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At various times during the year 1681 William Penn Esq. did" Bargain, Sell and Convey unto" William
Isaac, Thomas Sager and Susannah Bailey, Henry Barnard and Thomas-? SOO acres each of unlaid out
land in the Province of Pennsylvania.

In the years of 168S and 1686 the aforementioned recipients of the land sold their SOO acres to a
Dariiel Smith. Daniel Smith sold the now 1900 acres of land to a Barbara Blagden in September of 1687.
Barbara resold to Daniel Smith the 1900 acres in February of 1687.

In December of 1702, 1000 acres of the 1900 was surveyed and divided into two separate SOO acre
portions in Cain Township of Chester County.

After the death of Daniel Smith his eldest son John inherited the two SOO acre plots of land.

In September of 1723 John Smith who resided in London sold through Thomas Chalkley, his attorney in
Philadelphia, one of the sao acre plots to Thomas Lindley a blacksmith also of Philadelphia.

In December of 172S Lindley and his wife Hannah passed the property on to Thomas Parke a yeoman
(farmer) who resided in ChesterTownship in the County of Chester.

Thomas was born in Ireland in 166S. He and his wife Rebecca Ward were the parents of 9 children.

Thomas and his wife Rebecca In May of 1723, after selling their personal belongings at their home in
County Carlow, Ireland, embarked with other members of their family on the ship Sizarghs to voyage
from Dublin to Philadelphia. Those in their family who accompanied Thomas and Rebecca were Robert
aged 29; their fourth child Rebecca Parke Stalker, aged 26 and her husband Hugh; their fifth child,
Rachael, aged 24, Thomas, aged 19; Abel aged 17; Jonathan, aged 14; and Elizabeth, aged 13. Robert
kept a daily journal of the voyage and from this journal we can determine that the journey was a rough

In August of 1723 they arrived in the New World and traveled to Chester where they stayed three
months. It was after their sojourn in Chester that Thomas bought a SOO acre plot of land in the Great
Valley of Chester County, in other words, in Cain Township. In a letter to his sister Mary, Robert Parke
described the land that they had acquired as" beautifully situated, stretching from one hill to another,
here on the Great Road leading from Philadelphia to the West". Another of the sons of Thomas, Abel,
erected the first Inn in the township. The Inn was called "The Ship" and was located on the Great Road.

Thomas was a Quaker and on coming to Cain he carried with him a certificate from the Friends
Meeting in Ireland which indicated that Thomas was highly recommended. He was later appointed to be
Elder for Cain Meeting and he remained in that Station until his death on January 3151 1738.

Either through the will of Thomas or by purchase from 'him, three of the sons obtained ownership of
the sao acre holdings of Thomas. Thomas Jr. obtained 27S acres, Abel100 and Robert 124.S. Sources
differ on the method of transfer. However, a deed (Deed Book E, Page 318) records that Thomas and his
wife Rebecca sold a 124.S acre portion of the estate to Robert Parke in January of 173S/36 two to three
years before the death of Thomas Sr. This portion of the SOO acres is the one of interest.
Robert was born in March of 1695. He worked as a storekeeper in Dublin in the 1720-1721 time
period. On arrival in Pennsylvania he became a clerk and a conveyancer in Chester. Robert made a trip
to Bristol, England and Dublin in 1727 and on his return trip in 1728 he brought with him six indentured
servants. Robert never married. He died in about 1736. Included in this report is a letter that he wrote to
Mary and Thomas Valentine, sister and brother-in-law in Ireland in October of 1725.

Prior to his death Robert had sold his 124.5 acres to his brother Abel.

Abel was born in 1706 in Ballintrain, Cavan, Ireland . .He married a Deborah?. No children are
mentioned as resulting. Abel was noted as being very industrious. As already indicated he erected the
first Inn in the township, "The Ship". Prior to his death in 1757, Abel sold both his 100 acres and the
124.5 acres he had purchased from Robert to his brother Thomas Jr. in May of 1744.

Thomas Jr. Was born in Ireland in March of 1705. In April of 1739 he married Jane Edge. He and Jane
were the parents-of-seven children. After his purchase of the land of his brother Abel, Thomas was
proprietor of the Ship Inn. Thomas died in October of 1758.

The following is the obituary notice of Thomas Jr.

"On the death ofThomas Parke, in 1758, to the grief of his family and friends, and, although he kept a
pub1ic ·house, he was adorned with so much regularity, that·he gave contentto most civilized persons
that called at his house, indeed his whole economy was so full of decorum that at once the beholder
admired and loved him. He was a loving husband, a tender father. He endeavored to train up his
children in in the way they should walk; a kind master to his servants, a good neighbor, a friend to the
poor, ready to assist in ending disputes, just to all men. A man of bright genius, a ready scribe, making
him serviceable both to church and state, he passed through the vicissitudes oflife cheerfully; he was
not raised at silly weights. ( Not by silly folks.) Not subject to grief at trifles, and as Kind Providence
favored him with riches, he always inclined his heart to seek and serve after a better, and as he lived
beloved, so he died lamented. We rejoice we have so many proofs that he is now in the fruition of
happiness, feeding upon the increase of his labor, and drinking of the springs of Eternal Life, world
without end."

In a will which Thomas had written in November of 1758 he left to his son Robert "all that tract and
parcel of land--------- I now live on. At the time of the death of Thomas, Robert was about 18 years old.
Therefore until he reached majority his mother, Jane was listed on the tax rolls as the owner of the
property. It was in 1762 that Robert Parke first appeared on the tax rolls. The last available year on
which Robert appeared on the rolls was in 1771.

Robert was born in February of 1740. He married Ann Edge in October of 1770. Robert and Ann had
two children, Jane born in 1771 and Thomas R. born in 1773. Robert died in October of 1773.

For -a short while after the death-of-Robert, his-wife -Arm -appear-son the tax rolls for the property.
However from about 1778 until1794 no Parke appears on the rolls. In !795 a Thomas Parke is taxed on
250 acres of land, four horses and six cattle. It would appear that in the interval where no Parke appears
that the property was leased out. The Thomas who appears in 1795 would most likely be Thomas R. the
son of Robert and Ann who would be approximately 22 years of age in 1795. The tax record for Thomas
R. in 1796 lists 210 acres of valley property, four cattle and eight horses. On the land had been
constructed a stone house which was two stories high and a stone and log barn.
Thomas R. Parke as indicated was born in 1773. He married Elizabeth Bowen in December of 1798. He
Elizabeth and were the parents of nine children. Thomas R. appeared on the tax rolls until1814. It was in
March of 1814 that he died. Elizabeth his wife appears on the tax rolls from 1815 until about 1835.
Elizabeth died in 1839.

In April of 1841 Richard B. Parke, a son of Thomas R. Parke, and his wife Elousia, sold "all that certain
messuage and tract of land" with the area of 92 acres, 51 perches to J Dutton Steele. This tract was a
portion of the real estate of Robert Parke who died intestate in 1835.

I was unable to determine from genealogical information available where This Robert Parke fit into the
Parke family. However, other information does indicate that there was a Robert Parke who died in 1835.

Information on J. Dutton Steele is included in another section of this report.

Steele in March of 1854 sold the property to Jonathan H. Butler who in April of 1864 sold it to Elhanan
Zook, a farmer and a minister in the Society ofFriends.

Ruth Lloyd acquired the property in January of 1907 and subsequently her son William M. in October
of 1926. William M. was a stock broker and a senior partner in the firm of Lloyd and Palmer. William was
a graduate of the Germantown Academy and attended Harvard University. He died in February of
1970.Duril']g the time the Lloyds ownedproperty it was called Valley Brook Farm.

St. Joseph's Hospital acquired the property in July of 1977 from The First Pennsylvania Bank.

The hospital sold it to The Order of Felician Sisters of St. Francis.

The property was purchased from the Order in July of 1996 by the Archdiocease of Philadelphia.
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Becoming American: The British Atlantic Colonies, 1 690-1763

"The best CountJ·y for

workingfolk & tradesmen
of any in the world."

Two Irish Settlers

in America
In 1790 Irish colonists and their descendants
made up one fourth of the white settlers in
Pennsylvania, and substantial minorities in
other colonies. Among them were ROBERT
PARKE, a well-to-do Quaker from Dublin, and
FRANCIS CAMPLE, a Catholic from northern
Ireland. Both wrote accounts of their new lives
in America.

Robe11: Parke, an Irish Quake1· in Pennsylvania

Lette1· to Mru:·y & Thomas Valentine, his siste•· & bi·othe1·-in-law in beland, Octobei·l725

Parke emigrated 'With his parents and several siblings in 1724 and soon purchased land near Philadelphia . In a letter to
relatives back in Ireland, he dispels the rumor that they were not "Satisfyed in Coming here, which was utterly False" and
encourages them to come to America, "it being the best Country for working folk & tradesmen of any in the world."

