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Experiencing DIVINE ASSISTANCE Insights into Secrets of Breakthrough and Victory in Life JONATHAN T. OLAKUNLE




Insights into Secrets of Breakthrough and Victory in Life



“The Lord hears thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defends thee; Send help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion; Remember all thy offerings, and accept thy burnt sacrifices; Grant thee according to thine own heart, and fulfill all thy counsel. We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners: the Lord fulfill all thy petitions. Now know I that the Lord saves his anointed; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand. Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God. They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright. Save Lord: let the king hear us when we call”

-Psalm 20





Insights into Secrets of Breakthrough and Victory in Life

Jonathan T. Olakunle

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All Scriptures are taken from New King James Version of the Bible unless otherwise stated.

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Table of Contents




Chapter 1

Divine Assistance: The Secret of Breakthrough

Chapter 2

Hindrances to Divine Assistance

Chapter 3

Vehicles for Divine Assistance

Chapter 4

Divine Assistance from Jesus Christ

Chapter 5

Divine Assistance from the Holy Spirit

Chapter 6

Divine Assistance in Troublous Times


Bible Study—Simple Guide to Divine Solutions



If you are not assisted divinely, you may find it very difficult to break through in life. Problems of life could weigh you down and bring all manners of pathological and psychological troubles that could lead to premature ageing and death without fulfilling the purpose for your coming to this earth. Man, with all his so called wisdom, scientific discoveries, technological advancement and economic empowerment, has limitations. There comes a time when all else in life fails-except God. When all things fail, God cannot. And it is only reasonable and wise to seek (for) succor in the God who is infinite, unlimited and all-wise, all- powerful. This work reveals how to obtain and enjoy heavenly assistance in life—practically in all areas of life. You need God’s help constantly or on daily basis. To ignore God is to court problems now or later and ruin your life. I am glad to let you know that God wants to assist you… if you let Him.



Thanks be to God for giving me divine assistance needed to make this work a reality.

Thanks to all men and women who have contributed in kind and cash to the realization of this dream.

Thanks to Oluwatoyin Aremu who helped to typeset the manuscripts, God bless you abundantly.

Thank you for reading this book in order to discover what you need for a breakthrough in life—that is nothing but divine assistance.



To the people in my life: we have been receiving divine assistance together through life’s journey and experiences. These people are precious to me; they are rare gems. These are my lovely wife, Alice Adenike and gracious children, [the 4 Js] Jonathan, Josephine, Joannah and Joshua


Chapter 1



Divine assistance is possible-even now, I mean in our day. It is never a historic issue. God is ever in the business of assisting His people—you and I. God can help you divinely. Divine assistance is very much available. It has been paid and provided for by our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus came to assist us to do what you and


I cannot do with our arm of flesh or that no other person can do for us. Not only is divine assistance possible, available and paid for, it is obtainable. It is not far from us. It is very close to our door steps. It is interesting to know also that divine assistance is unlimited, immeasurable, great and glorious. It is divinely given by God Himself to His people. It is my prayer that you will experience divine assistance as you read this book. You need divine assistant because without it, you cannot have a breakthrough in life. If you have a breakthrough without God’s divine support, your breakthrough can be a “broken blessing”, an unenjoyable blessing. Without divine assistance, an apparent blessing can turn out to be a curse. It takes God to receive good gifts in life and it takes God to enjoy the gifts and blessing from God. Without God’s help in your life, successes and achievements can turn sour, bitter, hurtful and harmful, Friends, you constantly need divine assistance. I hope you will seriously seek for it! Amongst other things, the Bible is a book on divine assistance. The Bible shows us how a helpless man gets (and can get) help, support, assistance from


God, the Almighty, our Creator. Man, since his fall in the Garden of Eden, has been helpless, hopeless and failing. But God, in His grace, has been helping man ever since Adam and Even fell in the Garden. Without divine assistance for man, there is no success, victory, glory, breakthrough and meaningful living. You and I have been the products of divine assistance and we shall continue to be recipient of it to live a meaningful life.


Man apparently cannot live without a power higher than him; somebody higher, better, more resourceful in terms of wisdom, faith, power, purity, intelligence, etc. It should be known again and again that God created man to depend on Him—the highest and supreme Personality in terms of wisdom, grace, mercy, justice, faith, purity, etc. However, when man lost contact with God, he tended to seek another form or source of dependence. Even though God created man in His own image and with all that man will need for a


good living, man still has his free-will and power of choice: he could choose something he wants and desires and, unfortunately most of the time, outside God. The freedom, will power and the power of choice in man make man a free moral being. It is sad to know that from the beginning, man has not been choosing rightly. Man has been misusing the freedom and grace bestowed upon him by His Creator. Alas! This has been to his detriment and destruction. Being a free-moral agent suggests to man that he has responsibility to his actions and choices. You can desire, choose and obtain whatever you want in life, but you will be held responsible and accountable for your actions. You will damn the consequences after all. Can you imagine that despite all that God planted and placed in the Garden of Eden for the benefit of man, man used his free will and power of choice against himself (Gen 3). Ever since then, man has been a struggler, sweating and striving to be what God wants him to be. Experience of life shows that until someone receives and accepts God’s help that is found only in Jesus his Son by faith and lives in obedience, he/she


remains a struggler, sweating things out daily! When Adam and Eve used their free-will power to disobey God, they brought themselves down from high grace to grass level; they came down from surplus to scarcity… from prosperity to high poverty… saintliness to sinfulness…. from arena of breakthrough to arena of bondage, lack of freedom, from open space to strait and difficult place. Since then man has come to live without peace, without sound health, without prosperity, without purpose, without focus, in a nutshell, without breakthrough. When Adam and Even sinned, they edged themselves and the entire human race out of true life of breakthrough; they brought themselves into a cage, a thick fence, a barrier, an obstacle or a hindrance to true life/living. In fact, one can say that God drove them out of the Garden of breakthrough into a desert of adversity and with curses. The curses were not only on them but on all creation. What a pity! What a tragedy! What a life of hopelessness. Can we say Eve desired and sought after breakthrough better than that provided by God? Agreed that she was deceived by the serpent (Satan) but


she brought her husband into the mess and unfortunately, all of us went in with them. So, immediately they were judged divinely, something came on them. I want to say that “their eyes were opened” again to the fact that they needed what they had thrown away. They discovered that they needed God, who will bring back the things they had lost. They discovered they needed divine assistance. This assistance will bring clothes, food, and fellowship with God, peace, breakthrough, etc. Just as Adam and Eve needed divine assistance to enjoy their lives from the time they were created to the time they fell, and from time they fell to later period of their lives, so all of us need divine assistance. Without divine assistance, our lives remain a struggle and we live in curses and crises. Without divine assistance, we do not have the right to clothes, shelter, food and other provisions. Without divine assistance, we have no protection and security, no job, wife, children, victory and blessing for daily living. Think about this. We can confidently say then that when there is no divine assistance, there is no breakthrough for anyone on this earth.


Invariably, it means the search and desire for breakthrough is of no purpose if we cannot go to our God. So we all ought to be earnest about our desire for divine assistance, seek for divine assistance, ask for divine assistance, knock at God’s door for His assistance. When we have divine assistance, our struggles in life ends, our breakthrough breaks forth and we are established one hundred percent.


We want to establish here that there are so many things people in history and in our days call or look at as divine assistance and yet they are not and can never be. Many things we call help from God are far from it. When God wants to help you, He will do it in such a way that no one will share or take the glory. Whatever will contend with the glory of God from or in your life is never assistance from God. Lets us consider some examples of what divine assistance are not.



“I, the lord, have put a curse on those who turn from me and trust in human strength. They will dry up like a bush in a salty desert soil, where nothing can grow” (Jer. 17:56 CEV)

As human beings, even Christians, we tend to trust, put hope or total dependence, on man; husband, wife, uncle, one rich man, monthly salary, and promise from friends. Most times, we neglect or leave God out rightly. The Lord says such a person is under his curse. When you make man your strength, hope, helper, support, without consent from God, you are not enjoying and will not experience divine assistance.


“Worshippers of idols comfort each other, saying “Don’t worry!” Woodcarvers, goldsmith and other workers encourage one another and say “we’ve done a great job… None of these idols are able to give advice or answer questions. They are nothing. There are less than passing breezes” (Isa. 41:6-7 & 28-29 CEV)


In African society and in many parts of the world we see people who are prone and exposed to idol worshipping. We hardly see clans, communities or counties without their own idols. There are ancestral gods, traditional beliefs, and animism and ritual sacrifices. When some people claim to believe in Jesus, but their faith in Jesus Christ is not rooted deep enough in the Word of God, we often see such people falling back to help from traditional sources: ancestral spirit, dead relatives. If you are such a Christian, be reminded again that “none of these idols are able to give advice or answer questions. They are nothing –they are less than a passing breeze.” For those who have no serious commitment to Jesus Christ, who are far from being genuine Christians, who are not born by the Spirit of God, let me tell you without mincing words that whichever way/means you seek to obtain help, “none of these idols are able to give advice or answer questions. They are nothing –they are less than a passing breeze.” In a nutshell, divine assistance that leads to life’s breakthrough cannot be


received from idols and idol worshipping. Satan does not offer true assistance. Demons and their agents are not permitted to do the work of God. They only counterfeit God to destroy lives. Beware!


“Someone may say to you “Go to the fortune teller who makes soft chirping sounds or as the spirits of the dead. After all, a nation ought to be able to ask its gods what it should do. None those who talk like that will live to see the light of day! They will go around in great pain and will become so hungry that they will angrily curse their king and their gods. And when they try to find help in heaven and on earth, they will find only trouble and darkness, terrible and deepest darkness.” Isa 8:19-22

Simply put, spiritism is the practice whereby spiritual help is sought from the spirit world; seeking help outside the Spirit of God, known in the Bible. From our passage, spiritism involves consulting fortunetellers, palm readers, seers, familiar spirits, wizards, necromancy or talking to the spirit of the dead;


consulting oracles, visiting false prophets or false teachers, secret society (occultism), black or white magic (Acts 19: 18-19). Hence, divine assistance is not help from witchcraft or Wicca, ritual sacrifices, clairvoyants, Indian talisman, ring, and amulets. It is not seeking help from astrology, horoscopy, Ouija board, African “black technology”, Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), art of voodoo, yoga, transcendental meditation, astral traveling, hypnosis or psychics. It is not making blood covenants and other fraternal brotherhood, eating special spiritual foods/meals. It neither money-making covenants nor satanically sought wealth. It could not have been ungodly power and protection or security. Practicing Satanism, ventriloquism (voice, magic, belly speaking) and divination are not biblically recommended divine help. In the search for divine assistance, people “go to the fortunetellers who make “soft chirping sounds” or “peepings”, they “asked from the spirit of the dead”, they “ask its own god what is should do”, they make children “pass through fire”, they make covenants with blood, they look for witches, wizards; they read


horoscopes, request from Ouija board, go into all forms of practices that are cultic, ungodly and unbiblical. The word of God says unequivocally “none of those who talk like that will live to see the light of day… They will go around in great pain and become hungry…They will even begin to curse their king (leader) who encourages the practices and even the so called god”. As such people seek for help from heaven and earths apart from God they will find only trouble, darkness, terrible things and deepest darkness. No wonder such people are more hopeless. The only hope is in God. The only true source of divine assistance is through Jesus Christ—the Mighty God, the greatest Counselor and Supreme Helper.


Let us treat this as separate issue because some people do not actually link themselves directly with satanic activities or spiritism as enumerated above. They believe they are called by the name of Jesus and yet they indirectly use satanic power to render so called “divine assistance” in the Prayer Mountains, valleys, churches


and centers. We better describe this as the Scriptures describe them. The Bible calls them false teachers; false prophets angels of light; miracle workers; divine healers; sign and wonder doers; anti-Christ; belly worshippers; false apostles false brethren. [Mt 24:24; Mk 13:22; 2 Cor 11: 26] In the words of Jesus, these people who try to render divine assistance to others will tell then “Lo, here is Christ”. They shall show great signs and wonders in so much that if it were possible, they shall deceive many. Paul reveals vividly that this “divine help providers” will be “deceitful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ” 2 Cor 11:14. These people will depart from faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and the doctrines of devils. They shall be speaking lies in hypocrisy. Their consciences would have been seared with a hot iron. They will teach people to neglect marriage, abstain from legitimate meats that God ordained and sanctified. They shall have a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. Often, they are seen creeping into houses and leading captive innocent but silly women who are sin-laden. The divine


assistance providers often hold many women captive in the prayer houses, mountains and valleys. Some are very legalistic, ritualistic, syncretical and traditional. They often neglect the New Testament truths. In Africa, some people mix African Traditional Religion with some Old Testament ritualistic practices. Alas! They never help their clients. Instead they compound their problems. Some women become the prophets’ wives; some become caught up in the euphoria of the ecstatic religion activities at the detriment of their life, family and social development. False prophets, false teachers, unscriptural miracle workers, divine healers that are not born-again children of God, false prophets, etc are “the enemies of the cross of Christ:

Their end is destruction from God. They have made their belly their God and their glory is in their shame. We have them in different versions ad categories in many parts of the world. Divine assistance this book advocates is not from false prophets, false Christs and apostles. Jesus is the bonafide Source of divine assistance. Any help outside of Jesus Christ and biblical truth that sets free, is never


divine assistance.


The Holy Bible

has many profound ways of

describing how God help his own people. Being a book of catalogue of how God helps people, the Bible is the best source of revelation and steps to divine help. We need to ourselves with the truth in the Word of God if we would ever experience divine assistance. Divine assistance is biblically described as:

Being Made in Heaven

“I look to the hills. Where will I find help? It will come from the Lord who created the heavens and the earth.”

Psalm 121: 1-2 God makes the help you need in His dwelling place—in heaven. Help is not from the hills, mountains, man, salary, good homes, affluent family etc. Help is from the Lord of heaven and earth. That help I can assure you confidently is over all helps. It is better than


any other form of help under the heaven. It is real help.

Being Sent from above

“……a man can receive nothing except it be given him

from heaven” John 3:27.

