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Vol.11 No. 32 December 8-14, 2018 80 Cents New York Edition Follow us on TheSouthAsianTimes.info
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 8-14, 2018
The South Asian Times
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Vol.11 No. 32 December 8-14, 2018 80 Cents New York Edition Follow us on TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Everything will be worked

out: James Mattis
India to
Washington: America and India
steered past a few wrinkles in
announcing on Monday that they
are further strengthening their
Mattis steers past India’s Russian
S‐400 deal after meeting with
host next
burgeoning defense and military
ties based on a common vision of
promoting peace and security
across the region and the globe.
In a warm bilateral meeting
Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
G20 in 2022
with visiting defense minister ‘JAI ’ trilateral:
Nirmala Sitharaman at the In first such
Pentagon, her US counterpart
James Mattis brushed aside ques‑ trilateral meet
tions about Indiaʼs purchase of at Buenos Aires
the Russian S‑400 air defense
system, saying, “We'll work G20, Modi,
everything out, trust me,” report‑ Abe, Trump
ed The Times of India.
The threat of US sanctions had
align over
loomed when India had signed Indo‐Pacific. Photo: IANS
Continued on page 4 Photo: IANS
Buenos Aires
(Argentina): Prime Minister ‘A leading
AIA celebrates Narendra Modi has said that India
will host the G20 Summit in 2022, statesman
the year the country will celebrate
Golden Jubilee the 75th Independence Day. passionate about
"In that special year, India looks
Indo-US ties’
in grand style forward to welcoming the world to
the G20 Summit! Come to India,
the world's fastest growing large
economy! Know India's rich histo‑
ry and diversity, and experience
the warm Indian hospitality," he
tweeted on Saturday.
Meanwhile, PM Mo di, US
President Donald Trump and
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
met in a trilateral format and
agreed that a “free, open, inclusive George H.W. Bush, the 41st
and rules‑based” order is essential president of the US, passed
for peace and prosperity in the away last Friday at age 94.

This issue of The South Asian Indo‑Pacific. ormer American
Times includes a 16‑page special Tweeting after the meeting, Modi
Photo: IANS collectorsʼ edition commemorat‑
President George H W
called it “historic”, while stressing Bush was a leading
ing AIAʼs 50 glorious years.
In the last one year the marriages of Anushka Sharma‑Virat Kohli, Indiaʼs firm commitment towards statesman at a critical juncture
Deepika Padukone‑Ranveer Singh and now Priyanka Chopra‑Nick Garden City, NY: The Association making the Indo‑Pacific a region of world history and passionate
Jonas have made international headlines. Film star Priyanka of Indians in America (AIA) cele‑ for shared economic growth and about strong Indo‑US relations,
Chopra and singer Nick Jonas had an extravagant wedding with brated its Golden Jubilee on common prosperity. Asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi
both Christian and Hindu ceremonies in Jodhpur on Dec 1, December 1 at one of the priciest they will “continue to work togeth‑ Continued on page 4
followed by a grand reception in Delhi on Tuesday, events costing $350 per person at er on shared values,” he said,
graced even by PM Modi. (Photo IANS) See tribute on page 11.
Continued on page 4 Continued on page 4

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4 December 8-14, 2018 TURN PAGE TheSouthAsianTimes.info

India to host next ter relief, maritime security and Russia in October. Hawaii to visit the US Pacific
Overseas Congress G20 in 2022 unfettered mobility. And of Mattis also recognized Indiaʼs Command where she will be

leaders are Continued from page 3

“When you look at the acronym
building consensus on an archi‑
tecture in the Indo‑Pacific
stakes in Afghanistan. “You
know, we are looking for every
briefed on board a US guided
missile destroyer, before head‑
campaigning in of our three countries ̶ Japan, region based on principles of
mutual benefit and respect for
responsible nation to support
peace in the subcontinent, and
ing home.
America, and India ̶ it is ʻJAIʼ,
Rajasthan & Telengana which stands for success in sovereignty and territorial across this war in Afghanistan,” AIA celebrates Golden
New Delhi: At separate meetings with Hindi… JAI… trilateral marks integrity. Mattis said on White House Jubilee in grand style
Congress Party leaders, Mohinder Singh the coming together of three The Japanese premier hoped reaching out to Pakistan in Continued from page 3
G i l z i a n , friendly nations. Todayʼs historic the trilateral would reinforce resolving the Afghan tangle. Garden City Hotel here with
President of JAI meeting was a great begin‑ their partnership “towards real‑ Mattis said the Afghan conflict over 370 guests. Guests of
I n d i a n ning. PM @AbeShinzo, @POTUS izing a free and open Indo‑ had gone on for 40 years. “Forty Honor included Congressmen
O v e r s e a s and I held fruitful talks aimed at Pacific”. “The three of us work‑ years is enough. It's time for Raja Krishnamoorthi and Tom
Congress, USA furthering connectivity, mar‑ ing together will bring more everyone to get on board, sup‑ Suozzi and actor Anupam Kher.
debriefed some itime cooperation and a stable prosperity and more stability in port the United Nations, support The very successful event was
of the senior Indo‑Pacific.” the region, as well as globally.” Prime Minister Modi, support held under Gala Chairperson
Congress Party Later, Abe said he was happy Appreciating “Indiaʼs growth President Ghani and all those Ravi Bhooplapur and AIA‑
Leaders in New to be participating in “the first‑ story” during the meet ing, who are trying to maintain National President Dr Urmilesh
De lhi on the ever ʻJAIʼ meeting”. Trump said, “The relationship peace and make for a better Arya.
IOC team The first trilateral meeting between our three countries is world here,” he said. Earlier, the AIA is the oldest grass‑roots
e f fort on between the three leaders took extremely good and extremely sight of an elegantly saree‑clad Indian organization established
behalf of the place hours after a meeting strong… w ith India, maybe Nirmala Sitharaman (on her first in 1967 to work for the welfare
party candi‑ between Mo di, Russian stronger than ever… We are visit to the US as Indiaʼs defense of Indians settling in America
dates in their President Vladimir Putin and doing very well together. We are minister) paying tribute to and to bring India and America
respective elec‑ Mohinder Singh Gilzian, Chinese President Xi Jinping, on doing a lot of trade together. We American soldiers at the closer. Its motto is ʻIndian
t ion bids in President of Indian the sidelines of the G‑20 Summit are doing a lot of de fence Arlington National Cemetery Heritage, American
Overseas Congress, USA, in Buenos Aires. India, China and together, a lot of military pur‑ moved Mattis to note that US‑ Commitmentʼ.
Rajasthan and
with Congress leader chases.” Indian military relations are “not AIAʼs shining achievement is
Telangana. He Russia called for reforming mul‑
from Rajasthan, Earlier, at his keynote address defined by brittle or empty the annual Deepavali festival at
along w ith tilateral institutions, including
Ashok Gehlot. at the Shangri La Dialogue in words, but by the human South Street Seaport in New
many IOC lead‑ the UN and WTO, while under‑
ers from the United States has already lining the benefits of a multilat‑ Singapore in June too, Modi had aspects of partnership, steeped York City 1987 onward and ini‑
spent weeks accompanying the Congress eral trading system and an open expounded Indiaʼs stand on the in recognition of our nations' tiating in 2003 Diwali celebra‑
candidates in these election‑bound states, world economy. Indo‑Pacific region. “India does respective sacrifices in the cause tion in the White House.
conducting meetings, holding press confer‑ The trilateral meeting between not see the Indo‑Pacific Region of peace and friendship in free‑
ences and meeting with individual voters India, the US and Japan comes at as a strategy or as a club of lim‑ dom.” ʻA leading statesman
on the ground. a time when China is engaged in ited members. Nor as a grouping Both Mattis and Sitharaman passionate about
Mohinder Singh Gilzian visited Anand territorial disputes in the Indo‑ that seeks to dominate. And by noted this is the fourth time Indo‑US tiesʼ
Sharma, Chairman of the Foreign Af fairs Pacific, including with Japan. no means do we consider it as they are meeting this year as Continued from page 3
Department of the AICC, Ashok Gehlot, Ex‑ About his meeting with Trump directed against any country. A they talked up a defence rela‑ said Saturday while expressing
Chief Minister of Rajasthan and General and Abe, Modi said, “This is a geographical definition, as such, tionship that has overcome condolence on the death of the
Secretary of the AICC, Ahmed Patel, and very good occasion for the three cannot be,” he had said. nearly half a century of Cold 41st president of the US who led
Treasurer of the AICC and gave an account countries ̶ countries which White House spokeswoman War baggage to reach a stage America during the collapse of
on the work Overseas Congress members have shared values, democratic Sarah Sanders said in a state‑ where New Delhi is a designated the Soviet Union and engineered
have done during the current campaign. values… We will continue to ment that the trilateral summit major defense partner on a par the defeat of an audacious Iraqi
T he IOC delegation was guided and play a big role together for “reaffirmed the importance of a with Washingtonʼs NATO allies. invasion of Kuwait. Bush Sr died
directed by Mr. Himanshu Vyas, AICC world peace, prosperity and sta‑ free and open Indo‑Pacific vision Sitharaman headed out to San in Houston last Friday. He
Secretary in charge of the Overseas bility.” for global stability and prosperi‑ Francisco on Tuesday for an was 94.
Congress Department of AICC. The delega‑ The PM articulated five action ty”. engagement at Stanford President Donald Trump will
tion included Rajeswar Gangasani Reddy points to help promote peace University and a visit to the US attend the funeral of Bush Sr on
(Chairman, NRI Telangana election com‑ and prosperity in the Indo‑ Everything will be defense innovation unit to Wednesday at the Nat ional
mittee Chair), Pradeep Samala (Co‑Chair), Pacific region, and highlighted worked out: understand the role of Silicon Cathedral in Washington, DC,
Rajender Dichpally (General Secretary), the importance of working joint‑ James Mattis Valley start‑ups and venture alongside former presidents
Zameel Roydass and many others from ly in areas such as connectivity, Continued from page 3 capitalists in the defense indus‑ Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and
various States in the U.S. sustainable development, disas‑ the $5 billion S‑400 deal with try. She will then fly out to Jimmy Carter.

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TheSouthAsianTimes.info TRISTATE COMMUNITY December 8-14, 2018 5

Paying homage to Mumbai US ENVOY SEEKS

attack victims, 10 years on PAK HELP FOR
New York: The Consulate General
of India, New York in collaboration
with Consulate General of Israel
and The American India Public
Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held a Islamabad: US Special
memorial service on November 26 Representative for Afghanistan
to pay homage to Indian, Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad
American & Israeli victims of the arrived here on Tuesday for
barbaric Mumbai terror attacks. meetings with Pakistan's politi‑
Sandeep Chakravorty, Consul cal and military leadership seek‑
General of India in New York, led ing their cooperation in bring‑
the memorial service in the pres‑ ing the Afghan Taliban to peace
ence of various communities who talks.
had joined in to pay homage to the During his meet ing w ith
victims. Foreign Minister Shah
Given the solemnity of the occa‑ Mehmood Qureshi, Khalilzad
Zalmay Khalilzad
sion, the gathering stood for a Consul General of India Sandeep Chakravorty led the memorial reiterated US President Donald
minute of silence in honor of the service joined in by Dani Dayan, Consul General of Israel, Trump's desire to see k "Peace and political settlement
victims of HAIFA Day and those Seth Siegel, author, and Jagdish Sewhani, President of AIPAC. Pakistan's assistance for peace in Afghanistan were discussed,"
who were lost in the terrorist and stability in Afghanistan. Foreign Of fice spokesman
darity & friendship with India to recent statement made by
attacks in Mumbai. Mr. Issac Blech According to Geo News, Mohammad Faisal tweeted.
mourn & fight terrorism together Government of India and Mr. Mike
then sang national anthems of Qureshi assured the US side of According to a press release,
and condemned the impunity Pompeo, Secretary of State, in
U.S.A., Israel and India. Speaking Pakistan's steadfast support for Khalilzad will also meet Afghan
available to the masterminds in which Mr. Pompeo called upon all
on the occasion, the speakers of a negotiated settlement in war‑ President Ashraf Ghani, Chief
Pakistan & called for justice. countries, particularly Pakistan, to
the evening – Mr. Dani Dayan, torn Afghanistan. Executive Abdullah Abdullah
Ambassador Chakravorty high‑ uphold their UN Security Council
Consul General of Israel, Mr. Seth Khalilzad also held a meeting and other stakeholders to coor‑
lighted the significance of HAIFA obligations to implement sanc‑
Siegel, bestselling author and Mr. with Foreign Secretary Tehmina dinate close ly on ef forts to
battle in the history of India – tions against the terrorists respon‑
Jagdish Sewhani, President of Janjua in which of ficials from bring the Taliban to the negoti‑
Israel relations and remembered sible for this atrocity, including
AIPAC were all united in their mes‑ diplomatic, security and defense ating table with the Afghan gov‑
the tragic 26/11 terror attacks on Lashkar‑e‑Tayyiba and its af fili‑
sage that the world stands in soli‑ from both sides were present. ernment.
Mumbai. He also read out the ates.

Mumbai: The US Immigration

Air India service and Citizenship Services (USCIS)

clarified last week that an L‑1 US brings in new norm on
from Atlanta sought beneficiary (employee for whom
the application is filed by the
sponsoring company) must be
employed outside the US by the
L‑1 visa, provides leeway
company for one continuous that they can comply and avoid is implemented. If the benefici‑
year, within three years before unnecessary denial," Emily ary came to the US on any other
filing of the visa application. Neumann, immigration advocate kind of visa, such as a derivative
Washington: Indian‑Americans have urged However, a leeway has been built and partner at Reddy & spouse visa or a student visa,
the Union Government to start Air India in for employees already work‑ Neumann told TOI. such adjustment benefit is not
service from Atlanta in the US so as to ing for the sponsoring company The L‑1A visa is for intra‑com‑ available." Mehta agrees that the
facilitate better connectivity with their on an H‑1B visa, as they may be pany transferees who work in interpretation is narrow, but
motherland. Air India currently has direct able to adjust the time require‑ managerial or executive posi‑ states that only a few people are
flig hts from Newark, New York, tions in a company located out‑ L1 visa is H1Bʼs quiet, powerful likely to be adversely af fected.
ment. "The new L‑I policy guid‑
Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and side US, whereas the L‑1B visa cousin. Indian companies such There is another dimension to
ance clarifies ambiguit ies
San Francisco. Direct flights between as TCS, Infosys and Tech
between the provisions of the applies for those employees who the USCIS guidance note. In its
Atlanta and Indian cities will make it more Mahindra are among the
Immigration and Nationality Act work in positions that require newsletter, Fragomen, a global
top applicants for L‑1 visas.
convenient for passengers travelling to and the implementing regula‑ specialized know ledge. firm specialising in immigration
India from the Southeast US reg ion, tions. It confirms what a cautious Companies such as TCS, Infosys soring company in another sta‑ laws, points out that while brief
Georgia chapter of Federation of Indian immigration attorney has always and Tech Mahindra are among tus, such as H‑1B. It allows these trips to the US for business or
American Associations said in a memoran‑ been advising clients," says the top applicants for L‑1 visas. employees to meet the criteria pleasure do not interrupt the one
dum to the Minister of State for External Cyrus D Mehta, founder of a New TCS topped the list with 1,802 L‑ within three years ʻprior to entryʼ continuous year of employment
Af fairs Gen (rtd) V K Singh during his York based law firm. 1 petitions being approved dur‑ into the US rather than three abroad, such trips will add to the
recent visit. Dr. Patel, president of FIA "Now it is clear that eligibility ing the twelve month period years ʻprior to filingʼ of the L‑1 one‑year clock, extending the
Georgia, said the minister promised to must be met at the time of filing. ended September 2017. application," adds Neumann. time to be spent in the stint
assist the community in establishing direct This may require some employ‑ "T he other port ion of the Arlington‑based immigration abroad. "This means an L‑1 spon‑
flights through India's state carrier. FIA‑ ers to delay their application for memo clarifies when the one‑ attorney, Rajiv S Khanna further soring employer must keep track
Georgia is an Atlanta based organization L1 visas until the full one year is year requirement must be met explains, "However, under this of an employeeʼs brief visits to
representing nearly 200,000 Indian immi‑ met, but having a clear policy at for employees who are already in new interpretation, a highly tech‑ the United States during employ‑
grants in the state of Georgia. least puts employers on notice so the US working for the L‑1 spon‑ nical reading of the regulations ment abroad," it adds.
6 December 8-14, 2018 TRISTATE TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Indian American girl gets ‘tone deaf’ Kavita Krishnamurthy

wall mural at NY club removed & L Subramaniam enthrall
A New York audiences
nkita Mishra, an Indian American
artist born in Ohio to Indian immi‑
grants who came to the U.S., and who

now lives in the Northeast, took a recent here was a little bit of emotion, chem‑
opportunity to help enlighten a club owner istry and lots of music when globally
in New York. Mishra was at the House of Yes renowned violinist Dr. L.
club in Bushwick, N.Y., with a group of Subramaniam and popular vocalist and his
friends when she went to use the restroom wife Kavita Krishnamurthy got onto the stage
only to find the walls painted with images of to celebrate the power of classical music at
Hindu gods, which she, an artist herself, wrongs and truly hear each other out,” she the Carnegie Hall here.
deemed to be “tone deaf.” added at the end of her note to the company. As part of HCL concerts ‑‑ an initiative to
Her response to the mural in the “VIP To her surprise, Mishra got a response preserve and promote India's art and cultural
bathroom” was a long‑winded email sent to from House of Yes co‑founder and creative heritage ‑‑ Subramaniam and Kavita got
the general inbox at House of Yes, which had director Kae Burke, who said she read together to put a musical evening here on
followed posts of her experience on her per‑ Mishraʼs note twice. Thursday. This is the first time HCL has taken
sonal Facebook and Instagram accounts, she Burke said she is “fully responsible for the concert to foreign shores.
said. making the tone‑deaf and completely igno‑ Kavita, who has rendered hits like "Hawa
“To be faced with such blatant cultural rant decor choice” in the bathroom. hawai", "Dil diya hai jaan bhi denge", "Tu hee
appropriation when I was relaxed, a little “I am sorry for not taking the time to fully re", "Albla sajan" and "Maar daala", started
drunk, and surrounded by people I felt understand and research the deep history of the evening on a spiritual note with "Om
championed by was too jarring to ignore,” the culture I was inspired by before using it Namah Shivaya", before adding a Bollywood
she wrote to the club in her email, which she to decorate. I feel awful that you had to expe‑ touch to the evening. He set a sombre mood with his music. The
shared. rience this type of cultural disrespect at Looking elegant in an off‑white sari in the thing that stood out was his ' jugalbandi' with
She then provided six bullet points in House of Yes of all places,” she added. chilly winter of New York, Kavita turned back his wife and team. It was not only mesmeris‑
which she explained why a “confused” per‑ “I hear you loud and clear and the tone‑ the clock and returned to her hits like "Pyar ing but captivating as well.
son reading her note would understand why deaf appropriative/offensive bathroom will hua chupke se" from "1942: A Love Story" He ended the night with "Ganga.” Talking
the painting was “so wrong.” be dismantled and redesigned ASAP,” Burke and "Hawa hawai" picturized on late Sridevi. about taking the concerts out of India, Arthur
“The point is, no one took even a fraction added. Sharing an anecdote, she said: "Javed Filip, Chief Managing Officer said: "Every
of that time thinking of how it would make Mishra said that Burkeʼs response was Akhtar told that song shouldn't make any venue is like an ultimate hack for us. Try and
someone like me feel,” she wrote in her “everything I had convinced myself was sense. It should be gibberish." test. There are couple of things we are think‑
email. impossible: an apology.” She then sang an A.R. Rahman work titled ing about like putting a price on the ticket so
“My true desire is to see the bathroom She added that “I am grateful for the posi‑ "Dheeme dheeme.” that people appreciate the art. We are going
taken down. My parents would not have had tive outcome of this exchange. I am grateful I The evening promised to celebrate classical to take small ticket price and find charities
the courage to stand up for what is right, but was able to communicate with an empathetic music, and it became a reality when which are very meaningful in the local coun‑
I as their daughter, do. Your mission state‑ and understanding person. But at the end of Subramaniam got on to the stage with his try or city that we are hosting the event. We
ment is one that touts inclusivity, positivity the day, I do not feel warm and fuzzy about violin. He brought forward a world of fusion will most likely do something in education,
and safety. Please donʼt make me lose faith this exchange, even though I do think we in music with his notes and rhythm. children, wellness and art."
in the ability we all have to right some made some progress.”