Dear Sister
Mary Valentine "'c . •

Tlris goes with a Salutation of Love to thee, Brother Thomas & the children & in a word to all
friends, Relations & well Wishers in Generall as if named, hoping it may find you all in Good Health, as I
with all our family in Generall are in at this present Wiiting, & has been Since our Arival, for we have not
had a days Siclrness in the family Since we Came in to the Country, Blessed be god for !t, my father in
Particular has not had his health better these ten years than since he Came here his Ancient age
considered. Our Irish Acquaintance in general are well Except Tho Lightfoot? who Depatted this Life at
Darby in a Good old age about 4 weeks Since Thee writes in thy Letter that there was a tall< went
back to Ireland that we were not Satis:tyed in Coming here, which was Utterly false; now let this
Suffice to Convince you, In the first piace he that cru·ried back this Story was an Idle fellow, & one of
our Slrip-Mates, but not thinking this CountrY Suitable to his Idleness; went back with Cowman again

National Humanities Center, 2006: nationalhumanitiescenter.org/pds. In Irish Immigrants in the Land of Canaan: Letters and Memoirs from Colonial
and Revolutionary America, 1675-1815, eds. Kerby A. Miller, et al. (Oxford University Press, 2003), pp. 76-81, 319-322; permission pending. Footnotes
from l<irby, et al. , Irish Immigrants, unless otherwise noted . Complete image credits at nationalhumanitiescenter.org/pds/becolningamerlimagecredits.
Has not enjoyed better health. '
Thomas Lightfoot was a prominent Quaker minister who had moved from England to Ireland and then in 1716 to Chester County, Pennsylvania.
~ Jeremiah Cowman, captain of the Sizaragh of Whitehaven, which brought the Parkes, Valentines, and many other Irish Quaker families to America
during lhe 1720s.

-- :. . -~
he is a Sort of a Lawyer, or Rather a Lyar as I may tetm him
"Vast Quantities of People
therefore I wod not have you give Credit to Such false reports for
that Conte here yea.rly from
the future, 5 for there is not one of the family by what likes the
Several Parts ofi1z.e world"
Country very well and W od If we were in Ireland again Come her~'-­
DirectJy it bei11g the best Country for working folk & tradesmen of
any in the world, but for Drunkards & Idlers, they Cannot live well any where it is like to be an
Extrardin<ruy> Countty; We were all much tt·oubled wh en we found you did not Come in with Capt
Cowmru1 as Expected nor none of our acquaintance Except Isaac Jackson & his family tho, at first
Coming in one thinks it Something odd but that is Soon over, Land Is all of Prices Even :fi:om ten
Pounds; to one hundred pounds a hundred, according to the goodness or else the Scituation therof, &
Grows dearer every year by Reason ofVast Quantities of People that Come here yearly fi·om Several
Pruts of the world, therefore thee & thy fan:lily or any that I wish well, I wod desire to make what
Speed you can to Come here the Sooner the better, we have traveled over a Pretty deal of this country
to Seek for Land, & (tho) we met with many fine Tracts ofLrutd here & there in the Country, yet my
father being Curious & somewhat hru·d to Please Did not buy any Land until the Second day of the 10 111
mo: Last and then he bought a Tract of Land Consisting of five hundred Acres for which he gave 350
pounds, . it is Excellent good land but non Cleared Except about 20 Acres, with a Small log house, &
Orchard Planted, we are going to Clear some of it Directly, for our next Sumer fallow we nlight have
bought Land much Cheaper but not so much to our Satisfaction, We stayed in Chester 3 months &
then we Rented a Place 2 nlile from Chester, with a good brick house & 200 Acres of Land for 1 pound a
year where we continue till next may we have Sowed about 200 Acres ofwheat & 7 acres oftye,
this Season we Sowed but a bushel an acre 3 pecks is Enough on new ground I run grown an
Experienced Plowman & my brother abell is Leruning, Jonath<an> & thy Son John drives for us he is
grown a Lusty fellow Since thou Saw him we have the finest plows that can be, We plow up our
Sumers fallows in may & June, with a Y oak of Oxen & 2 horses & the<y> goe with as much Ease as
Double the number in Ireland, We plow & like wise Sows our wheat with 2 horses, a boy of 12 or 14
years old Can hold Plow here, a man Comonly hold<s> and Drives himself, they Plow an Acre,
nay Some Plows 2 Acres a day, they Sow wheat & Rye in August or September. We have had a
Crop of oates, barley & very good flax & hemp Indian Planted a bushel of white Potatoes Which Cost us
5 shills & we had 10 to 12 bushels In Crease this Country yields El\.irru·dinary Increase of all Sorts of
Grain Likewise for Nicholas hopper had of 3 acres of Lrutd & at most 3 bushels of Seed Above 80 bushels
Increase, so that it is as Plentifull a countty as any Can be if people will be Industtious, wheat is 4
Shill" a bushell, Rye 2•: 9d oats 2•: 3 pence, barley 3 Shin•, Indian Com 2 Shills all Strike measure,9 Beef
is 2 a pound Sometimes more & Sometimes less, mutton 2 1/2 , Pork 2 lh [ ] pound Turnips 13 pence a
bushel heap' d measure, & so Plenty that an acre Produceth 200 bushels, all Sorts of provisions are
Extrardinru·y Plenty in Philadelphia mru·ket where Country people bring in their Comodoties their
Markets are on the 4th days and the 7th days tills countly Abounds in fruit Scarce an house but has an
Aple, Peach, & Cherry Orchru·d, as for Chesnuts, W allnuts & hazel nuts Strawbenys, Billberrys &
Mulbenys they grow wild in the woods & fields in Vast Quantities, they also mal(e great Prepru·ations

ln future.
I.e., hundred acres.
Written above: & Covered with woods.
Strong, in rude health.
Strike measure: measurement by use of the strike, an instrument which levels off the commodity to be measured; opposed to heaped measure.

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against harvest, both Roast & boyled, Cakes & Tarts & Rum, Stand at the Lands End, so that they
may Eat & Drink at Pleasure, a Reaper has 2 shills & 3 pence a day, a mower has 2 Shills & 6 pence & a
Pint of Rum beside meat & Drink of the best, for no workman works without their Victuals in the bargain
throughout the Country, a Labouring man has 18 or 20 pence a day in Winter, the winters are not so
Cold as we Expected nor the Sumers so Extreme hot as formerly, for both Summer & Winter are
moderater than ever they were known, in Summer time they wear nothing but a Shitt & Lillllen Drawers
& Trowsers which are breeches & Stockings all in one made ofLinnen 11 they are fine Cool wear in
Summer, as to what thee writt about the Govemours Opening Letters it is Utterly false & nothing but
a Lye & any one Except <a> bound Servantt may go out of the Countty when they will & Servants when
they Serve their time may Come away If they please but it is Rare that any are such fools as to leave the
Country Except mens business Require it, they pay 9 Pounds for their Passage (of this mony) to go to
Ireland there is 2 fairs yearly & 2 markets w eekly in Philadelphia also 2 fairs yearly in 01ester &
Likewise in Newcastle, but they Sell no Cattle nor horses nor no Living Creatures but altogether
Merchants Goods, as hatts, Litmen & woolen Cloth, handkerchiefs, knives, Scizars, tapes & treds buckles,
Ribands & all Sorts ofNecessarys fit for our wooden Countty & here all young men and women that
wants wives or husbands may be Supplyed. Lett tllis suffice for our fairs As for [Quaker] meetittgs
they are so plenty one may ride to their choice of 10 or a Dozen itt 6 momittg 15 I desire thee to bring or
Send me a bottle of good Olye fit for guns, thee may buy it in Dublitt, Martha weanhouse Lives vety
well about 4 mile fiom James Lindlys we Live all together Sittce we Came into the Countty Except
hugh Hoaker & his family who Lives 6 or 7 mile from us & follows his trade Sister Rebecka was
Delivered of a Daughter yc < .. . > day 11 month Last past its name is mary Abels wife had a young
son 12 months Since his name is Thomas; Dear Sister I wod not have thee Doubt the truth of what [I]
Wlite, for I know it to be ttue tho I have not been Long here I wod have you [c]loath your selves vety ·
well with Woolen & Linnen, Shoes & Stockings, & hats, for Such things are dear [expensive] here, & yet
a man will Sooner Eam a Suit of Cloths here than in Ireland, by Reason workmens Labour is So dear,
A wool hat costs 7 Shills, a pair of mens Shoes 7 Sllills, wemens Shoes Cost 5 Shills & 6 pence, a pair of
mens Stocking yarn costs 4 Shills feather beds are very dear here and not to be had for money.
Gunpowder is 2 Shills & 6 pence a pound Shott & Lead 5 pence a pound, I wod have you to bring for
16 17
your own use 2 or 3 good falling Axes, a pair ofbeetlerings & 3 Iron wedges, for they are of go9d
Service here, your Plow Irons will not answer here, therefore you had better bring 1 or 2 hundred" o£i.
Iron you may bring your Plow Chains as they are < ... > also a good [awnd] Iron There other Lette~s
going tci you tltat gives you an Accompt what to bring into the Country & also for your Sea Store or else I
should not omitt it but besure you come with Cap1 Cowman & you will be well Used for he is as honest a
man & has as Civill Saylors as any that Cross the Seas which I know by Experie[nce] the Ship has
been weather bound Since before Chirstmass by reason of frost & Ice tltat floats about in the River & the
Saylors [being] at a Loo[se E]nd came down to C[hester] to See us[&] we have given them < .. . >
Dear Sister"! desire tltee may tell my old :fhend Samuel Thornton that if he could give so much Credit-to