Not only is the help, support, or assistance

made in

heaven, it is allowed to come to those who need it on

earth; “no one can do anything unless God in heaven allows it.” So the help is “heavenly made” and “heavenly sent” or “allowed” to come to us on earth.

Perfect and peaceful gifts

“Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father who created all the lights in the heavens” James 1:17.

“But the wisdom that comes from above leads us to be pure, friendly, gentle, sensible, kind, helpful and genuine and sincere.” James 3:17. God’s divine assistance is good, perfect, pure, gentle, kind, genuine gifts of our Father God to anyone who trust God enough to receive it.

There is no sorrow with/in it


“When the Lord blesses you with riches, you have

nothing to regret” Prov. 10:22. Another version of the Bible says that the blessings of the Lord make us rich without adding sorrow to it. So we can say the help of and from God has no sorrow with since it unlike human help, satanic assistance or societal provision. If you desire an assistance that will not bring eventual sorrow to you, you can count on divine assistance from God. If you desire blessing that would give you peace of mind, look up to God and no where else.

It is good, great and lasting

“But I will bless those who trust me. They will be like

trees growing beside a stream-tree with roots that reach down to the water, and with leaves that are always green. They bear fruits every year and are never

worried by a lack of rain.” Jer 17:7-8. Can you imagine God making your life like that of a tree planted by the side of a river? In which case, from your dried, fruitless, ugly life, God makes you fresh, fruitful and flourishing. That is a good, great and lasting help. It


only comes from above… from God only.


Adam and Eve were assisted by God in the Book of Genesis. They disobeyed God, yet God helped them by clothing them properly and promised them victory over the serpent. God prefigured redemption from these helpless folks right after their fall. Noah was helped by God to build the ark that saved him and his children. Despite all the atrocities in the days of Noah, Noah found favor and divine help from God. God helped him to build an ark that rescued his family and consequently human race. Abraham and Sarah were assisted by God to have Isaac in their old age. No one could have imagined a man and a woman of their age to bear children. However, in the biology of God there is no old age. God could use any age to achieve his divine purpose. Isaac was helped by God to make it during the period of drought. Only God knew what he did for Isaac


that when there was a famine and drought Isaac was sowing and reaping hundred folds. When the land was dry because of lack of rain Isaac was busy digging well that were filled with water. I do not think others around him had it so easy; God was helping Isaac. Jacob was helped by God to overcome the trouble from his uncle and to subdue Esau in prayer. I am still trying to fathom the philosophy, psychology, and biology behind the techniques Jacob used to make animals produce the kind of species he wanted without the science of genetics, or cloning, or artificial insemination. Yet, Jacob became rich by some spiritual revelations that many theologians and Bible students are still struggling to comprehend. It was God’s help at work.

Joseph got divine assistance in a way we cannot naturally explain. A careful survey of Joseph’s life would show us that if it were not God helping him all his dreams would have be fantasy, mirage, and imagery. God helped Joseph to bring the dreams he gave to him come to pass. He could help you too. Moses was not left out; God assisted Moses to do


all that he did. Israelites got out of Egypt with a high hand of God: Divine help. It was not Moses ability or wisdom. It was not his strength—he had none physically so to say at eighty years and above. All that Moses did to lead the people of God through the wilderness and desert was nothing short of divine help. Joshua had the backing of heaven in his ministry. The siege of the wall of Jericho, making the sun to stand still, conquering and allocating the promised land to various clans of Israelites, and all the feats of Joshua were nothing but divine help. Elizabeth could not have had a child; But God helped her. Note that when the child eventually came it was not just an ordinary child. The child was the forerunner of Jesus. The child was nobody but John the Baptist. Jesus described John as the greatest person born form a woman. John’s mother received divine help. What can we say of Hannah, the mothers of Samuel? She sought for and received divine help. God helped her to bear children. Other people include David, who received divine help on a regular basis. David enjoyed God’s assistance.


Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, etc. all are products of divine assistance. Paul and the early Christians experienced the help and succor of God in their time. Jesus was practically assisted by the Father from heaven. All those who put their trust and faith in God, in history, the Bible and contemporary life are products of divine help. I strongly believe that if God helped these ones to receive and enjoy divine assistance, he could help you and he would help you. God is highly and always ready to help mortal man because he loves us.


Over the time, those who experienced divine help have these conditions fulfilled.

Faith in God

There is a need for total trust, dependence and reliance on God. No short cut to this. Dynamic faith in God is

one of the keys to divine help. You can hardly receive


help from someone you do not trust, believe in, depend

on, or have faith in. receivers

of divine help are

believers in God who helps those who trust in him and nothing else.


They often engage in prayer that is earnest, fervent, sincere and heartfelt. They bare their hearts to God in prayer. They made known unto God their needs and desires. They were communicators with God.

Obedience to God

By obeying the Word God sent to them, they obtained the blessing package with the Word. If you and I want breakthrough in life, we need divine assistance. Receiving divine assistance is possible. God has made it available for those who can trust, obey and pray to Him. Let us launch into the divine provision by faith now.


Father, I know I cannot help myself. I have no power of my own. Help me divinely. I believe I received the needed assistance I need spiritually, physically, financially, socially by faith. I trust you and


will keep on obeying you according to your word. I confess I am divinely assisted from now on. Thank you Father, in Jesus’ name.


Chapter 2


God is very delighted to assist us. God is concerned about all areas of our life because He is our Father. He has the power, resources and wisdom. He is the Omnipotent, the Omniscient and the Omnipresent God. Divine assistance from God is all embracing. It covers all things. Divine assistance can be deliverance; divine guidance; courage; increased faith; long life;


break through in life; healing and good health; protection and security; provision; favor; and victory. But oftentimes, we discover we do not receive and enjoy special or uncommon help from God—apart from mere existential help, meeting simple needs of life and brief enjoyment. One can ask unequivocally then that what the problem to receiving blessing from heaven is. Why does the heaven on our heads seem to be shut permanently or open occasionally? What tends to hinder or prevent the flow of God’s grace, mercy, love, life, provision, etc. into our lives? In simple words, all the factors, forces, circumstances, situation, spirit or man, that tend to apparently block God’s help can be called hindrances to divine assistance to divine assistance. You may be someone who is claiming to possess eternal life: I mean you are a born-again Christian. You may be having your three square meals regularly. However, hindrances to divine assistance will not allow you to have and enjoy abundant life. As you read this revelation, I pray all the hindrances to your divine assistance be removed in Jesus’ name. On the positive note, when you are under the


umbrella of divine assistance, you will graciously enjoy the following; victory in life battles, progress in life endeavor, spiritual insights, fruitfulness in life, and abundant life, indeed. You would be confident in life because you see God working on your behalf. God would be glad with you because you are living in obedience and by faith. Life would be meaningful.


A hindrance means obstacles that prevent you from moving forward. Hindrances can also be described as bars, barriers, deterrents, stumbling block, restrictions, limitations, pits that are unjumpable, difficulties, drawbacks, impediments, something curbing one’s progress, disability, checks, restraints,

obstructions, something



passage of

progress, etc. Hindrances to divine assistance can be of







demonic attacks or assaults, physical factors, psychological matters, emotional factors or some unknown or unseen forces. One can categorically


classify them as follows.


“The Lord hasn’t lost His powerful strength; He can still hear and answer prayers. Your sins are the ROAD BLOCK between you and your God. That’s why He doesn’t answer your prayers…” Isa 59:1-2 CEV.

From the above Scripture, the hindrances to divine assistance is acting or operating as a road block between you and the source of divine assistance: God. That roadblock is categorically described as sins. It means inasmuch as God wants to send divine help to man, sins will always come as road block that will not allow the blessings to reach the expected person—it may be you.


Sin is rebellion against God, His will, His word, His way. It is an act of provoking God. [Det. 9:7; Jos. 1:18] Sin is every thought of foolishness; thinking like a fool, reasoning out of God’s revelations. [Prov. 24:9] Sin is doubting God; whatever is not of faith. [Rom 14:123]


Sin knows God’s will but refusing to do it. [James 4:17] Sin is transgression against God’s laws. [1 John 3:4] Sin is all unrighteousness. [1 John 5:17] Can you see why many people are deterred from divine assistance? Can you see why you have been unable to breakthrough in life? When there are rebellion, provocation of the Almighty God by our acts and deeds, thinking foolishly, doubting God’s words, living in unbelief, knowing God’s will and absconding from them, direct or indirect transgression of God’s law, living with all forms of unrighteousness, there can not be divine assistance. Oh! We need the mercy of God to break free from sins that hinder our divine blessing. The Yoruba people mythically believe that sin is a spirit-a spiritual person/being. He is like Satan and other demons. There is an adage in Yoruba oracle that “Sin should be feared more than death.” And if that should be examined in the light of the Bible, we see “the wages of sin is death.” It means that sin comes to act and display before death comes. Sin is like a person who tries to get hold of somebody’s will, mind and disposition until he destroys that person. One can then


say that the wages sin pays to any one that “works” for him or yields to him is to kill or destroy that person eventually. We must shun sin at all times. Give no place for sin in our heart, mind and body.


The Bible portrays the danger from sins as clear as possible. Sin brings reproaches. Prov 14:34. Sin makes one a wicked person. Prov 15:9. Sin makes one a poor person—physically and spiritually. Prov 28:13. Sin is sting that is painful and deadly, in fact causing death [1 Cor. 15:16]. Sin actually kills [Rom 6:25] In real fact, sin should be feared and not death itself! [James 1:17]


In Galatians 5:19-21, we have a description of manifestation of the works of flesh. When sin enters into a flesh (or life), what that flesh shows forth often are adultery, fornication (all immoral acts between men and men, women and women, men and women, man and animal), uncleanness (filthy thoughts), lasciviousness (shameful deeds), idolatry, practice of witchcraft, hatefulness, variance (hard to get along with),


emulations, wrath, heresies, envy, reveling (getting drunk, carrying out wild parties) In the Book of Romans 1:2, we have another similar catalogue of the manifestation of works of the flesh (that shows that sin is dwelling in that life). These are; not retaining God in their knowledge, not glorifying God as God, ingratitude, vain imaginations, foolishness of heart, darkened heart, changing the glory of God to corruptible man, birds and four-footed beasts and creeping things; uncleanness, lustful hearts, dishonoring of their own bodies between themselves, changing the truth of God to a lie, worshipping and serving created beings more that the Creator, same sex burning in their lust one toward another, reprobate minds, doing things that are not convenient, filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, deceit, malignity, whispering, backbiting, pride, despiteful, boasters, inventor of evil things, disobedient to parents, people without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful, having pleasure in wrong deeds, words and arts.


In Timothy 4:1, we see again how sin works through the flesh. When sin is at work, we shall be seeing people departing from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, accepting the doctrines of devil/Satan, encouraging the doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, seared conscience, forbidding marrying, teaching people to abstain from meats which God has created. When we see traces or full manifestation of the above, be sure sin is at work; sin is not a physical being, so you cannot see it but you can see its works through the fleshy, carnal acts and deeds, deeds that are opposite to divine will, way and word. This is how sin blocks divine assistance.






overcome sin and its power.





Confess sin and its manifestation and deeds in your life.










forgiveness ad pardon, you are exposing and weakening the power and personality of sin. Sin hates being



Repent from following the way of sin. Make a U-turn from your sins; stop having a relationship with sin and turn to the Lord Jesus.

Forsake sin completely. Abandon sin and sinful deeds. Give up sin completely, do not have anything to do with it again; if you do not abandon sin, it will abandon you after it brings shame!

Create a fervent hatred for sin. Do not make any friendship with sin any more. Since is like a plague or cancer cells; it spreads with devastating destruction. This is the reason to avoid sins perfectly. Jesus came to destroy sin and its power. Faith in Jesus launches you to the real of victory over sins. When you come to Jesus you could have a passionate hatred for sin because Jesus would give you by his Spirit over sin.

Fight against it deliberately, consciously. Strife with sin vehemently. Mortify all the deeds of sin,


the work of flesh—as described and revealed in the scriptures. Let us reiterate clearly that none of the above can be done with ordinary arm of flesh. No one can confess, repent, forsake, create a hatred for sin, fight against sin, mortify the deeds of sin and flesh without supernatural power of God. The only power that can conquer and overcome sin is the power of Jesus, the power in the name of Jesus, the power in the Blood of Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only Person who has the power over Satan and sin. So, to overcome and win the battle over sin, one must turn to Jesus. One must allow Jesus to be his/her personal Lord, Savior and Redeemer. He shed His blood to redeem us from the bondage of sin. The Blood of Jesus only is the way out of the grip and grasp of sin upon any life. Come today to Jesus, confess His, and accept Him as your Lord and Master. Hide your life in Him and let His redemptive power-in His Blood-avail for you. With Jesus, you can overcome Satan and sin, and live a victorious life. You can receive divine assistance on this area as well. In fact, God wants to assist you in saving


you from sin, Satan and their evil works. Let God assist you. When you allow Him, you will get this assistance for other areas of your life.


The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of English describes self as, a person’s inner being, including the mind and spirit; A person’s nature or personality, the qualities that make one individual; One’s own interest, advantage, health, pleasure; Yourself, myself, himself, herself.

From the testimonies of the Scripture and life’s experience, you are yourself. You are a unique being. No one is like you. Your inner being-mind, spirit is unique. Your personal nature, individuality, your interest, pleasure are outstandingly different from others. No one is like you. So your habit, health, advantage, pleasure are peculiar to you. You are created by God with great potentials, but you are a free-moral being. You can choose desire, decide, do and determine whatever you love-but you will be responsible for your decision. We discover that majority of people have been using this gift of choice, the gift of God to hinder the


flow of divine assistance into their lives. How? Here are some simple observations.


Self describes the inner being of a person as the mind and spirit. To be able to receive divine assistance from God, the inner being, the spirit, the mind, must be aligned with God. The inner mind must be in a positive relationship with God. Without this relationship with God, the divine assistance available will be little or non- existent. Every person from within him/herself must have a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ. He must be born again, born of the Spirit of God, become a new creature in Christ. Such a person will enjoy divine assistance. The matter is both personal and divine. As much as God draws someone to Himself, that person must surrender to the call and divine pulling of God. God works on him by His Spirit, but the person that self, must yield his/her will to God consciously. When a self decides and says no to that divine call and invitation, he/she may not be saved by the grace and thus he/she hinders him/herself from divine assistance. Have your surrendered yourself to God?