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji calls for empowering women at the United Nations
adhvi Bhagawati Her panel on Many Cultures, togetherness. We must take back Bhagawatiji said, “The Global
Saraswati, Secretary‑ One Humanity: The Role and religion from being an agent to Interfaith WASH Alliance is work‑
General of Global Responsibility of Religious separation to being an agent of ing hard to determine and imple‑
Interfaith WASH Alliance & Leaders and Faith‑Based oneness.” ment solutions to combat these
President of Divine Shakti Organizations in Building Sha added: “Lastly, without serious threats through sustain‑
Foundation, Parmarth Niketan, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies, water, there can be no peace. able development. It was predict‑
Rishikesh has been elected to be a moderated by Dr. Azza Karam, Even if we can get people to stop ed by the UN that the next war
Co‑Chair of the Faith‑Based Senior Advisor, Culture to the killing each other over their reli‑ will likely be regarding water.
Advisory Council to the United UNFPA, brought together gion, they will kill each other over Rather than let it lead to this
Nations. Approximately 40 faith renowned religious leaders from lack of water, lack of food, lack of point, GIWA is bringing together
leaders and leaders of interna‑ the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and resources. People will be in dire the faith leaders of the world to
tional faith‑based organizations Ambassador Louise Kanthrow, Hindu faiths from across the straits fighting for ever diminish‑ promote change.”
have been nominated to serve on brought together renowned world to speak to the crucial role ing resources. So if we are com‑ She continued, “Not only do we
this Advisory Council. women leaders from acclaimed played by religious leaders in mitted to building truly peaceful need to preserve our precious
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji institutions, including peacebuilding. and inclusive societies we must water resources, but we must also
addressed the United Nations Georgetown University and the Saraswatiji spoke on the impor‑ ensure access to clean water.” ensure they are kept clean. Today
Alliance of Civilizations Global Tutu Campaign. tance of leadership and shared In the face of unsustainable is World Toilet Day, so let us also
Summit, at the United Nations, in In her address, Saraswatiji said, Mahatma Gandhijiʼs famous quo‑ practices and rising populations, not forget the importance of
New York, on November 19‑20. “It is crucial to uplift the women tation: “What is the point of that climate change, coupled with the healthy sanitation for all, for
Her address, delivered before an and girls of our world today, so fast speed when we are moving in depletion of natural resources, cleaner waters and the safety of
audience from across the world, that they may lead the way the wrong direction?” She empha‑ are posing serious threats to glob‑ women everywhere.”
focused on the crucial importance towards a more peaceful tomor‑ sized, “Leadership is wonderful. al peace. It is predicted that the Said GIWA Founder/Chair,
of womenʼs leadership and sus‑ row. Now is the time to promote Religious leadership is crucial. world will have half the water it Pujya Swami Chidanand
tainable development in a time of the building of skills so that But we must ensure that along needs by the year 2040, leading Saraswatiji, said, in a statement,
increasing global strife and inse‑ women can especially play key with elements of speed – technol‑ to increased possibilities of war, “The significance of this address
curity as well as the importance roles at negotiation tables. We ogy, power, charisma – we also hunger and mass displacement. being delivered on this World
of the role of religion and reli‑ also must look for the causes of ensure that leaders are taking Already, instances of conflict Toilet Day canʼt be denied. Let us
gious leaders in fostering peace‑ violence and insecurity in the first their followers in the right direc‑ and discord are increasing, as is come together and stay together
ful and inclusive societies. place, and call for unified actions tion. … We can always find doc‑ the impact of natural disasters. As to inspire a clean, healthy and
Saraswatijiʼs panel on strength‑ towards a more sustainable trines of separation, doctrines a result, more people have been water secure world, where
ening the visibility of women in world, including ensuring access that permit us to exclude the forced to flee their homes as women may lead as torchbearers
the peace process, which was to safe water and improved other, but today as religious lead‑ refugees than in any time since of hope, and healthy water and
moderated by former UN WASH.” ers we must find doctrines of World War II. sanitation are accessible by all.”
TheSouthAsianTimes.info NATIONAL December 8-14, 2018 7

Since 2014 more than Tulsi Gabbard to hear Indian‑Americans

20,000 Indians have sought amid reports of Presidential bid
Washington DC: Tulsi Gabbard, the be the youngest ever and first

political asylum in US first Hindu lawmaker in the US

Congress, is considering to run for
woman to be elected as the US
American presidency in 2020, Last week Gabbard was elected
according to sources close to her. for the fourth term for the US
20,000 Indian nationals,
On Friday, at a Medtronic confer‑ House of Representatives.
mostly men, have sought
ence in Los Angeles an eminent Notably, Dr Shivang i is a
asylum in the US since
Indian‑American, Dr Sampat Republican and has been the
2014, according to latest
Shivang i, intro duced Tulsi party's delegate for the past sever‑
Gabbard, 37, and said that she al president ial convent ions.
Till July, a maximum
could be the next president of the However, he had held fund raisers
number of 7,214 Indian
United States in 2020. The brief for Gabbard when she ran for the
nationals had applied for
statement was marked by a stand‑ Congress for the first time in
asylum in the US. Of these
ing ovation, in the presence of the 2012. "She has been a fresh voice
only 296 were women,
four‑term Congresswoman from in the Democratic Party, with her
according to the informa‑
Hawaii. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat, support for US‑India relations, her
tion provided by the US Indians, including 187 women.
who addressed the gathering, how‑ opposition to the war in Iraq, her
Department of Homeland "The number of Indians who
ever neither confirmed or denied opposition to arms sales to Saudi
Security to the North American are seeking asylum in the US Tulsi Gabbard
that she is running for president in Arabia and her more recent vigor‑
Punjabi Association (NAPA). have almost doubled in the last
2020. Americans, a constituency she has ous opposit ion to among the
California‑based NAPA, has two years. This is an issue of
The decision on this could be nurtured from the very beginning rebels in Syria," Dr Shivangi said.
been working among illegal concern for all of us," Satnam
taken before Christmas, which of her political carrier, it is but nat‑ The 2020 presidential primary
immigrants from Punjab. Singh Chahal, executive direc‑
might not necessarily result in a ural that her team has quietly cycle is scheduled to kick off from
According to information tor of NAPA said in a state‑
formal announcement as that started reaching out to this com‑ the Iowa Caucuses on February 3,
obtained by the NAPA from ment.
could be delayed till the next year, munity, which is considered as the 2020, followed by the New
Department of Homeland Observing that the US asylum
people familiar with her thinking richest ethnic group after the Hampshire Primary on February
Security, 2,306 Indian nation‑ law applies to those who have
process told news agency PTI. Jewish‑Americans. And in many 11, Nevada caucus of February 15
als applied for asylum in 2014. a well‑founded fear of persecu‑
However, it is said that she and critical states, Indian‑Americans and South Carolina on February
In 2015, 2,971 Indians, includ‑ tion "on account of race, reli‑
her team have quietly been reach‑ can play an important role in her 22. Team Tulsi has been reaching
ing 96 women, sought asylum. gion, nationality, membership
ing out to prospective donors, electoral chances. out to people in these four States.
In 2016, as many as 4,088 in a particular social group, or
including a large number of If Tulsi Gabbard declares her Amid the clamour of Trump
Indians, including 123 women, political opinion," Chahal said
Indian‑Americans, and volunteers presidential bid she would be the headlines and focus on higher‑pro‑
asked for asylum from the US. those fleeing generalised crime
to build an impressive campaign first Hindu candidate ever from a file candidates, Gabbard has been
In 2017, the Department of and violence in their home
for her 2020 run. major political party to announce quietly making the traditional
Homeland Security received country do not easily fit into
Given that Tulsi Gabbard is high‑ to enter the race for White House. moves of a president ial
asylum requests from 3,656 these categories.
ly popular among Indian‑ And if elected in 2020, she could candidate.

Washington to give preference to US-educated workers for H1-B visas

NEW YORK: The US government 75.6 per cent of H1‑B visas an immigration expert, Doug Rand, result in a "huge change" because require companies to first electron‑
has announced plans to change the approved last year went to Indians. said that under the current lottery the USCIS predicts that switching ically register their applications
H1‑B visa program to give prefer‑ The Department of Homeland pro cess, the USCIS randomly the order of the H‑1B lottery would with USCIS rather than send in
ence to workers with advanced Security said the US Immigration se lects 20,000 from among result in about 3 per cent more of completed applications before the
American degrees, a move which and Customs Service (USCIS), which advanced degree‑holders and then these visas going to US advanced selections are made. The visa peti‑
could potentially have the effect of manages immig rat ion, would puts the remainder into the larger degree‑holders, compared with the tion documents of those selected
reducing visas for those educated reverse the current order in which pool and randomly picks the other current system, said Rand, who is would then have to be sent to the
elsewhere. the applicants for H1‑B visas are 65,000. the co‑founder of Boundless USCIS for scrutiny. The changes
The US Department of Homeland first selected through a lottery for Under the new proposal, he said, Immigration, a technology compa‑ will not come into ef fect immedi‑
Security (DHS) said on Friday that those visas meant for workers with USCIS would first put everyone in ny that helps with navigating the ately. Rand said that his company's
the proposed changes would be Mastersʼ and PhD degrees from US the same pool and select for the immigration process. research shows that it typically
"introducing a more meritorious universities and then for those 65,000 visas open to all and then There is a large pool of Indians takes over a year for a proposed
selection of beneficiaries" and "help open to all. move all the unse lected US studying in the US who would qual‑ immigration regulation to go into
ensure that H‑1B visas are awarded Under the system approved by advanced degree‑holders into the ify for the proposed preferential effect.
to the most‑skilled or highest‑paid the US Congress, 65,000 H1‑B visas pool reserved for them and ran‑ treatment. He said that it was "a criticism
pet it ion bene ficiaries" under are available to all who qualify and domly pick the other 20,000. According to a recent report by that has often been levelled against
President Donald Trump's "Buy another 20,000 are reserved for The Department of Homeland the State Department and the Indian outsourcing companies" and
American, Hire American" execu‑ those with advanced US degrees. Security said this move would have Institute of International Education, warned that "all companies will
tive order. Since there are a far bigger num‑ the effect of "likely increasing the 95,651 Indians are now studying need to take care to follow the new
H1‑Bs are non‑immigrant work ber of applicants than there are H1‑ number of beneficiaries with a mas‑ for advanced degrees in the US and registration requirements to avoid
visas given to professionals and B visa slots, the government holds a ter's or higher degree from a US 75,390 are in practical training being penalised for 'gaming the
those with special skills. lottery to pick the candidates for institution of higher education.” programmes after graduation. system.ʼ"
According to the US government, the visas. Explaining the changes, In reality the changes may not The planned changes would also (IANS)
8 December 8-14, 2018 NATIONAL COMMUNITY TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Rich tributes paid to Mahatma Gandhi

on 150th birth anniversary
Washington DC: Top US lawmakers there is no way that people who Dr Bharat Barai from Chicago.
and eminent Indian‑Americans look dif ferent than some of the "As the best and true representa‑
kicked of f the year‑long 150th previous occupants of my of fice tive of Indian Culture of his time,
birth anniversary celebrations of could have come to the fore and Gandhi was a peacemaker's men‑
Mahatma Gandhi at the US Capitol that includes me," the Indian‑ tor," he said.
paying tributes to the apostle of American Congressman who was "Like other mentors of the world
peace, with speakers describing his re‑elected for the second term who were born from time‑to‑time
preaching of non‑violence as more early this month said. on the Indian soil, Gandhi's ideas
than ever re levant in to day's Indian‑American Congressman and practices became equally
world. Dr Ami Bera, who was elected for adaptable in his own time for mil‑
The Indian Embassy organised the fourth consecutive term this lions of his own countrymen and
the event in association with over past November, said the message women on the one hand," he said.
half a dozen Indian‑American of peace and non‑violence of "On the other hand they proved
organisations, speakers including Mahatma Gandhi is more relevant to be the guiding force for people
Cong ressmen talked about today than ever. Among others of many countries of the world,
Mahatma Gand hi's influence Congressman David Schweikert including here in the United States
around the world including his The Indian Embassy hosted the event with six other also addressed the gathering. where Dr. Martin Luther King suc‑
influence on top civil rights leader Indian American community organizations. Indian Ambassador to the US cessfully adopted Gandhiji's model
Martin Luther King. Navtej Singh Sarna, said it is time of peaceful civil disobedience to
When he was going to India, no way possible that I could be Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi to apply the teachings and mes‑ secure equal rights for African
Martin Luther King said: "To other standing before you in the absence said in his address at Capitol Hill sage of Mahatma Gandhi to "our" Americans," he said.
countries, I may go as a tourist, but of Mahatma Gandhi. Why is that? I ce le brat ion of "150 Years of lives. "As Congressman John Lewis
to India I come as a pilgrim." think that all of you know what a Mahatma Gandhi." Mahatma Gandhi gave a new proudly says, if there was no
Speakers said Mahatma Gandhi's profound influence he had on "Without that civil rights move‑ dimension to non‑violence ‑‑ an Gandhi, there would be no Dr.
message of peace and non‑violence Martin Luther King Jr and the civil ment, without the breaking down eternal, natural and the highest Martin Luther King and there
is much more relevant today than rig hts movement here in the of the racial barriers that held so human value, in theory and prac‑ would be no Barack Obama," Mr
any time ever. "There's absolutely United States," Indian American many people back in this country, tice, said eminent Indian‑American Barai said.

“Decision with family": Kamala Disney's new animated TV

show inspired by Indian culture
Harris on White House bid New York: Disney has finally Paladino while Becca Topol will
SAN FRANCISCO: Demo crat MSNBC during an event in San Sunday. Ms Harris has sent started production on its first TV serve as the story editor and the
Kamala Harris, the first Indian‑ Francisco. "And over the holiday, I $25,000 to the Democratic parties series inspired by Indian culture music will be led by Matthew
American to serve in the US will make that decision with my in four early nominating states: and customs, called “Mira, Royal Tishler, Jeannie Lurie and
Senate, said she will make a deci‑ family." Ms Harris, 54, was elected Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada and Detective.” According to a USA Amritha Vaz.
sion about a potential 2020 presi‑ to the Senate in 2016. New Hampshire. Today report, the animated series Cultural consultants include IW
dential bid during the upcoming She ranked fifth in a November In October, she visited Iowa, is targeted toward preschoolers Groupʼs Shagorika Ghosh,
holiday season. poll of Democratic voters' pre‑ South Carolina and Wisconsin to and is set in the fictional, Indian‑ Bollywood dancer and choreogra‑
"It will ultimately be a family ferred nominee to take on campaign for Democratic candi‑ inspired land of Jalpur. The main pher Nakul Dev Mahajan and
decision," Ms Harris, who repre‑ President Donald Trump's re‑elec‑ dates ahead of the midterm elec‑ character, Mira is a courageous music pro ducer Deepak
sents the state of California, told tion bid, Politico news reported on tion. and resource ful g irl, who is Ramapriyan.
appointed as the royal detective “We are eager to introduce kids
after she saves the kingdomʼs and their families to the rich,
Kamala Harris is ‘Glamour Woman of the Year 2018’ young prince. Mira will be voiced diverse cultures and customs of

by newcomer Leela Ladnier, 15, India through Mira, a young girl
hen Kamala Harris took with a supporting cast including who looks at things with her own
the stage at Glamourʻs Kal Penn, Utkarsh Ambudkar, unique lens to gain different per‑
2018 Women of the Hannah Simone and Freida Pinto. spectives and help others in her
Year Awards on Monday, T he series is set to air on community. We hope that she
November 12th in New York City, Disney Junior channels and pro‑ will encourage our audience to
she stressed the importance of one gramming blocks around the actively engage with the inspiring
thing: truth. In whatʼs proven to be world in 2020, according to a world around them and appreci‑
a categorically challenging year press release. ate the little details that make life
for women in the U.S. Each episode will include music extraordinary,” Joe DʼAmbrosia,
Senator Harris (D‑Calif.) directed and dance between two 11‑min‑ the senior vice president of origi‑
her acceptance speech at the utes stories, according to USA nal prog ramming at Disney
women in the room, explaining Todayʼs report. The series will be Junior, said in a written state‑
the importance of speaking up in a executive produced by Sascha ment.
nation thatʼs becoming increasing‑ point of getting beyond where we concert stages…You speak the
ly divided in the face of political are and seeing what we can be truth about gun violence… (about
polarization. In her address, Harris
pleaded with those watching to
unburdened by what we have what) tears our communities apart Need an accountant / manager
been, we must speak truth̶and and takes away our children, from
take their frustration to the polls, speak the truth uncomfortable Parkland to Chicago to South Los For Temple / Jain Center of America in Elmhurst, Queens NY.
inspiring the room to take action and difficult though it may be to Angeles…You speak the truth Requirements: 100% vegetarian, detail oriented,
and ultimately leaving the ball in hear,” Glamour quoted her as say‑ about Americaʼs history̶in all of Proficiency in QB, Good knowledge of payable, receivable,
the votersʼ court. ing. its greatness and in all of its com‑ bank reconciliation, preparing and filing payroll taxes. We
“The truth and speaking it is a “You speak the truth, the hon‑ plexity.” will train.
powerful thing. And speaking orees tonight, about the need for Harris said that this is an “inflec‑ Any 4 days a week plus
truth can often make people quite women̶particularly women of tion” moment in the history of Sunday is a must.
uncomfortable. But if we are going color̶to be seen and heard and America. “This is a moment where Please reply with your resume to:
to be a country that engages in for their stories to be told, from there are powerful forces trying to Anu Jain, jainanu2005@gmail.com &
honest conversations with the the Senate floor to movie sets to sew hate and division among us. Kalpana Gandhi kalinuc@yahoo.com
TheSouthAsianTimes.info DIASPORA December 8-14, 2018 9

UK amends weapons bill to

ensure right to possession
of kirpans by Sikhs
London: The UK government has confirmed Home Office in recent weeks to ensure that
an amendment to a new weapons bill going the kirpan remains exempt when the new
through the Parliament to ensure that it bill becomes law.
does not impact the right of the British Sikh "I am pleased to see the government
community to possess and supply kirpans, amendment and look forward to seeing an
or religious swords. accompanying set of documentation, which
The Of fensive Weapons Bill 2018 com‑ reflects the importance of not criminalizing
pleted its various readings in the House of the Sikh community for the sale or posses‑
Commons this week and has now moved to sion of large kirpans," said Labour MP Preet
the House of Lords for approval. Kaur Gill, Chair of the APPG for British Sikhs.
It involves a new of fence of possessing Ms Gill, the first female Sikh MP in the
certain of fensive weapons in public and House of Commons, was accompanied by
places new restrictions on the online sales of APPG vice‑chairs Pat McFadden and
bladed articles and corrosive products in an Dominic Grieve at a meeting with UK Home
attempt to crack down on rising knife and Secretary Sajid Javid and Home Office minis‑
acid‑related attacks in the country. ter Victoria Atkins to discuss changes to the
"We have engaged closely with the Sikh Offensive Weapons Bill, which would main‑
community on the issue of kirpans. As a tain status quo in continuing to legally safe‑
result, we have amended the Bill to ensure guard the sale, possession and use of large
that the possession and supply of large kir‑ kirpans.
pans for religious reasons can continue," a Her fellow Sikh MP, Tan Dhesi, also made
UK Home Of fice spokesperson said on an intervent ion during the Of fensive
Thursday. Weapons Bill debate in the Commons to
The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) seek "assurances about the kirpan, given the
for British Sikhs led a delegation to the UK Sikh community's serious concerns." (PTI)

Port‑of‑Spain: The much‑revered
Dharmacharya of the Hindu community in
Trinidad and Tobago, Pundit Uttam Maharaj,
has died at the age of 70 years following a
brief illness.
He served for 13 years as the spiritual
leader of the Sanatan Dharma Maha
Sabha(SDMS) which is the major Hindu group
led by Satnarayan Maharaj, secretary general.
He served the people of this country with
great distinction and respected all religious
groups with great respect and distinction and
dignity. Pundit Maharaj had a special love for
the children of all religious groups and was
an educator and teacher of the Hindi,
Sanskrit,arts, music and culture, himself
being an accomplished sitar player, and adju‑
Pandit Uttam Maharaj
dicated in several competitions with the
(Image courtesy: tobagotoday.co.tt)
Ministry of Education.
He served as President of the Hindu religious and spiritual leader, he called on
Parishad Council, an arm of the SDMS. people of all faiths and background to live in
Pundit Maharaj was married to Indra, harmony, peace and love as dispensed by the
daughter of the late Pundit Krishna Maharaj creed of Hinduism. His message is important,
whom he succeeded as Damharmacharya. as there is a great need for our citizens to
Tributes continue to pour in from different unite and work together to develop our
sections of the religious fraternity, civic, cul‑ nation and shape a brighter future for us all."
tural, and government officials. There are over 350,000 Hindus here and
Pundit Maharaj hosted a weekly pro‑ almost 500 Hindu mandirs across the nation,
gramme of Radio/TV Jaagriti highlighting the and that all religious festivals such as Divali,
virtues and mechanics of Hinduism. Nau Rattan, Shiva Raatri, Phagwa, Kartik
Former Prime Minister Kamla Persad‑ Nahan among several others.
Bissessar noted that Pundit Maharaj will be Pundit Maharaj was given a big send‑off
sadly missed not only in the Hindu communi‑ with top officials of every sector of the
ty but in the nation at large. national landscape on Saturday morning at
"Pundit Maharaj will be missed, and it is my Mosquito Creek, a couple miles from his
hope that his legacy of devotion to his faith Rousillac home where he lived all his life.
and service to the people will live on. "As a (IANS)
10 December 8-14, 2018 US AFFAIRS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Trump lays off McConnell as The Trumps will be

attending Bush
criminal justice reform stalls Sr’s funeral
Washington: Late on Friday evening,

age of 94. The 41st President of the United
FOR THE BIPARTISAN BILL, A PET PROJECT OF KUSHNER. States and the father of the 43rd President
served as vice president from 1981 to
Washington: The last time front of him, making him a 1989, and as commander‑in‑chief from
Donald Trump thought Mitch frustrating negotiating part‑ 1989 to 1993. His w ife of 73 years,
McConnell was stalling one of ner. Barbara Bush, died earlier this year.
his priorit ies ̶ on Trump took up the cause of In a statement, Donald Trump̶who fre‑
Obamacare repeal ̶ the criminal justice reform last quently targeted Bushʼs son Jeb, one of his
president publicly lashed out month at the urging of his opponents in the 2016 Republican presi‑
at the Senate majority leader, son‑in‑law, Jared Kushner, but dential primary, with demeaning insults̶
tweeting that he should “get the presidentʼs endorsement offered his condolences to the Bush family,
back to work.” But when it was as much an effort to dis‑ honoring the former President with unchar‑
comes to criminal just ice tract from Republican losses acteristically measured language.
reform, itʼs another story alto‑ in the midterm elections as a Trump also designated December 5th as a
gether. reflection of his heartfelt con‑ national day of mourning for Bush.
Although Trump has pub‑ victions, according to two Details of Bushʼs planned funeral services
licly endorsed the bipartisan sources familiar w ith his are beginning to trickle out̶including that
prison and sentencing reform thinking. Indeed, Trump had both Donald and Melania Trump will attend
bill, he hasnʼt publicly called previously said that some of the services, which will be held at the
out McConnell for bottling it the drug of fenders toward National Cathedral in D.C. While details and
up and seems reluctant to whom the bill would show timing are still to come, the Trumpsʼ atten‑
spend political capital on the leniency should receive the dance could lead to a few awkward
legislation ̶ raising doubts death penalty. moments awkward. In April, Me lania
among bill supporters and caucus,” said Minority Whip lines. Although advocates insist Trump, with a rare smile, attended former
opponents about how invest‑ Dick Durbin (D‑Ill.), who con‑ For lawmakers, the issue the president is committed to First Lady Barbara Bushʼs funeral, along‑
ed Trump really is. Indeed, ceded that Trumpʼs priority is has highlighted the difficulty the bill and are heartened by side two members of the White House staff,
the president is far more the wall. of working with the president his public support, some on behalf of her husband̶who did not
interested in securing money “I keep hearing thatʼs heʼs on legislation. Aside from allies in Congress are hoping attend himself because he wanted to avoid
for his border wall in the all for it. I havenʼt seen any immigration and trade, the he does more with his bully “disruption due to added security.” While
lame duck, according to sena‑ evidence of that,” said one president holds few firm con‑ pulpit to drag the bill across their presence is not yet certain, itʼs likely
tors in both parties. GOP senator who supports victions on matters of policy the finish line, according to that former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill
“We can certainly use his the measure to reform federal and frequently shifts posi‑ interviews with people in Clinton and Jimmy Carter will all be in
help in the Republican Senate prisons and sentencing guide‑ tions to please the people in both parties. attendance as well.

