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Reader Summary

Reader: LaMya
Grade: 3G
Tutor: Eva Larabee
Date: September 14, 2018

Quantitative summary:
In the first meeting we read four different texts. LaMya’s first book was a level 22 and she
scored a 86% accuracy which ranks it as a frustration level. There were seven errors, two self-
corrections, a 1:4.5 rate and 80 WCPM.

The second book was a level 21 with a 95% accuracy rating which is an independent level. Bur
with a lower comprehension rate it is at an instructional level.There were two errors, one self-
correction, a rate of 1:3 and 62 WCPM.

The third book was a level 22 with a 81% accuracy which is a frustration level. There were six
errors, four self-corrections, a 1:3 self correction rate, and 76 WCPM.

The fourth book was a level 20. She had a 98% accuracy which is an independent level. There
was two errors, and no self corrections. The WCPM was 72.

Qualitative Summary:
LaMya was motivated to read the text, if they were about nature. While she was reading she
would continue to try to read the pieces even when she was unsure of the words. She had
problems however when it came to the retelling of the text she struggled and would at times
become frustrated. When she was reading she would often skip lines if she was not using
something to guide her. This in turn would lead to poor comprehension because it was a
disruption to the passage.

She has mid-level rate of retelling in most of the books that she read. When she was reading for
comprehension she could give an idea of what she believed was the answer but because of the
confusion of reading errors and omissions within the text she was unable to give the whole or the
answer at all. When she was at an instructional level she could answer most of the questions in
some cases, and in others she would be able to answer between three to all five of them. At the
independent level she was able to complete the comprehension even when she would skip lines
in the text. She was able to infer the answer because she understood the rest of the text.
Reader Summary:

Motivation wise LaMya enjoys reading as long as it is a subject that she enjoys. She likes fiction
better than nonfiction and so the challenge is finding a nonfiction book that she enjoys. She does
seem to be enjoying books about the ocean and she was able to tell me about what she had read
after reading the informational text. In some cases she struggled with ideas and different words.
She would try to work out the word and try to understand the text. She would then ask about it
and after talking about it she could make connections to what she was reading to what she
already knew. She has prior knowledge of the content but of the reading strategies she had little
to none. She responded well to the task and could stay on task as long as she could ask questions
during the reading.

Goals for student:

We are going to use an explicit lesson plan so that she can become more competent, as well as
confident, with comprehension. Then working towards not needing the guide and understanding
how to use it when she needs to. This in turn works towards improving her comprehension. We
are also creating a travel journal based on her work over the semester. It will include her graphic
organizers as well as the list of books that she worked on over the semester.