Self has the tendency to manage himself especially if he is not in positive relation with God. Any person who is not born of the spirit of God has that tendency to live alone, lonely and self-manage himself. Even some so-call Christians practice this foolish act of self- management. As long as any self endeavors to manage himself, he shows his independence from God. When you live outside God, your Creator, you will either depend on a smaller god or force or “self”. The dependence on self is the ultimate pride of life ever manifested by man. With such people, there may not be divine assistance until God is acknowledged. Self can hinder himself from divine help by acting or living with his depraved, carnal fleshing lifestyle.


“As a man thinks, so his is.” That is the operation of self. Self will like to think about and act alone. The thought of self without God with can be destructive, evil, uncreative and unconstructive. Whatever self thinks about, he does. When the thoughts of self are not


controlled by the word and spirit of God, it could be devastating indeed. Self can think loftily, personally, proudly, selfishly, godlessly, carnally, desperately- especially when Christ is not ruling and reigning within. To think and acts rightly the will, the prompting, the desire, the premonition of self must be born-again. Any self thinking and acting outside the word and influence of the spirit of God will constantly neglect divine assistance. Self must seek the thoughts of God, act the way of God and seek divine assistance if it will be what God wants it to be.


All the habits of self outside Christ are godless, graceless and often selfish or self-satisfying. Self without God often has habits of fashion, food, friendship and fads of this world that quickly show that the thoughts, desire, spiritual world view are quite different from that of the Bible-believing people. These habits, fashions and lifestyle often block them off divine assistance. He who does the will of the Lord is often helped by the Lord. Let your habit be that of the biblically


accepted type—habit that are refreshing, godly, edifying and creative. Cultivate habit of prayer, going to church, bible study, giving, loving habits etc. Such will open the door of divine assistance. Let your lifestyle be patterned after the biblical description of holiness, faith, love, honesty, caring, etc. Let your fashion of dressing be that accepted by God of the Bible. Life lived around the orbit of godliness is of great help to receive divine assistance.


As earlier said, self has a desire unique to him. Self often will pursue such desire. The pursuit of selfish desire is inimical to divine assistance. Stop pursuing your selfish interest; it could be detrimental to your receiving divine help. Heaven helps those who seek the face of God of Heaven for help, not those who selfishly and foolishly help themselves. No one can really help him/herself. No one has the power and capability to help him/herself. Help comes from above; from God, the ultimate helper of mankind and all creation. Let your desire and pursuit be in line with God’s will and you will see God sending help at the right time you really need divine help. Stop pursuing vanity! “They that


observe (or pursue) lying vanity forsake their own mercy” [Jonah 2:8]. If you really need divine mercy, stop pursuing or observing lying vanity.


Self uses time uselessly. Self uses time as if he is the owner. Self uses time as if it can be recalled. Self uses time for everything except for God. Your time is your life. To waste time is to waste life. To waste time is to insult God the owner of time, period and season. In fact, our time is in the hands of God. We muse, therefore, seek God to know how to use our time wisely. Stop wasting God’s golden gift-time, you will account for it. Let me say that your time is essentially used for work, leisure/rest and worship. Majority of people use their time for work and all manner of legitimate and illegitimate leisure. Little time is often being used for God. God expects us to strike a balance: work, rest and worship God. That is the legitimate, heavenly acceptable use of time. You must have an acceptable use of time. You must have (or divide) your time wisely. Plan your time, plan your life, and ensure you do not leave God and godly things out of


your schedule. If you do so, you will receive divine help when needed.


Over the time, developed through daily habits, self loves certain places to go. Some “selves”, under divine control are now going to godly places. Other “selves” are still going to places that God will never approve of. Can you imagine where you go that you do not want anyone to see you? Can you desire to take Jesus to where you often go? Will Jesus be happy seeing you where you are presently? Self is so foolish to think that other cannot see him; meanwhile, self is naked before God.

For anyone to receive help from above, he/she must go to where God wants him/her to go-always. God wants Jonah to go to Nineveh, he went to Tarshish; he suffered temporarily for it. There are people today who go to where God will never ordain—either for leisure of work. Those who go to where God wants to go at the particular time will receive God’s help.



A natural man is a selfish being. He is full of himself. In his relationship with others, he seeks his own satisfaction; whatever will not yield any gain or dividend in his affairs with other, will not be seriously handled. Self has ulterior motif in every relationship he establishes. Self loves conditionally. Self operates with “rub my back, I will rub your back too” motto. This is often seen in business and marital relationship. God does not ordain that our relationship with each other should be conditional. God loves us unconditionally and anyone who will receive divine help must operate above the level of selfishness, he must be selfless before he/she cab receive divine help. Relationships that hurt, harms, hides the truth, hinders progress, that is hypocritical and halts spiritual growth are not good relationships. Our love must be without dissimilation. We must love our neighbor as ourselves, if we will receive divine assistance from God.


How you see or view life will determine your attitude to life and divine things generally. If you see life as a gift from God and as such, life is not meant to do you


harm, you will enjoy your life. However, of you view life as unfriendly, harmful, hurtful, dangerous, unhelping; full of fear, suspicious, etc, you may not enjoy life. If you hide under your little selfish canopy and neglect all other people, if you have all things for yourself without sharing you life, wisdom, love, gifts, money, grief and sorrow with others, you may end up not receiving any divine help. If you see life as void of God’s presence, mercy, love and kindness, if you view life as absence of some people who care, love and ready to assist other, your view may hinder a proper, broader view of life in the light of Bible and theology. Life must be perceived and understood as a gift from God—the Sustainer and Helper of His own. Such a view will enhance divine assistance. Such a view will help us to have an attitude that is positive and hopeful. Such a view will help us to see that our help always comes from God- above and that such help will surely or definitely come at the right divine tine. Let your view and attitude to life be that that is biblically patterned-other will or may not help you so far.



Anyone not alive in his spirit will be alive in the flesh and live the selfish, carnal, depraved and natural life. Living a natural, carnal and selfish life controlled by the past experience may end up not receiving divine assistance. One of the characteristics of self is self-pity; seeking sympathy because of one problem that happened in the past. Experiences are normal life’s phenomena. They are bound to come. Some are positive, others are negative. But a person who will receive divine assistance must have a relationship with God constantly and this relationship will inform him that all things with past, present or future work together for good for those who love the Lord. You are not supposed to ruin your present and future with the thought of the past. Friend, if you will learn how to receive divine assistance, forget the past, handle the present with God’s help and hope for a better future. Dwelling on your past experience may become sinful and sickening to you. Watch out! Divine assistance comes to those who come to accept quickly that problems of yesterday are stepping stones to the


success of today and breakthrough of tomorrow. Problems of yesterday must lead you to seek for divine assistance while you try to avoid the same mistake that brought the problems. Our God is a God of now and tomorrow when it comes to divine assistance. Let Him help you now and in the future. Stop living in the past. Self will want you to dwell on the past failures, seek human sympathy and not divine help.


Self craves for greatness. Self want to be somebody-even without God. So the work majority are doing today will not enhance their reception of divine assistance because many jobs are never supported by God. If God is your Creator and Father, you must seek to know His will even in the work you want to do. What you do matters now and in eternity and will tell whether you will constantly receive divine help or not. When you pick up a job because of the monetary gain and selfish attainment, not seeking the face and will of God, that job may be a burden, a snare and source of untimely death. You may have all the money and yet feel unhappy and unfulfilled. If self is not controlling your life, you must


seek for a job, career that will glorify God and not necessarily for financial gain. God is the Creator of work and as His child, who needs divine assistance at work you need His guidance before you pick up a job.


You are created with a mouth. The mouth is a part of the body for so many good works. Eating is essential for living, drinking of water/fluid is sin qua non. Much more, the mouth has the tongue which harbors the taste buds and is connected to the vocal chords. The mouth is essentially the “speaking machine” of the body. It is also meant to pray, praise and profess words that will help us. Without the mouth, communication of man may never be complete or full. Nevertheless, we use the mouth to communicate “in” certain good or bad things. Profession is possession. They say your mouth, when controlled by self, can be a destructive organ. Speaking evil into existence. It can destroy lives, systems, relationships, etc. Our hearts and head and mouth are friends intrinsically; they are connected. So when the heart (the spirit, the real self) is without God, the head (thought) and the mouth cannot


work otherwise. A sanctified heart and head will lead to a sanctified mouth. A sanctified mouth and tongue will speak and give out life, peace, wisdom, courage, faith, compassion, etc. An unsanctified tongue speaks out the destructive fire and vices of hell, scattering relationships, cursing God, abusing man, setting systems ablaze, splitting homes, destroying societies, in short, and hindering divine assistance. Apostle James says a fountain cannot bring forth bitter and sweet water at the same time. Our mouth and tongue cannot be used to curse men and bless God. It must be used in a form that will enhance divine assistance. Many sin with their tongues and mouth more that their eyes and ears. Many sin with their mouth more than the heart. The tongue no one seems to tame. It may be quite unruly especially where self is at work. Ask God to cleanse your heart, your head and your mouth and tongue so that they will not jointly work together to block your divine assistance that ought to come to you. Use your mouth and tongue to bring forth life, peace, grace, blessing, breakthrough, divine assistance from today. Consecrate your life, even your tongue/mouth and God will help you from above.



There are just two things to do with your “self”.

Very simple indeed! Either leave “self” as it is. Let it do whatever he likes—but never expect any divine assistance. Self will eventually drive himself to destruction and perdition. Or take self to God, His creator. Let the power of God take over. Destroy self and his will, prompting, character and depraved attributes. Let god recreate self. Let self receive new life in Jesus Christ. By so doing, you are bringing self under subjection of the greatest power of heaven that can handle self. How do you do that?

  • i. Come to conscious spiritual relationship with God through repentance of sin and accepting Jesus as Master over self. ii. Work in the fear of God by studying obeying God’s words-the Bible; iii. Change your thoughts, attitude, life-style by the power of the word and transforming power of the Holy Spirit; iv. Consecrate yourself to God and His service. Seek to do God’s will; follow His ways;

  • v. As for grace to overcome temptation daily. Stop


yielding to temptation of the flesh as far as you can. God can help you; vi. Let your life be patterned by the word of God, by the example of Jesus. Your receiving divine assistance depends on whether or not you could be assisted based on the above revelations, views and factors. If you do not allow self to control your life, God will be happily and ready to assist you divinely. It is better to yield to God in righteous living and be helped from above. When we surrender to God fully, he assists us unreservedly.


Satan—the Bible calls him the following names:

Accuser of brethren; Devil—the evil one/doer; Tempter; Belial; Beelzebub; Murderer; Father of lies/liar; Prince of this world; Leader of kingdom of evil; Ancient serpent and so many other related names. Satan was not originally evil. He was in fact, an angelic being full of heavenly glory and power. However, being a free moral agent, he became proud because of his beauty, power and position and would love to usurp God’s throne. He fell because of pride and


disposition which were against the sovereign God. His original name was Lucifer, which means “brightness”, “the morning star”. Ever since Lucifer fell, he had been out to make other creatures, especially man fall. Because God will not help Lucifer to have divine assistance, he does not want anyone to have it. How does he achieve this? Let’s view this together.


Upon Satan’s fall, he was “dethroned” and cast to the earth.

“…woe to the inhabiter of the earth and of the sea! For

the devil is come down unto you having great wrath…” Rev 12:12.

Lucifer was “thrown to the earth and the sea” and ever since, he has been operating from there—not as a visible being but as often invisible being causing havoc and destruction to lives, properties and existence of man and creations. Basically, here is how Satan works.

  • 1. He tries to control this present world

  • 2. He afflicts people with illnesses, diseases, sickness and condition we can’t explain

  • 3. He tempts believers through various means or


objects of temptation

  • 4. He makes unbelievers (in Jesus) to live in perpetual sin

  • 5. He keeps people away from worshiping the true God

  • 6. He deceives the world by transforming into angel of light

  • 7. He devices schemes to kill, steal and destroy;

  • 8. He causes untimely death

  • 9. Most evils in the world are originated, designed

and brought forth by Satan 10. He has agents that are both spiritual (in form of demons) and physical—man and animals that he possesses or influences, or teaches and controls to invent and do his evil works. Satan is very persistent, persevering and pressing. He often does not give up easily. Thanks to God Almighty that anyone who is in Christ Jesus is victorious over Satan, demons and his agents. Victory over Satan is already obtained, secured, established and possible for anyone who believes in Christ Jesus. By the testimonies of the Scriptures, by what Jesus did on


Calvary, we can safely conclude unequivocally that

God has the power over Satan and his agents

Satan does not have any right to hinder your

blessing if you are in Christ. Satan has fallen and defeated and he remains in

the position-even now and till eternity. Believer overcomes Satan by the Blood of Jesus

Satan is under our feet forever as long as we are

in Christ Jesus. Satan cannot be killed being a spirit being.



Jesus teaches


how to handle








our divine

blessings and assistance. We are ambassadors or representatives of Christ here on earth and are anointed to destroy the works of Satan just as Jesus did. Here are seven scriptural ways to handle Satan and keep him off and away from your God-given blessings and assistances.

Rebuke Satan and his Cohorts


Jesus often rebukes the signs and symptoms of any satanic or demonic manifestation. So we must do the same. (Luke 4:39). He rebuked Satan in Simeon’s wife’s mother. He rebuked Satan’s operations in Peter when Peter was used by Satan to attempt to dissuade Jesus

from going to the cross. In Zechariah 3:2, we read, “The Lord rebukes thee, O Satan: even the Lord that hath

chosen Jerusalem…” Satan must (and can) be rebuked and he will cease his operations. Try this by faith in the name of Jesus. Rebuke Satan in prayer of authority. Believers in Christ have the divine authority over Satan. We need to be aware and awake to this spiritual reality.