Marriott faces lawsuits as experts DJ Khaled, Boxer Floyd

warn 500 mn affected customers Mayweather Jr charged
New York: After customers in the alarming to anyone who has stayed with cryptocurrency fraud
US sued global hotel chain Marriott at a Starwood property in the last
he Securities
for exposing their data with one four years.
and Exchange
class‑action lawsuit seeking $12.5 "Not only are guests at risk for
billion in damages, cyber security opportunistic phishing attacks, but
(SEC) has charged
experts on Monday asked nearly targeted phishing emails are almost
music producer DJ
500 million af fected customers certain, as well as phone scams and
Khaled and boxer
globally to change passwords and potential financial fraud," said
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
take other precautions. According Shier.
with promoting
to a report in ZDNet on Monday, weren't sufficient enoug h if it Unlike previous breaches, this
investments in initial
the lawsuits were filed in the US allowed an unauthorised third attack also included passport num‑
cryptocurrency coin
state of Oregon and Maryland. party to get into the system," said bers for some individuals who are
offerings without
"While plaintiffs in the Maryland David Emm, Principal Security now at increased risk for identity Both Mayweather & Khaled promoted Centra's
revealing that they
lawsuit didn't specify the amount of Researcher at Kaspersky Lab. theft. "At this point, however, it's ICO on their social media accounts. Khaled
had been paid.
damages they were seeking from "The data was encrypted, but the unclear what level of exposure each called it a 'game changer' while Mayweather
The stock market
Marriott, the plaint if fs in the attackers potentially stole the keys individual victim has been subject encouraged his followers to get in on the ICO.
regulatory authority
Oregon lawsuit want $12.5 billion too ‑ highlighting that an extra to. Until then, all potential victims
on Thursday said that cryptocur‑ including $100,000 from Centra
in costs and losses," said the report. layer of security should have been should assume the worst and take
rency coins sold in initial coin Tech. Khaled failed to disclose a
Marriott Internat ional on in place to prevent this from hap‑ all necessary precautions to protect
offerings (ICO) may be considered payment of $50,000 from the
November 30 revealed that its pening. This data breach is now one themselves from all manner of
securities and subject to federal same company. Centra has sepa‑
guest reservat ion system was of the most critical data breaches in scams," said Sophos.
securities laws, reports CNN. Both rately been charged by the SEC,
hacked, exposing the personal history," Emm said in a statement. Be on alert for spearphishing,
Khaled and Mayweather settled which alleged that its ICO was
information of approximately 500 The hotel chain said the hack opportunistic phishing, monitor
with the SEC and agreed not to fraudulent. Both Mayweather and
million guests. af fected its Starwood reservation your financial accounts and change
promote any securities, even digi‑ Khaled promoted Centra's ICO on
According to cyber security database, a g roup of hote ls it passwords as a precaut ion, it
tal ones, for two years and three their social media accounts. Khaled
experts, questions need to be asked bought in 2016 that included the added.
years, respectively, it said. called it a "game changer" while
as to how 500 million guests have St. Regis, Westin, Sheraton, W Marriott said that it reported the
They also agreed to give back Mayweather encouraged his fol‑
been affected by this data breach. Hote ls, Le Méridien and Four breach to law enforcement and was
the money they had received to the lowers to get in on the ICO.
"While we're still only beginning Points by Sheraton. also notifying regulatory authori‑
SEC and pay penalties with inter‑ This is the first time the SEC has
to assess the true extent of the According to John Shier, Senior ties. The hotel chain shares wit‑
est. Mayweather failed to disclose brought charges against individu‑
attack, ultimately, the security solu‑ Security Advisor, Sophos, the poten‑ nessed a maximum 8.7 per cent
that he had received $300,000 als for promoting ICOs and the
tions the Starwood Hotels and tial fallout from the Marriott's drop after announcing the data
from three different ICO issuers, investigation was ongoing.
Marriott Group had in place clearly Starwood data breach should be breach.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info US AFFAIRS December 8-14, 2018 11

By Arul Louis

New York: George H.W. Bush, who deftly

steered the US through the epoch‑making
Bush Sr steered US to end
upheaval that ended with the end of the Soviet
Union and the emergence of his country as the
dominant world power as President from
1989 to 1993, died a day on Saturday in
Cold War with pragmatism
Houston. during a brutal war that saw tens of thousands
The 94‑year‑old patrician, who embodied of Iraqis killed, Bush Sr. called a halt despite
the "kinder, gentler" version of his Republican the US hawks demanding that US troops go all
Party at home and could gently maneuver the way to Baghdad and depose Hussein.
through the debris of what was the Soviet History would endorse his caution: His son
Union ending the four decades of Cold War, George W. Bush ventured into a war against
showed steely resolve when he took on Iraqi Hussein in Iraq plunging the Middle East into
leader Saddam Hussain in 1991 to liberate an ongoing crisis.
Kuwait. Drawing on his experience in Beijing, Bush
These incidents will be the epitaph of his Sr. built the US ties with China as it embarked
single‑term presidency that ended with his on a transformation that would make it a chal‑
defeat in 1993 at the hands of Bill Clinton in a lenger to America in the next century.
three‑way race where he was undermined by Bush Sr. had limited engagement with India Bush Sr. had limited engagement with
another conservative, Ross Perot. during his presidency, absorbed as he was India during his presidency. He visited
Bush Sr. glories abroad and his "Thousand India in 1984 when he was the
with Europe and the Middle East.
Vice‑President and met then Prime
Points of Light" campaign at home promoting He visited India in 1984 when he was the
Minister Indira Gandhi.
volunteerism and compassion were overshad‑ Vice‑President and met then Prime Minister
owed by a sense of economic foreboding and a Indira Gandhi. Afghanistan after an initial victory over the
feeling that the nation was adrift domestically Failure to pay attention to Afghanistan was Taliban and the Al Qaeda terrorists and trap
that led to his defeat. one of the shortcomings of his presidency that the US in its longest war. Born as the son of
A characteristic trait of Bush Sr ‑‑ a World George H.W. Bush (1924‑2018) came to haunt his son as President. Senator Prescott Bush in a politically active
War II Navy aviator, a former Central was the 41st President who served After the Soviet Union withdrew from family, George H.W. Bush became a senator
Intelligence Agency head and Washington's one term (1989‑93).
Afghanistan following its defeat in a guerrilla himself before his election to two terms as
envoy to Beijing ‑‑ was his understanding of Sr. helped foster an orderly transition taking war of attrition by US‑backed Islamic Vice‑President with President Ronald Reagan,
the limits of military might and uses of diplo‑ care to reassure Moscow while backing its mujahideen during the first year of his presi‑ whom he succeeded to become the 41st
macy and tact which some of his successors, breakaway constituents on their way to inde‑ dency, Bush Sr. left the country adrift to President. His son George W. Bush became the
notably his son George W. Bush, lacked with pendence and democracy and ensuring that become a haven for Islamic terrorists who 43rd President succeeding Clinton, who had
disastrous consequences. the nuclear arsenals and their management attacked the US in 2011 when his son was defeated his father. Another son, Jeb Bush, lost
As the Soviet Union unraveled under Mikhail were secured. Once Iraq, which had invaded President. This aspect of history would repeat the bid for Republican nomination to Donald
Gorbachev, rather than go for the jugular Bush Kuwait, was pushed out of the oil shiekhdom itse lf as his son would also neg lect Trump in 2016.
12 December 8-14, 2018 INDIA TheSouthAsianTimes.info

India lost Kartarpur to Pak Congress wants

because of Congress: Modi action against Shah
New Delhi: The Congress on "Shah by ly ing about the
Hanumangarh (Rajasthan): Prime power for 70 years, battles were
Tuesday approached the Congress manifesto tried to
Minister Narendra Mo di on fought, battles were won also. Tall
Election Commission seeking vitiate the environment and
Tuesday accused the Congress of claims were made. But it could not
action against BJP President create communal tension. We
making the "mistake" of letting make arrangement for one to wor‑
Amit Shah for "stoking commu‑ have asked the EC to take cog‑
Kartarpur Sahib ‑ the final resting ship at the Guru Nanak Devji's
nal tensions" in Telangana by nisance of Shah's speech and
place of Guru Nanak Dev ‑ go to resting place.
twisting the Congress mani‑ send him a notice. The EC must
Pakistan during partition due to its "It's my good fortune that the job
festo and spreading misinfor‑ take strong action to ensure
"scramble for power" post‑inde‑ of constructing Kartarpur corridor
mat ion. Campaigning at elections are free and fair,"
pendence. came to my lot," he added.
Amangal in Ranga Reddy dis‑ Sibal told the media here.
The party overlooked the senti‑ The proposed corridor will link
trict on December 2, Shah The Congress delegation also
ments of millions of Sikhs attached Gurdwara Sahib Kartarpur to Dera
accused the Cong ress of raised objection over the pre‑
w ith the holy place, he said Baba Nanak in Indian Punjab. Guru
"minority appeasement", claim‑ dawn preventive detention of
addressing a public meeting in Nanak Dev spent the last 18 years
ing that the Congress in its its state unit's Working
poll‑bound Rajasthan. of his life at Kartarpur Sahib.
manifesto promised free elec‑ President Revanth Reddy,
Modi said that the Congress, dur‑ The Prime Minister accused the
tricity only to mosques and ahead of Chie f Minister K.
ing its 70 years of rule in the coun‑ Congress of indulging in a number
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. churches in the state while Chandrashekhar Rao's election
try, could not arrange for people to of scams during its previous two
leaving out the temples. rally in Vikarabad district.
worship at Karatpur and he was the basis of re ligion, Muslims terms and thanked people for vot‑
Contrary to Shah's claims, "The way Reddy was arrested
fortunate that the job of building wanted a new nation ... and made ing for him.
the Congress manifesto has at 3 a.m. without giving any
the Kartarpur corridor fell to his such mistakes that Kartarpur "Take out any newspaper from
promised free electricity sup‑ reason indicates the govern‑
lot. Sahib, the seat of Guru Nanak five years back. Recall their head‑
ply not only to mosques and ment's intention of hurting the
"We can understand the lure of Dev's learning and his final resting lines: 'coal scam', 'lost this many
churches but also to temples Congress by all means. We
power but I am surprised how in place, went to Pakistan. crores', '2G scam'. Was it not the
and other places of worship. have urged the Elect ion
such greed balance is lost, what "Had they had even a little sensi‑ case? 'Submarine scam', news of
Taking strong exception to Commission to take notice of
mistakes are made. Such mistakes tivity and wisdom about what only theft and scams. Scams were
Shah's statement, a Congress that and ensure that no such
are being made to this day. When place Guru Nanak Dev holds in the only things that were there in
delegation led by former union arrests are made during the
India got its independence in hearts and minds of the Indian newspapers," Modi said.
ministers Kapil Sibal and polls," said Sibal.
1947, when it was partitioned, people, our Kartarpur, a mere "Today, it's been five years, did
Kamal Nath submitted a mem‑ Elections to the 119‑member
such was the hurry to get into the three kilometres away, would not you get to come across any such
orandum to the EC seeking Telangana Assembly are sched‑
seat of power they could not see have been taken away from us," he news since? What made all this
action against Shah. uled for December 7.
that after the partition, done on said. "The Congress remained in possible. It was your vote."

'Will remain committed to Telangana Congress leader

farmers on loan waiver promise' detained ahead of KCR rally
Alwar: Cong ress
President Rahul Gandhi Hyderabad: In a pre‑dawn action,
on Tuesday said that his police in Telangana detained
party will remain com‑ state Cong ress Working
mitted to its promise of President Revanth Reddy ahead
waiving farmers' loans if of Chie f Minister K.
it comes to power in Chandrashekhar Rao's election
Rajasthan following the rally in Vikarabad district.
Assembly polls slated Police said he was taken into
for Friday. preventive custody from his resi‑
"We will not shift an dence at Kodangal at 3 a.m. to
inch from our promise prevent any untoward incident
we made to the farmers during Rao's rally in Kosgi. He
to g ive them loan was shifted to an undisclosed
waivers," he said while location.
addressing an event Reddy, who quit the Telugu
here. Desam Party (TDP) to join the
He accused Prime Congress earlier this year, repre‑
Minister Narendra Modi sented Kodangal in the dissolved
of waiving the loans of Assembly.
Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses a public
only industrialists, not His detention came in view of
meeting in Alwar, Rajasthan. (Photo: IANS)
farmers. Gand hi also Reddy's threat to disrupt the
slammed Modi for not fulfilling his prom‑ ed not for removing black money from Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)
Congress leader Revanth Reddy.
ise made to the public ahead of the 2014 the market but to help a select few to con‑ chief's rally. He had called for a
Lok Sabha poll that the NDA government vert their black money into white. shutdown to protest police raids whereabouts. She lodged a complaint with
would create two crore jobs every year "T he Prime Minister wanted to put at his house last week. the Returning Officer.
for the country's youth. money into the pockets of Nirav, Mehul The Election Commission had also issued Cong ress workers at Jadcherla in
He asked the public if they got the jobs Choksi and Anil Ambani." a notice to Reddy over his threat. A police Mahabubnagar district staged a protest,
as promised by the Prime Minister and Gandhi further attacked the Bharatiya of ficer said a case was booked against demanding immediate release of Revanth.
Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Janata Party government for raising the Revanth Reddy on a complaint by the One of the protestors attempted self‑immo‑
Raje. price of LPG cylinders to Rs 1,000, from Electoral Officer. lation. A Congress leader filed a habeas
"If you did not get the jobs, isn't it clear Rs 300 during the Congress rule. Tension prevailed in Kodangal following corpus petition in Hyderabad High Court
that the Prime Minister has cheated you He reiterated that the Congress will Reddy's detention. The police have already and the same is expected to come up for
all with his false promise," he remarked. form its government in Madhya Pradesh imposed prohibitory orders in the town to hearing later in the day.
The Congress President attacked Modi and Chhattisgarh and will waive farmers' prevent any untoward incident. Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari told
also on the issue of black money, saying loans within 10 days after the formation Reddy's wife condemned the police high‑ reporters in Hyderabad that they will lodge
that the demonetisation drive was initiat‑ of its government. handedness and wanted to know his a complaint with the Election Commission.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info INDIA December 8-14, 2018 13

US‑India security Bulandshahr violence: Three

ties deepened over Hindu activists named in FIR
last year: Envoy Bulandshahr: Three leaders from
the Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu
Parishad (VHP) and BJP have been
New Delhi: Security coop‑ named in the FIR lodged by police
eration between India and in the violence that rocked
the US expanded and Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh
deepened over the last killing a police officer and a young
one year while bilateral man, authorities said on Tuesday.
trade and investment has VHP activist Upendra Raghav, BJP
reached new heights, US city youth wing President Shikhar
Ambassador to India Agarwal and Bajrang Dal district
Kenneth Juster said. coordinator Yogesh Raj have been
"The ties between our named in the First Information
A police officer and a young man were killed in the violence.
countries cont inue to Report in the wake of the violence
grow stronger in so many on Monday. the demonstrators and persuade have been named.
ways," Juster said in a The police have also arrested two them to clear the traf fic jam they Five police teams have been
video message posted on others ‑ said to be villagers ‑ while had caused, he was attacked both formed and 22 places have been
his Twitter handle on the five persons have been detained in with blunt objects and also fired at, raided to track down those involved
US Ambassador to
occasion of the comple‑ connection with the violence that killing him instantly. in the violence.
India Kenneth Juster.
tion of his first year as broke out after the recovery of A young man was also killed in The raids follow details emerging
envoy to India. He recalled his as leaders in innovation and tech‑ some animal carcasses that the violence but the circumstances from eyewitness accounts, interro‑
remarks in January shortly after nolog y at the Global right‑wing groups claimed were of leading to his death are not clear. gation of those detained and video
his arrival when he said that the Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) cows. W hen Inspector Subodh The police have registered a case footage shot by people present at
US and India "are on the path to last November." Kumar Singh tried to reason with against 88 persons, of whom 25 the time, a police official told IANS.
forming an enduring partnership" At the GES, which was held in
during the 21st century. "Our secu‑ Hyderabad in November 2017, the
rity cooperation has expanded and
deepened," he said.
"T his was highlighted at the
US was represented by President
Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka
PM Modi terms minority
reservation act of treason
inaugural 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue Juster said that India and the US
held in New Delhi in September launched a strategic energy dia‑
when we signed a major communi‑ logue and enhanced cooperation in
cations and security agreement aviation and railroad transporta‑
Hyderabad: Prime Minister Court had already fixed the upper
known as COMCASA." tion.
Narendra Modi has said attempts limit of total reservation at 50 per
External Affairs Minister Sushma He said the two sides celebrated
to provide reservation to minori‑ cent.
Swaraj, Defence Minister Nirmala the 18th anniversary of the Indo‑
ties are betrayal with the nation "They will take away the rights
Sitharaman, US Secretary of State US Science and Technology Forum
and an insult to the framers of the of Dalits, STs and OBCs from back‑
Mike Pompeo and De fence "and continue to do promising
Indian Constitution. door. Will you allow this crime?"
Secretary Jim Mattis participated work in the health care and agri‑
Addressing an election rally of he asked the participants in the
in the first ever India‑US 2+2 culture sectors".
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he rally held at L.B. Stadium.
Ministerial Dialogue during which "The US and India work together
called for defeating any such Telangana Assembly had last
the Communications Compatibility on regional connectivity in South
move to protect the country's year passed a resolut ion to
and Security Agreement (COM‑ Asia and peace‑keeping in Africa.
unity. Hitting out at the Telangana increase reservation for minori‑
CASA) was signed. "All these are part of our broader Indian Prime Minister
Rashtra Samithi ( TRS) govern‑ ties in jobs and education from
COMCASA guarantees India coordination to promote a free and Narendra Modi
ment for its move to increase current 4 per cent to 12 per cent
access to critical US defence tech‑ open Indo‑Pacific region."
reservation for minorities to 12 cussed in the Const ituent and the same was sent to the
nologies and communication net‑ India and the US are part of a
per cent, Modi said he was sur‑ Assembly, the Prime Minister said Centre. TRS had blamed Modi for
works to help the militaries of the quad, also comprising Japan and
prised how the power‑hungry the great personalities framing the delay in implementing its poll
two countries in their interoper‑ Australia, that was revived last
were pushing for religion‑based the Constitution decided against it promise made in 2014.
ability. year seeking to work together in
quota for the sake of their family in the interest of the country's Modi also came down heavily
"Our levels of bilateral trade and the Indo‑Pacific, a region that
and to save their seats of power. unity. Modi wondered from where on TRS, say ing it destroyed
investment have reached new stretches from the eastern coast of
Stating that the issue of reli‑ the reservation for minorities Te lang ana the way Cong ress
heights," Juster said. Japan to the eastern coast of
gion‑based reservation was dis‑ would come when the Supreme destroyed the nation.
"We showcased the US and India Africa.

