book, The Tantric Way, showing the multiple-
triangle design, representing the generative (sex) act.

In this design the interior, triangular (male) elements are

"buried" within the Lotus blossom (female).

A masonic tracing board with an image of a coffin,

decorated with the "tools'' of the Craft. The V or square at
the bottom of the coffin is pointed downward to hell and the
Lord of the Underworld. The skull and bones, or death's
head, is thought to guard the doorway to the Mysteries of

There are three number fives arranged in a triangle pattern,

thus 555, the triple nickel, symbolizing death and
resurrection. Not coincidentally, the Washington Monument,
in our nation's capital, is exactly SSS feet high. It was
designed by Masonic overlords and architecturally is an
obelisk, worshipped in Egypt as Osiris' penis (Baal's shaft).
The Sri Yantra pictured as a mystical diagram of Solomon's
Temple, as planned in the building scheme of the Knights

The cross and sun rays on top do not represent Jesus

Christ, but point to the Cosmic Christ, who came in many
names in the past and shall come again with a new name.
(From the book, The Sword and The Grail, by Andrew
Sinclair, New York: Crown Publishers, 1992)
The occult spiritual nature of the mission of the United
Nations (UN) is seen in the UN's Meditation Room, inside the
UN headquarters in New York City. The austere Meditation
Room has a rough, black granite ashlar altar (masonic
origins) and a mural with various occult symbols, including
the serpent, triangle, crescent moon, and square. The Room
itself is designed as a pyramid without a capstone lying
down on its side.

The UN even has a chaplain of sorts; Sri Chinmoy, a Hindu

guru who leads chants and meditations inside the
Meditation Room. Evidently, the Illuminati were not keen on
separating church and state when they founded their world
body, the United Nations.
When captured American aviator, Navy Lt. Robert O.
Goodman, Jr., 27, was released by Syrian authorities into
the hands of self-appointed diplomat Jesse Jackson, the
aviator was given this souvenir T-shirt from his hometown
of Akron, Ohio. The T-shirt had triangular designs and
demonic eyes.

Perhaps Syria's President, Hafez Assad, agreed to deal with

Jesse Jackson because both he and Jackson are 33rd
degree Masons. Later, Jesse Jackson traveled to
Communist Cuba, where side-by-side with another Lodge
brother, dictator Fidel Castro, the black religious and civil
rights leader hollered out to the Cuban crowd, "Viva Fidel.
Long Live Fidel Castro!" (Photo and article from Newsweek,
January 9, 1984)
The New Age occult organization, Institute For Planetary
Synthesis, employs the triple triangle for its logo, as this
"Order Form" for its teaching products indicates.
Judge Roger Sherman, one of the signers of the American
Declaration of Independence, giving the triangle sign with
his right hand. (Painting: from book The Miracle On Main
Street, by F. Tupper Saussy)

Duane Ackerman, CEO of BellSouth Corporation, holding

his hand in what subtly appears to be the masonic triangle.
(USA Today, March 15, 2004, p. B4)

Texas Governor George W. Bush in 1998 with Russian

presidential candidate, General Alexander Lebed exchange
a concealed handshake as Lebed displays the enigmatic
double triangle sign of the Lodge which is similar to the
Real Grip of a Master Mason (Duncan's Masonic Ritual and
Monitor, 3rd Ed., p. 120).

General Lebed, the most popular political figure in Russia at

the time, never succeeded in his ambitious quest to win the
Russian presidency. His airplane crashed in mysterious
circumstances in Russia, and he was killed. (Photo: from
Austin American-Statesman, March 22, 1998)

Comedian Bob Hope, knighted by the Sovereign Military

Order of Malta, shows the Masonic square, known also as
the triangle, V, downward delta sign.
Above: In its May/June 2001 issue, Psychology Today
carried this feature article and interview with Astronaut Buzz
Aldrin. Aldrin and fellow astronaut, Neil Armstrong, were the
first to walk on the Moon, in 1969. Aldrin, a Freemason, was
said to have conducted a bizarre Masonic ritual on the
moon. In the article in Psychology Today, triangles are
everywhere, including being imbedded in the type of the

Also, see the picture of Aldrin—exactly three fingers of his

left hand are reaching into his pocket, with the arm
displaying a triangle pattern. According to the book Axis of
Death, by D.C. Yermak, this is similar to a secret
Rosicrucian sign indicating the initiate has removed himself
from God's control and given his life over to the devil. Aldrin
is confirmed to be a Mason, but his Rosicrucian involvement
is unknown.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, supposedly walking on the moon in

1969. Many believe the Apollo 11 mission was a hoax, filmed
right here on earth. In this classic, staged photo, notice
Aldrin's left arm in its triangle position.