Resist Satan and his Cohorts

One of Satan’s modus operandi is to resist believers; he stands against believers. “Satan standing at his right hand to resist”. Zech 3:1. So if you find Satan resisting your blessing you too stand up to resist him in the name of the Lord Jesus. “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7. Nothing but practical truth! Even before Satan could resist you from receiving God’s blessings for you, resist


him first. The best fight is the offensive fight. Be offensive with Satan.

Bind the devil Jesus teaches us to bind the devil. “Or else, how can one enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?

And then he will spoil his house.” Matt 12:29. Satan is referred to here as a “strong man” that needs to be bound with strong power—the power of God, in the name of Jesus. The physical illustration here it that we can make Satan to be in bonds; in a knitted form, in a tied condition or in a wound position, fastened with a rope. By so doing, we make Satan powerless, incapacitated, and unable to do his evil deeds; this we do in Jesus’ name. Will you not bind the devil hindering your divine assistance now?

Cast out the Devil

The idea of casting out something/somebody is to send

it/him in a particular direction, to throw something/somebody deliberately or with force. This


gives us a better view of the application of the “casting out” concept. Jesus cast out devils on many occasions. In Luke 11:20, He categorically says,

“But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt

the kingdom of God is come upon you.”

Anyone who is truly in the kingdom of God and who lives according to kingdom principles can use this kingdom strategy of handling the devil. Jesus cast out devils/demons and Satan and He instructed, taught us and expected us to cast out Satan and demons.

“These signs shall follow them that believe, in my

Name shall they cast out devils….” Mk 16:17. You and I can send out, throw out deliberately with force, the devil into a particular direction. We must therefore designate the direction and destination of where we want the devil to go by this method. Ask the devil to go into the wood, to wherever you desire. Be specific about that as God leads you. Do not be satisfied with “I cast you out devil”—be specific of the destination, or where the Spirit of God lead you to send the demons.


Curse the Devil and his Cohorts

A curse is a rude, offensive word or phrase used to express violent anger. Phrases or group of words spoken with the aim of pursuing, injuring or destroying somebody or something. Unpleasant words against somebody could be a curse. The cultic and magical people use diabolical material, spells, charms with the words with which they curse. However, we as children of God use the word of God to speak against the devil. We are permitted to abuse, use offensive words, speak rudely, and express annoyance or anger, uttering punitive, injurious and destructive words coupled with the scripture against the devil and his agents. In the book of Acts 13:6-11, Paul, the Apostle came across a sorcerer named Elymas who tend to withstand them and seeking to turn away people from faith. In verse 9-11, Apostle Paul handled that child of devil

appropriately-“then Saul, filled with the Holy Ghost, set his eyes on him, and said O full of all subtlety and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord? And now, behold, the hand of the


Lord is upon thee, and thou shalt be blind not seeing the sun for a season. And immediately there fell on him a mist and a darkness, and he went about seeking some to

lead him by the hand.” That is what it practical means to curse the devil. It has to be with the power of the Holy Spirit coupled with proper living.

Command The Devil to do your biding

“Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan, for

it is written ….” Mat 4:10. From life and spiritual experience, Satan is never a gentleman. So, he does not listen to gentle words. That is the reason force is often the way to handle him. Satan and his cohorts need to be rebuked, resisted, bound, cast out, cursed and commanded. All these are forceful concepts. Satan is not psychedelic, gentle and earth worm personality. He is militant, offensive, aggressive, violent and prevailing. So, that is the language he understands, the language of force. He needs to be commanded to get thee behind us. He needs to be commanded to put off his influences on our blessings. He needs to be commanded to hands off from our heaven-sent help. Please, do so in/by faith in the name


of Jesus and see the miraculous answer to your prayer.

Lose Satan’s Hold or Grip “I break the jaws of the wicked and plucked the spoil out of his teeth.” Job 29:17. Jesus at the grave of Lazarus after He had called Lazarus life again says, “Loose him, and let him go.” John


There are situations when devil and his agents get hold of our blessings. They seem to clinch them amidst their jaws or teeth or grasp them tightly. If the jaws of the wicked one are not broken, and the blessing in their teeth not loose, we cannot pluck them out easily. Presently, your blessing from heaven, which God has sent to help you, may be held tightly, gripped strongly and grasped tenaciously. The devil is saying they will not let go. He holds them closely to himself. But by the power of God, in the name pf Jesus, you can loose the blessing from Satan’s grip or Satan from your blessing. All these are possible with prayer or earnest prayers, fervent prayers. All the activities of Satan are described in the book of Ephesians as “the fiery darts of the


wicked.” And we must quench his flames by prayer of faith. We must remove the hand pf Satan from our divinely ordained blessing. With the blood of Jesus, the Word of God, the power of the Holy Ghost and prayer of faith, we can overcome Satan and receive divine assistance.


“Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the

power of air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience. Among whom also we all had our conversation on times past in the lust of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath even as other.” Eph 2:2-3. From the above scripture, we can deduce the followings. There a course of this world/society. There is prince and power. There is a spirit-called spirit of disobedience to God’s will, way and word. There are children of disobedience/wrath. Anyone who is not in Christ is automatically being controlled by the course, the spirit


of the world. Anyone outside Christ lives according to lusts of the flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and mind. Anyone outside Christ is a child of wrath from God. Anyone outside Christ will surely have his conversation according to the course of the world, the lust of flesh, the desires of flesh and mind. Anyone who follows the above will not receive divine assistance but divine wrath-eventually. To an average English learner, the meaning of the word “world” is insufficient. The world on broader sense means, the way different people behave or live; human affairs and activities; possession and physical pleasures: people conventional attitudes; the cosmic force/power; the orderly arrangement, decorations, adorning of things in the universe; principles and practices in the world; the beliefs, ideologies, philosophies of people in the universe, and so on. The inhabitants of the globe called earth, man specifically, has a way of doing his things different from God’s. Man is often aided by Satan to achieve many things that God projects and programs. Such affairs, acts, arts, science, activities, beliefs, practices,


philosophies, ideologies, operations, concepts, phenomena, etc that are different and antagonistic to Bible and God are what we simply describe as worldliness. The society of people often opposes God. Human beings tend o tell God, “You shall not rule over us.” Such acts or stance can never enhance divine assistance. Man often uses his natural, physical life to oppose and attack spiritual life and things. We have man-made or world-made prophets around us. We have so many religious groups, traditional worshippers of idols, Islamic fundamentalists, pseudo-religious sects all working against God. If anyone gets himself entangled with them, divine assistance will be difficult. In our world and society, people are often and always deceived into hidden covenants in order to be prosperous, powerful, and popular and protected. They enter into satanic groups, cultic sects and many other things God forbids at the detriment of their souls. Such can not help to secure godly assistance. If anyone wants to experience true divine assistance, he must renounce all worldly associations,


evil societies, cultic materials and satanic covenants. All spells, curses, charms that are at hand must be destroyed. The mark of the beast, anti-Christ and the world are all around—these must be overcome! Worldly music, fashion that gives no glory to God, lifestyle that is not biblically acceptable, love of money, lust of the eyes, pride of life, lust of the flesh-all must be dealt with out rightly. All worldly background that tends to limit, prevent or hinder divine assistance must be renounced. There is a new description of this phenomenon; it is “the world is the church, and the church is now in the world.” What a pity! This is never a Christian description or outlook. Although, the Church is in the world, it is never of the world. Christians are in the world but they are never of the world. Anything different from this Jesus’ standard, will hinder divine assistance to any Christian or any Christian group or church.

Can God look on you and help you or assist you because you are following His divine standard? Can God look at your heart and not find the world reigning and ruling you? Are you not influenced totally by the


world and society? No wonder you are not receiving divine assistance again. If any Christian will receive and continue to receive divine assistance, he must remember the followings.

We are strangers in the world

We cannot accept worldly standard and godly

standard at the same time We must not love the world

We must overcome the world



be crucified to the world-dead

indeed! We must proclaim and live the gospel even in the

We are to shine as light in this dark and hopeless

perverse world We need to “separate” our lives from that of the


world We must preserve and season the world around

us as salt Finally, we must overcome the beast, its image, its mark and its name presently-in this world.

Such an overcoming Christian will receive constantly


divine assistance. Sin, Satan, self and society/world can hinder divine assistance. How we need to examine our lives constantly so that we are not limited by those four enemies of our divine help.


Lord God, I know I need your help. I need assistance from the throne of grace. I realize Satan can hinder and has been hindering my blessings. The society can be a barrier to my breakthrough in life. And on many occasion, I have been the person blocking the flow of your grace and blessing into my life. In addition, I know full well that sin is great hindrance to divine blessing. I ask that you help me to overcome all these obstacles and barriers by your power. I confess my sins and ask for you forgiveness, cleansing, and pardon. I rebuke Satan and his influences on my life and blessing. I come against the operation of the society and self hindering your abundant life in me. I receive your grace, mercy, and assistance from today. Help me to always look up to You for help. Thank you Father for answers, in Jesus name.


Chapter 3


From the beginning of this book, we have been seeing the possibility, availability and obtain ability of divine assistance. God is constantly helping His people, the Bible reveals this clearly. We equally see that there could be hindrances to receiving divine help. In this chapter, we shall see how the Lord channels divine assistance from some specific sources


into His people’s lives. God works in a mysterious way. His ways past finding. God is not limited by any means, methods or ways. Here are some ways God uses to bring divine assistance to us, His people.


“Who can measure the wealth

and wisdom and

knowledge of God? Who can understand His decisions, or explain what He dies? Has anyone known the thoughts of the Lord or given Him advice?” Rom 11:

33-34. “The Lord says, my thoughts and ways are not like yours. Just as the heavens are higher that the earth, my thoughts and my ways are higher than yours: Isa


God is All-wise, All-knowing, All-powerful; He does what pleases Him. His decisions man cannot fathom. His thoughts are so lofty. His ways past searching out. So, God gives us divine assistance through means we cannot think about, beyond our prayers, above our plans, exceeding our power, incomparable to our resources, outside our so-called connections. God assists people based on his mercy and


sovereignty. These two attributes operate and go beyond our theologies.

“He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” Eph 3:20.

Consider these three acts of providential provision to His people and expect yours.

Provision of Manna in the wilderness Ex 16:10-18:

The account in Exodus 16 was the first experience of provision of manna. The Bible describes it as angelic food. They never needed to cook it, nor buy it with money. They just wake up and pick as much as needed per day. Manna was described as “the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat.” Ex 16:15. Remember they ate it for forty years! May I say that God still provides for His people their daily bread and beyond daily bread! We must work and pray. We must be diligent. But there are times that God provides above your income, prayer, faith, expectation, miraculously from heaven, from unspecified source. I used to tell people when this truth was revealed to me that as far as you are right with God,


you do not need to have money or go to the market to buy something. You do not even need to know the price. God can provide for His children providentially, without them struggling, sweating, and striving for it. Thus could be anything, anyway! And it can be as long as God decides, for the Israelites, manna was for forty years. Can you imagine God providing something constantly everyday, every month, every year for forty years? That is really great! I want you to begin patterning your mind to receive divine provisions that you will have nothing to do about it at all, than just to receive and enjoy them. God does this to show that indeed, he is God, the Almighty.

Crossing the Red Sea

The account of crossing the Red Sea is providentially arranged. “And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind in all that night and made the sea dry land, and the water was divided.” Ex 14:21. This is divine assistance. It was an act of God. It was


not the rod of Moses. It was God who wanted His people for escape from the hand of their enemy. So, God caused a strong east wind all night that caused the water of the sea to recede as a wall. God made the water to divide into two, left and right. God caused dry land to appear and His people to pass through. When the Egyptians did the same, after God’s people had escaped, the Bible says, “…the water come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots, and upon their horsemen. Moses stretched forth his hand over the sea, and the returned to its strength when the morning appeared, and the Egyptians fled against, and the Lord overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea…” Ex 14: 26-27. The Israelites had no premonition about how they can escape from the Egyptians. All they could do was to cry. God intervened and gave them what they could not do, a miracle of deliverance. While God saved His people, He destroyed the enemy of His people. God does such great things when all hope is lost, and man has come to his human end. When you are in such condition, expect a miracle because God is on your side.


Elijah was fed miraculously

It was a judgmental prophetic utterance that Elijah made: God wanted to punish the inhabitants of the land of Assyria for their wickedness, especially that of King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel. And God inspired His prophet to declare,

“As the Lord God of Israel liveth before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, according to my word”.

Meanwhile, Elijah had no special or specific means of feeding. No doubt he trusted in God to divinely assist him. According to God’s will and his faith in God, God’s word came to Elijah saying,

“Get thee hence, and turn thee and hide thyself by the brook Cherith that is before Jordan. And it shall be that thou shalt drink of the brook and I have commanded the

ravens to feed thee there

so… he dwelt by the brook

... Cherith… and the raven brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening, and he drank of the brook.” 1 Kings 17:3-7.

This is nothing but divine provision, a divine


providence. Elijah was cared-for for a couple of months and as the brook dried because of lack of rain, God opened another door. God commanded a widow of Zarephath to sustain Elijah. The water from the brook, the bread and flesh from the ravens, the care from the widow were providentially arranged by God. They were all divine assistances. As God assisted Elijah with food and water, so can He assist us with other necessities of life in the physical spiritual, emotional realms. God still provides divine assistance providentially. He can do your today!


“For as

the rain cometh

down, and the snow from

heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater, so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall proper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isa 55:10.


“He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered the, from their destruction.” Ps 107:20.

The Word of God—the Bible, contains so many things, great promises, power and potential through which we can receive divine assistance. In the Word of God, there is power to heal, to save, to deliver, to protect, to purify, to preserve and accomplish great, godly purposes. The Word of God is God’s wisdom revealed to us. It is the knowledge of the Most High. It gives understanding of what to do to receive divine assistance. There is saving power in the word. God’s Word is God’s purpose for you, God’s Word reveals God’s plans for you; God’s Word is God’s promises to you; God’s Word is God’s life and spirit; God’s Word is God’s thoughts towards you. The Word of God is fire; it can burn strange and unwanted things off our life. It is hammer; it can break into pieces every hard and stubborn situation and condition. The Word of God is water; it cleanses our souls, conscience and our lives. The Word of God is operative as flood; mighty in strength and can wash off all opposing barriers to your


divine assistance. Equally, the Word of God is sword of the Spirit; two-edged sword for that matter. God’s Word is God! It represents God, His mind, thoughts, intentions, will and way. To enjoy the blessings God has packaged for you from and in His Word,

“Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read:

no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate, for my mouth it hath commanded and his spirit it hath gathered them” Isa 34:16.