At the Lands end (=land-end): on a piece of ground at the end of the "land,· one of the strips into which a field has been plowed.
l.e., "trousers consisting of legs and stockings in one piece, made of linen."
l.e., about Pennsylvania's governor intercepting and opening letters sent back to Ireland or Britain.
" Lacks. needs.
Meetings: Quaker meetings. 6 morning: Friday morning.
Felling axes (for chopping down trees).
Metal rings used in fashioning a beeije , a mallet- or pestle-like instrument used in washing or fulling cloth and in beating llax to improve its luster.
Be serviceable, do the job.
National Humanities Center
.... ... ".: ' " ' '·
my words, & :find no Iffs nor ands in my Letter, that in Plain terms, he
"Dear Sister I wod not
could not do better than Come here, for both his & his wife's trade are
have thee Doubt the truth
Very good here, the best way for him to do is to pay what mony he
of what [II write, for I
Can Conveniently Spare at that Side & Engage himself to Pay the rest
know it to be tme tho I
at this Side & when he Comes here if he Can get no friend to lay down ha·ve not been Long here"
the mony for him, when it Comes to the worst, he may hire out 2 or 3
of <his> Children, & Twod have him Cloath his family as well as his
Small Ability will allow, thee may tell him what things are Proper to bring with him both for his Sea
Store & for his Use in this Country I wod have him Procure 3 or 4 Lusty Servants & agree to pay their
passage at this Side, he might sell 2 & pay the others passage with the mony, I fear my good will to
him with be of Little Effect by reason he is So hard of belief, but thou may est Assure him from me that if
I had not a Pru.ticular Respect for him & his family I Should not have writ so much for his
Encouragement, his brother Joseph & Moses Coats Came to See us Since we came here they live
about 6 or 7 miles apart & above 20 from where we live, Unkle James Lindly & family is well &
Trives exceedingly, he has ll Children & Reap'd last harvest about 800 bushels ofwheat, he is as
ttiving a man as any where he lives, he has a thousand Acres ofLru.1d, A fine Estate, Unkle Nicholas
hopper lives very well he rents a Plantation & teaches Scool & his man mru.tin hobson dos his Plantation
work Dear Sister I think I have writ the most needful to thee, but Considering that when I was in
Ireland, I never thought a Letter to<o> Long that Came from this Countiy, I wod willingly give thee as
full all Account as Possible, tho I Could have given thee a fuller Accompt of what things were fit to bring
here, but only Tknew other Letters might Suffice in that point, Tdesire thee may Send or bring me 2
hundred Choice Quils for my own Use for they are very Scarce here, & Sister Raichell Desires thee wod
bring hir Some bits of Silk for trashbags thee may buy them in Johns Lane also 6 yards of white Mode
or Silk for 2 hoods & She will Pay thee when thee Comes here, I wod have brother Thomas to b1ing a
good new Saddle with a Crooper20 & housin21 to it by reason the horses sweat in hot weather for they are
ve1y deru.· here A Saddle that will cost 18 or 20 Shill' in lrelru.1d, will cost 50 Shill' or 3 pounds & not so
good Neither he had better get Charls Howell to make it Lett the tree22 be well Plated & Indifferent
Narrow for the horses here are not So large as in Ireland but the best drawers & finest Pacers in the World
I have known Several that could Pace 14 or 15 miles in a hour I write within Compass,23 as for womens
Saddles, they will not Suit so well here, I wod not have thee think much at my Irregular way of writing
by reason lwritt as it offerd to me, for they that wiite to you should have more witt than I can Pretend to<

I.e., crupper, "a Ieathem strap buckled to the back of the saddle and passing under the horse's tail, to prevent the saddle from slipping forward"
I.e., housing, a·cloth or leather covering for a horse, usually attached to the harness.
Framework of a saddle.
Without exaggerration.
Letter breaks off without complimentary close.

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Birth: Mar. 18, 1810

Death: Jun. 13, 1886

J. DUTION STEELE is the eldest son of John D. Steele, of Chester County, Pa., who migrated with
his family from England in 1795, and first settled in Whitemarsh township, Montgomery Co., where
he resided for seven years, after which he married Ann, daughter of Hugh Exton, of Hunterdon ,.
County, N.J., and purchased a tract of land in central Chester County, upon which he resided dudng
the remainder of his life.

There J. Dutton Steele was born in 1810, and at the age of eighteen, after being educated in the
mathematical schools of Chester Co., he joined a corps of engineers engaged in the surveys for the
internal improvements of Pennsylvania, and continued in the service of the State for two years.

In 1830 he entered the service of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, the construction of
which work was at that time being commenced, and continl}ed in that service for ten years having
been connected chiefly with the construction department until their rails had reached Harper's
Ferry, and had been extended to Baltimore, Md., and during in interval in that service he located
the road between Troy and Ballston Spring in the State of New York. His last appointment with the
Baltimore and Ohio Company was in connection with the location and construction of the Western
Division of the road, extending, from Cumberland, Md ., to the Ohio River.

In 1837 he was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Judge Thomas Capner, of Hunterdon County,
N.J., and settled in Wheeling, Va., from which point he conducted all extensive system of surveys
necessary for the location of the work in charge. The great financial break-down of that period,
however, caused the railroad company to suspend the construction of their road west of
Cumberland, and consequently his engagements with them terminated in 1840. He then purchased
a farm near Downingtown, Pa., and followed the pursuits of agriculture for six years ....

In 1846 he made a survey of Pittsburgh and its environs for the purpose of indicating the
practicable routes for entering that city with railway improvements, and entered the service of the
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company on the 1st of January, 1847, in charge of the roadway
department of that road, and continued in the service of that company, in the several capacities of
chief assistant engineer, chief engineer and vice-president, until 1867, -- a period of nearly twenty
years ....

He introduced into railway practice the ribbed stone arches for skew bridges, and availing himself of
the experiments made by a commission appointed by the Queen of England in 1847 to investigate
the "'applicability of iron to railway structures," the report of which was published in 1849, he
introduced wrought-iron girders for bridges of short spans, and was the first to use electricity as in
auxiliary to rock-blasting to any considerable extent, with no light to guide him but some
experiments which had been made in English stone quarries, and without the aid of which the
tunnels on the Reading Railroad could not have been widened, in the brief space of four months
allotted for the completion of the work, with safety to the passing trains.

In 1868 he was elected president of the Sterling Iron and Railway Company, and removed to
Brooklyn, and assumed the duty of developing an extensive iron ore property in Orange County N.
Y., in which position he continued for three years. During this period he made explorations for
railroad extensions in the States of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota; took all active part in
organizing the American Society of Civil Engineers and contributed to their journal, and was
appointed one of a commission of civil engineers to examine and approve the plans of John A.
Roebling for the East River [i.e./ Brooklyn] suspension bridge ... .

In 1870 he returned to his residence in Pottstown, Pa., and was in charge of the construction of the ·
Nesquehoning Valley Railroad and the Nesquehoning tunnel, in Carbon County, Pa., and in the
latter work, availing himself of the experiments then in progress at the Hoosac tunnel, made use of
compressed air as a motive-power for the rock-drills.
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He was next appointed to select the location, amid several conflicting interests, for the extension of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from Central Ohio to Chicago, and after the necessary surveys,
recommended the route upon which that road is now built, and was also engaged on the
Wilmington and Northern and Berks County Railroads and other works of lesser importance.

He afterwards organized and established the J. D. Steele & Sons' Manufacturing Company at
Pottstown, Pa., and thus ended an active but inconspicuous professional career. History of
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, (1884)
Property Address- 5030 Horseshoe Pike, Tax ID# 39-2-87
Cain Township, Downingtown, PA
Deed Reference Transaction Date Purchaser Seller Description/Amou nt paid
Referenced in
Deed Book E, Page 500 Acres "to be laid out in the province aforesaid" One
294 3/15,16/1681 William Isaac William Penn, Esq. shilling/100 acres
Referenced in
Deed Book E, Page Thomas Sager and 500 acres "to be laid out in the province aforesaid" 12
295 8/19,20/1681 Susannah Ba iley William Penn, Esq. pence/100 acres
Ref erenced in
Deed Book E, Page 500 acres "to be laid out in the province aforesa id" one
295 9/26,27/1681 Henry Barnard Wi lliam Penn, Esq. shilling/100 acres
Referenced in
Deed Book E, Page 500 acres "to be laid out in the provice aforesaid" 12
295 10/11,12/1681 Thomas??? William Penn, Esq. pence/100 acres
Referenced in
Deed Book E, Page
295 3/12,13/1685 Daniel Smith William Isaac 500 acres * fo r the *consideration therein mentioned"

Thomas Sager, Samuel

Ref erenced in Workman and Susanna
Deed Book E, Page Baily, t he wife of
295 5/19,20/1686 Daniel Smith Samuel Workman 500 acres "for the consideration t herein mentioned"
Ref erenced in
Deed Book E, Page
295 3/28,29/1685 Daniel Smith Henry Barnard 500 acres "for the consideration t herein mentioned"