Did the taxpayers pay billions just so Aldrin and his

masonic brothers could claim the moon for the Illuminati in
a staged esoteric ritual?

The three super-rich Hunt brothers in a downward triangle

arrangement on the cover of The New York Times magazine,
September 18, 1997.
Fritz Springmeier, author of the bestselling Bloodlines of the
Illuminati, made this drawing based on an actual ritual
conducted by a Satanic sect known as Ordo Saturnus
(Order of Saturn). The planet Saturn is the sixth planet from
the sun in our solar system.

Saturn was worshipped in ancient civilizations as a form of

Satan, or Lucifer. The triangle within a circle (symbol also of
today's Alcoholics Anonymous) group is on the wall while
the satanic "X" within the circle is on the front of the altar
Rosicrucians also commend the triangle within the circle,
the very logo of Alcoholics Anonymous. From a page right
out of a Rosicrucian manual, the figure at left is the "Symbol
of Creation," Nehushstan the serpent, also called Oroboros,
the serpent swallowing its own tail. This symbolizes
perpetual movement (Hegelian dialectic) and the occult
conception of the "Circle of Life," the slogan that Disney's
movie, The Lion King, made famous.

The triangle inside the serpentine circle represents the

unholy trinity, which the occult teaches is the spiritual
element soon to manifest, already operating at the very
center of the material universe.

(From the book, Satan Wants You, by Arthur Lyons, The

Mysterious Press, New York, 10019)
In this 17th century alchemical drawing, the AntiChrist King
and his unholy trinity (three crowns over Earth) worship the
transforming fire from their sun deity, symbolized by the
triangle within a circle.

In this page right out of the Bulletin of the American

Federation of Astrologers (AFA), we find the corporate seal
and its explanation. However, the explanation given is weak
at best and seems geared to please the majority of
astrologers who are active in the organization without giving
away any real secrets.

Almost any knowledgeable student of the occult can see

hidden meanings in these symbols far beyond the official
explanation. Symbols that beg for more esoteric (and
accurate) explanation include the triangle inside the circle,
the pentagram star, the torch and hand, the point within the
circle and the stars.

Hazelden, a company specializing in products related to

Alcoholics Anonymous, offers such items as tie tacs and
lapel pins, money clips, necklaces, and key chains. You can
even get the "God's Eye Pendant."

The Hazelden catalog glowingly tells potential buyers:

"In times of trouble or joy, this precious pendant keeps our
Higher Power's eye on our recovery and spiritual growth."
The same catalog ad says, "This five-thousand-year-old
symbol of continual movement and spirituality... has
become a popular icon in the recovery community."

A Rosicrucian symbol described as "The Eternal Madonna,"

in the encyclopedic work, New Age Bible Interpretation (Old
Testament, Volume III), editor Corinne Heline
A friend sent the author this photograph she took of one of
the student art exhibits on display at a local high school.
Many of the exhibits were on occult subjects.

The meaning of the triangle within the circle superimposed

over the body of the person, lying in a fetal position on a
surface of red, most likely symbolizes man's servitude and
enslavement to the Solar Deity, whom Masons call the Great
Architect of the Universe.

Christian medallion for youth from Hawaii advertised in

Christian contemporary music magazine.
This issue of The Royal Arch Mason magazine (Summer
1990) featured the seal of the General Grand Council of
Cryptic Masons International, which is designed in the form
of a triangle within a circle.

This cover of The Royal Arch Mason magazine pays tribute

to their "Most Worshipful Brother Harry S. Truman."
(Truman, a 33rd degree Mason, once told his brothers in the
craft that he would rather be a Master Mason than be
President of the United States of America.)

The symbol of the Royal Arch Masons is also seen at left:

The Triple Tau, a sign of trinity within a triangle within a
circle, a composite symbol said to connote triple power.

As reported in Time (April 15, 2002), this is a financial report

sent to Yasser Arafat's Palestine headquarters bearing the
insignia of the rebel group, the Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade. If
authentic, the logo, or seal, for the group roughly resembles
a triangle within a circle.