From the above, we need to search the Word diligently daily. Locate the Word you need for your life’s situation and apply the word accordingly. Believe the Word with your heart. Confess it regularly with your mouth. Use the Word as promise and word in/or prayer. Let the Word dwell in you richly. You need the Word of God as spiritual food, water, nutrient, vitamins, etc.

How to Receive Divine Assistance through The Word of God

To receive divine assistance from the Word of God, you will need to embark on spiritual adventure, an adventure to search and to discover great things. The Word of God is like a gold mine you need to dig deep enough. As you study the word, you will be blessed



  • i. Principles for living

ii. Precepts for life conducts iii. Practices you need for life

iv. Power for divine/ supernatural life

  • v. Purpose for existence

vi. Patterns to follow in life vii. Problems to learn from viii. Purifying power of the word

ix. Prosperity that is godly

  • x. Promises to claim, and so many powerful and profound things When you are receiving all these from the Word of God, it means receiving divine assistances. The Word of God refreshes our souls and lives. The Word of God is given by God to profit us by teaching us the right doctrine, reproofing, correcting, and giving instruction in righteousness. By this means, we are made perfect, thoroughly furnished into all good works, we are divinely assisted. Get closer to your Bible. God has something good for you right inside it! The closer you are to the Word, the deeper you are inside the Word, the


better the assistance you receive from God.


“And the word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we behold His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father… No man has seen God at anytime, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosoms of the Father, He hath declared Him” John 1:14, 18. To channel His divine assistance to us in a way we can comprehend clearly, God became flesh, in form of Jesus Christ. The Bible reveals,

“Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the

same, that through death he might destroy him that had

the power of death, that is the devil…

Verily, he took

.. not him the nature of angels, but took on him the seed of

Abraham… For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted he is able to succor them that are tempted.”

Heb 2:14-18. The first and the best human being that can assist man—you and I—is Jesus. He took our nature. He was tempted like us. He knows what we are passing through.


So He can mercifully help us divinely. He continues His most high priesthood ministry. Equally, God often designs people in a divine way to help others. Here are examples of people that God used to give divine assistance to other. These are human agents used to channel divine assistance.

Nehemiah received divine assistance from a gentile king.

Reading from Nehemiah 2:1-18, we see in the narration, the burden of the broken walls and gates of Jerusalem was placed upon the mind of Nehemiah. He desired that the walls and gates be rebuilt. However, he had no power personally, physically, financially. All he could do was to carry the burden until it showed on his countenance. It was so vivid and conspicuous on him that king Artaxerxes saw it. Upon asking, Nehemiah quickly told the king what he was feeling and his desire to see the walls and gates of Jerusalem rebuilt. God was actually in the whole process; the burden, the king’s question, the request that Nehemiah made and the granting of his request.


Let us note that Nehemiah had faith in God and he trusted God for divine help, assistance and a way out. In verse 4, when the king asked him questions, what he did was to pray: “So I prayed to the god of heaven,”…. before he answered the king’s questions. Because he prayed to God before answering the king, God made the king to grant his request. Firstly, the king permitted him to go for the task of rebuilding the walls and gates of Jerusalem. (vs. 6). Secondly, the king granted him materials needed:

timber to make the beams for the gates and the walls of the city and for the house that he will live. (vs. 8). We

can see that Nehemiah received divine assistance from this king free of charge. It was the king that paid for all the material he used. Nehemiah wrote,

“and the king granted me, according to the good hand

of my God upon me” (vs. 8) When good hand of God is upon your life, you will receive help from human beings, even from people from whom help may seem difficult. It was divine assistance that helped Nehemiah to start the building and finished it. If God helped Nehemiah divinely, He can and will


help you too. He can use anybody to help you as he used king Artaxerxes, the gentile king, to help Nehemiah to do the work, even outside his domain. With God, no human being is difficult to receive help from. You need to trust and pray to God as Nehemiah did.

Ezra and the exiled Jews received divine assistance from Cyrus, the king of Persia The account shows that “the Lord stirred up the spirit if Cyrus, King of Persia. “…. and he hath charged me to build Him an house at Jerusalem, which is in Judah.”

Ezra 1:1-2. Ordinarily, these Jews in exile could not have ventured going back to Judah to build the house of the Lord because of their status. They dared not even speak up and make such a request. But when God stirred up the king’s heart, he called Ezra and other Jews, declared what God wanted him to do and even sponsored the project. Not only did they build this house of God, the sanctuary was well furnished at the expense and command of the king. What Nebuchadnezzar destroyed and consecrated for his gods, Cyrus returned to


Jerusalem to be consecrated to God again in the temple. [Ezra 1:7-11]. As Ezra and his exiled friends built the sanctuary, Nehemiah rebuilt the walls and gates of Jerusalem. All these are the acts of God. God was using human agents to accomplish His purpose. He used man to channel His blessing to His own people. God never changes. He does the same now and He will continue if we can only trust His as men of old did.

David and Saul were given bands of men to assist them

“And Saul also went home to Gibeah, and there went with him a band of men whose hearts God had touched.” 1 Sam 10:26

It was this band of men that helped Saul to do whatever he did successfully. Remember, these were people prepared and touched by God in their hearts. It was God who used these men to assist Saul. These men were human agents that God gave to Saul to bring help to him administratively, militarily, physically and financially. All men of God will surely need band of


men whose hearts the Lord has touched, who will be rendering service, assistance, support, help morally, spiritually, financially, etc for/to them. This same story is told also of David.

“So David waxed greater and greater for the Lord of Hosts was with him. These also are the chief of the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened

themselves with him in his kingdom.” 1 Chron 11:10-11. David was helped by God indeed. However, God brought some men to David who assisted him in the works of the kingdom. These were they who rendered divine help to David before he could wax greater. Every David needs these mighty men provided by God to be channel of blessing to him. Really, no man is an island. God gives men to His people as a way of divine assistance. Perhaps, you need such people! Why not pray to God to release them to you today?

Jesus Christ had Divine Assistance from Human Agents


















sharing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God: and the twelve were with him and certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils, and Joan, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward and Susana, and many other which ministered unto him of their

substance.” Luke 8:1-3. Jesus could have been working alone. Nevertheless, He needed people to “help” him in certain areas. God gave him such people as a way of divine assistance. Primarily, the twelve apostles were known. They were helpers in the ministry as well as his disciples. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susana, Mary, Martha and Lazarus and “many other which ministered unto him of their substance” were given to the Lord by the Father. Friends, if Jesus needed human agents (and not only angels”) to minister of their substance, how dare you feel that God cannot use others to help you? You need Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susana and many others, touched and blessed by God to bless you. It is a way of receiving divine assistance. God will never come down


to help you (though He can do that). Angels can help


but men

can and have been


by God

to help

other men.


Paul enjoyed Divine Assistance through Men

Apostle Paul recalled in his epistle to the

Philippines that, “no church communicated with me concerning giving and receiving but ye only.” Phil 4:16.

Paul also needed human agents, even the church of Macedonia in this account to communicate divine assistance to him; he called it giving and receiving. God prepared the Macedonia Church to assist Paul the Apostle. How I pray God will raise churches up today that will genuinely support, help or assist their pastors and other men of God working on the field…. that will yield to God’s prompting as the people of Macedonia. God is still at work and I believe He can do more than we have read of, pray or think. God can use other people to bless and use you to bless other people. Are we prepared to be channel and agent of divine assistance to others? Are we not proud to think we do not need


human agents as source of divine assistance? Think about this!


We never know the power of praise until we begin to praise God. Experience in life has shown that those who learn to praise God heartily always are raised highly by heaven while those who so not praise God are brought down or stay they are. There is power in praise. The praiser experiences the Raiser’s power; God is the divine Raiser. God channels His divine answers to our problems when we praise Him. God channels divine assistance through our songs and confessions of praise, adoration and worship. To experience divine assistance, learn to anchor your life in praise. Learn to sing to the Lord. Learn to confess God’s greatness. Learn to worship Him heartily. Let’s consider these examples

(a) “Let the people praise thee, o God, let all the people praise the. O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shall judge the people righteously and govern the nations upon the earth. Let the people praise thee, O


God, let all the people praise thee. Then shall the earth yield her increase and God, even our own God, shall bless us. God shall bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.” Ps 67: 3-7.

God expects His people to praise Him. God expects the nations to praise Him. God expects all of us to be glad and shout for joy. As we are all praising the Lord sincerely, seriously, heartily, God promises to give us

divine assistance. This is in form of:

  • 1 His justice and righteousness will prevail on earth

  • 2 His government will dominate on earth

  • 3 The earth (our lives) will yield her increase. Our lives will be productive and fruitful

  • 4 God will give us blessings that will cause fear to others! Many of us re “askers”; always requesting, demanding, and asking for things from God. We need to change our lifestyles to that of “praisers”. We can never over-praise God. In fact, the more praises, thanksgiving and worship we give to God, the better for us. The more


your praise the more open doors for divine assistance you are opening. The opposite is true. Stop the childlike attitude of always asking. Grow up in praise and experience supernatural assistance from God.

(b) “And at midnight, Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s bands were

loosed.” Acts 16: 25-26. Praises open the doors of and for divine assistance. The condition Paul and Silas were could not have encouraged them to praise, sing, pray to God, but that was what they did. They prayed, which is ok. Many of us could have stopped praying. When prayers look insufficient to open doors of mercy, they turned to praises. As they praised, they touched heaven. God gave them divine attention. Mind you, it was not a silent prayer or praise. There was nothing like quite or silent praise here. They prayed and praised that the prisoners heard them, heaven heard them, God heard them and


sent earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison and broke loose the chains and fetters on their legs and hands. Through their ministrations, they received divine help that led to their freedom and salvation of the jailor’s family. Not only were they helped divinely by their prayer and praises, others around them were helped to see divine light and salvation. How much harm we bring to ourselves and others when we do not worship, praise, thank and adore the Living God. Indeed, He is worthy of our praises. God comes down with divine blessings when we praise Him enough, always. We have similar cases in 1 Chronicles 20, where Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, fought battle with praises to Lord. In this story, they prayed, professed, prophesied and nothing seemed to be happening. They changed the strategy; they recruited singers, trumpeters and instrumentalists. As they began to sing, worship, praise, thanking God for His mercy that endures foresee, heaven opened, the enemies were discomfited and victory was established. How simple to fight and win battles with simple weapons of songs of worship and praise. The wise will understand this:



Praise is a divine weapon of warfare

  • 2 Praise is a divine instrument of victory

  • 3 Praise is a divine power of breakthrough

  • 4 Praise invites God into your life anew

  • 5 Praise is powerful

  • 6 God lives (inhabits) the praise of His people to perform signs, wonders, miracles, deliverances. In a nutshell, divine assistance comes inside your praise and it is manifested in your life. As you try to praise God today, may He raise you up and divinely assist you. (Psalm 149:1-9)


Thank God for the ministry and ministration of angels of God. God oftentimes brings divine helps to us via His angels. Here are some truths about angels. It is not necessary you see angels while they minister, though God allows them to be seen with human eyes. Angels are not to be worshipped or bowed down to. God forbids it. In fact, God’s angels will not accept human worship. Angels are ministers to Christians, the children of God. Angels are numerous in number. God assigns


angels to all of us; you and I have ministering angels. God wants us to give voice to His Word and the angels will hearken to work with it according to God’s instructions. Examples of angels named in the Bible are Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. God sends angels to His people to bring blessings, render assistance, protect, preserve and fight on our behalf. Angels are real and spiritual beings.

Jesus and angelic ministrations “Then the devil leaveth him, and behold, angels came

and ministered unto him.” Matt 4:11. “Thinketh thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and He shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?”

Matt 26:53. “And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.” Luke 22:43 Jesus received divine assistance from angels. Angels were given to minister and strengthen Jesus when he needed such help. If Jesus needed angelic assistance, we can do no less.

Saints of God and Angelic Ministration


“To which of the angels said he at any time, sit on my right hand until I make thine enemies they footstool? Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heir of salvation?” Heb 1:13-14. God gives His angels to help His saints. We discover from the above that angels are real. They can never sit in the position of redemptive sons as we are. They are ministering spirits – helpers, giving assistance to us who are heirs if salvation. Any Christian can enjoy the ministration of God’s angels. Jesus says of little children’s angels,

“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little

ones for I say unto you that in heave, their angels do always behold the face of my father which is in heaven.”

Mat 18:10. Even children have angels who are constantly looking at God to receive help from the throne of grace for them. So, saints, heirs of salvation, children of God, all can and must enjoy angelic ministration. It is a form of divine assistance. Angels are divine reapers of death and at last days (Mat 13:39). Angels rejoice at our salvation.


Angels, in the time of Jesus, also were sent to help people. (John 5:4). God uses angels to give us divine assistance even now. Peter experiences and enjoyed divine assistance through an angel. (Acts12:5-10). The Israelites enjoyed divine assistance of angels in their journey and deliverance from Egypt. (Ex 14:19-20) Angels are in heaven worshipping God and waiting upon God to receive our needed help and convey or carry them to us.

How Angels work for Saints

Psalm 103:20-21 says

“Bless the Lord, ye His angels that exalt in strength unto the commandments, hearkening unto the voice of

His word. Bless the Lord all His hosts, ye ministers of His that do His pleasure.” Jesus reveals to us that He shall pray to the Father to give Him more than twelve legions of angels to “work” for him.[ Mat 26:53] We can learn from here that saints can ask God to release angels to help us when we need them. You can ask God to send angels to you to assist and help you.