Pravasi delegates to savor local cuisine on special Kumbh train

By Arun Kumar Das from Varanasi for a holy dip assumes signifi‑ the joyous evening prayer (aarti) and experi‑
cance as the annual convention of overseas ence the massive crowds the Kumbh
Allahabad: Delegates to the annual Pravasi Indians is being held in Prime Minister attracts.
Bharatiya Divas (PBD) jamboree, being held Narendra Modi's constituency in an election The Kumbh, which runs from January 15
this time in Varanasi, will get to participate year. The Railways has earmarked at least to March 4, is expected to attract close to
in the Ardh Kumbh Mela here, with Indian four special AC trains for the 3,000 to 4,000 120 million people this time ‑ the equivalent
Railways drawing up plans for a special delegates who are expected to participate in of twice the population of Britain.
train that will also give participants a the 15th edition of three‑day global meet The national transporter on its part is
chance to relish the best of local cuisine. that is being held for the first time in the making ready four AC specials to ferry PBD
The PBD event, which culminates holy city of Varanasi. delegates on the evening of January 24,
The PBD event, which culminates every
every year on January 9, has been Comprising mostly nonresident Indians each leaving at intervals of 30 minutes to an
year on January 9 ‑ marking the day
shifted to January 21‑23 this time.
Mahatma Gandhi arrived from South Africa (NRIs) and people of Indian origin (PIOs), hour.
in 1915 ‑ has been shifted to January 21‑23 ments to carry the delegates ‑‑ who will the participants will take a dip at the conflu‑ According to the Railways, keeping the
this time to give delegates a chance to par‑ arrive here from Varanasi for the Kumbh ‑‑ ence of the Ganga‑Yamuna and the mythical VIP guests' food habits in mind, IRCTC, the
ticipate in the Ardh Kumbh (beginning on by special trains to the national capital in Sarswati rivers ‑‑ a first‑of‑its‑kind holy treat Railways' catering arm, will offer specially‑
January 15) and Republic Day (January 26). time for the Republic Day parade. for the Indian diaspora. They will also see made dishes onboard to make the train jour‑
The Railways is making elaborate arrange‑ The visit of the delegates to the Sangam bare‑bodied Naga Sadhus smeared with ash, ney a pleasant experience for the visitors.
14 December 8-14, 2018 OP-ED TheSouthAsianTimes.info

By Barkha Dutt

hen I met Harsimrat
Kaur Badal at Kartarpur
she seemed genuinely
Kartarpur exposes lack of
coherence in Indiaʼs Pak policy
overcome. “I have no words,” she
told me, “there is too much emo‑
tion.” As a Punjabi whose family
mig rated from Sialkot during
Partition, I can relate to the raw of how it was the Maharaja of ister and his colleague cannot see
sentiment that violent displace‑ Patiala that restored Kartarpur eye to eye on an issue this sensi‑
ment can leave in the collective Sahib and they wished Captain tive.
response of a community. That she Amarinder Singh had been present Indiaʼs political fault lines were
choked up with tears at the place to further the legacy of his family. visible for all to see. Of course this
where Guru Nanak spent his last Captain has expressed concerns is not to say that Pakistan speaks
years was very moving. about renewed Khalistani extrem‑ in one voice or is consistent in its
But the problem is this: while she ism and the Modi government has India policy. When Shah Mehmood
stood in the Pakistani border vil‑ pointed out the continued impuni‑ Qureshi met us in Islamabad, he
lage and invoked Prime Minister ty with which Hafiz Saeed and categorically said: “This is no goo‑
Narendra Modiʼs analogy of the Masood Azhar are able to operate gly” to emphasise the sincerity of
fall of the Berlin Wall to indicate in Pakistan. These are legitimate its intentions. A day later at a pub‑
how the widening gulf in the Indo‑ apprehensions. But then it was the lic function, he did a complete U‑
Pak relationship could be bridged, prime minister who first used the turn and boasted that his govern‑
foreign minister Sushma Swaraj metaphor of the Berlin Wall for the ment had bowled a googly that
simultaneously spoke in Delhi to Kartarpur corridor ‑‑ immediately compelled India to send two minis‑
dispel any such notion. elevating the peace initiative to ters to Pakistan.
While Badal went on record to much higher stratosphere. This boast will rankle India ‑‑ as
talk about how Guru Nanakʼs mes‑ Navjot Singh Sidhu addresses a press conference at Atari‑Wagha border The BJP can hardly brand Sidhu it should. There are many grave
sage was the perfect way to make after returning back from Pakistan. (Photo: IANS) as an anti‑national when it sends and complex issues, led by terror‑
a fresh beginning, Swaraj under‑ dance for the ceremonial opening Sidhu was feted like some sort of two Union ministers to represent ism, that stand between us and a
lined how Kartarpur could not be of the corridor, his cabinet col‑ folk hero. His panache for pithy India at the inaugurat ion in peace pro cess. But it doesnʼt
linked to any resumption of the league Navjot Singh Sidhu walked one liners, a throw back to his Pakistan ‑‑ and who, taking their explain the incoherence of our
larger dialogue process. away with the lionʼs share of the years on television, made him a cues from him, frame the moment Pakistan policy. And unfortunately
There was a similar dissonance attention in Pakistan. ratings hit. Some Pakistanis joked as a possible kickstart for a stalled the Kartarpur response revealed
in the statements of the Congress. Everywhere we went ‑‑ I was that there was more of Sidhu on re lat ionship. Similarly the both a lack of preparedness and
W hile Punjab chie f minister among 22 Indian journalists invit‑ their TV channels in the last few Congress can hardly accuse the cohesion, undermining an other‑
Amarinder Sing h re jected ed by the Pakistan government to days than their own prime minis‑ BJP of having a muddled Pakistan wise wonderful moment of reli‑
Pakistanʼs invitation to be in atten‑ report on the developments ‑‑ ter. The Sikh devotees I met spoke policy when the Punjab chief min‑ gious piety and shared history.

Sentinelese in shadows: A lesson in letting live

By Sahana Ghosh
and Mayank Aggarwal

New Delhi: John Allen Chau, a 26‑year‑old

American missionary who "illegally" paddled
his way to the remote shores of North
Sentinel Island in the Andaman and Nicobar
archipelago, was recently killed by the pro‑
tected Sentinelese tribe. Experts apprehend
that his "trespassing" to contact the North
Sentinel islanders, the "uncontacted" and
"isolated" inhabitants, may have further
endangered the existence of the bow‑wield‑
ing natives.
Survival International, a global movement
for the rights of tribal people, dubbed their
rebuffing contact with the outside world a
"wise choice".
"Neighboring tribes were wiped out after
the British colonised their islands, and they A member of the Sentinelese tribe is photographed firing arrows at a helicopter and John Allen Chau.
lack immunity to common diseases like flu
or measles, which would decimate their pop‑ who has studied the tribal languages of the 2011 Census of India. and tribal reserves.
ulation," it said in a statement. Andamans. T he Andaman and Nicobar In the aftermath of the Chau af fair, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected
After Chau's death, the Andaman and Islands are inhabited by six indigenous trib‑ Survival International has flayed the Indian to visit Port Blair, which is capital of the
Nicobar Police noted that "access to the al populations. The Nicobar Islands are government for lapses in protection and for Andaman and Nicobar Islands, on December
North Sentinel Island and its buffer zone is home to two 'Mongoloid' tribes ‑‑ the easing the restricted area permit (RAP) to 30 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of
strictly restricted under the Protection of Shompen and Nicobarese. visit 29 inhabited islands, including North the first flag hoisting day by Indian revolu‑
Aboriginal Tribe (Regulation) 1956 and Of the dozen linguistically distinct tribes Sentinel. These islands, which were removed t ionary Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Regulations under Indian Forest Act 1927" who populated the Andaman islands in the from the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) (December 30, 1943) on Indian soil.
and "the Ministry of Home Affairs through early 20th century, only four survive, the reg ime not ified under the Foreigners It was reported that Modi is expected to
its recent circulars also restricts movements Sentinelese, Jarawa, Great Andamanese, and (Restricted Areas) Order, 1963, t ill announce major projects but it may not hap‑
of foreigners in these areas". Onge, with a combined population of 400 to December 31, 2022, included the North pen in the wake of the criticism against
"This is a wake‑up call for the so called 500 individuals. Sentinel Island. opening up of areas in the Andamans after
'foreign adventurists' to stop entering 'out of They are believed to have arrived in the However, the government had clarified Chau's death. According to a report, the
bounds' and 'non‑permissible' areas for the islands from Africa up to 60,000 years ago. that separate approvals of the competent home ministry may consider reimposing the
sake of encountering 'exoticism'," said The Sentinelese population is placed at a authority would continue to be required for restricted area permit system in North
Professor Anvita Abbi, a veteran linguist scant and contested 15 according to the visiting reserved forests, wildlife sanctuaries Sentinel island and other islands.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info OP-ED December 8-14, 2018 15

Tweaking data as in an Orwellian world

The suspicion persists that politics may have had more to do with the tweaking
of the growth estimates than a meticulous analysis of the economic data.
By Amulya Ganguly the basis of the study of figures cheer about the party, the govern‑ ference. own figures to overturn its earlier
and charts has occasionally evoked ment may have encroached on the The BJP cannot be unaware that assessment of the hurtful ef fects

he British magazine, The speculation about manipulation by turf of yet another institution ‑‑ the these two episodes have strength‑ of demonetization on the agricul‑
Economist, once wrote motivated researchers, thereby Central Statistical Organisation ened the perception that it can go ture sector to say the exact oppo‑
about the Chinese growth g iving rise to the ce le brated (CSO) ‑‑ which is expected to be to any length to score political site. T here is an unmistakable
figures being stir‑fried. Is India phrase about "lies, damned lies and free of political "contamination". points without bothering about the Orwellian element in these somer‑
emulating China in keeping with statistics", popularized by Mark As a result, it was the govern‑ damaging fallout on the institu‑ saults, which are redolent of the
the "Wuhan spirit"? Twain. ment's think‑tank, the Niti Aayog, tions which are caught in the novel "1984".
To those wary of the "dismal sci‑ It is not yet clear to which of which released the new data, a cross‑fire. It appears that in the absence of
ence", as economics was called by these three categories the govern‑ step which the acting chairman of But, while the erosion of, say, the the promised "achhey din", the gov‑
the Victorian historian, Thomas ment's latest claims belong. But it the Nat ional Stat ist ical CBI's reputation may only stop the ernment is focusing increasingly
Carlyle, the downgrading of the has been suggested that the Commission described as "unusu‑ usual clamor of litigants to refer on window‑dressing or looking
growth rates when the Congress‑ upping of the growth estimates for al". their cases to the organization better in the eyes of its various
led government was in office and the present regime does not reflect Arguably, the figures may be which used to be trusted far more audiences. Hence, the Ram temple
the upgrading of such figures in the ground reality of joblessness recalibrated in course of time to than the local police, doubts about for the Hindu Right and the claims
the time of the present regime may and farmers' distress. make them more credible, but the the country's statistical data can of a higher growth rate than in
look like yet another example of Because of this gap between misgivings about the CSO's compe‑ have repercussions beyond our Manmohan Singh's time to impress
the BJPʼs penchant for trashing what is claimed and what is per‑ tence and impartiality may not be shores, for foreign investors will the middle‑class.
whatever happened earlier and ceived, the suspicion persists that so easy to dispel. become more wary than before. However, there is an element of
extolling its own achievements. politics may have had more to do To the government's critics, the Up unt il now, the figures the apre moi le deluge (after me,
The ruling dispensation's latest with the tweaking of the growth latest incidents will seem to be in released by the statisticians were the deluge) mindset in its endeav‑
endeavor can be seen, therefore, as estimates than a meticulous analy‑ line with the government's propen‑ implicitly trusted by the people ors, for the government seems
an extension of its practice of sis of the economic data. sity to undermine autonomous and inside and outside India. If the row unconcerned about either the com‑
rewriting history, which started in Unfortunately, however, there is highly regarded institutions. The over the latest numbers continues munally divisive impact of the tem‑
Atal Bihari Vajpayee's time, to a more to this mistrust of the feel‑ implosion in the CBI and the then the confidence of the ordi‑ ple agitation or the downgrading
field where rigor is the hallmark of good of ficial assertions at a time Finance Ministry's tussles with the nary people as well as the corpo‑ of India's reputation to the levels
the academic exercise. when the ruling party's political RBI are two examples of how insti‑ rate czars will be shaken. of Argentina and Venezuela, which
Yet, the except ionally large fortunes are seemingly at a low tut ions can suf fer the conse‑ The agriculture ministry under‑ had a habit playing around with
amount of data which constitutes ebb. And, in trying to spread good quences of the government's inter‑ took some drastic revisions of its growth and inflation figures.

Public healthcare in India: Need to move from 'biggest' to 'finest'

By Frank F. Islam est amount.
A realistic look The total allocation also seems

ndia's public healthcare system insuf ficient when unknowns are
is sick. In late September, the at Ayushman Bharat, considered: What percentage of the‑
Modi government launched that will insure newly insured will take advantage
Ayushman Bharat, meaning Long of their coverage in year one? Who
Life India, to address this illness.
more than 500 provides payment when an insured
This initiative, which has been million Indians who individual or family exceeds it cov‑
described as the "world's biggest erage? To what extent will private
healthcare program" will insure
currently have no sector providers deliver their servic‑
more than 500 million Indian citi‑ coverage. es at fixed rates to public sector
zens who currently have no cover‑ patients, if they can get full payment
age. Will "Modicare", as the pro‑ and emphasizes holistic healthcare from more affluent clients?
gram has been labeled, cure what ideas such as yoga as part of this Another problem is the issue of
ails India's public health care sys‑ intervention. implementation and roll‑out. The
tem? Overall, that healthcare is of poor coverage across the country. The program will expand the pub‑ new scheme looks good on paper.
T he answer is maybe. T hat quality, difficult to access and the 8 There is a huge rural‑urban lic health network far beyond the But establishing 150,000 health
answer must be equivocal because money spent on it is insubstantial. disparity in terms of the quantity existing governmental hospitals. It and wellness centres is much easier
of the enormity of India's healthcare In 2015, India's public expendi‑ and quality of coverage. will pay public and private sector said than done. This is especially
needs, concerns regarding the ade‑ ture on public healthcare was 8 Compared to the rest of the facilities a fixed rate for covered true given that doing this will
quacy of funding to address those approximately one per cent of its world, India has an average number services. To date, 15,000 hospitals require extensive collaboration and
needs, and uncertainty regarding GDP while South Korea expended of doctors but they attend to only have applied to be certified coordination with India's 29 states
Modicare's implementation. 4.2 per cent and the US expended one third of the Indian population. providers. and seven Union Territories which
Healthcare in India today is tale of 8.5 per cent. 8 The lack of adequate insurance This appears to be a solid frame‑ have varying levels of capacity and
two groups. The first group is the Some of the deficiencies of the coverage and availability of public work for launching this new initia‑ competence. In sum, this is not a
wealthy and upper middle‑class current system are: sector health care causes Indians to tive. The government has appropri‑ negative or pessimistic perspective
who receive their healthcare prima‑ 8 T he per capita insurance have to cover more than 60 per cent ated $1.5 billion for Modicare on India's new healthcare program,
rily from private sector providers. expenditure on healthcare is one of of their expenses personally. health insurance for 2018‑19 and but a realistic one. Modicare repre‑
Overall, that healthcare is of good the lowest in the world. Over 75 per Ayushman Bharat is structured to 2019‑20. Of this, $300 million is sents a beginning and an initial step
quality and easily accessible but can cent of Indians have no health insur‑ address these conditions. It provides allocated for the first year of the that must be taken to bring India's
be expensive. ance. poor families insurance of up to program. healthcare system into the 21st cen‑
The second group is the lower 8 Because the states carry the $6,950 for hospitalization, calls for This seems like a lot of money. tury.
middle‑class and the poor who primary burden for healthcare cov‑ the establishment of 150,000 But, $1.5 billion divided by 500 mil‑ Frank F. Islam is an entrepreneur,
receive their healthcare primarily erage, there is a significant differ‑ health and wellness centers to pro‑ lion covered lives means this is only civic and thought leader based in
from public sector providers. ence in the scope and nature of that vide primary care throughout India $3,000 per individual ‑‑ a very mod‑ Washington, D.C.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.
16 December 8-14, 2018 BOLLYWOOD TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Priyanka, Nick get married, fireworks light up Jodhpur sky

he sky in Jodhpur was lit up
with fireworks to celebrate
actress Priyanka Chopra and
American singer Nick Jonas' nup‑
tials on December 1 at the royal
Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.
The couple exchanged wedding
bands by Chopard and wedding
vows at a Catholic wedding officiat‑
ed by the groom's father, Paul Kevin
Jonas Sr, according to people.com.
Priyanka, 36, was a glowing bride
in a custom‑made Ralph Lauren
wedding gown, and Jonas, too, wore
Ralph Lauren. In fact, so did both
families, all of the bridesmaids, and
all of the groomsmen who included
Glimpses of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopraʼs 'mehendi' festivities.
Priyanka's brother Siddharth and
Nick's three brothers, Joe, Kevin works marked the celebrations. ning our wedding with an amalga‑ "An important part for the girl in Ahead of their big weekend, the
and Frankie. Priyanka and Nick took to mation of both was so amazing." an Indian wedding is the mehendi. couple celebrated Thanksgiving in
Ralph Lauren is an important Instagram to not just share Priyanka looked every bit the Once again we made it our own, India together. Days later, they held
designer to the couple not only glimpses of their 'mehendi' festivi‑ 'desi girl' in a bright multi‑colored and it was an afternoon that kicked a puja ceremony at Priyanka's
because he is a close friend of the ties, but also their thoughts about and festive lehenga choli for her off the celebrations in the way we mother Madhu Chopra's house in
actress but also because she and following both traditions to get mehendi ceremony, which took both dreamed," read the post Mumbai to spiritually celebrate the
Nick, 26, both rocked Ralph Lauren married. "One of the most special place a day prior to the wedding. accompanying the pictures, which upcoming event.
Collection at the 2017 Met Gala, things that our relationship has While she looked carefree and joy‑ drew millions of fans across the Weeks beforehand, Priyanka cele‑
which took place one week after given us is a merging of families ous, Nick also seemed to be enjoy‑ world who had been waiting to brated her bachelorette party in
their unofficial first date. who love and respect each others' ing the customs to the hilt as he catch a glimpse of the closely Amsterdam and had a bridal show‑
Late evening, synchronized fire‑ faiths and cultures. "And so, plan‑ rocked a kurta‑pyjama. guarded wedding. er in New York City.

Nandita Das,
'2.0': Message lost in Nawazuddin Bollywood dazzles at
star‑studded narrative awarded at APSA Ranveer‑Deepika's
ndian actor Nawazuddin

Siddiqui and filmmaker Nandita
Das have been awarded at the
wedding reception
12th Asia Pacific Screen Awards
(APSA) in Brisbane. Nawazuddin
was given the award for the Best
Performance By An Actor for his
film "Manto". The actor said he is
honored. "Honoured to have
received Best Performance By An
Actor Award by ASPA 2018 for my
favorite film 'Manto'. This one is
special, winning for the 2nd Time.
Thank you Asia Pacific Screen
Award and thank you Nandita Das
Superstar Rajinikanth in a triple role is hard to digest.
for believing in me APSA 2018," he

atience is all you need to gies. Both bog down the viewing said. Das received the FIAPF award
watch and appreciate, experience and you heave a sigh for achievement in films in the Asia
director S. Shankar's "2.0", of relief when the film breaks for Pacific region. “Honored to get the
an epic fantasy involving supernat‑ intermission. The cacophony of FIAPF APSA Award for the life and
ural powers and events, starring the phone rings and the deafening work choices I have made. Feeling
superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay sound that accompanies the visu‑ encouraged to continue to tell the Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh
Kumar. The narrative begins with als, are what hurt the eardrums. stories that needed to be told," Das looked nothing short of regal.
tweeted. Nandita's first film as

the ornithologist Pakshi Rajan On the performance front,
(Akshay Kumar) committing sui‑ Rajinikanth in a triple role is hard director "Firaaq" appeared in 2008. ell known personalities nothing short of regal as Ranveer
cide. Thereafter a supernatural to digest. It is hard to believe him Her second feature, "Manto" pre‑ from Bollywood, sports wore a classic black piece suit with
occurrence of mobile phones get‑ as scientist Vasigaran. The charac‑ miered in UnCertain Regard in and political back‑ a bow tie designed by Rohit
ting sucked into thin air and later ter is much younger and seems Cannes this year and has been ground attended Ranveer Singh Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. While
causing mass destruction, baffle like the superstar's clone. But as picked up by festivals including and Deepika Padukone's wedding Deepika was a treat to sore eyes in
the residents of this cinematic uni‑ the Robot Chitti 2.0 and Kutti 3.0 Sydney, Toronto & Busan. reception, a black‑tie industry a jam colored embellished gown
verse who are mobile phone crazy. he is perfunctory, as he generally party night at The Grand Hyatt on designed by Zuhair Murad.
"2.0" is a technically savvy, lacks energy on screen. December 1 in Mumbai. The list of attendees also includ‑
thought provoking film, but the Akshay Kumar as the silver Actors including Sara Ali Khan, ed producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra
message of "mobile phone radia‑ streaked, world weary Pakshi Ishaan Khatter, Disha Patani, Tiger and his wife Anupama Chopra,
tion", is put forth in a very preach‑ Rajan is palpable. His back‑story Shroff, Aditi Rao Hydari, Radhika Vicky Kaushal, Rekha, Rakeysh
feast manner. Here, a wafer thin adds to his persona and he deliv‑ Apte, Jim Sarbh, Lara Dutta along Omprakash Mehra with his wife,
premise is stretched into a two and ers a heart‑rending performance. with husband Mahesh Bhupathi, Kalki Koechlin, Nimrat Kaur, R
a half hour tale. The plot is bloated Visually the film is a delight. Be Vidya Balan with Siddharth Roy Madhavan and his wife Sarita
with elaborate, inconsequential it the visual graphics or the glori‑ Kapoor, Hema Malini with son‑in‑ Birje. Ranveer and Deepika tied the
VFX and the narrative meanders. ous, endangered birds one gets to law Bharat Takhtani attended the knot on November 14 in Italy in a
The first half is action packed and see on the large screen, each wedding reception. traditional Konkani ceremony,
doused with scientific terminolo‑ frame is colorful and enticing. Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and For their third wedding recep‑ which was followed by a Sindhi
filmmaker Nandita Das. tion, the couple arrived looking wedding on November 15.
Golden Jubilee Gala
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 1-7, 2018


Dr Arthur Klein
President of Mount Sinai Health Network
With best wishes,
TheSouthAsianTimes.info BOLLYWOOD December 8-14, 2018 17

Actors get unnecessary importance Want to explore different

in film industry: Kangana Ranaut things till I'm 70: Kareena
ctress Kangana Ranaut, who is gearing
rom doing films as different
up for the release of her forthcoming
as chalk and cheese to
film "Manikarnika ‑ The Queen of
redefining profes‑
Jhansi", says that actors get an unnecessary
sionalism for working
attention and importance in the film industry.
mothers to trying her
Kangana was interacting with media at the
hands at a radio
25th anniversary of Swiss Watchmaker brand
show, top actress
Chopard where they unveiled their 'Happy
Kareena Kapoor
Sport Collection'.
Khan does not
"Manikarnika ‑ The Queen of Jhansi" which
want to stop there
is in its post‑production stage is now facing
and says she
the wrath of a section of the crew which is
would like to
upset that their dues, which had been prom‑
keep exploring
ised by October, still remain unpaid. The
"different things"
workers then decided to approach FWICE
till she is 70 years
(Federation of Western Indian Cine
Employees) to seek its help.
Kareena made her
Reacting on the issue, Kangana said, "It's
acting debut in 2000
very sad. I have always opposed such kind of
with "Refugee". She was
practices. There are doubts that labourers
later seen in films like
and technicians in the film industry are really
"Ajnabee", "Asoka", "Chameli",
devalued. I don't know why actors only get an
"Yuva", "Omkara", "Jab We Met",
unnecessary attention and importance in the
Actor Kangana Ranautʼs ʻManikarnika: "Heroine", "Satyagraha", "Ki&Ka" and "Udta
film industry and because of that, I also want
The Queen of Jhansiʼ is set for Punjab". She launched her radio show titled Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan
to be a technician." made her acting debut in
a January 25 release. "What Women Want with Kareena Kapoor
"I feel they are absolutely devalued. I want 2000 with "Refugee".
Khan" on Ishq 104.8 FM last month.
to venture into direction and writing as these have a dispute with a vendor and they are
Asked if she aspires to do something the first time for me. So, lets see... I would
people are unsung heroes of the film indus‑ doing a negotiation with him because they
more, Kareena said: "The idea today is only like to try different things till probably I am
try." don't think they should pay as much he is
about content ‑‑ and being a part of good 70." The 38‑year‑old actress, who hails from
"When such things happen with labourers, demanding," she said.
content, whether it is the web, cinema, stage Indian cinema's first film family, redefined
it can't be tolerated but I have been promised "Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi" is a his‑
or radio. I think today artists and actors are professionalism by returning to work soon
by the makers of the film that there is no torical biographical film scheduled to be
all about supporting content. I am just after delivering her first son named Taimur
such thing like that. They told me that they released on January 25.
happy that I have got to try my hand... It's in 2016.

