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Review letter P and T Lesson Reflection

During taught English lesson there are two aspects went well. Firstly, I think that I was effective in

encouraging children to build their own knowledge by papered hand on activity to let children touch

materials, try to create the pattern in a different way. For example, I papered building pattern line with

using blocks activity so; here children will hold the blocks and arrange them in sequence way, as much as

they are trying they as well will build new schema. According to Piaget constructivism theory he “argues

that people produce knowledge and form meaning based upon their experiences. ("Piaget's Theory,"


Secondly, I was able to show student accountability and make learning visible by document children

work through the used checklist, take photos, observe their skills and writing notes about their understood

and achieved LO. According to Reggio Emilia documentation principals, it's believed that “teachers use

documentation to identify strengths, ideas, and next steps to support learning.” ("What Is the Reggio,"


While there are areas, I could do it differently next time. For example, doesn't frustrate children by

saying wrong or no when the child answer wrong answer because he might don’t respond anymore and be

afraid because when I asked children to give me word star with T, Malk said room and I said no without

telling her the name of the color. So, in next time I will smile for him and say good try, and I will explain

for him to make the concept clear instead of ignoring him.



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