God sends angels according to His will to help us. Angels were sent from heaven to strengthen Jesus when He was weak physically. [ Mt 4:11; Lk 22:43]. God sent angels to provide food for Prophet Elijah during his time of need. 1 Kings 19:5-6. Angels go into operation when saints give voice to God’s words. [Ps 10: 20-21] describes angels as being excelling in strength, doing God’s commandments, hearkening to the voice of His word and minister/hosts doing God’s pleasures. What do all these mean? Despite all the excelling strength, all angels seldom operate on their own authority. They must take instructions from God or His children. So, as God’s commands them, they obey; they do God’s commandments. Furthermore, angels do God’s pleasures; they do whatever pleases God that He asks them to do. They work on instruction. And more importantly, we must know that the saints, the heirs of salvation of God have the Word of God, the commandment of God. One of the ways God has designed for angels to do His commandments is to give voice to God’s Word. When


God speaks, angels hear, hearken, obey and do God’s Word. When God’s children are inspired to speak God’s Word, or give voice to God’s Word, in preaching, prayers, prophetic utterances, profession of our mouth, in bold proclamation, the angels hear, hearken and go to work, bringing the Word to pass. This is the more reason for the miracle some Christians experience through bold prophetic proclamation and prayers. We all need to give a voice to the Word of God so that God will hear, angels will hear and go to act on them. When we keep the Word only in our hearts and we seal our lips, exercise quite prayer or meditation, we may not be giving angels works to do. But as we give the written Word voice, using our tongue, mouth, plus inspiration of the Holy Spirit, angels are around us to take hold of the Word and make it do what God wants the Word to do for us. It takes knowledge of the Word, faith, boldness, courage and fervent heartfelt prayer to effect this. You begin to give voice to God’s Word from today and see the accomplishment of this divine truth. It is a means to divine assistance. Declare the Word of God, the promise of God and how God will use His angels to divinely


help you.


If you cannot pray, friends, you cannot be helped by God. A praying Christian is a helpable Christian. God channels divine help through your prayers. This means that you must learn to pray and practice praying regularly, always. The issue of prayer cannot be over- flogged. As the world [in some parts of the globe] turns more technological and education and knowledge on the increase, as people get educated and secure good jobs and live a fairly comfortable life, they seem to sacrifice their prayer lives at the altar of comfort. Many things we say are enjoyment are outright barriers to prayers. So many things in our day are taking the place of prayers or rendering us to be more prayerless or to handle prayer with lefty. We are apparently a generation that does little or nothing with God. Prayer is now for emergency negative situations. Prayer is turned to when there are life’s storms and perils. Prayer is not a form of worship, devotion, drawing closer to god again. The less we pray, the more we are far from divine help. When we cannot


help ourselves, when comfort fails, when money fails, when good jobs are removes, when great sickness strikes, that is when people of this generation remember God, sometimes, forced to compulsory prayer. Prayer is part and parcel of living. Prayer must be a living art for Christians. If you are a prayerless Christian, you can be described as “Christless” Christian: a paradox. If you need to be helped always without strains and stress, you must be prayer addict; ardently learning to lean on the everlasting arm always.

Whether you have a need or not physically, never in a time will you not need to pray. Indeed, you need prayers when you feel you need nothing! The word of Jesus on prayer is very sublime:

“Man always ought to pray and not to faint.” He says “Ask…. Seek…. And knock.”

When you stop asking from God, when you seeking God, and knocking at the door of grace, you are turning to be an atheist. A believer in God will always keep the relationship with God active and alive through prayer. When that is done, as the case calls for divine help, it will come easily because such person is known


by God in heaven. Stranger in the Kingdom of God finds it strange and difficult to receive help from the

Kingdom. Divine assistance comes to those who are looking up to God for help always. You can be helped divinely through prayer of faith. The fact that many so- called Christian keep rushing to prayer valleys and mountains today for a prophet to pray for them shows that many Christian do not know how to pray effectively yet. There are pastoral ministry and prayer, but God wants all His children to come to Him personally for their need with only Jesus as the intermediary. Does God not say in Jeremiah 33:3,

“Call unto me (yourself first) and I will answer thee (personally first) and show the (not any prophets) great and mighty things (about yourself, your life, your future, your problems) which thou knowest not.”

God wants to channel His help through personal prayer of faith. God wants you to talk to Him first… He longs to listen to you alone first. No doubt, there are prayers of agreements, church, family, etc. but learn to cast your burden to Jesus first and alone, by faith. God has no favorite but He loves those who love Him enough


to relate to Him in prayer of faith daily. Did not Elijah, a man of like passion like us, pray earnestly that there should be no rain? Elijah did not have the name and authority of Jesus. Alas! Where are New Testament Elijahs? Elijah prayed again and heaven gave rain. [James 5:13-18]. If you never prayed in your own little way, you can never experience whatever God wants to give to you to help you. Wake up! You can pray, even alone. Every serious Christian knows that God brings divine assistance through prayer, real, earnest, fervent prayer of faith. If Abraham prayed and he was helped, you too can pray and be helped. If Daniel prayed and subdued the power of darkness and received the help he needed, you too can pray and prevail over the power of darkness. If Jesus prayed and prospered, you too can pray and prosper in this life. If Paul prayed and had breakthroughs, you can pray and experience breakthroughs in life. If Jabez prayed and God hearkened and made him honorable, what makes you feel or think you cannot change your negative life to a positive and honorable one like Jabez? Heaven is waiting for those it will help divinely


through prayers. “Effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Quit sinning, drop unbelief and act in faith. Lift up your voice to God. God wants to bless your life, give you divine assistance if only you can pray to Him. Pray and live!


In this chapter, we have discussed how God

channels divine blessing or assistance to His people. Any sincere seeker of divine help can receive it through divine providence, the Word of God, human agents, praising God, angelic ministration, prayer of faith and lastly, through obedience. The ultimate condition to receive divine assistance is obedience. The general testimony of the Scriptures and life is that an obedient person often receives help from God and people. Whatever you have discovered, learn from this work cannot benefit you unless you are obedient. God demands complete obedience from you always. Let’s consider some Scriptures on obedience to buttress our discussion.

“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken


diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all His commandments which I command thee

this day, that the Lord thy God will set tee high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessing shall come on thee and overtake thee, if thou shall hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.” Det 28:1-2. God requires that you hearken diligently unto His voice and observe and do all His commandments. Do not ask me which of the commandments, the Bible has all the commandments of the Lord. Study them, meditate on them, put them to use, obey them, and then divine assistance will not be far from you. Do not forget

that “to obey is better than sacrifice and hearken than

the fat of rams” 1 Sam 15:22. Those who refuse to obey God often seek for one sacrifice to make to appease and substitute for their disobedience. God wants you to obey Him implicitly in all areas of life as revealed in the Bible. Whatever you learn, or you are taught, or that God speaks to you by His Spirit or from His word, just obey. The songwriter says,

“Trust and obey,


For there’s no other way To be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.”

God wants us to be “obedient in all things.” 2 Cor 2:9. Abraham obeyed God; his obedience led to his reception of divine assistance. Obedience brings unspeakable blessing. How obedient are you to God’s words on salvation, holiness, prayer, tithes, offering, love, family, church leaders and authority, constitutional authority, your parents and the nation? Perhaps your disobedience to a revealed will of God has been hindering your divine assistance. Will you not surrender your will today and obey the Lord? It pays to obey; it opens doors to divine assistance and blessed life.


Sovereign Lord, you have many channels through which you bring help to your people. I know you determine whichever vehicle you love to use to bring help to your people. I need your help. I do pray that you choose the right channel for me; help me by whatever vehicle or


channel you chose best for me. I am willing and ready to receive your help. I need you. I need your mercy and grace. I need all that you have designed for my victorious life. Help me to wait on you. Help me to appreciate whatever channel you use to help me. Help me to receive the best of help you have and shall send to me. In Jesus name.


Chapter 4


“At evening, when the sun had set, they brought to Hi all who were sick and those who were demon-possessed. And the whole cit was gathered together at the door. Then he healed any who were sick with various

diseases, and cast out many demons…” [Mark 1:32-34] From the above passage, we can see how Jesus divinely assisted people. He healed the sick, delivered the oppressed,. In some other narrations he opened the eyes of the blinds, made the dumb to speak and the deaf


to hear. He met many physical, personal and spiritual needs. It is interesting to know that God came down to this sinful earth to help helpless and hopeless man when He saw angels or any other means could not help man. When God wanted to see man, feel with man, agonize with man and give man an immediate on the spot assistance, He came down by Himself. God loves us so much that He gave Himself for us to assist us. Going through the New Testament, one will be surprised to see

that God in Jesus came down to help and give assistance to humanity in all areas of life. Evangelist and Apostle John declares,

“And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among

us, (and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth… And of His fullness have all we received and grace for grace.” John 1:14-16.

In this section of this work, we shall see how Jesus helped and shall help those who presently need divine assistance.



Jesus helped many people by healing them miraculously and free of charge. The gospellers recorded so many healing miracles of Jesus Christ. We cab be rest assured by the testimonies of the Scriptures, witness, and the present day acts the Spirit that we also can be helped divinely when we are sick or ill. Even though the healing ministry in our days embraces the orthodox medicine, traditional usage of herbs by some people and medical sciences generally, God is still in the business of healing through miracles and faith of His people. God has the power to heal any disease or sickness without medical science. Nothing stops the manifestation of the power of God to heal and keep us healthy whenever we fulfill the conditions or when God through His Son determines to do so. The Bible reveals many healing events: during the healing ministry of Jesus there was no disease that He didn’t heal. I wish to classify the type of disease Jesus healed miraculously as follows.

Pathological disease

Jesus healed diseases such as hemorrhage (issue


of blood) Mt 9:20-22, leprosy-skin disease-Mt 8:1-4; fever, which could be typhoid fever, yellow fever, malaria fever-Mt 8:14-17. All diseases are not difficult for the Lord to heal. Whatever disease is competing with your body today, Jesus can help you divinely; look up to Him.

Neurological diseases

These are diseases that bring about body paralysis, withering, deafness, dumbness, lameness, crippling, blindness, etc. Remember Bartimeus and many other people who the Lord healed miraculously. Our Lord is still in the business of healing even now. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He specializes in rendering divine assistance in form of healing, any type of disease.

Psychological illness

Jesus gave healing of mind to people. This He did with gracious word, miraculous word, word of command, inspirational teaching, caring and loving

disposition. He says in Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give


you rest……” Do your mind and life need rest? Jesus heals all troubled minds and gives peace of mind, if we come to Him. When you study and meditate in His word, there is healing power that will be released into our minds and give us peace, courage, boost of faith, inner strength and healing. No matter how confuse you may be, Jesus can give you rest and hope. No matter how hopeless your condition is, Jesus is the answer. He gives divine assistance by healing our trouble minds and lives.

Spiritual Diseases

There are many religious people today who are sick spiritually like Nicodemus. John 3. No one else can heal their spiritual condition but Jesus. Nicodemus got the answer to his spiritual illness when Jesus told him straightly, “You must be born again.” That is all he needed then and he got is from Jesus. May by you are sick spiritually. You are lost in futile religious activities; you are searching for God to the point that you are sick, stop your search. Jesus is near you. He is the answer, the way, the truth and the life of God. Jesus will heal


spiritual disease if you come to him sincerely. May be you are another Cornelius, full of fasting, almsgiving, prayer, yet you feel empty, unsatisfied and confused, you are sick spiritually. The answer you need is a divine assistance from Jesus. Until Cornelius discovered Jesus, he remained helpless despite his alms, fasting and regular prayer. Will you not seek Jesus earnestly? He wants to help you out of your religious rituals and give you true and dynamic worship dynamics that will be pleasing to God. Come to Jesus and receive your divine help before it is too late. Those men who later became Jesus’ disciples were in similar condition of spiritual disease until they found Jesus. Jesus is the only healer of any type of spiritual illness. He can heal you of any spiritual disease you have right now. It gladdens my heart to discover that diseases that are humanly incurable are simply curable by the power of Jesus. Illnesses that make one an outcast, abandoned by the society, are what Jesus tackles easily. Infirmities, weaknesses of the body and all forms of sufferings of man have answers when you invite Jesus into the situation to help divinely. Jesus is ready to help


us divinely if we can trust Him, ask Him in prayer and exercise faith to receive His divine blessing. Jesus, the greatest physician. He can be looked up to for our healing- physically, psychologically and spiritually.


Jesus saves us (like He did in the past) from fearful and embarrassing conditions of life. When all hope is lost, when there are darkness and discouragement and Jesus is invited, darkness turns to light; hope replaces hopelessness; life substitutes for death. Consider these few examples.

During Storms of life “Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him. And suddenly, a great tempest arose on the sea, to that the boat was covered with the waves….”

Storms of life are common to all. On some occasions, storms of life often sweep some people off and bury them out of sight. Some are destroyed by storms of life. But Jesus is the Master over all storms of life. He knows


what to do to weather storms of life for His own people. Why not become one of His own today? In the above- quoted scripture, while the storm was on, Jesus was sleeping. When He was woken up, all He needed to do was to rebuke the wind and the sea and there was a great calm. He can calm the storm of your life. This is another way Jesus renders to us divine assistance when we trust and depend on Him. Storms can be fearful and embarrassing but Jesus knows how to salvage them all.

When the sweet wine of life gets finished

Jesus was invited to a wedding feast/ceremony. Unexpectedly, the wine got finished. What brings merriment, pleasantness, sweetness, gladness, etc., was exhausted. Do you know that life can be so sometimes? What makes your life sweet can suddenly be exhausted. Money can finish. Food can finish in the home. Job can be terminated. Hope can be lost. Situation can become embarrassing. What we see is that Jesus can give divine help at such an expected situation. At that wedding ceremony, Jesus was consulted and He responded positively. He performed the miracle of turning water


into wine. There is tasteless water, life, situation that Jesus can turn sweet when we invite or call Him to help us. Let us make it a habit of always inviting Jesus to all that we do. Let us expect divine help from Jesus always. He can turn water to sweet and better wine. He can turn hopelessness to hopefulness. He can turn sourness into sweetness. He can miraculously make your life pleasant again and again.