REMAKES ARE PALE SHADOWS OF There's sacrifice in every‑

ORIGINALS, WHY MAKE THEM? thing you do: Abhishek
n his over a
By Subhash K Jha decade‑long‑jour‑

ney in Bollywood,
o you love "Mother Abhishek Bachchan
India"/"Mughal‑e‑ has made a name
Azam"/"Anand"/"Amar with a filmography
Prem"/"Deewaar", etc, etc? Then consisting of movies
please do not wish for their like "Refugee", "Yuva",
remakes. It amounts to inappropri‑ "Bunty Aur Babli" and
ate touching. "Guru". The actor says
I have never come across a stardom does come
remake that has been even remotely with a price tag and
flattering to the original. Except there is sacrifice in
maybe Sanjay Leela Bhansali's everything that one
"Devdas" which was not really does.
remake of Bimal Roy's "Devdas" but Asked if he believes
a ravishing, revisionist take on stardom comes with a
Saratchandra Chatterjee's novel. price tag, Abhishek
Vidya Balan‑starrer ʻTumhari Suluʼ and its Tamil remake,
But "Devdas" is not my concern said: "Of course.
ʻKaatrin Mozhiʼ, starring Jyothika.
right now. Wretchedly unflattering Everything comes with
remakes have begun to bother me pretending to enhance it in ways pause to say the husband, Balu, is a price tag. There is sacrifice in Actor Abhishek Bachchan has
with renewed vigor ever since I saw that never happen? played way too eagerly by actor everything you do. To gain some‑ lent his voice to Bagheeraʼs
"Kaatrin Mozhi", the Tamil remake Except for the fact that the cultur‑ Vidhaarth. While Manav Kaul in the thing, you have to give up some‑ character in ʻMowgli:
of 2017's game‑changing feminist al reference is altered, "Katrin original was supportive, Vidhaarth thing and the law of nature is as
Legend Of The Jungleʼ.
rom‑com "Tumhari Sulu". I sat Mozhi" is no different from is seen toppling over with spousal simple as that. But it's fine and self. So, I don't think any actor is
through the touching, sincere but "Tumhari Sulu" in spirit and flavor. servility. It almost feels like this hus‑ good." satisfied. The day an actor is satis‑
hollow and self‑conscious remake Even the individual episodes from band is overdoing it to hide an Is he happy with his filmogra‑ fied is kind of a death of the cre‑
with just one thought in my head: the original plot have been extra‑marital affair which would phy? ativity within you," said the son of
Why? Why do we need another wrenched out of their context and come out in a sequel, perhaps? Only "No. I don't think any actor is megastar Amitabh Bachchan.
"Tumhari Sulu" so soon after the put there for no other purpose deft handling by extremely compe‑ happy with their filmography. The Abhishek has lent his voice to the
first? Is the story's transposition to except to look cutely wannabe. Like tent makers could infuse life into tragedy of a filmography is that character of Bagheera in the Hindi
the South a sign of artistic enter‑ the original, "Katrin Mozhi" starts remakes. these are the things that have hap‑ version of Andy Serkis' forthcom‑
prise or just a symptom of the lazi‑ with the feisty housewife participat‑ Martin Scorcese successfully pened in the past. You need to ing film "Mowgli: Legend Of The
ness that has crept into a certain ing in an egg‑and‑spoon race in her remade the 1962 classic "Cape look towards newer horizons, you Jungle", which is slated to have a
kind of genre‑specific cinema which son's school while her "devoted" Fear". He got his first best director need to look forward... you need to global release on the streaming
cannibalises extraneous content husband cheers on. Here I must Oscar for a remake, "The Departed". continue to strive and better your‑ site Netflix on December 7.
18 December 8-14, 2018 ART AND BOOKS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Himachal to develop Roerich art complex, says CM

imachal Pradesh Chief Minister
Jai Ram Thakur last Friday said
the state would provide all assis‑
tance for development of the Roerich Art
Gallery, set up by Russian painter and
philosopher Nicholas Roerich in 1927,
near Kullu town as a major center of art
and culture.
For this, the state would seek grants
also from the Union Ministry of Culture,
he said.
Thakur was presiding over the 18th
meeting of the International Roerich
Memorial Trust where Russia's
Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev
was also present.
The Chief Minister said the memorial
trust, which manages Roerich's estate that
owns 8,126 artefacts, is playing a pivotal
role in fortifying the relations between
India and Russia. The state was determined
to protect and preserve Roerich's heritage. Portrait of Nicholas Roerich by Svetoslav Roerich; A signature Roerich painting
He said the Roerich Memorial estate in
Naggar was the anchor point for the Roerich anddevelopment of this trust. ars and experts. The Roerich Memorial Roerich's wife Helena, a famous writer,
trust which had been attracting the hearts Russia's Ambassador Kudashev said the Museum complex would be created by and sons Yuri, a prominent Oriental scholar,
and minds of the Russians and Indians as Russian embassy was willing to cooperate incorporating the restoration of Roerich and Svyatoslav, a well‑known painter, and
the spiritual quintessence of relationship closely with the state to handle mainte‑ house. Svyatoslav's wife Devika Rani all stayed with
between the two countries. nance, preservation and restoration aspects Some 300 paintings have been donated by him in Naggar.
He remembered that it was during the of the museum. various artists to the trust. Prints of these Roerichs' estate comprises the premises of
tenure of Prime Minister Atal Bihari It was decided at the board meeting that selected painting would be auctioned. the Indian‑Russian Memorial Complex, the
Vajpayee that a grant of Rs 2 crore was pro‑ the International Roerich Memorial Trust The Roerich estate is located in Naggar, 25 Gallery of N.K. Roerich, Helena Roerich Arts
vided to the trust to strengthen its activities. complex would be developed for mainte‑ km from Kullu town, where Roerich came in College and exhibition halls in the buildings
|He said India and Russia had been con‑ nance of Roerich's heritage as well as con 1927 from St. Petersburg. He made the vil‑ of the Urusvati Himalayan Research
tributing significantly for the maintenance struction of guest houses for artists, schol‑ lage his home for more than two decades. Institute.

How amazing things of everyday use came into being

By Saket Suman Plato's Alarm Clock and Other the point, "Plato's Alarm Clock and Other
Amazing Ancient Inventions" is both knowl‑

Amazing Ancient Inventions;
ncient inventions like the calendar, edgeable and accessible. But why does
alarm clock, umbrella, locks and
Author: James M. Russell; Russell want his readers to revisit them?
keys, cutlery, adhesives and anes‑ Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Perhaps because he believes that we are
thetics, among several others, make their Limited/Hachette India; "not any cleverer than our ancestors", we
appearance in our lives quite frequently, but Price: Rs 399; just have an accumulation of centuries of
most of us know little about how these Pages: 192 technological progress on which we can rely.
inventions came to be. Through this book, he intends to give the
Calendars of various sorts, for instance, Ninevah, the capital of ancient Assyria. readers a perspective on the rise and fall of
existed during the Bronze Age but one It worked on the same principle as the civilizations.
recent archaeological finding from Scotland locks of ancient Egypt in which pins inside "History has its many dark ages and cata‑
suggests that they were in use much before the lock are lifted into a recess by the key, clysms during which knowledge is lost and
that. The site at Craithes Castle in removing the obstruction to opening the the human condition gets worse rather than
Aberdeenshire contained a series of 12 pits, door. better. So how comfortable should we feel
which show the phases of the moon and Interestingly, the first wigs came into today that the technology we take for grant‑
monitor lunar months. being as ancient Egyptians were obsessed ed will still be there in 1,000 years or more,"
"The pits, which have been dated to with cleanliness. They washed themselves he asks.
10,000 years ago, also align with the mid‑ several times a day and saw being hairless He is aware that, by most accounts,
winter sunrise. This would allow the hunter‑ as clean and civilized. "They wore wigs to humankind will be out in space by then,
gatherers who created them to reset each keep the sun from burning their scalps. reliant on advanced energy systems and
year correctly to align with the seasons, They were made of either natural or artifi‑ understanding evermore the cosmos and
which suggests significant levels of under‑ except for a few small openings designed to cial hair, and were held in place by beeswax subatomic physics.
standing and sophistication in the pre‑agri‑ act as a whistle when air was forced through and resin," finds Russell. "But perhaps that isn't how things will be.
cultural Mesolithic period of the area," them ‑‑ which happened when the water fell. How about cutlery? Perhaps there'll be a human civiliz; tion that
James M. Russell writes in his just‑released "So Plato's students were woken up, along The first pieces of cutlery developed when has evolved into something unrecognizable
"Plato's Alarm Clock and Other Amazing with their teacher, by a loud whistling noise people started to cover the handles of stone to us, in which there remain only few incred‑
Ancient Inventions". emanating from the extraordinary alarm knives with wood or skin in order to make ulous rumors about how mankind used to be
As for the Water Alarm Clock, Greek clock," notes Russell. them more comfortable to hold. Russell able to fly to the moon and beyond, send
philosopher Plato wanted a way to get him‑ The first umbrellas, on the other hand, maintains that it is impossible to say when information instantaneously around the
self and his students out of bed in time for came into existence due to climatic needs. this practice started, but contends that world, cure all kinds of diseases, send air‑
lessons. By then simple water clocks, in They were used as sunshades as the most knives, along with simple spoons made of craft and bombs across the oceans, and
which the drip of water is used to record the advanced civilizations developed in warmer hollowed out wood, seashells or flint, were understand what matter is made of."
passing of time, were already in existence. climates. surely in use from the start of the Neolithic He ends hoping that the Utopian version is
The innovation in Plato's water clock was Locks and keys are also a fascinating his‑ period (about 12,000 years ago). the real story and the dystopian one never
that it also featured an alarm. torical development, symbolizing both the Divided into six chapters, the book pres‑ comes to fruition, but in the meantime he
Plato achieved this feat by adding a tube growth of personal wealth and the need for ents dozens of similar "amazing ancient urges his readers to take a look around and
which led out of the vessel into a lower privacy. The oldest lock, according to inventions" and tells the reader how they appreciate every little bit of technology
receptacle, which was completely closed Russell's findings, comes from the ruins of came into being. Sparingly written and to we use. ‑IANS
TheSouthAsianTimes.info INDIA FEATURES December 8-14, 2018 19

Giving dignity to the

homeless and abandoned
By Mudita Girotra

hen his single mother
could not take care of
the mentally‑chal‑
lenged boy Rinku, she brought
him to a home less she lter in
Bhandwari village on the out‑
skirts of bustling Gurugram (for‑
merly Gurgaon), one of India's
fastest‑growing cities and home
to scores of multinational compa‑
nies in glittering glass and steel
towers. W hen the six‑month
pregnant Sarita Devi was aban‑
doned by her husband, she was
also sent to this open‑to‑all shel‑
ter by a court.
Now both of them have not
only found a home, but also new
A successful martial artist, Ravi Kalra left it all to dedicate his life to service of humanity and founded Earth Saviours Foundation based in Gurgaon.
families at the Earth Saviours
Foundation (ESF), also called garbage along with street dogs care of," said Rao, 62, who used said. "I feel very different about "People in the village didn't
Gurukul. Like them, around 450 on a busy Delhi road. "I despised to work as a cook at a hotel in it today." allow it initially and thought we
other homeless people, including my wealth at that time... felt as if Gurugram. "These people have become my were bringing mad people here.
over 300 mentally‑challenged I haven't done anything good for The residents of Gurukul told family. My husband wants to get Eventually, they understood we
persons, found a home at this society. That was the moment I IANS that the boy couldn't be back with me, but I won't go with were doing good work. Today,
two‑acre site in a rustic setting decided to leave everything and taken care of by his mother, a him." She worked as a housemaid everybody in the village knows of
not far away from Gurugram's to dedicate my life to seva," he single parent, because of his earlier and is now a volunteer at this place," he said.
self‑absorbed modern urbanity. recalled. aggressive demeanor. "He can't the foundation. According to Kalra's observa‑
Reached by a narrow and A few months after that inci‑ stay in isolation." The Earth Saviors Foundation tions, the beggars we see on the
bumpy road, ESF was founded in dent, he started his foundation Unlike others, his real family runs without any government roads of Delhi are not necessarily
2008 by Ravi Kalra, 49, who was and, since then, has dedicated didn't abandon him thoug h. support, doesn't have enough people from poor families.
earlier a martial artist who had himself to improving the lives of "They pay visits every now and beds for the 450 people who "I have come across NRIs,
no idea of his future mission. abandoned senior citizens, physi‑ then," Rao said. reside there, but always has its retired army officers, IAS officers
Inspired by the toug h cally and mentally disabled, vic‑ At Gurukul, one doctor and doors open for the homeless. who were abandoned by their
demeanor of his father, who was timized women, and people suf‑ three nurses are available "I used all my hard‑earned families in old age. There is a lot
a police inspector in Delhi, Kalra fering with incurable diseases. "I between 9 am and 6 pm every money and now we rely on all of suffering in the world."
learnt taekwondo, a skill that feel all of them deserve to live day. There are over 450 resi‑ those people who generously Every now and then, an ESF
took him places. He even got to with dignity," he told IANS. dents residing in five dormitories offer monetary support to us." van makes the rounds of hospi‑
work w ith the US Army in And dignity is the gift that ‑‑ three have been allotted to The inception of this founda‑ tals in the Nat ional Capital
recruiting soldiers from Nepal Gurukul has given to people like women, and two to men. tion was not without any strug‑ Region to spot those who need
during the war w ith Iraq in Rinku and Sarita. For recreation, there are televi‑ gle. Kalra initiated his service help.
2007. When asked about his family, sions, books, newspapers and a with about 15 to 20 people in "This place is my home for the
Having earned a fair bit of Rinku, now 36‑years‑old, would carrom board. Vasant Kunj in south Delhi. rest of my life. I work here with
money, he wanted to give it back make an adorable gesture by Sarita, 27, an orphan and later "That place caught fire and we the administration team, and in
to society by doing "seva" (public pointing towards Anand Rao, abandoned by her husband, was had to move to somewhere in reuniting people. We also cre‑
service). While he always had who is himself physically dis‑ scared when she first arrived at Rajouri Garden. Our center there mate unclaimed bodies. I work
this urge to do something to abled but takes care of him like a the shelter home. got floo ded and we had to for that as well," Gautam said.
improve the lives of the needy, he son. "That is how we function "I thought how would I stay in change several places before He said the foundation has cre‑
got his epiphany when he came here. Everybody has a friend or this madhouse, but I didn't have coming to Bandhwari, where I mated over 5,000 unclaimed
upon a beggar child scouring companion who he or she takes any other place to go to," she had my own land." bodies so far.

Assam college creates Rice Bank to preserve indigenous varieties

By Aditya Baruah preserved 251 indigenous vari‑ now due to various reasons,” nutritious compared to the high‑ no cooking; and a huge variety of
eties through its rice bank. Set up Ranjit Saikia, principal of the yielding varieties. sticky rice, commonly known as

college in Assam has in 1996, the college started to Silapathar Science College, told Rice is the staple diet for most ʻBoraʼ.
walked the extra mile by work closely with farmers in the IANS. of the tribes and communities in “High‑yielding varieties of rice
not only setting up a rice district since 2015 and organized He explained that while the gov‑ Assam and the state produces a are affecting the indigenous vari‑
bank to preserve seeds of indige‑ a “Rice Mela” to showcase the ernment is promoting high‑yield‑ huge quantity of it. According to eties. People have lost interest in
nous varieties that are losing out indigenous varieties grown in the ing varieties of rice through vari‑ government statistics, Assam pro‑ growing indigenous varieties as
to new high‑yielding varieties but district. ous schemes to boost production, duced over 70 lakh tonnes of rice production is less. However, the
also encouraging farmers to grow “That was the beginning. We local farmers also prefer these as in 2017, compared to 52 lakh indigenous varieties are better
them so that they do not become have encouraged our students to more production means more tonnes the previous year. Besides suited to the local climate and
extinct. visit the whole of the district and financial gain. “This is a bad trend the normal rice, Assam also pro‑ there must be a sustained ef fort
The Silapathar Science College, collect the samples of rice grown as the stateʼs indigenous rice vari‑ duces dif ferent varieties of aro‑ to improve production of the
located in Dhemaji district along by the farmers. Dhemaji used to eties will become extinct,” he said, matic rice, locally known as ʻJohaʼ; indigenous variet ies,” Saikia
the Assam‑Arunachal Pradesh bor‑ produce a large variety of rice, but adding that the indigenous vari‑ some varieties of soft rice, locally explained.
der, has so far documented and most of these are not available eties of rice are tastier and more known as ʻKomal Saulʼ that needs (IANS)
20 December 8-14, 2018 SUBCONTINENT TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Modi meets Xi, says this year Bangladeshi ex-PM's

was good, next will be better nomination papers cancelled
Buenos Aires: Indian Prime Bangladeshʼs ex‑
Minister Narendra Mo di met Prime Minister
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Khaleda Zia's nomi‑
the sidelines of the G20 summit nation papers for
and said this year had been very contesting in the
good for bilateral ties and that the general elections
coming year will be better. slated for
He said the informal meeting at December 30 were
Wuhan in April this year had cancelled.
proved to be a milestone and had The Election
opened new avenues of coopera‑ Commission
tion. appointed
"This year has been very good Returning officers
and important for our bilateral (ROs) cancelled her
relations. I am confident that the nomination papers
coming year would be even better. for contesting in
Former Bangladesh Prime Minister
The informal summit between the three constituen‑
Khaleda Zia.
two leaders in Wuhan proved to cies on the ground
be a milestone for the two coun‑ of her conviction in two corrup‑ opposition alliance led by Zia's
tries. This gave a new momentum tion cases, Xinhua news agency Bangladesh Nationalist Party
to our engagement," Modi said reported. (BNP) has decided to contest
during his meeting with Jinping. Apart from Khaleda Zia, ROs the parliamentary polls.
He said India was very eager to Indian PM Narendra Modi meets Chinese president Xi Jinping who are scrutinizing 3,065 Prime Minister Sheikh
host the Chinese President for an on the sidelines of the 13th G20 summit. nominations also cancelled Hasina's ruling Bangladesh
informal summit next year. have been held in the past at a year. nomination papers filed by Awami League party, which
Modi said top‑level meetings Qingdao and Johannesburg and External Af fairs Ministry dozens of candidates on various rose to power with a landslide
between the leaders of the two the recent meeting will give a fil‑ Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar grounds including convictions. election victory in early 2009
countries have helped in keeping lip to "closer development part‑ said the two leaders had a warm Bangladesh's apex court and won its second term in
up the momentum of bilateral nership" in the future. and productive meeting and dis‑ upheld a ban for convicts from 2014, is facing challenges from
ties. This was the fourth meeting cussed joint ef forts to enhance running in the general elec‑ Zia's BNP and its allies, which
He said such review meetings between the two world leaders in mutual trust. tions. The country's major boycotted the 2014 elections.