Ref erenced in
Deed Book E, Page
295 4/16,17/1686 Daniel Smith Thomas??? 500 acres "for the consideration therein mentioned"
Referenced in
Deed Book E, 2000 acres, except for 100 acres sold to George
Pages 295, 296 9/29/1687 Barbara Blagden Daniel Smith Chandler, 50 pounds
Ref erenced in
Deed book E, Page
296 2/18/1694 Daniel Sm ith Barbara Blagden 1900 acres
Property Address- 5030 Horseshoe Pike, Tax ID# 39-2-87
Cain Township, Downingtown, PA
Referenced in Inherited by John
Deed Book E, Page Smith the oldest son after the death of his 1000 acres of land laid out in Cain Township, in two 500
296 and heir apparent father, Dan iel Smith acre parcels laid out in 1702
John Smith through his
Deed Book E, Page attorney, Thomas "all that tract or parcel of land situate lying and being in
294 9/10/1723 Thomas Lindley Chalkley the Township of Cain" 500 acres, 150 pounds
Deed Book E, Page Thomas Lindley and "all that tract or parcel of land situate and being in the
298 12/29/1725 Thomas Parke Hannah, his wife Township of Cai n" 500 acres, 5 shillings
"all that piece or tract of land situate, lying and being in
Deed Book E, Page Thomas Parke and the Township of Cain" 124.5 acres, part of 500 acres, 40
318 1/15/1734,35 Robert Parke Rebecca, his wife pounds
1735-1736 Abel Parke Robert Parke 124.5 acres, 200 pounds

"all these two tracts or parcels of land:" one of 100

Deed Book E, Page Abel Parke and acres, the other of 124.5 acres, both are part of t he
470 5/15/1744 Thomas Parke Deborah, his wife original 500 acre tract, 316 pounds, 14 shillings
Will of Thomas "all that tract and parcel of land .... of th is, I now live on",
Pa rke 11/26/1758 Robert Parke Thomas Parke no area given

There was no record of

him disposing of the
The above Robert property he interited at There was no will available to indicate the method of
Parke died in 1773. t he time of his death. disposal.
The property was
occupied by Parke
From 1773 until family members or
1841 ... possibly by leasees.
"all that certain messuage and t ract of land" with the
area of 92 acres, 51 perches. Part of a portion of rea l
Deed Book V-4, Richard B. Parke and estate of Robert Parke who died intestate in 1835.
Page 171 4/1/1841 J. Dutton Steele Ellousia, his wife $9,231.87
Deed Book W-5, J. Dutton Steele and "all that certain messuage, plantat ion or tract of land"
Page 23 3/31/1854 Jonathan H. Butler Elizabeth, his wife 92 acres, 51 perches, $11,000
Deed Book Y-6, "all that certain messuage, plantation or tract of land, 92
page 181 4/1/1864 Elhanan Zook Jonathan P. Butler acres, 51 perches, $14,400
Property Address - 5030 Horseshoe Pike, Tax ID# 39-2-87
Cain Township, Downingtown, PA
"all that certain messuage or tenement and other
Deed Book Y-12, buildings, plantation or tract of land" 92 acres, 51
Page 298 1/2/1907 Ruth A. Lloyd Elhanan Zook perches, $18,000
"all that certain tract of ground w ith the buildings and
Deed Book H-17, improvements thereon erected", 119.632 acres,
Page 203 10/1/1926 William M . Lloyd Ruth A. Lloyd $29,000
The First National
Banking and Trust
Company, Trustee
under Deed dated Wi ll iam T. Hord, Three tracts of land, Tract #1 being the one of interest
Deed Book R-41, April 22, 1971 by Mary executor of the Estate containing 63.213 acres, $1 and other good and
Page 145 7/19/1973 Louise Lloyd of William M. Lloyd valuable considerations.
all those three certain tracts or pieces of ground. Tract
Deed Book L-51, The First Pennsylvania #1 with the area of 61.004 acres being the one of
Page 67 7/28/1977 St. Joseph's Hospit al Bank NA interest, $525,000
"all those three certain t racts of land" Tract #1 with the
Record Book The order of Felician area of 61.004 acres being the one of interest.
2136, Page 528 8/17/1990 Sisters of St. Francis St. Joseph's Hospital $2,186,203.18

His Eminence Anthony

Cardinal Bevilacqua of
Philadelphia, in his
capacity as Arch
Bishop and not in his "all those three certain tracts or pieces of ground" Tract
Record Book private individual The Order of Felician #1 with the area of 61.004 acres being the one of
4065, Page 177 7/15/1996 capacity Sisters of St. Francis interest, $1,500,000
._ . ..

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rr~'& .It/acl'l-e s ; _
·- - E~£ ._ ~y
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JoseplvJJauyh I '·:,
780-JJ.-0 .

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-no. O:.o
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j"" - - -- ----

Find UPI lnlilrmation

PARID : 3902 00870000

UP!: 39-2-87
Mail Address 1: C/0 OFFICE FOR
Moil Address2: 222 N SEVENTEENTH ST
ZIP Code : 19103
Deed Book : 4065
Deed Page : II 77
Deed Recorded Dute: 7/l/1996
Legal Desc 1: SECOR RT 322 & N LLOYD
AV · Lel!"l
Desc 2:61 ACFARM
Acres: 61
LUC: F-20
LotAssossm<nt $29,420
Property AsS<ssment $ 158.640
Total Assessment : $ 188,060
Assessment Da te: 12/19/2014
Property Addro."S: SO 30 HORSESHOE PK
Municipality: CALN
School District: Coote>"Villo Are•

Mop Creal<d:
Thursday, November 12, 2015

County uf Chester

l.im11Dlions ofl.inbilityand Usc::

<hurty ofCI-csler, Pcnns:ylvcnia makes noclWmsto
u~ complct.:ncss, Llccurucy, or conh: nt of any diltn
contained hcn:in, ~nd makcs ~ n::prc:sentationot'any
Lind, includ ing, bulrV'!t limitc:d to, the wacrnnti~ of
m=n:hantabilityorfitn=~for a p:trticular ~.,, nor :m:
nny s..rh w.trrilntics to be implied or inferred with
respect to tb:: information ortbta fumishcd herein.
For inforlll.ltion ond-=. sources visit tt¥: GIS
SetVicc:s pagclisted ill wv."v.cbcsco .org'gis.

The foiiowing sources were examined in my search to obtain information about the subject property.

1. Cope, Gilbert, Henry Graham Ashmead. Historic Homes & Institutions and Genealogical and
Personal Memoirs of Chester and Delaware Counties Volumes 1 & 2. New York and Chicago: The lewis
Publishing Company, 1904.
· -_.- .. .,.,.

2. Futhey,J. Smith, Gilbert Cope. History of Chester County Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: louis H. Everts,

3. Harper, Douglas A .. West Chester to 1765. That Elegant and Notorious Place. West Chester,
Pennsylvania: Chester County Historical Society, 1999.

4. Heathcote,C.W. Jr., lucille Shenk. A History of Chester County Pennsylvania . Harrisburg, PA:
National Historical Association, 1932.

5. Mowday,Melissa A., Bruce E. Mowday. Spanning the Centuries: The History of Cain Township in the
American landscape. Uwchlan, Pennsylvania: Squire Cheyney Books, 2009.

6. Thompson,W.W .. Chester County and Its People. Chicago, New York: The Union History Company,

7. Wiley, Samuel T.. Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester County Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, Richmond, Indiana, Chicago: 'Gresham Publishing Company, 1893.

Other sources checked were

At the Chester County Historical Society

1. Township clippings

2. Family clippings

3. Family folders

4. Card file
r ·--

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Deed Book
E Vol. 5
Deed Book
E Vol. 5
·. DeedBook
. E · VOl~ 5
. .

. .

.F Vol. 6
.. ,. ~-,'__. ... ,_ ········ ... -....... "'
eed Book
·F Vol. 6
Deed Book
F Vol. 6
i I I 17 58




Deed Book
V-4 Vol. 93
Deed Book
V-4 Vol. 93
Deed Book
W-.5 Vol. 119


Deed Book
.W-5 Vol. 119

/v!u l

Deed Book


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,/;••.•,., . •h·· .,,,., &. Cl::.r: .. .~ . ,.. : j ,-.~· A. . ..?.• ,·"'· ' ·;,.·• • .j . 'b·ft, '>He! :tj::.:H!1~ : .d:

.\l:•i <·q·t_:.- 1·~·r·on <:f l·~-r... :tl· . ~... !1.. ~1>·"'~·-r f;h,:·:H_v •hlH~~·<~ . -r l« .•tn:n ~ ~\·· --:.1!lt .. r .• n~ !•<J f: !lH·:,·•·!.
['"-f(//" j/'h ·<"''t·,.··:
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I R«4)rr!ed.
\\'fT!>.'E-~S m~· h~nt! a:~~l~ - ~- -: ~-4--~·~~. ?~

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'ilt!'tWii~N •i»~th Ar~• £:t~rd: .of ~witit~~~owit; " a~lil\tf' 'irr :~~b6Wr.;·:!!lb({i'J~ ·O.f : .
PoniHiv~'in~ill ·,11!<1~\f . u6·~~liiH't-t'~r : ktioW!i ~U'•! dij)l~ at. 'o~ ~~~ ;ui ~~··~~~ktil~i . · · : , :