Turning fruitless business effort to a fruitful one

Business efforts without fruits can be fearful and embarrassing. When all legitimate efforts are yielding little or no fruit or profit, one can be psychologically, emotionally and physically embarrassed. This often calls for attention or any other form of action. Peter and his group were in this condition. The story id found in Luke 5:1-11. They toiled all night without catching a single fish despite their effort, experience, exposure, expertise and good tools. The fish seemed to run away from the sea of a force seemed to be working against them. But when Jesus came around, their situation turned around for better. He always knows what to do as the Master of


the universe. All that Jesus needed to do was give and instruction, a guide, a word of command- “launch out into the deep for a catch.” But I think they have been to that deep before but caught nothing. This new launching is divinely directed. The fish that seemed to have run away were now divinely drawn back. The forces working against Peter and his company were now destroyed. The fruitless effort was now turning to a fruitful one: divine assistance has come. To some people, this divine assistance must be sought for them to breakthrough in business, academic, marriage, etc. All you need to do is to invite Jesus and obey His instruction and command. At His command, all else bow and victory is established. Jesus gives us the needed divine help we need for our fruitless efforts in life. Let us try Him today. Consider a situation when Jesus needed to pay tax ad there was no money in the purse. Or when they needed to feed five thousand people and there was food to go round or a situation when one is sinking into the sea of life like peter. All these situations are fearful and embarrassing, but not to Jesus. To pay tax, all Jesus had to do was to order a fish to


bring the money and as the disciples caught the fish and opened it, the money needed was there. To feed the five thousand people, all He needed to do was to bless the little bread and fish and there was a divine multiplication. To rescue a sinking Peter, Jesus only needed to stretch forth His hand to hold Peter up and out of the sea. No doubt, there is someone who needs to pat a debt (tax), need more resources to take care of his household or company, co come up out of the sea. With divine assistance from Jesus, all is easy. He is ready to help you even now.


One of the wonderful divine help Jesus gives to people is rescuing them from death, untimely, premature, unnecessary, punitive death from demonic power of other ungodly source. In the Gospel, we see cases where Jesus did this. Do you know that He does that presently? I have witnessed occasions when the Lord rescued people from death. Jesus often snatches people from the cold hand of death especially those who trust in Him for divine assistance. In Matthew 9:18-26, Jesus rescued a girl from


death; she had truly died. In fact, people had started mourning her, playing flutes and making a wailing noise. When Jesus got there, He described the situation as mere sleep. Death to Jesus is mere sleep and as such a sleeping person can be wakened up. By His divine power, He woke that girl up from sleep of death and returned joy to that family. This is divine assistance that Jesus wants to give to you. Do you have spiritually sleeping or dead children? Then invite Jesus to their lives, pray for them in the name of Jesus. Ask Jesus to wake them up. As He wakes them up, your tears will dry up and joy will be restored to you. The story of a widow in the Luke 7:11-17 is another account of the dead being brought back to life. In fact, in this case, we have a pathetic description as this: the woman was a widow. The son was the only child of the widow and now he was dead and put inside a coffin ready to be buried. However, she met with Jesus near the gate and her story was changed because she obtained divine help from Jesus. Jesus told her “weep not” or “do not weep.” Indeed, her weeping came to an end as Jesus came near the coffin of the dead man and


touched the coffin. Jesus told the young man “young man, I say to you, arise.” The account says “So he who was dead sat up and began to speak.” Help has come, joy has come. Hope is revived and life continues with that young man. Jesus does that constantly. Do you have a dead son or daughter, husband or wife, business or job or a dead situation? Why not invite Jesus to help you divinely? He can help you to bring any dead situation back to life. Lazarus had a similar experience. I can imagine how Mary and Martha would feel when Lazarus was brought back to life. I begin to imagine your ecstasy when your dead situation is divinely brought back to life. I begin to rejoice with you even without seeing you because I know Jesus is the only person who can help you to quicken anything that’s dead in your life, family, business, academics, church, ministry, etc. The power of life, to give life is only with Jesus. Jesus is the only antidote to death and dead situations. He has the divine power.

Do you know

He gives

us, His followers, the

same power? The apostles operated with that power.


They healed the sick, raised the dead back to life and performed wonderful miracles by the power of Jesus. Do you know you can do the same by faith in Jesus? God can channel divine power through you to render divine help to people who need it. Jesus renders divine assistance in the face of death to anyone who trusts in Him.


The works of Satan and his agents are destruction, killings, stealing, oppression, possession, obsessions, torments, etc. Let me say Satan gives spiritual and physical destruction, but Jesus gives divine help, deliverance to people who are created in God’s image. Can you imagine a person been inhabited by legion (many) demons at the same time? Mark 5:1-20 describes such a man. The a man was possessed by demons and his situation is described as living in the tombs (graveyard); no one could bind him, not even with chains; no one could tame him; always crying day and night and cutting himself with stones. But this gracious day, he had an encounter with


Jesus and Jesus delivered him divinely from the possession of demands and this man was said to be “sitting and clothed and in his right mind.” Demon possession is as good as death. Demon possession often makes people lose their mind; they are of the out of their minds. It takes only divine help to deliver such people. Do you experience demonic activities in your life, children, your business or home? Evoke the power of Jesus in prayed, organize a deliverance prayer and see how Jesus will help you. Your case is not too complex for Jesus to handle. No situation is hope less with Jesus. Epilepsy can be cured by Jesus; deafness and dumbness induced by demons can be removed by the power of Jesus. The mute can speak as Jesus’ power cast out the deaf and mute spirits. In the name of Jesus, there is divine deliverance and help. Jesus is the deliverer and redeemer. Jesus is the key to divine assistance. The helpless, hopeless, powerless, sick, invalid, unwise men/women/young ones, demon-possessed; all can be divinely helped by Jesus. Jesus helps the educated and the illiterate, the jobless and the gainfully employed, the widow/widower and orphans. Jesus can


help the singles and the married. The weak, the outcast, the Samaritans, Gentiles, Jews, all colors, shape, sex and language are those that the Lord constantly helps divinely. I can see from the Bible and life experience, the lames, cripples, blinds, deaf, dumb, mutes, epileptic, paralytic, people with all manners of diseases/conditions are helpable in the hand of Jesus. Jesus helped people like Zacchaeus, Matthew, Nicodemus, the rich and poor, noble and common, sinful and saints, living and dead. Anyone can receive divine assistance from Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Jesus is here with us. His power is alive. His anointing for divine assistance is ever-fresh. He will assist you. Jesus often assists us by His word-have faith in His word. He often touches us. Allow Him to touch you. He prays for us as our Most High Priest; allow His prayer to come to pass in your. His anointing breaks yokes. I simply enjoin you to come to Jesus. Come to Jesus with faith. Pray in His name, touch Him by faith and confess positively that He is divinely assisting you, even now.



Lord Jesus, I believe you are my Lord, Savior, and Redeemer. I know you can help me. I know you have the power to help. I need your assistance. I come to you today. Please help me. Have mercy on me. Release you power into my life. Set me free from oppression of Satan. Grant me victory over personal sins. Help to follow you all my life. Strengthen me to your will and to serve you well. Thanks for answering my prayer. In Jesus name.


Chapter 5


The Holy Spirit divinely helps people of God and the world at large. He helps the people of the world by convicting the world of sin and of judgment and


righteousness. He helps believers in so many diverse ways. His divine assistance are wonderful and we shall see some of them right here now. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is not a physical thing neither is He a force. He is a person with complete attribute of a person. The Holy Spirit can be vexed, quenched, grieved, provoked, etc. He can speak and be spoken to. He hears and He is being heard. We can relate with Him more intimately. We can fellowship with him. The Holy Spirit is God. He is eternal, omniscient and omnipotent. He is the creator and sustainer. He was working with other members of God at creation. John 33:4; Gen 2:7. And if He created you, He knows how to assist you divinely. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit if glory, the source of miraculous power to assist you.


The Scriptures gives us some inspiring and hopeful symbols and emblems of the Holy Spirit. Understanding these emblems helps us to appreciate how He can help us divinely because each emblem has deep spiritual meanings. Here are some:


Water: Symbolized as water, He fertilizes refreshes, cleanses, gives abundant life and freely gives to us. Fire: Symbolized as fire, He illuminated, purifies and heals us. He searches us beyond our imagination. Wind: Symbolized as wind, the Holy Spirit is powerful, reviving, sensible, in effect and refreshing. Oil: Symbolized as oil, He consecrates comforts, heals and illuminates. Dove: Symbolized as Dove shows how gentle the Holy Spirit is; good gracious and meek. He is harmless but very powerful. Voice: Symbolized as a voice, He speaks to guide, warn, instruct or teach. Seal: Designated as a seal, He authenticates and secures us for God. He puts divine mark of acceptance on us. Cloven tongue of fire: He comes to empower us to be witness of divine grave and word. There are many other symbols and emblems of the Holy Spirit but they are all meaningful and inspiring.


One can clearly see the acts of the Holy Spirit in both











Testament saints only enjoyed Him to a certain extent. He often came upon them, influence them, and prompt them to do divine assignments. He never dwelled in them. But in the New Testament, He has been given to live with us, in us. We are His abode, habitat, dwelling place. He is our daily companion, friend and partner in divine task. Here are some of the ways by which the Holy Spirit divinely assists believers.

The Holy Spirit Assists Us at New Birth

He comes to give us new life, new hope, new purpose, eternal life. He gives us new nature. He makes us children of God, candidate of heaven. He convicts and convinces of sins and leads us to repentance, regeneration and reconciliation to God. As you read this book, if the Holy Spirit convicts you of your condition of sin, you better repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and experience the new life of God.

The Holy Spirit Gives Us Wisdom of God

The Holy Spirit gives believers in Christ wisdom from above for an excellent and victorious life (Isa 11:2) and


prosperity in life.








wisdom; it comes to you via the Holy Spirit, the spirit of


The Holy Spirit Guides His people

This involves revelations (John 16:13), illuminations, ideas, insights, divine leading. We do not need to be confused when we have the Holy Spirit to instruct, teach, guide and lead us. We wee thus with the people of God (Acts 16L 6, 6, 10; 8: 29 and Roman 8:14).

The Holy Spirit Comforts Believers

He is our comforter. John 16:17. He abides with us. He dwells in the saints of God. He is known by the saints, John 14: 14-17. He has a wind with healings. He comforts us in our uncomfortable life. He gives us peace of God.

The Holy Spirit is our Divine Teacher

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. (Isa 11:2; 40:13-14) He teaches us the word of God (Isa 34:16). He reveals things to come to


us. He reveals things of God. He knows all things. He is omniscient. His teachings are great and better than that of any earthly human teacher. We need his assistance.

The Holy Spirit is our Healer and Deliverer

He delivers from oppression and heals us from sickness, diseases and illnesses. By His anointing, yokes of oppression are broken, shackles of sicknesses are shattered; He has the healing powers. (Luke 10:30, James 5:14, Isa 10:24-27)

The Holy Spirit Fights for Believers

In Isa 59:19 “…. when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” You can be sure that when He fights for you, your victory is 100% sure. He fights to ensure and establish divine victory for us. Mat 3:11.

The Holy Spirit Revives and Quickens us

There are times when our lives look dry spiritually. We are empty and weak. At such times, the Holy Spirit often

revives and quickens us as we invite Him (Ezek 37:9-14;


Ps 68:9; Rom 8:8-17) He uses the word to quicken us. He inspires us and revives us when we need such a revival. He is the spirit of revival. The Holy Spirit PRAYS for us. We often try to pray but we are short of words and strength. However, when we submit ourselves to the spirit of supplication, He prays for us with groaning that cannot be uttered by ordinary human voice and He prays according to the will of God. (Rom 8:26-28; 1 Cor 12:3; 14: 1-2, 4, 14 & 15). When we pray according to the spirit leading, we pray in our most holy forth (Jude 20). Such prayer pleases God, secures heavens’ attention and delivers definite answers. The Holy Spirit therefore divinely assists us to obtain the will of God.

The Holy Spirit Empowers and Strengthens Believers

We are weak and incapacitated spiritually and even physically in some occasions without the empowerment and strength of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:8 tells us that we shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon our lives. With His power, we can effectively witness to His power, live victoriously, overcome life problems


and be dynamic Christians. His empowerment and strengthening is divine help for our lives. We need Him always. We can only be full of power by the extent the spirit fills us (Micah 4:8). We need to allow Him to fill us, empower us and give us strength.

The Holy Spirit Purifies and Cleanses Believers

How filthy our lives can be without the purifying power of the Holy Spirit. The only righteousness God accepts is that of His son, Jesus Christ and that can only be imparted unto us by His spirit of righteousness. The only sanctification God authenticates is the sanctification of the spirit of holiness. He washes, cleanses, purifies is daily as we yield to Him (Ezek 16:9; Heb 10:22; Isa 4:4; Mal 3:2-3). He uses the water of the word, the Blood of Jesus and His purifying power to cleanse, consecrate and purify is so that we will be acceptable to God. We need His divine assistance to be cleansed and purified spiritually. To renew our mind, we need the spirit’s assistance. He is ever ready to cleanse us and makes us Holy according to God’s standard. Why will you not




Him if





of life

that will

eventually lead to heaven?

The Holy Spirit Anoints Believers “…You anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over.” Ps 23:5. “I have been anointed with fresh oil …” Ps 92:10 “….the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.” John 2:27.

We need the anointing of the spirit for so many things, and He readily anoints us daily, freshly, even to overflow as we trust and prays to God. When we give our life to Jesus, we have the anointing of the spirit and we continue to have that anointing so that our life can be fresh, beautiful, powerful, filled with the understanding of spiritual things, experience divine protection, enjoy the truth of God’s word, etc. The Holy Spirit anoints us on a regular basis as we pray to God for His anointing.


His anointing is a divine assistance for us. We need to seek it.

