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Students will learn briefly about different belief systems of the 20th century (Socialism and
Communism). Students will also learn about different types of political leaders (Presidents and
Dictators). Students will then fill out a KWL (Know, Want to know, Learned) chart to check for
their understanding and keep them engaged throughout the lesson.

Key Understandings:
1. Socialism is defined as “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting
of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land,
etc., in the community as a whole.” (Dictionary.com)
2. Communism is defined as “a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of
all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to
the state” (Dictionary.com)
3. Presidents work alongside others, chosen by the people, and listen to the people they are
4. Dictators are the only person in power and have control over everything including the
citizens, voices of the people are not heard.

Objective(s) and Standards

9-12.USH2.5.1.1 Compare competing belief systems of the 20th century, including capitalism,
communism, imperialism, totalitarianism, isolationism, and internationalism.

9-12.G.4.2.5 Analyze the role of other political organizations and their impact on the American
system of government

9-12.G.4.5.1 Compare and contrast different forms of government, such as presidential with
parliamentary, unitary with federal, dictatorship with democracy.

Anticipatory Set
Begin by having students fill out the KWL chart, the first two columns. Then show students the
brief video “ CNN’s exclusive look inside North Korea’s schools”. Go through slide show,
showing the chart about what an average school day looks like for a high school student in North
Korea. they know what kind of government system North Korea has. Explain to students
briefly what different types of government systems there are. Democracy, Monarchy, Republic,
etc. What kind of government system does the U.S. have? Great Britain? China? Finally share
with students that North Korea is a communist country governed by a dictator, or chief of state,
Kim Jong Un. Finally hand out worksheet that contain basic facts about our U.S. leader, Donald
Trump. Explain that in North Korea, part of the school day for students there is spent learning
facts about the history of their Supreme leader Kim Jong Un. The worksheet handed out to
students will simulate what students in North Korea learn about Kim Jong Un.

Direction Instruction
1. Hand out KWL (Know, Want to know, Learned)
2. Explain what an average day in the North Korean school system looks like, share the chart and
point out that their social studies/history is spent learning about the dynasty of the Kim’s and
learning other important information about their leader in North Korea.Also point out to students
that high school students even spend part of their school day learning about Basic Military
Operations and how this is a drastic difference from what we learn in U.S. schools. Work
through additional slides leaving room for questions or discussion. Finish the lesson by having
students fill out the final column on their KWL chart about what they learned about North
Korea’s education system.
Guided Practice
1. Have students fill out their first two columns on their KWL worksheet. They discuss with
neighbors what they already know about North Korea, and things they are curious about North
Korea’s education system.
2. Have students watch short video clip on a look inside North Korean schools.
3. Explain basic facts about North Korean schools. Explain to students that North Korea is run
by a dictator and that students in North Korea are taught the importance of their leaders at a very
young age. Share that the government in North Korea has very strict control over the schools.
Closure/Check for Understanding
1.Have students fill out what they currently know about North Korea, Communism, Socialism,
and Dictators.
2. Have students use the same worksheet to fill out what they learned about the North Korean
education system at the end of the lesson.
Independent Practice
Students will decide on their own whether or not they think North Korea’s education system
impacts the world in a positive or negative way.
Required Materials/Equipment
KWL Worksheet
KWL worksheet, what they learned from the lesson.
Personal Notes