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. WilliiiriiJti lli6¥di . , li1~.~ )t ~~i1i\ii1'~h~';~~· llo!!h,tfH ; a.u·~t:~~i '·~~t~ •:or; ._
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i'. l\b~dinact.b~
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1\kd' dil~ii!lllitod;
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. · iJnltt.\S,~t~ of.,\i:,tlir., ; ·lh·l9 ., :. her. ·wCnftiiti'iiilii)(-\\Jby-lhc•e~l~i · ·, _G1,hnido · . ·: .: ·,. · .:
:.- _., ,,;,j ·I,Hoic i'!oo _IColh>g ~;,) ololh:crl· ·t.r llol>t. jiocll'toii; iloi ltfOIJit\•hrrM i• h"<hi nokll'oli·liJs<J ·. . . . bat.h.. ··Rihiil;j,, j,; igilot'iJ,'ibl,l! iilciot~l,, ·;,;ko~col, '
T~J c,\!C\1 nnil r~lftr.~.,\rJ ft),;l hfllitio\irr:~rnh : :d~t· h" . 'r,r~)ll, lu\ij{ttl ~i.' i~n : · ~\~C"n, 'tn~toir. ~ciC:\!o· ~\~~ -~~~~r.m, \i,~lO "ll,,o i~ l·~
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. Atr; 'rlti\1'. o@'rAi:N tr~ht or gr~iilld 1vitli thlr b~l.i<lf~~~· li\\c\' fiiiJi\.-bh!Mii~!J t!f~l.'e'on e~~iitti~) ~ftl\ii~~ lii'
oal.n Tolinolitpi ¢oUr.t~ 'or cholitoi• 1 Sth~e or l'ollh;o¥iVitiUa) · i\G~oriblir a~oofdlri{~~ a ·o\\i<vev i\ll~· "~bti bllidFti)8mt
b¥ 'rhOhllio o. Oolee.iorthf, B~ ~ · col\1\t¥ Bt~~v~¥oi' or Weiit· chd~tn; !>$ni.d~~\th~tA·, d•hd Alll!Uiit.: A\' b;'· 'ill~~ i\s
roncma, to 1Ht,·- ... nll~ilillltlGn\. ~n • i~oh \lil\~et tntlio Jiiiddioo'f'tli~ : l)o;i\iinl!to~ ' iin<l' RAHfil~llrs)ike" ilt a
obrnor ot lhnd · ii~l¢llglng to Il<lwin ivfrthi titoh~~ ~xtolldih 1f Wi.oll~ th~ 1\\l.'ii.dle . o'l:: uli'!'d'"fl1kll'' '~oil~~' ri!t'til~h6 ct6- .. ·. ,·
' ' ,.,, ~1. -
.. greea 'nil\o ~rnihutoo en'ot.; oho tho'nOArd. l'ivo lil\i\<i~~d ~'lid l'>'~hoifNe~· bo ~'ft ir:Oh ' \l~~j"t!lo~~6 t~~~i~ .~. ~~ ~~~~ 1\t.d
'( l flY'/• ·exto'ilil1ng "n1o~.11 l~'na or w. r. PoUOC!ki ·aol\~h t~:O d~~~~~·~ ' hfli·O\ilil\t<i~ · thi'~t¥ a~o:o~dii ' Ueti t,'t,Hhoui!a.lif. eh .
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hundNd $OveYiioon 1\iod 'tH't}' fi'vo h\fui:l'iedtliiJ i'eet til lilt U6n ''jlirl ~ o~i·~er ot "l~li~ \i16'fb~~i~' tt wf~~rf; J~hi)~6hi ·
. ot a1r t~oYioo' o'X'ioi1<11r.s along tho Joll)iMn llin'd, eo\\ih oi\il ·&o\l'rof '!'ltt~ ' i'iii& il\'i'ililt~a· ·. e~·6t'r -' lifl< )l~df.i/.:t:aM · bix-
t}i t ilo · r6ot ·to nn' H'tin· }lfh 6'ot in tho nliC!dlo ot 11 . Wuliuo i-o·n<\' heih~ tile o~i.t'.t'll\lii.tio)\ 'b'f~o~h~HY~!\l~ ! 'I\Y'9'ltile
in ~lie liorough ·or noiminstoltili thoiioo extO:r;d1ng lil.oYri! <tho 'i1it\lafo ·~r Mlll ~a:~a;• li¥ .f~i\\1 or'~h~' uon:V.f!lie . · ·rc
~atilt'~ ·~n<l : in'ild bt )Mrie Wood, '$o~th ·a·~~~t~' tiva'· d~i!i'e~li t~,\'1\~ ttit\\t\i~·~ ~eo~, · ·~h·e 'tlio)ioAllil~ rl.V6 ·!iiiii\i'r'e.J. · i'le-
ven ni.d one t<ihth do't to wHon pin ~et at/ tho lhto~o~o!:l.oli 6f thti nri<l<ll'e '''~tli'' \\~b·m i'ond; l~~i\\g' 1\il.¥£~
rrom ' Lincoln )11tlh·1f~¥ to· thO .iioun1~o'lri'l ·c\'tid: l'lnr~l'reiHtr's 'Pi.ke) . tii'cilioe .\Y6n~·· tho· i\ilacti~ ~r .~~ld.' r·o·~·;- h&rtl(oM
degr&o· l'li't f r;lriO lrllri\t~OO west, 61 X'liundred .&lxt~· nine. i\'nd ·afx .· ~·otot)ui :· f'e'ot t 0 ai'( ft\\1\ij)ill'\ ·o~i•\-\ii<' !O'f. 'lnild ·
wli1oh Ruth Ar' LlOfd oo'rivorod to tho Dci\':OO,ilh of
Do~iitil/!t~):: then'cio · b¥ ilftd 1.\'rid : 11iAii'iht(th~' ''i'd~d)'ii6~h ~l~ld.)'.
oigl)t <lot¢oo's· t"entr u6vor('tnlniMo ·oniJt, til:tr ono i'~ot · to..ilh· .i'i'on ~til) tho·i)oe· athi::.·b¥ ii/lld 'J~n.a·;l\~otl.h oi.&
dei!roo th1t't}' ' thi'oo rninutoa r~o~t, ol\e huM rOd tliieritr ..1'1 w· -'tobt i 'o" 'a\\ ' iHn. }Iii\( t liot.~e ' i!tl:ff' b~ 'iih'HI' l'i\ird ::or M
th~) Dorough ·ot ·Doiffi:lrigt011ri 1 'oouth. Olt!ht)' 'eiliht d&i!N&'o,twcirit}' · e$voh 'mli\ittee ·west, · i'H\·~ : ·oi\ij'. /'oilt" t·Q - lllt• i_i'Oil j, ••
pin o~t in· tM tn1d<ile· or the publlo . roll(\ · u~ding fi'om' t.ii\~oln ilil!ll'lia>' to 't~·· nolihirilltMt~· i\lid; il~~~i&tilil'~ - i>iliH !!"c-
~henoe nlong the lillilille ot e~1d Nnd 1 b~· lnT1d rol'ln&r'l~ b'elong1~c· t·o :jol\n.. Gatd1ilti'r, hO\V. Ai'_ll~ .)hlotion)' llott.h cHte. .he
J, d~groo th1rtl' 'three · ininutea west, 91\0 liundreil·· iiNe'nt¥ one :·a:n"f &'iB)rt.r 'rtve. one hllh~e·dtha·. ~eat ' t·!i :l\ll'· i~.ijjj' pili I
" theMe · sun · along intddl& ot ·said 'rOad M'l'tli t.·llont}> three d&'iil'·oo'o ·rHt}' <litx 111111"'-~P ·. e~ilt• t·br.e lilli!drtd tbitt.¥
H six n.ltd oeVoht$' 'five _huntl'l'odths toot 'to 'lili 'iron' ~lll'f theMe: Oiill''Q.OI)tiilulllg Qlo'i>ii ' ~lie mldirh '·<ir 'aal.d road by '"
the 'l1uoto11 · 1nnd ~nil ·hnd or lldwin Wl'i'th, north :Olio dOi!l'~·e t)lirt:$> li1io!· mitiut·e s woo~ 1: two t~hltOnil<! · nbli · hundred
Oit!htl' o1t#tt ntod UBVbh tolitha t~ot ~o tho tiret mont10'n·Cli pot'nt.' aiod·· ~lliOe or' b~lrihl~t f,Q!WhlNftlo"HOt03~: lil
noroo ·or ·hnd; · · · · . ,. "'
.. lllltiiO 1>,8 to p~>,i't thal·ilof the an~ -prblniaeiJ \irl)1~h '~. i~ Zook b¥ 'Inde~t\il'~ l>ehrin!l dai~ ' t!~ ti~'o~d
dnl' or Jnnual;l'_A~ b1 1b·o7 nnil recorded 'iti ·tho'· ot'tioe to-r thii' 'Ro~otdilli!! ot'Iieedo lti 'iltid' 1'o~ -' ~~~hter·: 9~~ti1
Ponl\Uylvnnln, . IIi llood Do<ik' Y-12; Volumo"296 1 Pago ..i.96 ' eto ·; 'i(rtitited · ,rid ''ilonv~~;OO,·· '\Iiito· 't<uth,- A.•· Lloic((Vld6# .
hol' hoil'o nr.'d . nuil18Jisl nnilli#Iito ·ao to '..:nothor p~rt 'tiloreor:iiui same pr~niiaes ·w)ttob llHzQlJGt~"ll• ~otivll.lne,
w1<i<i11 bf ltidelitUl'e''bonl'11oi( il~t~ tho T"eiit~ SiJventli iln¥ br' 'so~tomJior Ai D• : 1.0207J.ind·~·bcordti~ ~t '· i:lbolltlir' Oouiit¥
nforoontd tn' lloed ·lloo}l l!~i6, Volumo : 367 1 Page . 324 oto r ~nntod arid _OOl\VOl'&d iUtto tho said R'l''!!' Atq4oi'd 1 1'/idOif
bur hotro am aoe1~oo1 '· ~nd iii::ifla· o:o· to ~net Mr pl)l>f thor~ot•' th& · same ·promises wltlch Mo1·Hir· ~. ~ ll'oo<l / ot .ux · · llr
b¥ lndohturri ~o~rl.tig d~to 'ilui 11'/teJot¥ 'i>lrtit. ' dny or Pob'hta.r~ 'A• Qt 1021 &Ttd record?~ .nt ' Chester Coi\nt{~roreoaid \'11
itt. Doed nook V-16 1 yolwno 860 1 ,Pogo et ·etc; gl'ntoted aTod o~nvs¥ecl woto tho aatd Ruth· Ao Ltol'd 1 her llolrs And
. oeo1grio; and DiflNO n'o''to ' the lnet ' pnl't tho tool'{ pni't ' o'r :the . salilo pramtooo ·nb1oli Abritham N Huston~ : ot \IX
b¥ ·Inctonturo beni'ina· <into tho FoUl'Leerith dny o·t Soptomb·n Ai D1 .1926 &lid reoor<led at Chester CoiU)tf' arore61l.1d
. 1n llood llook A·17 1 Vol\Ullo 396, l'n~te A94 etoc gre.nte'd nhd oonve)>od unto the Gaid 1\ittb A; Llo7d bel' biltro alld
i .