The Holy Spirit gives us Spiritual Gifts and Fruits

All Christians have the Holy Spirit in their lives. He comes into our lives when we are converted to Jesus. He comes to do all that we have been enumerating in this section. More importantly, the Holy Spirit gives is His GIFTS and FRUITS. Do you have both, or one at the detriment of other? There are some Christians who emphasize gifts above the fruits, and there are those who advocate fruits above the gifts. But, I stand in between the two groups. I desire both the gifts and the fruits. As a matter of facts, when Jesus comes into us by His spirit, we ought to bear fruits of the spirit primarily as Christians. Gal 5:22-23 describes the fruits as love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are sine-qua-non to all Christians and they are prima facie; you do not need any undue investigations for these as they are real and true. If a Christian claims t be a follower of Christ and bears no fruit, we have all scriptural backing to doubt his


confession. The fruits of the spirit come first from the spirit and we must allow Him to bear these through us. When we wee the fruits, then we can look for the gifts. Gifts of the spirit without the fruits of the spirit can be dangerous. We need love to operate in the gifts of Holy Spirit. We need patience to enjoy the gifts of the spirit. We need joy, gentleness, etc. to be effective user of the gift of the spirit. The Holy Spirit divinely assists us to receive Jesus as our Lord and savior. He gives us the gifts Himself. He will not give us His gifts and keep the fruits. More than anything else, we must expect His fruits and at the same time, not ignore the gifts. He is the giver of both, but we must never struggle for one above the other. We need the fruits to enjoy the gifts. We need the gifts to demonstrate that God’s power is with us. Having both the gifts and fruits are all divine work of the spirit. The spirit of God always assists us to have both for a gracious Christian life.


Holy Spirit, you are my Comforter. Fill me. Empower me to do God’s will. I know You can help me, because


You have the power. I need you. Fill my thirsty soul. Feed me with bread of heaven. Give me wisdom and

insights to what I need to do to have victory and breakthrough in life. Help me to listen to you and obey your instruction daily. Thank you Blessed Holy Spirit. In Jesus name.


Chapter 6


Life is full of trouble and problems. Troublous times do come into our lives and it takes the right spiritual and physical strategy to overcome them. Some


people fail in this area and the troubles bury them under. Howbeit, when we are in Christ Jesus, there are scriptural principles and strategies to win victory in life’s battles, wars and troubles. There is hardly any human being who can escape this life’s troublous times. Even Jesus has His own portion of the troublous time. The Israelites had troublous time in Egypt. The early Disciples and early Church experienced their own troublous periods. So many individuals had a divine record of troubles time and the divinely given victory. Remember Jabez, Jacob, Joseph, Jonathan, Jehoshaphat, etc. We shall consider the case of Jehoshaphat in this work and learn some biblical principles in such a troublous time. There are three types of help and assistances possible of being received: we have self help; help from other people and help from God. The help from self is personal help; assisting yourself in troublous time. I do not know how many people have been able to help themselves when they have problems, effectively. Man has no self-capacity to help himself in some cases in life.


The help from other is the help from outside- from other people such as friends, parents, leaders, etc. But how many people can help others without really claiming the glory? “Vain is the help of man” says the Bible. The other help is the divine help; the assistance from above. Unlike the other tow forms of earthly help or assistance that is vanity, with upbraiding, corrupting, full of sorrow, that could be disappointing, the help from above is above all, excellent, enduring, not upbraiding, not with sorrow or sweat, timely and come as a result of Jesus. (Rom 8:31-32; James 1:17; Ps 48:1, 2 & 7)






There are four conditions for receiving divine help from above.

You must be helpable.

This means that you must have a need, be humble enough to seek the help from God. You must learn how

to be in a place to seek and receive help, always.

You must be helping other.

No matter your condition in life, you must be able to

assist other. Blessed are the merciful, they shall receive


mercy. Blessed are the helping hands, they shall receive helps. Are you helping other in your own little way?

You must be ready to receive help.

You must be help-ready. Be open-handed. Be open- minded. Be spiritually sensitive to know when help comes from God and people.

You must learn how to seek for help.

Pride, ignorance, foolishness will not allow a man to seek for help when they need one. Help comes from God and we must learn to seek help from Him. There are times God will use others to help you but if you do not look for them, you may not get them. In summary, to receive held from God, you must learn how to do the following things. Learn to use ASK formula: Ask, seek, and knock. Exercise faith. Be patient. Be obedient. Live a holy/pure life. Be humble. Be definite and specific. Be alert to see when the help comes. Learn how to praise God before, during and after the help has come.




In 2 Chronicles 20, we have these principles portrayed. Jehoshaphat was besieged by the armies of Moab, Ammon and Mount Seir, about three armies in alliance to fight one army, the army of Judah. We have cases like this in life, where are conglomerations of trouble, problems and perils coming up against one person, family, community, nation, etc. The trouble of Jehoshaphat and his army gave them fear, panic and discomfort. They lost hope and are in desperate need for divine assistance. Let us see how Jehoshaphat and his group overcome this troublous time.

Jehoshaphat sought the face of the God in prayer. To receive divine help from God, we must seek Him in troublous time and even in times of comfort. This step is golden and worthy of emulation. We must learn to seek God at all times if we want to overcome our troublous times.

Jehoshaphat brought other people into the scene.


He used the principle of synergy. He did not act alone, but he gathered the people to inform them of the issue at hand. (2 Chronicles 20:3-4).

Jehoshaphat proclaimed a fast.

There are situations that need more than just prayers, more than synergistic activities of others. They needed to fast to help them in the spiritual exercise. Have you thought of this: May be you need some days of fasting with your prayer and your divine help will come.

Jehoshaphat was patient and sensitive in the spirit enough to perceive the voice of the Lord.

The voice of the Lord really told him what to do and as he obeyed, the divine help manifested. Most of the time, our problems are not the problem. It is our disposition and spiritual level and sensitivity, even after we have prayed and fated. Jehoshaphat prayed/fasted and listened to the Lord until he heard the divine voice on what to do. Don’t we need this to receive divine assistance?


Jehoshaphat did not despise the prophets and prophesies.

As they fasted, prayed, the Lord used the prophets amidst them to reveal His mind. Jehoshaphat, as the leader, accepted the voice of the Lord from the prophet and se he was established and blessed. Do you know how many time you have ignored, despised the word of prophecies from pastors, priests and prophets of God, and you are still in your troubles? Think about this!

Jehoshaphat loudly acknowledged God’s sovereignty acts and deeds openly.

He recounted the past testimonies of God. He worshipped God even on troublous time. This may seem difficult to do but it helps to draw divine assistance. I think we must leave our request mentality to worship and appreciation of God’s glory even in troublous times. God loves that attitude of worship even in troublous times. I believe this moved God to act promptly and powerfully, fighting for them and giving them he needed help. Our worship of God in troublous time challenges God to do more than we think.


Jehoshaphat recruited praise singers to praise God, even in troublous time.

These singers praised the beauty of God’s holiness and as they were facing the army of the opponent, they were saying “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.” And as they began to sing and to praise God, the Lord sets ambushes against the opponent and they were defeated. The opponents turned against one another until they were totally destroyed. We need to cultivate this Old Testament spiritual principle of worshipping and praising God as a congregation, family and individual even in troublous time, for therein is the victory to our troubles. We can also see that Jehoshaphat, apart from raising choirs, also lead the people to worship God. As Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, all of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem bowed before the Lord worshipping the Lord. God saw their worshipful hearts and He came to dwell in their praise and won the battle for them. We need to learn this act


and art for therein lays our victory and divine help in troublous times. After God had fought the battle for them, they all returned to Jerusalem with Jehoshaphat in front of them, with joy, stringed instruments, harps and trumpet, praising God, worshipping the Lord. The siege is over. Help has come. Praise must be raised much higher. These are the Jehoshaphat principles of receiving divine assistance in troublous times. This is biblical, divine steps and sure way. Prayerfully out them into practice and see your troubles being handled by God. Divine assistance is possible by using Jehoshaphat principles and other biblical principles you have learnt from this book or other inspirational books. May you receive divine help in Jesus’ name. May the Lord make your life victorious from now on. May trouble of life never overcome you. You are a winner.


My God, trouble surrounds me. Problems overwhelm my soul. I need your help. You help Jehoshaphat in time of trouble; I need your help Lord. Send help from above.


Fight my battles for me and give me victories. You never loose a battle: I trust in you. I seek your assistance. My faith looks up to you. I know I will never be put to shame because you are helping me. Thank you Jesus. Amen.



2 CHRONICLES 20:1-30



Problems of life are inevitable; we cannot shy away from them. As long as we live in this corrupt world, we will have problems, troubles. These problems or troubles are not only peculiar to Christians; everyone has his/her share of them. To Christians, problems or negative conditions are challenges to faith and beliefs. Problems, no matter how tough are not meant to crush or crash us, but when handled biblically, are meant to be stepping stones to greater heights, better living, glorious victories and breakthroughs. The goodness to all these is that all problems in life have DIVINE SOLUTIONS, DIVINE ANSWERS, A DIVINE WAY OUT of them. God specializes in divine solutions.


Life’s problems come basically from three simple origins.


Satan is our arch enemy, using his demons/devils and human agents. In Ephesians 5:12; and 2 Chronicles






of our enemies: demons,


principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, people of Moab, people of Ammon, others, the Egyptians/Pharaoh, the Herods, Samballats/Tobiahs. Haman, witches or Wicca and wizards. Satan’s work is just three folds, a) to steal; b) to kill c) to destroy. And so do his agents/demons. They are trouble makers, problem creators. Even when you are not ready for a fight, they challenge you! Thank God we have answers to their problems in Jesus’ name.


Man creates problems and troubles for himself through DISOBEDIENCE [to God’s laws, government laws, societal law, traffic law, health/hygiene rules, social norms, etc…] Many times, you create problems for yourself. Even our self-created problems, as long as one will not encourage them, have divine solutions. God can chastise, correct us and lovingly brings us back unto Himself, when we are ready and willing and obedient.



Cultural setting, social environment/norms, traditional beliefs, activities, food, dressed, etc in the society can directly or indirectly bring about troubles/problems to our lives. As long as we live in this world, we are bound to share in the societal problems, to which there is also DIVINE SOLUTION, if we can call upon God. Satan, self and society can agree to come together to create real complicated problems. It could manifest as natural disaster, physical afflictions, diseases or illnesses, financial crises, political problems, economic instability, social vices, etc. It can manifest as spiritual problems, as demonic attack, oppressions, obsessions, possession, psychiatric problems, delay, denial, spiritual death, blindness, deafness, lameness (2 Chron 20:3). Whether natural or supernatural, whether physical or spiritual, whether visible or invisible, God has DIVINE SOLUTION to all of them. All we need is nothing but DIVINE HELP, SOLUTION, and ASSISTANCE.


How can we receive divine solution to any or all of our life’s problems or troubles or challenges? How did


Jehoshaphat receive divine solution and assistance? This can guide us to our own divine solution. Let us consider how King Jehoshaphat sought for divine solution to the problem he encountered.

Jehoshaphat and his team embarked Prayer of faith. 2Chron. 20: 3-4; Mark 11:24:

Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah sought the face or help from the Lord, even at the face of the battle coming against them. When you see, hear, perceive, sense, discover the Moab, the Ammon and other, Goliaths, coming to battle against you this year and any time in your life, simply trust God enough. Seek His face, ask for help from Him. Do it alone with faith. Do it as a group, family, and church.

Jehoshaphat and his team proclaimed a Fast 2 Chron 20:3; Mark 9:29:

Desperate situation needs desperate action and attention. When your case becomes critical, desperate, declare a fast! Declare a fast at home, at work, in church. Let the elders, leaders, pastors, deacons come together and seek God’s face with FASTING. There are some situations


that need our spiritual discipline and sensitivity and power, these come only through fasting. Fasting does three things: Makes one penitent (It reinforces penitence), makes one remember one’s weakness, makes one depend on God for strength, make us sensitive in the spirit to hear/know what God is saying; allows the Holy Spirit to minister effectively in our lives. When you fast, you hasten divine solution.

Jehoshaphat and his team used and received prophetic Messages. 2 Chron. 20: 14-17; 20:

In any assembly, group of Christians or homes, there would be prophets or people with prophetic gifts. Jehoshaphat people yielded to the Spirit’s prompting and leading. The prophecy came at the right time, for the right purpose, from the right person to the right people. The prophecy edified them, encouraged them, comforted them and challenged then to faith. We need prophetic utterances on some occasions to receive DIVINE SOLUTION. Let people of God use their gifts of/from God to build, comfort, encourage God’s people.


Jehoshaphat and his team praised and worshipped God. 2 Chron. 20: 18, 22

We need to appreciate their attitude of worship. Bowing head with face to the ground before the Lord, standing up to praise the Lord and worshipping, singing and praising the Lord with a loud voice. The Levites (Choristers), the Koralite all sang praises (vs. 19, 21 &

22). When we praise the Lord, He raises us up. When we worship God, He arises on our behalf to fight. Worship, praise are weapons of warfare, source of divine help. (2 Chron 20: 22-24).


you know


you can receive


SOLUTION by singing spiritual songs, hymns & anthems? Remember Paul and Silas. Remember Jehoshaphat and his team.

Jehoshaphat and his team were passionate in their service/work to the Lord. 2 Chron. 20:20

Note this; “So they rose early in the morning…” vs. 20.

“… They went out into ….” “

He consulted people and

.. appointed singer/praisers.” See the singers—“as they went before the army, and were singing”; “Now they (all


of them) began to sing and praise the Lord.” “Jehoshaphat and his people came to take away their spoil”; “they stripped off for themselves more that they would carry”; “they were three days gathering the spoil”; “On the fourth day, they assembled to bless the Lord” These people are passionate, serious, diligent and hardworking. They prayed, they proclaimed fast, they prophesied, they praised and worshipped: they were passionate in their service and work. They worked and prayed! [James 2:14, 17, 18, 20 & 26]. Beloved, to receive full and free DIVINE SOLUTION, when we need to work physically,

mentally, let us work. When we need to pray, then pray. Pray as if you will not work and work as if you will not pray. Balance faith in God with diligent work. God blesses what we do and we take to Him in prayer. To be lazy physically, spiritually is not good. God has designed DIVINE SOLUTION for all of us. But you will get the best by following these divine guidelines:

  • 1. Pray with faith;

  • 2. Proclaim fast when necessary;



Prophesy your solution;

  • 4. Praise and worship God;

  • 5. Be passionate in your work (job and service

to God). If you are here today and you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you can key into this DIVINE SOLUTION by praying for your salvation. Pray and repent of your sins. Ask Jesus to come and be your Lord and Savior. And continue to follow Him all your life. Jesus is the AUTHOR OF DIVINE SOLUTION for you!!! Now and forever.


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