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From: head head

To: sli:!lt
Sent: 10/14/2014 8:40:01 AM
Subject: Re: 2014-10-1o~,=-ifiWJtt~§!JlJiJB1-~;%~JiY-.Jf~i3-
Attachments: 3 Briefs of reports 2014-10-14.docx

I am enclosing the briefs on item 3), 7), 8), 9), and 10)
some of the points can be extracted from the attachments sent you separately.
Will call you tomorrow to fill in some of the blanks -(. (- Ml S
Thanks >~e (L lT~ r r-.es 'C ON\
2014-10-14 9:25 GMT+08:00 head head <head@chinaenergyfund.org>:
I am going to BJ this Friday to see Yeh on Sat afternoon.

The documents I want to send him before hand in separate items are:

1. Sino US colloquium (6) Report, with attachment of press cuttings

2. A few PR items in the US with photo of PGA Kutesa
3. Chad President Report (brief)
4. Croatia Oil company with attachment of English file and Chinese translation brief
5. PAZ Oil company with attachment of Chinese brief
6. Zheng Rong Zhuhai (brief, with copies of name cards)
7. Iranian connection (brief)

7} Iranian Connection iNiJCRC1~ rRe>s·coM

A good friend of mine in Hong Kong is closely connected with the Central leaders of the Iranian
revolutionary army. He has been charged with two tasks in Hong Kong.

Iran has money in a Bank in china which is under sanction. Iran wishes to purchase precious
metal with this money. The precious metal is available through a Bank in HK which cannot
accept money from the Bank in China which holds the money but is under sanction. The Iranian
agent is looking for a Chinese company acting as a middle man in such transactions and will pay
commission. (details to be presented orally}

The Iranian connection has strong urge to establish trading relationship with us in oil and
products, including the oil reserve initiative. We are asked to visit Iran again and bring with us
concrete proposal for expedient discussion, negotiation, and agreement. They are open to what
we want. (details discussed in person}.