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Intern Teacher: Valerie Phillips

Teacher Mentor Comments:

It was a pleasure having Valerie Phillips as a Professional Semester III intern this semester. Over the past
few months, we have had the privilege to mentor Valerie as she embarks on her new teaching career. Her
internship went from August 27 until December 21, 2018, and during this time, she worked with Shae
Garner (teaching Social Studies 10-1 and 10-2 combined), and David Fletcher (teaching Language Arts 9).

Valerie did not hesitate to get involved in the school community. She was often seen running the gate or
concession at sporting events and offering support to other staff members at LCI. Valerie made sure
students and school members felt her presence and support outside of the classroom. In collaboration with
the other PSIII interns, Valerie planned and executed the school's Remembrance Day ceremony. Her
involvement in the ceremony demonstrates her desire to fulfill the many attitudes and perspectives so
crucial to the Social Studies curriculum, as past, present, and future soldiers were honored. She was also
able to marriage her love of swing dancing and her involvement with the U. of L. Swing Dance Club with the
LCI music program in helping to organize a night of swing dancing at the university, featuring the LCI band.
Valerie planned and taught several units of Social 10: Globalization, which includes the history of
globalization and various intricate case studies and topics related to life in an increasingly interconnected
and globalized world. Valerie developed unit plans to guide her instruction and assessment of students. She
lesson planned effectively using her unit plans as a guide, ensuring she addressed the courses learner
outcomes and objectives. She sequenced her lessons accordingly, and is familiarizing herself with the
appropriate pacing of the course material. Each lesson included the proper elements such as an
introduction, learning activity, assessment, and closure.

Valerie was very organized and was able to implement and manage a classroom environment that
promoted student success. She informed students of expectations and classroom processes, while
promoting a comfortable learning environment through strategies such as having a class music playlist
during work time. Valerie intentionally worked to get to know students to build professional relationships.
She provided prompt and effective feedback when assessing student knowledge and understanding using
applicable rubrics. She used a variety of assessment and instructional techniques including discussion,
lecture, group work, audio-visual technologies, and performance tasks with student choice. Specific Social
Studies activities for writing and analyzing and evaluating sources were regularly implemented as well.
Valerie has developed skills to determine what learning activities and tasks should be assessed either
formatively or summatively, and has started mapping out which activities should either facilitate or assess
student understanding. Having both 10-1 and 10-2 in the same class, Valerie was able to differentiate her
lessons effectively to provide all students with the opportunity to thrive. She regularly reflected on her
teaching practice and responded to feedback in order to optimally respond to student needs and grow as an
educator. Valerie communicates effectively with parents, staff and students, and worked to consistently
deliver course content using appropriate intonation for the subject matter.

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