Sri Lankan Parliament votes Top Taliban commander killed

to cut finances to ministries
Colombo: A majority of Sri Lankan by US airstrike in Afghanistan
legislators voted in favor of a par‑
Islamabad: A top Taliban leader
liamentary motion to halt finances
was killed in what is believed to
to former President Mahinda
have been a US airstrike in
Rajapaksa's cabinet and junior
Afghanistan, Taliban of ficials
ministers, a day after Parliament
passed a motion to cut finances to
Abdul Manan was the Taliban
the Prime Minister's office.
"shadow governor" for Helmand
Amidst a severe political turmoil
province in the south, a key terri‑
ongoing in the island country, the
tory for the group, which also
motion to cut finances to the min‑
gave him control over a large
istries was submitted to
part of the group's finances,
Parliament by MP Patali
reports Efe news.
Champika Ranawaka from the Former Sri Lankan President Helmand is the centre of the
Jathika Hela Urumaya, a party Mahinda Rajapaksa. country's drug trade and the
loyal to ousted Prime Minister
Wickremesinghe and appointed Taliban tax the drugs business.
Ranil Wickremesinghe, Xinhua
former President Rajapaksa as the Manan's death was confirmed
news agency reported.
new Prime Minister last month. by three Taliban officials.
The motion was passed with
T he UNP has alleged that the His death would be the biggest
122 MPs in the 225 member
removal of Wickremesinghe was loss for the Taliban since 2016
Parliament voting in favor whilst
"unconstitutional" and said the when the group's leader, Akhtar
MPs from Rajapaksa's govern‑
new caretaker government could Mansour, was killed in a US
ment boycotted parliamentary
not continue in of fice as it had drone strike in western Pakistan.
sessions for the fourth consecu‑
been defeated in no‑confidence The killing of Mansour sank the
tive time.
motions. prospects for peace talks at the
Rajapaksa, who was appointed
Sirisena has rejected the results time as the Taliban resented the
the Prime Minister in the new
of the no‑confidence votes, saying loss of its chief.
Cabinet by President Maithripala
it had not been conducted in a The latest airstrike was near
Sirisena on October 26, earlier The death would be the biggest loss for the Taliban
"constitutional manner" and the town of Sangeen in Helmand,
said that he and his party opposed since 2016 (representational photo).
requested Parliament to conduct Taliban sources said.
Speaker Karu Jayasuriya's behav‑
the vote again. Manan was one of the most Taliban's success in Helmand. he was checking the reports.
ior and they would boycott ses‑
Sirisena has maintained that the influential figures in the Taliban, The Taliban's hold on Helmand Army Col. David Butler, the
sions till such time they were rec‑
present crisis was not serious and considered a hardliner. His hold allowed more members of the spokesman for US‑led interna‑
ognized as the ruling party.
would not affect the daily lives of over the drugs business gave him movement to trave l into tional forces in Afghanistan, said
Sri Lanka has been embroiled in
citizens and that the political an independent voice within the Afghanistan from their base in the US was "looking closely into
a severe political crisis after
unrest would end soon. Taliban hierarchy. He was con‑ Pakistan. A spokesman for the reports" that Manan had been
President Sirisena sacked
sidered the force behind the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, said killed in an airstrike.
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'Iran will continue to develop Over 280 arrested in Paris

missiles despite US opposition'
Tehran: Iran will continue to
develop and test missiles in line
protests against fuel price hike
with its deterrence policy despite
adversarial positions taken on
this issue by the US officials, a
spokesman of the Iranian Armed
Forces said.
"Missile tests and the overall
defensive capability of the
Islamic republic are for defence
purposes and in line with our
country's deterrence policy,"
Abolfazl Shekarchi said, Xinhua
news agency reported. Iranian President Hassan
"We will continue to both test Rouhani had called on
and develop missiles," he said, Muslims worldwide to unite
against the US.
adding that "this issue is outside
the framework of any negotia‑ sile tests violated the UN Security
tions and is part of our national Council Resolution (UNSCR)
security." "We will not ask for 2231.
“Yellow Vests" protesters have caused civil unrest in Paris.
any country's permission in this Pompeo said that "the Iranian
regard," he stressed. regime has just test‑fired a medi‑ Paris: At least 288 people have demonstrations, although with an by the authorities.
Iran has assured regional coun‑ um range ballistic missile that's been arrested and some 100 others estimated 36,500 participants The minister said the famous Arc
tries that the boost of missiles capable of carrying multiple war‑ injured as protesters took to the across the country they were de Triomphe was occupied and
power of the Islamic republic heads. This test violates UNSCR streets of Paris against rising fuel smaller than those in weeks past, damaged by the rioters during the
does not hurt the interests of 2231." prices, clashing with riot police, according to the French Interior protests, reports Efe news.
other countries, Shekarchi said. "We condemn these activities authorities said. Ministry. "All the police, the gen‑ The arch was spattered with yel‑
"Such measures are only in line and call upon Iran to cease A police spokesman told CNN darmes and civil security forces low paint saying, "T he 'ye llow
with boosting the country's immediately all activities relating that clashes erupted after the pro‑ were mobilised," Interior Minister vests' will triumph" and later a
deterrent and defenSe power," he to ballistic missiles designed to testers from the "gilets jaune" or Christophe Castaner said, adding group of demonstrators managed
added. be capable of delivering nuclear "yellow vest" movement demon‑ that 65,000 agents had been to get access to the top of the mon‑
Shekarchi made the remarks in weapons," he said. strated against rising gas prices deployed around the country and ument. "I am shocked by the chal‑
reaction to an earlier remarks by In reaction, Iran's Foreign and taxes on polluting forms of 4,000 in Paris, a number that lenge against symbols of France,"
the US Secretary of State, Mike Ministry dismissed as "ridicu‑ transport. The protests marked the proved insufficient to deal with the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe
Pompeo, that Iran's ballistic mis‑ lous" the charges by Pompeo. third consecutive week of such 3,000 violent protesters identified said.

Khashoggi called Saudi UK minister resigns

Arabia Crown Prince a 'beast' over Brexit deal
London: UK's Minister of
Washington: Slain journalist Jamal Universities and Science Sam
Khashoggi, in over 400 WhatsApp Gyimah has resigned from Prime
messages that he sent to a fellow Minister Theresa May's govern‑
Saudi exile before he was mur‑ ment over her Brexit agreement
dered in October, described Saudi with the EU, calling it a "deal in
Crown Prince Mohammad bin name only" and seeking a second
Salman as a "beast" and a "pac‑ referendum.
man" who would devour all in his Conservative MP Gyimah said
path, even his supporters, a media the inability of May's government
report said. to secure continued participation
Khashoggi had sent the texts to in Galileo, the EU's strategic
Montreal‑based activist Omar satellite navigation system, was
Abdulaziz, the CNN report said. only a foretaste of disappoint‑ UK minister Sam Gyimah
T he messages shared by became the seventh minister
ments to come under her
Abdulaziz, which include voice to quit the govt over Brexit.
Brexit deal.
recordings, photos and videos, Gyimah became the seventh ly for decades to come".
paint a picture of a man deeply minister to quit May's govern‑ "There is a blocking minority in
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.
troubled by what he regarded as ment over Brexit. He called for a the House of Commons for
the petulance of the Crown Prince. leveraging Khashoggi's establish‑ Abdulaziz launched a lawsuit vote to gauge the public's mood almost every possible option
"The more victims he eats, the ment profile and the 27‑year‑old against an Israeli company that if the Prime Minister loses the which means that letting the peo‑
more he wants," says Khashoggi in Abdulaziz's 340,000‑strong invented the software he believes vote in Parliament on December ple decide, now that we know
one message sent in May, just after Twitter following. was used to hack his phone. 11, the Guardian reported. more, might be the most sensible
a group of Saudi activists had been "(Jamal]) believed that MBS (the "T he hacking of my phone "I cannot support the govern‑ path for both leavers and remain‑
rounded up. Crown Prince) is the issue, is the played a major role in what hap‑ ment's deal and as such, I have ers," Gyimah told the BBC Radio
"I will not be surprised if the problem and he said this kid pened to Jamal, I am really sorry tendered my resignation," 4 Today programme.
oppression will reach even those should be stopped," Abdulaziz said to say," Abdelaziz told CNN. "The Gyimah said in a statement made "We don't actually have a deal,
who are cheering him on." in an interview with CNN. guilt is killing me." public on Saturday, adding May's we have a deal in name only...
In almost daily exchanges But in August, when he believed Abdulaziz began speaking out withdrawal agreement was "a What we have is a series of prin‑
between October 2017 and August their conversations may have been against the Saudi regime as a col‑ deal that leaves us poorer, less ciples of what we want to achieve
2018, Khashoggi and Abdulaziz intercepted by Saudi authorities, a lege student in Canada. His point‑ secure and weaker". as a country, a set of negotiations
conceived plans to form an elec‑ sense of foreboding descends over ed criticisms of government poli‑ Gyimah said the deal could lead after we have left the EU and
tronic army to eng age young Khashoggi. cies drew the attention of the to "potentially crippling our‑ given up our voice, our veto and
Saudis back home and debunk "God help us," he wrote. Saudi state, which cancelled his selves politically and economical‑ our vote."
state propaganda on social media, Two months later, he was dead. university scholarship.
22 December 8-14, 2018 BUSINESS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

China to cut tariffs on US Cutting trade barriers

cars, markets rise imperative for all
Washington: China has agreed to
cut tariffs on cars it imports from
nations: Jaitley
the US, President Donald Trump Mumbai: Union Finance
has said, after he negotiated a Minister Arun Jaitley on
truce in the trade war with Beijing. Monday said trading
The announcement boosted the across borders has
financial markets. become an "economic
"China has agreed to reduce and imperative of our times"
remove tariffs on cars coming into and it is in every nation's
China from the US. Currently the interest to bring down
tariff is 40 per cent," Trump tweet‑ the trade barriers for the
ed. The outcome of the Trump‑Xi global economy.
Jinping meeting boosted financial "No nation can pro‑
markets in Asia Pacific on Monday. duce all products. It can‑
T he benchmark Shang hai not specialise in all
Composite index led the way with forms of services and
a rise of 2.57 per cent while Hong therefore trading across
Kong was up 2.45 per cent and barriers of nations is an Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
Donald Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping
Tokyo closed 1 per cent better off. economic imperative of
in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Australia's benchmark ASX200 our times and this is going to significant impact on transac‑
index finished the day up 1.84 per a breakthrough during the G‑20 imports from 25 per cent to 15 increase with times to come," tional costs for all transactions
cent. summit in Buenos Aires on per cent. However, it later imposed Jaitley said at an event here. and any delay either due to lack
The increases paved the way for Saturday, temporarily pausing the new additional tarif fs of 25 per Addressing the 80th Session of of infrastructure or on account
sharp rises on European and US trade row between the world's two cent on American‑made passenger the Policy Commission of the of terms and procedures adds to
exchanges later in the day with largest economies that saw tit‑for‑ vehicles after Trump raised the World Customs Organisation the cost thereby taking away the
futures trade seeing the FTSE100 tat tariffs imposed on each other's tariff on Chinese autos from 2.5 to (WCO) through video confer‑ competitiveness of that trade.
opening up by 1.6 per cent and the products. Neither country had 27.5 per cent. ence, he said nations have "Domestic economy itself
Dow Jones industrial average on mentioned the car tarif f issue in The US leader called his deal realised that increase in trade starts suffering and therefore it
Wall Street expected to leap 2 per their of ficial read‑outs of the with Xi "incredible". "It goes down, gives impetus to the global is in the larger interest of each
cent. Trump‑Xi weekend meeting in certainly ‑ if it happens, it goes economy as he advocated free economy globally to make sure
But Trump didn't give details which Washington agreed to hold down as one of the largest deals trade. that trading across customs,
about the car tariffs or when the off on his threat to impose 25 per ever made," he told reporters. "It is in the larger interest of trade barriers of nations is facili‑
change would happen and what cent tariffs on $200 billion worth Meanwhile, the Chinese state every country to make sure that tated to the largest extent possi‑
the new tariff level would be, CNN of Chinese goods from January 1, media warned that while the new trade barriers are brought down ble," he said.
reported. There was no immediate leaving them at the current 10 per "consensus" was a welcome devel‑ to the extent possible," he said at He said countries have invest‑
response from the Chinese govern‑ cent rate. In return, Beijing agreed opment and g ave both sides a time when protectionism is on ed a lot in improving upon infra‑
ment on cutting car tariffs. to purchase more agricultural "breathing space" to resolve their the rise fuelled by the trade war structure including ports, air‑
Trump's announcement came products from US farmers immedi‑ dif ferences, there was no "magic initiated by the US against China ports and roads, and that India
shortly after he and his Chinese ately. Earlier this year, China low‑ wand" that would allow the griev‑ and with the latter's retaliation. has been in the forefront of
counterpart Xi Jinping announced ered its tarif fs on foreign car ances to disappear immediately. Jaitley said trade barriers have a increasing its own capacities.

Qatar to pull Train 18 to be flagged off between Delhi-Varanasi

out of OPEC By Arun Kumar Das
Doha: Qatar has announced that it

intends to withdraw from the nboard Train‑18 (Kota): With the Train 18 is a
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Train 18 speeding up to 180 kmph 100‑crore
Countries (OPEC) after nearly 60 years indigenously
between Kota junction and Kurlasi
of membership in order to focus on its developed
station during a trial on Sunday, efforts are
plans to increase natural gas produc‑ on to launch the first indigenously‑built
tion. The planned January 1, 2019, Trainset on December 25 between New efficient,
withdrawal was announced at a press Delhi and Varanasi. self‑
conference here earlier in the day and "Christmas Day also happens to be the propelled or
confirmed by Qatar Petroleum, the birthday of late Prime Minister Atal Bihari engineless
state‑owned corporation responsible Vajpayee and it would be a tribute to the train.
for oil and gas activities, on Twitter. great statesman if we manage to launch the (Photo:
"The withdrawal decision reflects next‑generation train on that day," a senior IANS)
Qatar's desire to focus its efforts on railway official told IANS.
plans to develop and increase its natu‑ Since the input cost of the Rs 100‑crore
ral gas production," tweeted Saad train is high, the fare structure will be also Train 18 during the various trials on "We are quite excited to be part of this
Sherida Al‑Kaabi, the country's be higher than the normal fare. Sunday ‑‑ including a speed run on a great occasion," Padam Singh told IANS
Minister of State for Energy Affairs. However, the official added that the deci‑ straight track, speed test on one degree after having the sweet.
He said that OPEC had been sion on its launch date and fare were yet to curve at 150 kmph, and two degree curve "I feel proud to be part of this historic
informed of the decision, Efe news be taken as the trial was not yet complete. at 140 and 150 kmph ‑‑ on the 113 km trial," added Yadav.
reported. According to the tentative plan, the train stretch from Kota to Kurlasi under the It was a smooth ride for those inside ‑‑
Qatar has been a member of OPEC will start from New Delhi station at 6 a.m. watchful eyes senior railway of ficials as occupying rotating seats to match the
since 1961. It said the organization and is expected to reach Varanasi, Prime well as those from the national trans‑ direction of the train ‑ as the Train 18
was aware of its decision to withdraw. Minister Narendra Modi's parliamentary porter's Research Design and Standards became the first train to touch such high
Al‑Kaabi said the withdrawal deci‑ constituency, at 2 p.m. Organisation. speed on the Indian rail network.
sion reflected Qatar's aim to increase For the return journey, the train will start Ladoos were distributed in the train when Although the speed touched 180 kmph
its natural gas production from 77 at 2.30 p.m., from Varanasi and reach the it clocked 180 kmph. The first sweets were during Sunday's trial run, the Train‑18 will
million tonnes a year to 110 million national capital at 10.30 p.m. of fered to loco pilot Padam Singh Gurjar only be allowed to run at a maximum speed
tonnes in the coming years. It was a thrilling experience onboard and his assistant Onkar Yadav. of 160 kmph in its commercial operations.
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Hockey World Cup: India hold

Belgium in exciting clash
Bhubaneswar: India recovered
from a slow start to produce a
superb second half performance
and hold t itle contenders
Have to win against Canada
Belgium to a 2‑2 draw in a cru‑
cial Pool C match of the FIH
to enter quarterfinal: Coach
World Cup here on Sunday. Bhubaneswar: Indian hockey against South Africa on the
India have thus given them‑ team chief coach Harendra same day.
selves a very good chance to Singh on Sunday said they have Praising his players' fitness
earn direct qualification to the to win the match against and drive in the last two quar‑
quarter‑finals. The Belgians were Canada to create a chance to ters, he said they have to con‑
the favourites to w in this enter the quarterfinal in the tinue being ruthless against
encounter, but the Indians did Men's Hockey World Cup. "My opponents on the turf in their
well to stage a spirited comeback players have to play with the next games.
and earn a well‑deserved point. mindset to enter the quarterfi‑ He said his team drew their
The hosts are now at the top of nal. Forget about these two energy in the second half from
Pool C, edging Belgium to the matches. The next match is a buoyant crowd at the Kalinga
second spot on goal dif ference. going to decide whether you Stadium, which allowed them to
Both teams have four points after are going to play quarterfinal overwhelm Belgium and earn a
winning their respective cam‑ or crossover," said Singh. point.
paign openers in contrasting Both Belgium and India have Varun Kumar, who was
Indian players in action against Belgium at Kalinga Stadium
fashion. in Bhubaneswar. (Photo: IANS) won one match each in the pool awarded the Man of the Match
Alexander Hendrickx drew first C while both managed to draw award for his incisive passing
blood for Belgium when he fired minutes later. Belgium started in right flank with the experienced the Sunday match. and for earning the vital penal‑
a penalty corner through the legs explosive fashion and dominated Chinglensana Singh at the heart India will play their next ty stroke in the 3rd quarter,
of Indian goalkeeper P.R. the first half. But the Indians of many of the moves. match against Canada on said it was the turning point of
Sreejesh in the eighth minute. gradually found their rhythm The Belgium defenders were December 8. Belgium will play the game.
Harmanpreet Singh scored the and put in a much improved per‑ hardly allowing any space to the
equaliser for India off a penalty formance after half‑time. Indians. As a result, the hosts short while later hit a Belgian unmarked with only van Doren
stroke in the 39th minute before Belgium were challenging the were finding it difficult to main‑ defender on his foot right on the to beat, failed to trap the ball.
Simranjeet Singh put them in the Indian defence right from the tain possession around the goal line and the umpire had no If the rather noisy crowd were
lead in the 47th. start. At the other end of the Europeans' penalty area. hesitation in awarding a penalty disappointed by that miss, they
But Florent van Aubel earned a pitch, the Indian forwards were The Indian defence also was stroke to the hosts. found reason for yet another
point for the 2016 Rio Olympics finding it difficult to even pene‑ good with their man marking, Harmanpreet stepped forward round of wild celebrations only a
silver medallists when he scored trate into the Belgium penalty but they were being stretched by to coolly slot the ball past van short while later when the
Belgium's second goal in the circle. the intelligent off the ball move‑ Doren as the crowd erupted in a Indians scored their second goal.
56th minute. Earlier in the day, The best chance for the hosts ment of the Belgian players. frenzy of wild celebration. Lalit Kothajit Singh made a run into
Canada and South Africa played in the opening quarter came just The first penalty corner for the Upadhyay missed an excellent the Belgian penalty circle from
out a 1‑1 draw in another Pool C before the first break when an hosts came around five minutes chance in the 45th minute when the right and fired a pass across
match. excellent pass to Mandeep Singh into the third quarter after one of Varun Kumar snatched the ball the face of the goal. The ball
Nqobile Ntuli gave South Africa at the goalmouth was blocked the rare o ccasions when an from a Belgian player and exe‑ evaded a host of sticks ‑‑ both
the lead in the 43rd minute out by Belgian goalkeeper Loic Indian counter‑attack caught the cuted an accurate loft to him just Indian and Belgian ‑‑ before an
be fore Scott Tupper (45th van Doren. Most of the Indian Belgian defence of f guard. The in front of the Europeans' goal. unmarked Simranjeet tapped it in
minute) restored parity just two attacks were coming down the second Indian penalty corner a But Lalit, who was totally at the far post.

Vijay feels Australian pitches will help him bat better

Sydney: India opener Murali Vijay feels think tank something to cheer about after
his game will flourish on the bouncy first‑choice opener Prithvi Shaw got ruled India opener Murali Vijay.
pitches in Australia after scoring a fine out of the first Test in Adelaide due to an
129 on the fourth and final day of the ankle injury. "I am ready (after playing
only warm‑up tie against Cricket Australia county cricket, tour matches in New
XI here. Zealand and Australia). I just want to go
The first Test of the four‑match series out there, contribute and give a good start
will start in Adelaide on December 6. to my team. I have always been aiming for
Vijay, who struggled in the Test series that and nothing is dif ferent this time,"
against England before being dropped Vijay said.
from the India squad, hit 16 fours and five Vijay said he was excited about playing
sixes enroute to his hundred. Test cricket on Australian soil again and is
"It was good to get some practice hitting aiming to reproduce the good form he had
over the boundary. I just took the chances displayed during the series here in 2014.
which came my way. I wanted to be in a Asserting that he share a good co‑ordi‑
positive frame of mind since I knew that nation with Rahul since both of them hail
opportunities will be there. I have been from the same part of India, Vijay hoped
working hard on my game and fitness, that the duo will be able to carry their cur‑
and am hoping to contribute in this rent momentum into the first Test.
series," Vijay told reporters. "I like to play on the backfoot so
Vijay posted a 109‑run stand with fel‑ Australian conditions suit my game. You
low opener Lokesh Rahul, who returned to get good bounce in Australia, so you can
form with a 62. The duo gave the Indian play your shots," he said.
24 December 8-14, 2018 SCI-TECH TheSouthAsianTimes.info

India brings booklet to guard teens

from cyber bullying, other crimes
New Delhi: The Union Home saging app, check it on up a Cyber and Information "Cyber grooming is growing as Suppose you like to play online
Ministry has come out with a other sources also to Security division to one of the major cyber threats games, an impersonator behaves
booklet on cyber safety for confirm its check the rapid faced by children and teenagers. It like another child and invites you
teenagers that tries to address authenticity." growth of cyber is a practice where someone to talk to him and share informa‑
their increased use of smart‑ More than crimes and cyber builds an emotional bond with tion."
phones, gadgets, online gaming, 30 people, threats. It now children through social media or The booklet also explains vari‑
social media and fake news. mostly in aims to intro‑ messaging platforms with an ous kinds of cyber crimes like
The 38‑page booklet, titled "A May and duce the cyber objective of gaining their trust for identity theft, job fraud, email
Handbook for Students on Cyber June, crime hand‑ sexually abusing and exploiting spoofing and how children can
Safety", also deals with the prob‑ were book in them… More and more children overcome them.
lems of cyber bullying, cyber lynched schools as a invest time online to play games, It advises teenagers against
grooming and email fraud. after the component of make friends and share updates… accepting friend requests from
On incidents of lynching due to circulation of the school cur‑ Details shared on internet stay unknown people on social media.
fake news, the booklet, published fake posts riculum. online forever as it is extremely "As a thumb rule, only add peo‑
only in English, cautions: "Fake spreading on According to the difficult to delete the information ple online whom you know offline,
news and hoax messages spread social media plat‑ Indian Computer completely," the booklet said. asking them never to share per‑
like wildfire on social media (such forms. Following this, the govern‑ Response Team (CERT‑In), over On social engineering, the book‑ sonal information like date of
as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ment, prodded by the Supreme 53,000 cases of cyber security let says it is a technique used by birth, address, phone number on
Snapchat). It may create law and Court, in September 2018 set up a incidents were reported in 2017 cyber criminals to gain one's con‑ social media and not install
order problem and may end up Group of Ministers (GoM) headed in India, while 1,785 credit or fidence to get information. unwanted software or apps like
causing loss of life in a few cases. by Rajnath Singh to look into how debit cards frauds were recorded, "Depending upon what you like dating app, online games from
Before forwarding or sharing any these incidents can be checked. causing a loss of Rs 71.48 crore most, a cyber criminal may try to unknown sources," says the book‑
message on social media or mes‑ The Home Ministry last year set last year. interact with you for information. let.