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tot:~:i·IJ~n·lillh nli. ""'''"li"''t · ,~..- · bidldin~o,· i.mpr·oii~rnmidl ' .atreeto 1 ~Ho.-o, pneaagoo ) ·" '''· "''"',.-"''"
t'dO t_U t/ iiai,J;; ·ht.lrlltl: -~~~·h·IICce.,, ltt'rtrlilhii~nr; o:iitl ilj•(iiiiiCnlluC.u. irlr4lUOc t'tr lfu:itnrilo bclt~'n!lntJ;·· ~'r"il'l' , ·fly· \H:IO ,.·J'~rttlfnlnk: ruul Ilit! rc\·~r~lmts . ~nci i~lnnh11ltu.' renh ,
I.Mlrb &l!tlJirott'l ltfmro t l'llul nil the' tirnlc, rltM. 'lltlr', IIIINUI, ·propCllr, cl~lm' rtml d~tilOn.ll~fi.ihoC\'cr or . bO~ tho ·enid Or'n!ttOr '
. . : II\ low, tlillfl)' Of othmrba h\)h'S~~H·r· :of, In nnd :If) lito s.Jnu: o'wl C\~!Y IIIUI tlulr'c~ r.
TiJ IIAi•f:Af'ii>TO ribi.Ii d;c ;;1.1 trn<it' ot gi'6tit.d w'ltlL ih~ bilildtr.iiil · nilil 1nlpr overront•f·t·IL in-eon oreol.oct
· ltcrcciUrimcnls ·li.ritl pn-mhc~ j,~:tthy gt,1~l«f or ·•llt.ntioi\cd ·~tul. lritri;,(r,J ,o lo Itt', i<"itl, \fu! npJht ti~nn-tl r~. · . :· tllllo ~ho 'nltl ·
· . ··='ciffititoO, . ·his · . t :. • l;ci,.-nn;l ~~:,_lg'Mto· ~.i,~;j tO; tlte ~ttl)· pr_opt~ utc nthi· J,~l,.$or"~r" ~Ito"'''' ·
Gl'.ctiitoo;" : hio lu!:lu ,t,_ul r~\.•i3\1t forr:,·cr. :

. . ·:

M~ll tlto {3\(l . Ruth A· Jilo~d f'or ho~delr,· her ltelrs, ('(IVIIIOu" nml tulmini~trntnrt tlo ·th
f,)' thr•.O fnrunt s co'""""' ''• «nlnl .Mul :asrN, ,., ,;tul k'ilf, llt o'i."'itl Grttnt.oo, hta·
ltt·lt' nn_.taulr.nj llu1t ohe tlte uld Ruth A. Llov<t, 'lild Jter
ltci.n 'nil (lnJ II!~"·'~' tl•o lt~rrditrtllttnb n11tl t•rrnJiU..s lttrtin •ho,·o dt.sc cihttl nnd Br.:ttl\l!tl or mt.~l~ot~c,J ""''· inttntlr.ltntn .l•t, witlt tl_t(' nt•tm_tlrnnnt tJ, t•utn tl~t· 1ai•l
, rnht.oo- hiu ltrlu nn•l n,.d~nt. n~ni 11 ,, ber · the t.titl Rllth .A.~ LlOfdt 1'\rd hor
tt rlu; t1ti<l11st.!•ut 1'111 aiul errry other pmC!n nnt.l p mou~ trltorntocrer lnw(ully cl.\imln~ror to' d3 lm tho Mrnc ot r\u)· 11.1 it thrrtof by, from Ol' undel' ·hOl' tltern,
~ltO'ilf linoJ \>·ilJ ~r11J
. 0\' i:J:t\)' Of thetn • \i'tltr,llll fM,Wtr 1Jtft n1J.

lf\~'~U"~~~g\21\l~~l', 'floe ,.1,1 P'~' Mo hcffnnto

ut tfiOtr ~ftdo t~ml tC'i'tlQ . ))"lnld,c tby "Mul rcu first lll•onl tuiutn.
S:~trtl _orul tlrih·at•l ill fll~·('ltlrnic 9} ru: ·

Riltb Al· Llo¥d ~

M· ~~~ Jobkoon

Hctclr~l•.ort tl•c. Jay ot tile tbte of tho ,,,o,·o fnrh nturC of tltc 11\.nn~· namrJ
1'11tnuir nt · B~!IIli.J\8
Jolu\ H• Llo¥d
llo ).(; J4ok8on

OliTIIF. J11rst d•y of. Ootobel', A• D 19~6 -..o-w. bd"o"'' 'l" '"""'a" ' ll Not<1r¥ l'llbl1o · tor
tho Comoll11enlth or· l>enMylvantn, rui'dilll! 111 the on.- or Ph1lildelph1a
~· · ~


Pt111(cd ln4 ~4 'lt
IU, ~ tu l.!•flt Du4 -Ttrtwrlru-TNJrtu
Yto • l.n\tM C9,. PJi l lt.dtl~b. r-.

\ ~bts 3Jnbentute AfFIDAVIT HUll 1:;.

e>O. ~
' clay of July In 1he ytor of our l-ord one lhoUJOnd ni~ ~ 0:.

.~tti.Uten IIJU.HM...r, HORD l ' WC\I'roR ;;}~ w

' , .. • ,.,. ' • ' .,. ' ~ • • • t ' I 'I I

..,, ~~
_: ) L l
01 TRB ltSfi.U OP IIJLLIAK M, LLO'fD 1 ..DB~EASB;D.~ . · r.ft1 t•,
. "' ~
o( thr """ r>rl, IIJnnlor an~ Ill£ Ml\Sl' Pl!lfNSrT.VANIA 8AliXIHG AKO TRUST OO){PA!IY., "'
TRVSU! U~OU DB!D DATUIIJ'RIL 22 1 1971 sY .IWIY LOU~Sit U,0_¥0, I 1_- .

' Witne~~ttb, Thol the .aid Grantor
.. ..... of lhe other pan, Cnnlcc.
Cor and in comidcrt.lion of the •unt o(
· One Dollar ad othor ,ood u4 vtl114blt cont1derat1on, l&wlul '"
: noourr of lhc Unite.! StoW of Amr.ricA, un\o . hi• ia ht~~d wcllond lruly paid hy the aaid
. Grantee ol on~ ~cforc the "'"lin5 ond dcli.-ery of lhcu ;>r<I<IIU. lhe roeelpl whereof io I ·.
hcrcl>y ..-kuowlcd~C<I, . . hath . . ~roalod , b.orgainod, told, olicned, relcued AOJ
,' ..
, ronr.nm tl, ond by lhetc prc..,au. doth · ·· · · ·······f ,. :;.

