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Global Warming 1

Global Warming

Eldar Hotic

International Burch University

Professor: Malcolm Duerod



It is arguable that global warming is the main problem that humanity is facing right now, and it

should make us question our being and lifestyle. Us, people, caused all of this to happen to fast

and to soon. Because of our mistakes, whole planet Earth is suffering along with all of its

habitants. However it is not too late for us to take major precautions to stop all this from

advancing further, and to correct our mistakes while we still have time. People should learn from

this and extract all the benefits that global warming brings, and use their knowledge to their


Global Warming

Global warming is viewed as a bad thing in today’s society, and there are some serious

consequences, but not everything about it is as bad as media portrays it. Global warming is the

term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and

its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. It is

probably the most important issue facing the world in the twenty-first century. Although

warming and pollution was not noticed at the early stages, as human urbanization progressed, the

signs became clearer. By 1950s people and scientists started to see major concerns and realized

that something had to be done in order to stop global warming from further development. The

whole process started during early 1800s, when people started to produce more greenhouse gases

gradually and there by polluting the planet Earth.

Greenhouse gases are group of gases that carry the major responsibility for the

greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect is the trapping of the sun's warmth in a planet's lower

atmosphere, which leads to global warming. The greenhouse effect happens due to the built up of

greenhouse gases letting the sunlight pass through the layers of atmosphere. The earth absorbs

sunlight and UV radiation, than it warms and reradiates heat which than becomes the long wave

radiation. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb the outgoing long wave radiation. This

heats the atmosphere which in turn reradiates long wave radiation in all directions atmosphere’s

layers. Some of the reradiated radiation makes its way back to the surface of the Earth. With

more carbon dioxide that built up in every layer of Earth’s atmosphere due to constant pollution,

fewer amounts of radiation and UV rays is being released to outer space.


Most important concern with global warming is that there are no any signs of stopping or

significantly slowing it in the near future. It is increasing gradually every year, thanks to

constant production of greenhouse gases and uncontrolled abuse of natural resources. Some

countries have adopted new laws in order to minimize to pollution of air, land and water. But the

sad thing is that there a lot more countries who are not doing anything about global warming, or

they are not enforcing their laws at all, so people do not feel like they have to take care about

their lifestyle and how their lifestyle affects others. The way most people live today, releases way

more greenhouse gases than ever before. There are few different greenhouse gases that are

responsible for global warming. Most of greenhouse gases come from the combustion of fossil

fuels in vehicles, thermal power plants, factories... The gas responsible for the most of the global

warming is called carbon dioxide, or Co2. Other contributors are: methane released from

landfills and agriculture, nitrous oxide from fertilizers and deodorants, gases used for

refrigeration, and the loss of forests and other plants that would otherwise process the carbon

dioxide through the process of photosynthesis. Planet’s biosphere was once capable to process all

the carbon dioxide, which led to the proper balance of gasses, but as the population of people

increased, biosphere cannot longer process all the carbon dioxide that is building up.

All effects of global warming will significantly affect our lives and with time and

increase, they become more prominent. Ice is melting all over the world, especially at the poles.

Poles are places where most of planet’s ice is located, which can also be source of fresh water.

With the melting of ice fresh water is decreasing also, which is the main source of all life.

Animal species have also been negatively impacted by rising temperatures. Some animals have

moved north and to the mountains, because they are looking for cooler places. There is

significant amount of decrease in animals that live in cooler places like: polar bears, penguins,

seals… All of them can become extinct very soon and it is all thanks to the disappearance of their

natural habitat. Since all the ice is melting for hundreds of years, sea level has raised a lot over

the last century. This can be very dangerous for coastline cities, where millions of people live.

Precipitation has increased across the planet thanks to the increased evaporation and sufficient

amount of heat, but there are also places that have more droughts than ever. Global warming

harms all aspects of surface and underwater plant life. Not all plants react to warming the same,

some of them can adapt faster, while others cannot adapt at all and are becoming extinct.

Underwater plants are losing their places where they grow on, coral reefs, because of increased

temperature of oceans. Coral reefs are major producers of oxygen so with their disappearance,

humans will suffer also. Hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis and other natural disasters are becoming

stronger thanks to all the sufficient heat that gives them more energy and power.

All this can be looked from the bright side too, not everything about global warming is so

bad. Findings of new sources of energy is highly needed in order to minimize the consumption of

fossil fuels, so people are always finding new ways to exploit renewable energy like sun, wind

and oceans.. Processing of renewable energy requires a lot of engineering, innovations and

workforce which results in more jobs for many people in many different areas. This provides

opportunities for underdeveloped countries to provide new job openings for their people that are

in high need of a job. These job openings could save many lives and lead to the better overall

economy in the world.

With change in temperature, there come some major changes in evolution of plants and

animals. Some species are not able to adapt to the global warming, which often results in their

extinction, but those species that adapt fast to the changes, result in creation of new forms of

plants and animals that have not been seen before. Most of our medicines that are crucial for our

survival come from plants and animals. With constant research and innovation, scientists were

able to extract needed information from dna’s from living species. New species are being

discovered every year, and some of those species may carry crucial information for the discovery

of cures for cancers, Down syndrome, Alzheimer and etc…

In conclusion, many things have to change in order to see the progress in minimizing the

global warming. Pollution and production of greenhouse gases have to be at the minimum and

avoided if possible. As time goes on, people will have to invent new ways to fight all the

problems associated with global warming. A lot of resources will have to be put into invention,

but as this is the biggest problem that humanity is facing right now, it will all go to a good cause.

Discoveries of new medicines and cures cannot be overlooked, as they will result in savings of

many lives. I believe that many people are not aware of serious consequences that global

warming brings, and the only solution is to provide them with more education which will lead to

realization of the seriousness of the problem that humanity is facing right now.


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