MeToo survivors named Elon Musk will not smoke weed

'Personality of the Year in public again: NASA Chief
2018' by Yahoo India Washington: NASA
Administrator Jim
Washington on
drug‑free environment," the agency
had noted in a statement.

v e r y Bridenstine has said NASA along with On Thursday, Bridenstine said he
y e a r SpaceX founder Elon Musk's SpaceX and personally ordered the reviews. He
Yahoo Musk will not be smok‑ Boeing is develop‑ attributed his decision to several
publishes the ing weed in public ing transportation tragedies in NASA history, including
list of top news‑ again, the media report‑ systems that would the Apollo 1 fire in 1967, when three
makers and ed. Speaking on Musk's allow the US to fly astronauts were killed during a
happenings that infamous marijuana consumption astronauts from American soil for ground test, and the two space‑shut‑
catches the during "The Joe Rogan Experience" the first time since the space shuttle tle disasters (Challenger in 1986 and
interest of podcast in September, the NASA was retired in 2011. "The leaders of Columbia in 2003), which together
Internet users chief said 'that was not appropriate these organizations need to take that killed 14 people. A spokesperson for
in India in the behavior' and people will not be see‑ as an example of what to do when SpaceX declined to comment on
"Year in Review ing that again, The Atlantic reported you lead an organization that's going Bridenstine's remarks, the report
for India" on Thursday. to launch American astronauts," said.
report. interest of Internet users in Bridenstine said he has spoken Bridenstine said. NASA, in 2014, gave both SpaceX
Users on the platform bid India in the "Year in Review for with Musk recently that he does not The warning comes about a week and Boeing combined $6.8 billion to
adieu to Bollywoo d actress India" report. want NASA contractors engaging in after reports suggesting that NASA develop launch systems that could
Sridevi w ith g rie f and love Reserve Bank of India (RBI) questionable behavior. "We've had a would conduct reviews of workplace transport the agency's astronauts to
online, thus, making her one of Governor Urjit Patel headed the number of conversations," he said. "I culture at both SpaceX and Boeing. and from the International Space
the "Most Searched Female "Top Finance Newsmakers" list will tell you, he is as committed to "NASA will be conducting a cultural Station. Last week NASA announced
Celebrities" in 2018. followed by while Re liance safety as anybody, and he under‑ assessment study in coordination that the first uncrewed test by
The survivors of the MeToo Industries Chairman Mukesh stands that was not appropriate with our commercial partners to SpaceX is tentatively scheduled for
movement that took Bollywood Ambani. behaviour, and you won't be seeing ensure the companies are meeting January 7, but Bridenstine said on
and the media industry by Users on the platform bid that again," Bridenstine told nasa's requirements for workplace Thursday that the date is unlikely to
storm in the country were adieu to Bollywoo d actress reporters at NASA headquarters in safety, including the adherence to a stick and may slide into spring.
named "Personality of the Year Sridevi w ith g rie f and love
2018" by search engine major online, thus, making her one of
Yahoo India on Tuesday. the "Most Searched Female
In its "2018 Year in Review" Celebrities" in 2018.
for India (YIR) report, the com‑ Actor Salman Khan became
pany said Prime Minister the "Most Searched Male
Narendra Mo di once ag ain Celebrity" of 2018. Close on his
grabbed the top spot in the list heels was American singer Nick
of "Top Newsmakers of 2018", Jonas who moved up the list
followed by former Chie f post his engagement to actress
Justice of India, Dipak Misra Priyanka Chopra.
who made it to the list with his New entrants like actress
landmark verdicts on Triple Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali
Talaq and Article 377. Khan, besides Sprinter Hima
Every year Yahoo publishes Das also made it to "India's Top
the list of top newsmakers and 10 Heartthrobs" of 2018.
happenings that catches the ‑‑IANS
TheSouthAsianTimes.info LIFESTYLE December 8-14, 2018 25

Try the trendiest winter boots Yo-yo dieting can

New Delhi: Winter isn't exactly
the easiest season for dressing.
The endless layering and styling
possibilities that come with the
winter chill is as much fun and
be fatal: Study
Seoul: Yo‑yo dieting, or weight National University (SNU) in
accessorizing your outfit with
cycling, or the cyclical loss and South Korea.
boots is the most classy one. So
gain of weight is associated with The study, published in the
opt for the trendiest footwear.
a higher death risk, researchers Journal of Clinical Endocrinology
Orhan, the shoe stylist at Steve
have warned. and Metabolism, also showed
Madden and Ambud Sharma,
A study found that this form of that weight loss from weight
founder, Escaro Royale Luxury,
dieting leads to adverse health cycling can reduce diabetes risk
list some trends in boots.
outcomes and 80 percent of peo‑ in people with obesity.
8Over‑the‑knee‑boot: Over‑
ple who lose weight gradually The health benefits of weight
the‑knee winter boots have been
regain either the same weight or loss overshadowed the adverse
a popular choice for the last cou‑
(Image courtesy: carlytheprepster.com) even more than they had before effects of weight cycling for indi‑
ple of years and rightly so. But,
going on a diet. viduals with obesity looking to
it's how you style them that black winter boots are a neces‑ the ankle, these can be flaunted
sary wardrobe investment. A with a wide range of outfits. The Endocrine Society's lower their diabetes risk.
changes your entire winter look.
classic pair of black boots in high They can be matched with chinos Scientific statement on the caus‑ "We also concluded that weight
Go for velvety mid‑length skirts
or low ankle can rock most of and a buttoned‑up shirt for the es of obesity found that this was loss as a result of weight cycling
and ankle‑sweeping coats to give
your wardrobe and will instantly casual look to denim with a T‑ because once an individual loses can ultimately reduce the risk of
a layered effect.
weight, the body typically developing diabetes in people
8Animal print: Whether in elevate any look. shirt with a blazer to rock the
8Chelsea boots: A pair of urban look. reduces the amount of energy with obesity," Jang noted.
leopard, zebra or snake form,
Chelsea boots is a must‑have for 8Brogue boots: These are easi‑ expended at rest, during exercis‑ or the study, the team exam‑
animal prints are set to be one of
every guy. These boots are versa‑ ly recognized by its patterned es and daily activities. ined 3,678 men and women.
the top trends for fall. Keep in
mind that animal prints basically tile and can be paired with an hole punch detailing. They are While it increases hunger, Yo‑yo dieting or yo‑yo effect is
qualify as neutrals, so the styling endless array of outfits from a very stylish to wear and give a thereby creating conditions for a term coined by Kelly D.
possibilities of these shoes are tailored classic suit to casual different dimension to your look. weight gain. Brownell at Yale University, in
endless. jeans and T‑shirt. They can be worn with dark col‑ "This study shows that weight reference to the cyclical loss and
8Classy black boot: It goes 8Ankle boots: Ankle boots are ored chinos and denim for the cycling can heighten a person's gain of weight, resembling the
without saying that once the the most popular boots among casual look and with a tailored risk of death," said Hak C. Jang, up‑down motion of a yo‑yo.
temperature drops, a pair of men. Reaching to or just above blazer to tweak a formal look Professor from the Seoul (IANS)

Rocky Star may come up with

Winter lip care,
wearable line inspired by '2.0'
hand care tips New Delhi: Rocky Star, the costume
New Delhi: designer of "2.0", says he might
Winter is the work on a wearable line inspired by
time to take the new science fiction film, starring
extra care of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar.
your lips and Director S. Shankar's "2.0", said to
hands as they be India's costliest film, had a
are more "strong start" when it hit the big
prone to dry‑ screens on Thursday. And there
ness and a might be good news for the film's
rough surface fans.
so make sure you are neglecting Tips for hands "I may create a version of it ('2.0')
these parts. Reena Chhabra, CEO, 8Protect your hands by wearing which is more wearable. Today's
Nykaa(FSN) Brands Marketing Pvt rubber gloves for your washing. time's actors are fashion icons. They
Ltd doles out tips on how to take Always apply a good hand cream set trends for masses in our country.
(Image courtesy: mid‑day.com)
care of your lips and hands. post washing hands to retain mois‑ So why not (make a line dedicated to
Tips for lips ture. the film)? I think it's a great idea to "I think the best thing to do is to robot characters printed on the T‑
8Never brush or rub your lips 8You should massage hand at create a line inspired by the movie do a line of T‑shirts, which will have shirts," he added.
with your teeth or fingers, create a night with a good nourishing you have done," Rocky told IANS in elements from the movie. They can The film is a sequel to the 2010
natural exfoliator by mixing a few cream and donʼt forget to massage a telephonic interview. be the characters, the metal feel, film "Enthiran."
drops of Argan Pure cold pressed your nails and skin around your
oil is mixed with one tablespoon of nails.
brown sugar for smoother lips.
8Honey is a great moisturizer
8Before taking a bath apply oil
and massage into your skin. It will
Female CEOs at greater risk of dismissal than males: Study
for chapped lip. Simply apply help in making your hands soft New York: Owing to a significant viewed as evidence of good corpo‑ counterparts," added Vishal K Gupta,
honey on your lips, or make a and supple. societal gender discrimination, rate governance as it suggests that Associate Professor from the varsity.
paste of honey and glycerin and 8Apply cream immediately women CEOs are much more likely the board is taking its monitoring T his is problematic because
apply it before going to bed. after you take a bath. Your skin is than male CEOs to be fired, even if role seriously," said Sandra Mortal, women face dif ficult barriers and
8Apply fresh milk cream on damp at that time and applying they perform well, according to the Associate Professor from the obstacles in breaking through the
your lips and leave it on for 10 moisturizer soon after you take researchers including one of an University of Alabama. proverbial glass ceiling, but they
minutes. Then, gently wash your the bath helps lock moisture in Indian origin. However, findings, published in also seem to continue to face addi‑
lips with a cotton ball dipped in your skin. The study showed that female the Journal of Management, showed tional challenges even after reach‑
lukewarm water. Do this daily to 8For winters try and use soaps CEOs are about 45 percent more that there are invisible but serious ing the top of the corporate hierar‑
enjoy soft and pink lips. with glycerin or shower gels. vulnerable than male CEOs to be gender biases in how the board eval‑ chy, Gupta said. Importantly, the
8During this cold season, a lip 8Mix 1 tablespoon avocado oil dismissed from their respective uates CEOs and its decision to retain research started because consulting
care routine is crucial before going into 1 tablespoon honey and 1 firms. In addition, while perform‑ or fire particular CEOs. companies, along with the popular
to bed. Wash your lips thoroughly tablespoon yogurt and massage ance improvements protect male "The results of this study point to and business press, have raised con‑
with lukewarm water. Pat dry with the hands. Wash off after 10 min‑ CEOs from dismissal, they do not the extra pressure and scrutiny cerns about the higher incidence of
a soft cloth and then immediately utes to reduce dryness from your protect female CEOs. directed at women in senior leader‑ dismissals among women CEOs
apply lip balm. hands. "Dismissing the CEO is usually ship positions relative to their male compared to men. ‑(IANS)
26 December 8-14, 2018 ENVIRONMENT TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Water scarcity will cause duress for

2/3rd world population by 2025
Kolkata: Around 1,800 million Harisdaspur (Bongaon), we have
people would be living in coun‑ been able to assist local NGOs
tries or regions with absolute and self‑help groups to provide
water scarcity by the year 2025, safe water by treating surface
when two‑thirds of the world water," SISSO Founder
population could be under stress, Bindeshwar Pathak said.
an expert said here on Tuesday. The plant in Madhusudankati
In India, which is one of the provides almost 8,000 litres of
major countries hit by the men‑ water per day at Rs 1 per litre.
ace of arsenic contamination of Pathak mentioned that there
groundwater, the government are similar projects where the
projects have suffered due to plant is run by community peo‑
lack of people's involvement, ple in Bihar and Delhi.
West Bengal government's "We are also planning to set up
Arsenic Task Force Chairman K.J. a new plant in Madhusudankati
Nath said at a workshop organ‑ and another one in Bengal that
ized by the Sulabh International will treat groundwater and make
Social Service Organisation it arsenic free. With a new tech‑
(SISSO). nology from Denmark, there will
"During 1970s and 80s, a large be no problem of dealing with
number of people in the Ganga‑ the disposal of the collected
Brahmaputra plains (West arsenic," Pathak said.
Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttar State Panchayat and Rural
Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Assam) Development, and Public Health
were affected by arsenic contam‑ Engineering Minister Subrata
inated groundwater. It is acute in Mukherjee called for spreading
Bangladesh, China. The govern‑ more awareness.
ment program providing arsenic diarrhoea and cholera, the gov‑ crore of urban population is SISSO, working to improve san‑ "Around 83 blocks in West
free water involves operational ernment shifted to deep tube‑ affected with high arsenic level itation in the country, has taken Bengal and some places in
problem as people are not wells and that brought the prob‑ in West Bengal. up pilot projects in five places of Kolkata have high arsenic level
involved in it," said Nath, former lem of arsenic. Turning to the global scenario, West Bengal for providing treat‑ in ground water. We are working
Director of All India Institute of Permissible amount of arsenic Nath said the way water defies ed surface water at a nominal hard to provide safe water but
Hygiene and Public Health. in drinking water is 0.05 mg/l in political boundaries and classifi‑ price. the main issue is awareness. It is
He pointed out that in the India as per Bureau of Indian cation, the crisis is also beyond not just about arsenic but also
1930s and 40s, surface water Standards. the scope of any individual coun‑ "Through our pilot projects in about saving our depleting water
was the primary source of drink‑ The 2011 Census says that try or sector and cannot be dealt Madhusudankati (North 24 resources," Mukherjee said.
ing water. But due to epidemic of 1.79 crore of rural and 1.41 with in isolation. Parganas), Paschim Midnapur, ‑‑IANS


H‑4 Employment Protection Bill

By Dev Banad Viswanath, Esq.
& Michael Phulwani, Esq.

ince President Trump took
office we have seen a lot of

ance out the economics and finan‑
changes to immigration
laws. President Trump wants to
cial hardship the lack of additional Congress members Anna G. Eshoo and
income creates; this would cause
change a lot of Obama‑era laws Zoe Lofgren have
the separation of many families.
that have benefited many immi‑
grants. A few weeks ago the
Many H‑1B visa holders are from introduced a bill to
India and the backlog for Indian
Department of Homeland Security
made an announcement that a new
citizens to obtain a green card is stop the Trump admin‐
Protection Act would prohibit the very long. If not for the extremely
rule will be released soon prevent‑ Trump administration from taking long wait time many H‑1B visa
istration from taking
ing foreign national spouses on H‑ away the right of H‑4 visa holders
4 visas from working. H‑4 visas are from working. Congresswoman
holders would be green card hold‑ away the work author‐
ers already. It is not likely that the
given to certain dependent spous‑
es of H‑1B visa holders who are in
Eshoo says "Eliminating this bene‑ new bill will pass in the current ization of spouses of H‐1B visa holders.
fit would create a painful choice Republican controlled Congress,
the process of obtaining perma‑ for many immigrants to either split but it does have a better chance of
nent residency. up their families or return to their passing though once the new Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney of
Lawmakers Anna G. Eshoo and home countries and use their tal‑ Democratic majority House takes The Banad Law Offices PC in the United States,
Zoe Lofgren introduced a new bill ents to compete against American office in January. Both Eshoo and and Banad Immigration in India for which
to Congress to stop the Trump businesses." Taking away the work Lofgren believe that spouses Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as Of
administration from taking away authorization of H‑4 visa holders should not be left without the right Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
the work authorization of spouses would not help the American econ‑ to work and many are “accom‑ Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to assist
of H‑1B visa holders. Spouses of H‑ omy and Eshoo believes that work plished, qualified, and highly‑ clients with all facets of the immigration process,
1B visa holders are given H‑4 visas authorization for H‑4 visa holders skilled” and therefore should be including Employment Visas, Consular Visa
which may include permission to is “a matter of both economic fair‑ Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
allowed to benefit from their skills.
work if the H1B primary applicant ness and family unity.” If spouse of Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
If you have questions about this
has an I‑140 petition for perma‑ H‑1B visa holders are not allowed Applications based on Family or Employment.
bill or what options are available,
nent residence, which is already to work, they may have to return Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
you should contact an experienced
approved. The H‑4 Employment to their home country to help bal‑ Dev@Banadlaw.com and 718‑361‑5999.
Immigration Attorney.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info HUMOR December 8-14, 2018 27

Funny Side by Nury Vittachi

Cunning life-hacks to help you survive these difficult days

always say "please" and "thank you, Miss" free‑of‑charge apartment‑shaking devices in
when talking to Siri so that when the our homes, but we call them "children."
machines take over she won't kill me. A British correspondent sent me an exam‑
"Spare the puny one. He was always polite." ple of evil ingenuity from the UK. A thief
You have to be cunning to make the best stole a car. Instead of making a fake number
of life these days. plate, he found a car of the same make, age,
Another ingenious life‑hack. My wife and color, and copied its number plate. Thus
bought an avocado last week I carried it any police officer who ran a computerized
around for a week so that I could eat it in check would find that everything seemed to
the 10‑minute period between "not ripe yet" be in order.
and "horribly rotten." That was the plan, The only chance of exposure would be if
anyway, and one day it will work. both cars just happened to be parked in the
But perhaps the biggest mass outbreak of same car park at the same time, and what
cunning this year so far has been in India. were the chances of that in a country with a
Like everywhere else, hotels and other food population of 60 million? T he answer
and drink venues are conveniently located turned out to be not zero. A woman in the
near major highways there, but Indian town of Coleshill phoned the police to say
judges passed a law making it illegal for any that she was in a shop's parking lot and
alcohol‑selling venue to be within 500 A bar‑owner in India built a long, winding maze in front of his roadside bar, to abide noticed a car exactly like hers, same brand,
meters (in some places, 220 meters) of a by the law making it illegal for any alcohol‑selling venue to be within 500 meters (in same color, same license number. Gotcha.
some places, 220 meters) of a highway. (Image courtesy: theguardian.com)
highway. Room for one last life‑hack. As you turn
Since it's tricky to pick up a hotel and Gate". Shanghaiist, a news website. Chinese compa‑ of f the oven to go out, tell the oven what
move it, residents responded with a mass Other restaurateurs got friends in govern‑ nies are selling portable engines on long you are doing in a Mickey Mouse voice. It's
outbreak of ingenuity. ment departments to "demote" hundreds of poles designed to thump walls and ceilings such a weird thing to do that there's no way
One bar‑owner built a long, winding maze kilometers of major highways, relisting purely for the purpose of annoying neigh‑ you'll later forget that you turned it off.
in front of his roadside bar, so it became them as humble "regular" roads, and thus bors. One particularly irritating man turned Yes, people will think you are crazy, but
quite literally a long walk from the street. exempt. on such a machine, called an Apartment who cares? Siri is still nice to me, and that's
Some hoteliers attached signs to their Of course, ingenuity can also be used in Shaker, and then went away for the week‑ the relationship that counts in the long
back gates saying: "This is Now The Front the name of evil, I hear from my friends at end. Of course, many of us already have term, right?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

New York Head Quarter
422‑S Broadway
By Mahendra Shah
NY 11801

516‑827‑1010 Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by

profession, artist and humorist, cartoonist and writer by
hobby. He has been recording the plight of the immigrant
Indians for the past many years in his cartoons. Hailing from
Gujarat, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
28 December 8-14, 2018 ASTROLOGY TheSouthAsianTimes.info

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899
psharma@premastrologer.com; www.premastrologer.com

DECEMBER 8‑14, 2018

ARIES: It is not right to blow your own CANCER: There is a good chance of LIBRA: There is much happening on CAPRICORN: You will need to antici‑
horn, especially if your achievement is getting an opportunity that you had the family front and you are likely to pate a rivalʼs move to remain
nothing to write home about. Practical been waiting for long. The only way fully participate in it. Financial plan‑ unscathed. A workplace rivalry may
knowledge gained by hands on experience at to remain financially sound is by being judi‑ ning done beforehand is likely to help you rear its ugly head this week, so remain cau‑
work will come in handy. Good grades can cious in your spending. keep your expenses in check. Progress on tious. Those into yoga or other traditional
be expected by those awaiting result on the Adopting a diet that suits your lifestyle the work front may be slow, but it will be forms of exercise will not only remain ail‑
academic front. Home remedy or alternate promises to keep you fit. Backlog may need devoid of mistakes. You will need to be wary ment free, but also achieve mental peace.
medicine will help you in getting rid of an to be cleared at work quickly in order to of a glib talker with a poison tongue. Cupid Your tendency to overspend on yourself
ailment. Getting to spend less time with fam‑ catch up with the current issues on the pro‑ is likely to smile on those looking for love. needs to be checked. A family elder may
ily may frustrate you, but you will manage to fessional front. Patience will be required on Efforts on the health front will be fruitful. compel you to do something that you are not
cope with it. the academic front to choose the best SCORPIO: You are likely to feel com‑ in favour of. Lover may surprise you by
TAURUS: This is not the right time to options. fortable in a set routine. It is best not showing up unannounced.
broach a controversial subject, as it LEO: There is someone who is out to to raise any contentious issue at home AQUARIUS: It is best to go by the
can spoil moods. Your performance harass you, but donʼt give in to him or as it can create disharmony. Be thorough in advice of someone at work, who is
on the professional front is likely to be her. You will get a chance to tap your whatever you do on the academic front, as much more experienced. Romance
appreciated. You are likely to make your potential on the professional front and any laxity on your part may prove disas‑ rocks this week as the one you like takes spe‑
mark on the academic front. Developing bet‑ impress those who matter. A social event trous. Not being regular in workouts may cial pains to be with you. A financial upswing
ter understanding with someone who is now may find you in your element and promises start telling your health soon. is foreseen that will make you comfortable
associated with you will be most beneficial. to make you ever so popular! Money can be Your investments are likely to give good on the monetary front. Minor ailments afflict‑
Someone from the opposite camp is likely to expected as gift. A better pay package is returns. Excitement is in store for those in a ing you will disappear through a specific line
get enamoured by your personality and assured for those switching jobs. You are romantic relationship. Health remains satis‑ of treatment that you have opted for. Your
charisma. Inculcate more activity in your life certain to attract someone on the romantic factory. disinterest will be apparent at work and
to remain fit. front. SAGITTARIUS: It may be in your inter‑ someone will not hesitate to say so.
GEMINI: Include your near and dear VIRGO: Going the extra mile for some‑ est to cultivate people who may sup‑ PISCES: Dif fering opinions on an
ones in your plans. People are likely one will be greatly appreciated by all. port you in future. Your fertile mind is issue may confuse you, but you know
to dominate you on the social front, so You will manage to remain financially likely to throw up some excellent ideas that what to do! Ef forts to keep a step
be ready to take pre‑emptive action. Lagging sound by being judicious in your spending. promise to put you in a special category on ahead of rivals on the professional front will
behind in something that is important may Adopting a diet that suits your lifestyle the professional front. You may be exempted be successful. Impressing those who matter
make you burn the midnight oil. You may promises to keep you fit as a fiddle. Backlog from spending money on something you at work will not be difficult. Judicious spend‑
get your chance to enjoy the revelry in a may need to be cleared at work quickly in were dreading. ing will help you save much on the financial
social event. Lover may have reservations order to catch up with the current issues on Much hustle and bustle can be expected on front. You may be much sought after in a
regarding spending time in seclusion, but the professional front. Patience will be the social front to your delight! A relation‑ marriage or social function. Keeping all ail‑
your will is likely to prevail! An interesting required on the academic front to choose the ship that you are terming as romance may ments at bay may become your mantra and
individual is likely to keep you entertained. best options. only be infatuation. ensure total fitness.