... &riDI, Largoin, ull. tllen, rtluoc onil I I
; confirm Jlnlo the ..,;~ Grontre
,, . ... 111 auc:cuaon . a nJ At-aitn••
·-·-i ;
arotHHINO et • 1pi~e ln the caaterUue . qf Lloyd Avon~ j -~

fRACT I 1,
{)),00 feet vtdo) at tbe ~ONU of hnd1 of C&ln . TovnehiPI thtnc• along tho
ualtrllne of UoJd hoauo . North 1 ~•suo 38 otauteo 14 IOCOII.S. \loot 1166,29 fut 1 .
to a oplh, odd opike batna H that ~lnt vhero: tho Right-of-'llAY of Lloyd Avtaue<
el\lngee tn llidth fro'l 33.00 het to 50,00 f11t1 tbeace through the told Avon.... ·
llorth 87 dagretf 29 •taute1 ·20 "condt East. 25,00 ton to u boo pl.n on the
Euurly Rlght•of-voy H111 of Uoyd Avooue 1 thtl\ce oloos tbo uld Ri&htoo()f-'oll1
'<::('. Une, North 2deaueo lO •lautll 40 .. coado \loot uo,oo fut to · All iron ptn, a
' poiat of cut"V&I thonco ·dooa • curve to tho Right, llavtoa • radtu• of 275,00
() hu, throuah a uatul &t>Sll or H deauu 38 aJootu 39 oeco~dt; &nd ao ud
'-'! .SIItance ot 3U.87 feer. to an iron pln, • point ot uaaent; thence North 69 J

l\l dearou 01 aJauUo S9 eoton4o £aat, 518.91 ten · ton iron plq 011 the South tldo 1
~At' I "-£) of Peaa&yh•nh Suta lllghvoy Route UH, abo know .oo the lloutfhOO Ptltal
~ thence aloas the · South· etdo of tb• Jan MoU0111d road SO\Ith 61 doauu H e lnutu

i ~
59 ..coado t:.,t 178,41 foet to aa lr011 pta, aad South $11 doarou S1 •lnutet 40 j
Meondl Etet $6$,61 feU · to on· h<>n pia 1'>' Uu of ha.S. ot tbe Ar~hblohop of
'-' l'hiladtl>hle, tllt loet Mnliooed cornu btlns aho ·South doarue 09 aJautu 30 l' z·

/-J 11coll<l• EtH S.S) fen dlet ont froa a caacrete 10011\tHnt, aad ·aho bolas South 2
dogreu 09 • lnutu 30 euonda !att· )5,49 · r..,t dllt&Jlt rrQQ·.a epilta ill the ctntn--
Unt of tho · 1ut Dtntlontd Ulahvay. thooce· .tees loade·of tho ·atoreocmtionod
Archbhhol of Phlhclolphla, So'~tb 1 daaruo 011 •1autu ·30 eecondt Etet 1752,87 I
fttt to on ' lroo pia , a ·coraer of hade or tba arort<Hntloaed Coln TowehlPI
thonca tl0!18· the ·•-• South 8) daarut 4S •iDUtll 3' etcon4o \l~tt 81$,20 fut to;
u lroa pta, tad ~til 72 dtsnu l7 •lo.ut.. l4 eocoado . liut S66.0S feat to tl\l ~­
?hct of bt&tlllltoa, bonos crout4 aa U011 pla oa·Uu 1)·,76 fut 4btant fro-
tiM utd phct of hatnai .... . ~loTAl~J.IIei 6l,2U ten• of 1ud, .ore or lau •.___ ..

WCT I 2 '·· .1!4111!!1~. at "' I rOll pl11 lh Hoo of· 1udt of s ... H•:r a. vtn•i
t011, ILD4 o11 tho ll&eurl:r MaliC-or"""'· u~ or thot portloo or Uoy4· A-Huu. wtch j

('f ·· -·-..:. : •. · · ·. ·;· ~ ~ .r . !

It 50,00 t"~ vldtt' .. t~ tf06 ph · a1to·'betna ·011· the llortlwtrdlJ'projtcUOI\ of the
eenurHa4 or tlult pottton· of t.1oy• Avenue vhtcll tt 33,00'ftlt vidal· tliontt ftou
j the tald tolaca of beef.Dnlna oooUnutns a1ons la~~da of· the &fe~ntloaad S..,dley t, .·
• · : Vintoa ·Nottll ·l 4earu ' 36 •lnutee ·14 •eecondt lleet 218,,6 ·faH to an ,Iron pill 011 ·
tho Soutllerl1 1\laht-of....,.y Unt of an untotproYt& Sonlct lledl·thanee alons the
uld Ri&ht-oHiey· ltae, South 65 doareeo 41 tlnotu ·4S .. condt!eU 35,9} feet to
an iron pin, And SVuth 71 dean .. . 24 alautoa ·23 eecoodt l!ut 1S.l6 fut to an
, lroa ptGr the~~c• alona a curv11 to ·the. "*tot•
havtnr • radlue of ·3),00 ftet, .and ·
' an oro diltiJICt of 56•01 ·toet, &d ·a ·chord of South 1 deau•• ~ · olnutu H,}
i tecondo lien ~9.~2 ftot to ·aa iron pill, a point' of rovtHt eurv. on th afon• i
1 ..,otloatd lletttdy . rlsht•of..,ay· lht. of· Lloyd AveHuer thence a1oas a curn to tht '·
, bft havlas ·a radliHI of )25,00 fut throuah • otntrd &a& It of. 28 dtauu
•lnutu · 48 oocondt aad an .rc dhtane• of 16),44 tut to· ch phe• of btslanlna. !
1•& ·
; .CONI'At~.lK9 . 0,190 acre of !.and; DOWOt leu,_ ... ......... _ . ........ .. ... :..... _. __ _.__ ;

!MC't: !.),. ~~~.~11<2. at 1111 Iron pin 011 the lbttherly . Udt .of an unt.-
; proved Sef'fiee road; uicl iron ·pla·betns alto oa .the llorthvardly ~rejection of l
: contnllno or chat t>OTtion of Lloyd · Avenue vhlch te )),00 teat · vldtl thnce fro. '
' the ut~<placo of be&lnnioa llorth 1 dearte· 38 •lnutu 14 · .. conde \/oat i4,06 rett
' to an iron ?In tn tho· 1!4ttnty liaht-of-llty for Ll•ited ·Aecuo ll.oopa ot the u.s. 1
; Route 130 By-four thence dona the ,.,.. the uvoral followioa cour4et and dietu-
; ceo1 Alons • cune to tht lett· bavlaa a ndiuo of 212·,00 feet ao are dletanee of :
' 5~.23 feet, and e chcr<l of Horth 6'· 4esueo 24 •inucea 40 ueoodt !an, 55,14 fen ·
, to M iron ph, llorth ~2 doareu OS •lnutet 29 aeconc!e l!att 220,78 Cett to an itOII
, ?in, dons 1 euno to· the tight, havlna· a redl~o of 17~ ,00 feet · an arc dlatatlet
: of 104,77 feet ·, and a · chord of llorth 7S de sun 4~ Dln~tet lll uconde tut 10), 21 :
i fut to an h'On pin, South 10 c!es~ee 0) •inut" 40 oeeondt l!lat ·at·;40 feot to an :
' iron pia tl\dSoutt\ 65 dcguu· 2S· nlouteo OS aoc011d1 . !&tt, 123.H ·h•t to u iron
' pia on the Southerly llde of Peooeylvanta suu 1\iahvay ~~Cute un I a leo l<I>OIM I l l
' tho Korthoe llkol thtace Alona tht ...... South s~ do&tUI H alnut&l 40 MCOuda '
. !ut ll,,a feet to an irM 91n. on the lbrtbotly IJ&ht"<>f-vay ll6e of l-loyd AunUoi
: thence olons the ,.,., aloes a eu~· to the rlah~ b&vlna t ndiut of 33.00 feet, an
erc dhtanea of 41.00 feet; aud ·a chord of · South 33 doartu 32 atnutea 1~.~ oacolldt
' lleat l8.41 feat to aa fro~ pill, thence. contiaulna Ilona · cha laot Mntlo~ed UaM•
. of""~" line, Scutb 69· 4oareot . 07 alnutu ~~ ceeonda llett )18;90 fee~ to an iron
?in, thence tl0111 a curva to the · rtaht, h&vtna a r&4iua of 60.00 feec, . an ttc din
ttnc& of 41,32 feat, 11>d &· chord of So~th 88 de&nee · 51 •lnutea 48 Meoadt lltlt,
. 40.S1 feet to ao iron pln· oa the· llortherly 1ldt of the· afor .... ntlooed uui~tproved '
· urvlce road 1 tbtac~ eloos .the • ..., tht tbroa . follOYiaa coureou-...t dhteoc•• 1
· North 66 deareea Ol •lout II 0'.1 .. coade Vttt ~4.26 feet to an· iroa ?ia, Korth 71
• deareu 24 nloutu 2) ucondt llott 100,00 foot co "' hon pia, and Korth ll dtlttU
; 00 ainutet ,2& toconda 1/eat S1.21 fut to t ... plate of baglonltll• ~li'I'!-1NINI)
. '
2,470 ecru of .land, """ or leu ...
y:rou o'JIO sua~Ecy ;to a rltht-of""'' arenttd to the IWiufactureT'I 11..t "'" Ll&ht eo.
vhleh CTOttU Tracu 12 aad 13 oaly •.. . .. .. . . . ..

~ouctber wltb all tnd oln&~~lll - · blllldlna• ...... -· .. - · _., .... _ lmprornnt"DII, ,.., ..
llr<tll, alleyt, P*~U. wotcn, walcr·C<>Ut..., ri~hlo, lil.<r1i<"Oo prlvil<tHo htndilllllUU
and appur1tnanctl whtt•oucr ther•uDio hdo~n£, or lu tny whe "I'J><rhinius. and tho
. re.·cnione ond rtnuintlcn, ten~,>, h•ut• oad profiu lhertof, ond ill 1br •o!tlt, rl~hl, llllr, !
· lolrr<tl, u~e, truol, prope11y, ~uiou, cloinl 111d dtmaud wlooUontr of .