8th December, 2018 ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK your profession. However, you
Traits in you: As Saturn guides should work on your impatience,
you, you have all the characteristics to pressure and overload of work. Romance this year: You will find characteristics and you are kind whim and stubbornness. You
to be a lively, reliable, efficient, and Finance this year: Your financial yourself in romantic peak this year hearted as well. should plan something to execute
temperate person. You are the condition may improve this year and marriage may happen for few. Health this year: You may plan your plans in this year. You will
owner of an attractive and charis‑ thanks to your previous invest‑ for a pilgrimage or a distant jour‑ find luck and success easily this
matic personality. ments. You need to invest your life 11th December, 2018 ney to find mental peace and take year if you grab the opportunities
Health this year: You may under‑ time investment intelligently so Traits in you: You are blessed rest from your busy schedule, at right times.
go few minor health issues. that you need not repent later. with a lively, creative, practical and which makes you weak physically. You will find good opportunities
However, your overall health Career this year: You have the trustworthy nature. You epitomize Finance this year: This year will by developing new relationships
should remain fine. ability to make quick decisions. You simplicity and leadership. You pos‑ be very fruitful for you in terms of and attachments.
Finance this year: You will be able are capable enough to get rewards sess enough capability to perform investments. If you want to invest Romance this year: Some of you
to accumulate enough money this and appreciation for your efficiency your job that requires huge respon‑ in the stock market, you will be may get married to your desired
year as you will be moving towards in your professional field. However, sibility and courage. You have to benefited hugely. This year is the partners this year.
a successful future. You will be ben‑ you should control your jealousy to work on your nature of becoming best time to go for property.
efitted from any new venture or improve your personality. You impatient and spending unneces‑ Career this year: You will be 14th December, 2018
association. should not try to do things beyond sarily. enjoy ing a goo d posit ion and Traits in you: Your guiding star,
Career this year: You are appreci‑ your capabilities. It may land you in Health this year: You mig ht respect in your professional life. Mercury makes you practical, intel‑
ated by your colleagues and ordi‑ difficulties. undergo tension and nervousness However, you should not behave ligent, distinguished, responsive,
nates for your hard work and effi‑ Romance this year: Your romantic as your spouse might fall sick. You dominant this year. It may af fect unique and dashing individual. You
ciency. You will prove to be an life would be an excellent one this need not bother for a long time as your life negatively. If you are in possess friendly and cooperative.
excellent resource in your profes‑ year as you will be able to clarify your spouse would recover soon. creativity field, you may gain lot of However, you should control your
sional life as you are productive. past misunderstanding with your Finance this year: You may find recognition and of course money being impatient and short‑tem‑
However, you need to work on your partner. yourself in a busy schedule as you will follow. You will find help from peredness.
nervousness and laziness at times. may have to solve various matters your near ones when required. This Health this year: You may remain
You may require a technology up‑ 10th December, 2018 related to property, business, and will be a major boost to your pro‑ tensed for the health of your
gradation or renovation to improve Traits in you: Being ruled by the new business initiatives. This may fessional life. spouse.
your efficiency at work in the mid‑ Sun and number 1, you are original, make ypou earn lot of money if you Romance this year: You may plan Finance this year: You will be in
dle months of the year. authoritative, dignified, and deter‑ succeed. You may concede a huge for a romantic trip with your part‑ financial gain this year as your
Romance this year: You mined. As you are sensitive for your amount of money on renovation or ner to a distant place. business w ill g row. T his w ill
will gain lots of love and care from relationships, your friends and fam‑ construction activities during the enhance your confidence. You will
your spouse or partner. Some of ily may consider you to be an asset ending months of the year. 13th December, 2018 be able to settle down your legal
you may find this year romantic in their lives. However, you need to Career this year: Your efforts are Traits in you: Being an active, sen‑ matters this year and find peace
enough to be in a good spirit. Some take care of your nature of spend‑ not destined to go unnoticed and sible, enthusiastic, authoritative, from the results.
may tie their knots. ing unnecessarily and your domi‑ unrewarded this year should you to and energetic person, you have Career this year: You will find
nating character. concentrate on your goals and put enough capability to perform very new proposals and work assign‑
9th December, 2018 Health this year: You will remain qualitative ef fort. Your skills will well in your professional career. ments this year. Some of you may
Traits in you: Being ruled by healthy throughout the year pro‑ get recognition and appreciation Health this year: You will find get good increments and promo‑
Mars, you are endowed with ener‑ vided you go for regular medical from your colleagues. improvements in your health tions as well in your professional
gy. You are energetic, dependable, checkups. Romance this year: Your romantic though working long at office. life. If you are a sportsman or an
and organized. Finance this year: If you are a life would be filled with love and Finance this year: Some of you artist, you can expect fame towards
Health this year: This year you professional, you will be among af fection by your partner. Overall may visit abroad for business trips the end of the year.
will remain healthy. You may lose financial benefits. your romantic life would remain as you areplanning to enhance your Romance this year: Your relation‑
things both personally and person‑ Career this year: You may get blissful forever. business territory. ship with your partner might get
ally being emotional. You may visit excellent returns from your invest‑ You will get success in you new ruined due to minor issues. If you
a distant pilgrimage to attend an ments in business and it may 12th December, 2018 ventures and this will make you have never been in a relationship,
auspicious occasion towards the improve your standard of living by Traits in you: Jupiter signifies financially stable. this year may be lucky for you as
end of the year to attain mental making you spend a more luxurious ambition, dignity, and independ‑ Career this year: Your intelligence you will have an emotional and
health which is contaminated due life. ence. You are blessed with all these will enable you create wonders in romantic attachment.
TheSouthAsianTimes.info HOLIDAYS December 8-14, 2018 29

proof your home
o‑do lists can get pretty long during In the closet, under the bed, and behind
the holidays with all of the decorat‑ furniture are some of the first places a
ing, cleaning, and gift buying burglar (or your kids) will look for valu‑
involved. As a result, itʼs easy to overlook able Christmas gifts. Consider renting a
important safety concerns. Take action to lockbox or storage unit to keep your gifts
protect your home and family this holiday in until Christmas Eve. If thatʼs not an
season with these easy tips! option, store your gifts in an old card‑
board box in the basement, attic, or
Traveling garage instead of in shiny, appealing
paper in the closet.
The holidays are a popular time to go
visit friends and family, but before you
load up the car, make sure your home is
ready for your absence. Most importantly, Placing empty boxes for expensive towels as a short term solution.
you should consider touching up on in
donʼt broadcast your planned absence on goods on the curb for pickup is like mak‑ Pipes : Water pipes freezing is a com‑
your home to be prepared for winter.
social media or on the streets because ing a shopping list for robbers. Instead, Furnace ‑ The most obvious way to keep mon problem during winter. This is
people you donʼt know could easily inter‑ break the boxes down and put them in your home warm is to make sure the because as the water freezes, it expands,
cept that information, break in, and wreak non‑opaque trash bags or drive your heater is in good working order. Start by causing extensive damage to your plumb‑
havoc. Christmas boxes to the local dump your‑ changing the air filter to increase the air‑ ing if the pipe bursts. To prevent this,
When you travel, take your home securi‑ self. flow, then schedule a tune‑up with a make sure your pipes are insulated,
ty a step further by automating your licensed technician who can clean, lubri‑ stripped, and caulked. It also helps to keep
lights to make it seem like someone is Keeping Your Home cate, and adjust the furnace for maximum the heat on in the house.
Fireplace : A fireplace is a great way to
home. Timers are one way to accomplish
this. You can also monitor your home
Warm This Winter efficiency.
keep your family warm…if youʼve taken
Doors ‑ If you have gaps under doors,
using nanny cams, security cameras, and Whether you love it or hate it, thereʼs no youʼre going to end up with cold drafts the steps to use it safely. Part of that is
other devices that let you watch or listen denying it: winter is almost here. Nowʼs coming in and hot air flowing out. You can taking time to schedule a deep clean and
in on the goings‑on of your home. the time to make sure youʼre ready to add rubber to the bottom of your doors to inspection. Also, always remember to keep
weather the cold and keep your home fill the gap or purchase some temporary pets and children away from the flames
Presents warm this winter. Here are some things draft snakes. You can even use rolled up and to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.


itting the holiday party circuit is “Because metallic tones accentuate a
H the perfect excuse to give those broad range of color palettes, they serve

casual clothes and athleisure a as a neutral accessory for a favorite hol‑
night off and dress up in eye‑catching, iday outfit,” says Duck. eʼve all been there before.
festive attire. Procrastinated or overscheduled
IDEAS TO TRY our holiday season to the point
An amazing pair of shoes can be one
of the best conversation starters at an where we leave ourselves little to no time
8 Pair a bell‑sleeve top and leather
upcoming winter celebration, according to shop for loved ones. But great gifts
leggings with metallic heels. A hint of
to Nichole Duck, buyer for shoe retailer donʼt necessarily need to be planned of styles, such as those from Casioʼs
ruffle detail will add texture and tone to
Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. From months in advance. Vintage Timepiece Collection. Featuring
bejeweled footwear.
glimmering and glittery shoes These last‑minute ideas will bring cheer stainless steel bands in such different
8 A pointed pump in
to footwear featuring glam‑ to the season for gift‑givers and recipients metallic color combinations as gold and
silver or gold com‑
orous metallic tones, she alike. black, and rose gold and silver, they are
bines nicely with
is providing the top equipped with an LED‑lit display face, a
a pencil skirt A Gift Basket countdown timer, a 1/100th second stop‑
trends that are sure featuring a
to perfect your holi‑ statement sil‑ A gift basket is easy to prepare and, if watch, as well as a daily alarm, hourly time
day party look. houette. created by you, wonʼt feel last‑minute at signal and auto‑calendar. This throwback
all. With a few customizations for an indi‑ accessory is both useful and fashionable,
Glam it up GO RED vidualʼs preferences, this is an extremely adding a bold, retro‑inspired look to any
with Glitter While red is
thoughtful gift. Shopping for a person with outfit.
a sweet tooth? Hit up the candy aisle and
Shoes featuring glitter traditionally
get most of your items from there.
accents promise just the safe for any holi‑
Shopping for a foodie? Prepare a basket of Everyone loves a trip to the movies, and
right amount of sparkle and day party, this
interesting herbs and spices from around these days, itʼs easier than ever to send a
shine. yearʼs “it” color is a full‑
the world. The possibilities are endless. loved one to the theater again and again.
bodied and vibrant shade.
Ideas to try: After youʼve arranged the items nicely, With a MoviePass membership of just
Ideas to try: spiff it up with a few bows and flourishes $9.95 a month, you can give the gift of
8 A closed toed pump with a 3‑inch in your gift recipientʼs favorite colors. unlimited theater‑going to your favorite
heel adorned with glitter can be spec‑ 8 Match a little black dress with a
tacularly paired with a high fashion slip pair of pumps in a bold shade of red. A TIMEPIECE This holiday season, donʼt show up
dress and smoky eye. This striking color also enhances luxuri‑
If youʼre stumped for a gift for that prag‑ empty‑handed or re‑gift something gener‑
8 Combine a solid‑colored sheath ous accessories made of velvet, satin or
matic, stylish someone that will be appre‑ ic lying around the house. There are plen‑
and shimmery pumps with elegant even tulle.
ciated for both its beauty and its function‑ ty of thoughtful gifts that can be prepared
statement jewelry to complete the look. 8 Pair classic black stilettos with a
ality, consider a great timepiece in a clas‑ at the last minute and your recipient will
red cashmere sweater and jeans for a
TRY METAL TONES casual, yet elegant style. sic design that will complement a variety be none the wiser.
30 December 8-14, 2018 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS TheSouthAsianTimes.info

tence to which the soul goes after it become aware of our true Home. It
dies. Scientists and doctors have is we who have made it complicat‑
tried to verify this by documenting ed.
By Sant Rajinder Singh accounts of people who were So how do we accomplish step
Ji Maharaj declared clinically dead but had one and step two? To accomplish

near‑death experiences and step one, we must withdraw our
soul is sent to a life in the described something beyond this attention from our body, mind, and If we meditate accurately we will
human body for a certain
period of time. During that
world. The question is, where are
these realms? They are not zones
the world outside. We must decide
to turn off the outer programming.
experience ourselves as soul. Once
time the soul is confined in the
human form like a prison cell.
in outer space delineated by bor‑
ders. All these realms exist concur‑
When that programming is in the
off mode, then in the silence we
we identify with the soul, we will be
When the soul inhabits a body, the
soul is still a part of God and is still
rently with this one. The reason we will experience ourselves as soul. able to pick up frequencies that the
are not aware of them is because That is the step that we call self‑
one with God. The soul, however, is
now overpowered by some very
they operate on a different fre‑ knowledge. Once we identify with soul is capable of receiving.
quency or vibration. the soul, we will be able to pick up
powerful forces, such as the mind, The saints and mystics tell us frequencies that the soul is capable attention is only focused on one vibratory rate, which is the power
the body, and the outer world, that we have the choice to either of receiving. We can do a gradual region̶the physical. of God itself. When we shift our
which cause the soul, over time, to stay tuned to this physical world, shift in which we go from the con‑ So, for step one, the Masters who attention to that, we have come to
forget itself. The soul slowly begins or to tune into the channels of God. sciousness of one region to con‑ have learned to be attuned to the the state of consciousness where
to identify itself with the body and God wants us to watch Godʼs pro‑ sciousness of the spiritual realms. realm of God, teach us that we can we are at one with God and merge
mind and world outside. It sudden‑ gramming. God is available twenty‑ Once someone asked the great withdraw our attention from the with God. It is simply a matter of
ly begins to think that it can only four hours of the day, three hun‑ saint, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji world, the body, and the mind by choosing where we want to put our
receive information from the outer dred sixty‑five days a year. Godʼs Maharaj, how long it took to get sitting in meditation. If we medi‑ attention.
world through the senses. Thus, programming does not turn off at from here (the physical region) to tate accurately we will experience That is the true meaning of the
the soul has become attuned to three a.m. like some networks do. It Sach Khand (the highest spiritual ourselves as soul. Once we identify anecdote about Bulleh Shah and
only one channel̶the channel of is a free station broadcasting all region). Hazur closed his eyes, and with the soul, then we will also be Inayat Shah. When Bulleh Shah
the world. the time without any cable fees. then opened them. He told them, “I aware of the inner Light and Sound asked his Master, Inayat Shah (who
If we think about our life as We only need to know how to tune have just been there and back.” He that is the radiance and vibratory was a gardener by profession),
watching a television program, we into Godʼs station. was showing that the shift of atten‑ sound of God within us. If we “How can I find God?” Inayat Shah
have multiple choices as to what to The hook‑up to God is not hard. tion from the physical realm to absorb ourselves in the Light and pulled up a plant and replanted it
watch. Just as there are a dozen It is just a matter of making the Sach Khand could be done in the Sound within, we can then attain in another place. When Bulleh Shah
network stations and then dozens choice that this is what we want to twinkling of an eye. Why? Because step two. We can shift our atten‑ questioned what that demonstra‑
if not hundreds of cable stations do. The steps to do this are simple. we are not going anywhere physi‑ tion into the Light and Sound, tion meant, Inayat Shah said, “To
from which to choose, so, too, there Step one is to stop identifying with cally. We are merely shifting our which attracts our soul to higher find God it is merely uprooting
are many activities in this world the body, mind, and world outside, attention from one state of con‑ levels of vibration. your attention from one place and
that we can engage in. and identify with the soul. Step two sciousness to the other. The other The Light and Sound function at planting it in another place.” That
Now, let us take a look at the requires that when we identify state of consciousness does not different vibratory rates in the dif‑ is the simplicity of spirituality. God
other choices available to us. This with our soul that we shift our exist in time or space. They are ferent regions. As we shift our did not make things complicated. It
physical planet is not a separate attention to the frequency of the operating concurrently. We are attention we find ourselves con‑ is simple. It is only we who have to
offshoot from all of creation and higher realms and ultimately to simultaneously in the other realms scious of being in the different choose to transplant the flower of
God. Most religions believe that God. That is all we must do. God and in God at the same time but we regions. Ultimately, the Light and our attention from the world into
there are higher regions of exis‑ did not make it hard for us to are not aware of it because our Sound function at their highest Godʼs garden.

n each personʼs life a moment
comes when we have a transcen‑
dent experience or a revelation in
which we become aware that we
have a higher purpose in this world.
ing. Our soul has been asleep for providing the tools and techniques to
Suddenly, amidst the daily rituals of
aeons. We started out in the lap of make them a personal reality.
waking up, getting dressed, going to
God but became lost in the attrac‑ Sant Mat does not demand that we
work, eating, and sleeping, we get a
tions of the world. We have forgotten renounce our families or societies.
glimpse that there is something
our true Home. We are in a state of Instead, we can pursue our spiritual
more to this life. That moment may
slumber or forgetfulness that we are goals while leading normal lives.
come when we are a child. It may
souls, a part of God. We think we are
come to us while a teenager, or it
the mind and the body and have for‑ THE NEED FOR A
may come in adult life. Some may
have it when they are young adults,
gotten our true essence as soul, as a LIVING MASTER
part of the Creator.
and some have it in their senior A competent teacher speeds our
years of life. Whenever it comes, it SANT MAT progress. It's a common sense princi‑
leaves us transformed. Suddenly, we Sant Mat, the “Path of the Saints,” inner Light and Sound with an inclu‑ mysticism. Mysticism looks beyond ple of life: studying with one who has
begin to question who we are, why reflects the core teachings of saints sive, positive way of living. rites, rituals, and scriptural knowl‑ mastered the subject we wish to
we are here, where we go when we and mystics through the ages. People At the heart of Sant Mat are these edge and pursues spirituality as a learn accelerates our learning. That's
die, and what our purpose in life is. new to this path often say they are simple principles: There is one God matter of personal inner experience. why seekers throughout history
Read about the life of any of the attracted by its simplicity, integrity, of all creation, though people wor‑ Sant Mat expresses the deepest have turned to spiritual Masters. By
great saints and mystics and you will and effectiveness in fostering spiri‑ ship the Lord by different names and values of every great spiritual tradi‑ virtue of their own inner awakening,
find some life‑transforming experi‑ tual growth. Although Sant Mat was through dif ferent practices. While tion̶love for God, compassion for these Masters awaken others. As
ence that awakened their quest. born centuries ago in India, it is in Sant Mat respects all faiths, it stress‑ Godʼs creation, and a daily life much as we revere Masters of the
Once these burning questions arise, many ways ideal for the modern es that religion has two dimen‑ grounded in ethical values. Sant past, Sant Mat stresses the impor‑
there is no turning back. We are rest‑ seeker. Followed under the guidance sions̶outer and inner. Sant Mat Matʼs unique contribution is distill‑ tance of a living guide.
less until we find the solution. Before of a living spiritual Master, these focuses on the inner dimension̶the ing these noble ideals into a simple, ‑Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
our awakening, it is like we are sleep‑ teachings couple meditation on the deep spiritual essence known as universal spiritual path and then (For more visit www.sos.org)
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 8-14, 2018
TheSouthAsianTimes.info December 8-14, 2018