. In hw, eqully, or
OlhtrwiM' hOWfO(I'Cf 0 of, lo, ond to the lo&lliO lbd eYUJ port lbtrt<:>f,


____ ___
·-· .. -~~-.-- .... ··---··----- ...:.... ........... _._ ... _. , ,

, .:

I 1
~· ·.

,t_IHG pare of the .... prtaltu vhleh Rutb A. Lloyd, vldov, by l>ldlotur• dned
O.:tober 1, 1926 lold reeordtd n lint Cl\uter h the Oltice for t'ht P.tcor4111• of
Dude, in tnd for tl••
County of Choutr, on the 4th day of Octohr A. D, U26,
in Dud _.,ok No, H-11 91111 203 of Vol, 40), etc., Orantd tnd Conveyed unto .;

lliUiu H. Lloyd. .•

AND tht uld llillha 11, Lloyd dtperlld thll lste 011 of about Pl!brv.ry 7, .1970
hontag • vlll dattd ~tobet Jl, 19~9 end codldl thereto, duly probated u
11.. 1 Cl\ltt4T in the Office of tht Reahttr of 11il1t ia Ifill ..,.,k 99 pa&e 968

1 1
vhtnSo a ad whereby ht prO'rldtd u foUwa1. . . . . .... _ .......

!'ourthl 1 dtvloo ay real 11t1tt 1 koow •• Volley Brook Para, to

Cl\utn Couaty, Ptn~~aylvanla, frtt of ttll 1 to ay d•ushtut IJ.Iey 1 •...
::~~!~4.:::l~!r,~ui ~• Lloyd, .' ." ·~":'~ . ·~-·-r~.'. - ~~-~~- the .. . .. I ;.:

llinth.l t """' .-, dtughter, Lucy Ruth Lloyd and llillha t, Hord I
of PhUadtlpMa 11 lb!ecutort of ory will. U on. of thea ehtU I
hil to qualify or cant lO act u auch 1 tilt other of th.. thell I .
~~~. . . . .. I
. l
_IJID_ IAtteu TttttMotary wre anattd unto 1/Ullu r, Hard 011 rt'orutry ~9~ 1970 1
tht nid ~, lutll Lloyd '"'ri11a
prtdtcuud tht tutator. . .. .. ... - ----- · . ....


R41 \~7.

• .

· --~ .· .· · .:

..,u -- -
... . ... ·-·-·· · ~ ··- ·-· · - ~ . .. . . - . - .._.. ,. . _, - ·- ---·--··--·- . -..... ... . --· ·-- . ___. ............ ...... .
.: ,·.]\· ?

·'l' l '

I .
. ' ...

jblt.tween 1'11£ tJJ~t.J'~l':il!§X4.\'M~»~J.!tAu Truete~ under o;,ed dated

Aprtl U, 1971 'by Ma:ry Louhe Lloyd an~ .hji\R..¥.;~.9J.!J.S_~..JA,.Q~... Singlewoman


lherelnaller called tho. Oranteo) or lhe .othe·r pari

'· . .. ........ _......- - ------· ,., iN Iii fHIIIfftltl,.


: .. .... .. .. - ............ --,..-.. · --·-·--·--- - --- ., HJ ,,,.,., lA# '""·· -.llt/1_, tl

" ' " ' lflllaJI, lh rurlll •lrrYI/ It Alf1&1 ubttlftlttl, have . --··-- --- --~ .. - --
. ... .. ... ...... ,. . ___ , _____ ___ .:_ ___ _ _ trlr.ttl, hrt.Jt~tl, uiJ, .lltt~~l, ~/ultl,
., .,,.,,, ul tu!•~~t tl, IU &11 llt" trfltr.ll

Onntee, He ·euccueora
____________ _____________
..... ... ____ _._ ______ _ .. .
t,«<, ,.,,,,., ""• .lit•, t•lul, rtlllu IU ,..,. fllllf 11# Hll
..... , , ..

. ' .... ..... ·--------· .-· -······- - .. ···--·· ·· ~ -······-·· - ----· ·----·-··---... --·
M,J~ . :J'l.!Q<~?t:.J:l.!~~~, yf!.l\.~MJ:t.,lracu or plec:u or groun'd , SITUATE In th.e Town•hlp
or Cain, Chuter C<lunty, Penneylv~nla, bounded and duc:rlbed according to a
Subdlvlolon Plan ot Properly of William M, !.loy<! Eot&to mlde by F.orl n; Cwlng,
Inc-,, dated May 7,· 1970 lao\ rovhed July ~9 , \976 and recorded In the Recorder'•
of Deed• OfCico at \Vut Chuter, Pcnnoylvula, In Plan 16\9 u Collowe, to wll1·

L Slli~ 67

·. -~ .


1.._ ·,·.
.-.. ·. :
. ;-1

· -~-.4 u - -. • ~ .- ..... . ,, • · • • ~- - ' • o • .• , . , ' o• •• ., · • • • . , ,, •. , , . , , ' o• ·-•• • " • ' • • • ' ,, .

.TRACT, fl
~~f~QJ!':I.t\ltrJl. ,&.t & point o.n tlio tllle Hno In the bed or !.loyd Avenue a o:orncr _of
Tro\Cl 14; th~nco along lho ccntertlM of Lloyd Avenue N<>rth One do~rco Thirty·
tl&ht minute• Founcen aoconda Wut, One Thou .. nd tour l111ndrcd riCty·d&hl 1. ;-
•nd Forly·nlne Onc·hundrcdlha Cool to a epike, ••hi eplkc !K-In~ at \hJ.t point -~ ·.-
whcro the right or way o( !.loyd /\venue change• to width Crol\1 Thlrty.thr~o Cccl
lo Filly feet; lhcncc ·through the uld /wcnuc, North f.lghly·ecv<'n des reo•
·Twenly·n\ne minute• 'fwc11ly eccond• F.aet Twenty-rive (cello 11n Iron pin
on the F:utcrly right ol way line of Llo1•d Avcnu~; lhcnco along the uld right
of way llnc, North Two degree& Thirty mln\ltce Fo~ty occon<l• Wcet One I lund red
Forty Ccet to an Iron pin, a point of cmvc; lhcnco alone a curve to tho rl~ht
~avlng a ra<llue of Two Hundred Sovcnly·Clvo fed, through a central an~tl<> of

Seventy-one detlraee Thirty-eight minute• Thlrty·niM second& and an arc dl•lanco
o{ Three llundred Forly·thrco and Elj\hty·ecvcn 0Jic·hundrcdthe C~~~ to ~<n Iron
pill, a point of t~ngent; thence. North Shtt~·nlnc dcgrcca &vcn rnlnulco nrty-nlno
aecon•la ·Eut .Five llundred ~:lghtccn and Ninety· one Onc-huntlrctltl!i fed to an
Iron pin on lhc South liido of Penntylvanla State lllghway Route ·ln<:.,· ~leo knowl\
u tho lloracehoe Pike; thence 1lort~ the South elde or tho lnl m~ntlo11cd road
South Slxly·aovcn degrcca fifty· four litlnutce Fifty-nino .econdt t:aol 1 One
Hundred $eventy·el~:ht and Forty-one Onc·hundrodth• Cc~l to l\n Iron pin,· and
> South Fifty-nino degrcce Fifty· one mlnulcB t"orty eccondt F:ut, Five llundrcd
'< Sbcty·flvc Md Sl~ly·acvcn Onc·hundrerllh• Ccot loan Iron p\n ln 'llnc of bnd& of
H the Archbl5hop of Philadelphia, tho lut mentlon~d cornc.r !K-Ing also South Two
d<1greca Nino minute• Thirty eccondo ~"'' t' ivc and FICty·ll)rcc OM·hundrcdthe
'loci dlotanl Croin "' concrete monument, and aho being South Two dcg reo• Nina
...,... ,....,. ..11
mlnulot Thirty eccond• Eut, 'fhlrty-!ivc and }"orty·nlnc Onc·hundrcdthe feet
:I dletanl from a ·aplkcdn the centerline olthc Jut n•cnllonod lllghway, thence along
land~ of lhc aforementioned Archbishop or Philadelphia, South Two doRrcc.-
'i : Nina mlnutu Thl_rty eccond• F:aot One ThouundSc.cn llundre<i t'lfty-two ~<nd
! Elghly·HV~n On_c·hulldrcdlh• feet to an. Iron pin, a corner of land• ol Caln
Townehlp; thence along the ume, South El~thly·thrcoe dcgrcoe t'orty;!ive mlnutce
'. ~ Thlrty·Cour occonde Well, Ell!ht llundrod Fifteen and T~·cnty <?no·hundrcdth•
~ feet to. t.n Iron pin, and South Sevent'y·\wo dcgrece Thlrty-ecvcn mlnulce Thlr!y·
'· I (our eccond• Wcel Two Hundred Forty and Sovcn Ono·huntlrodthl feet to an Iron
i pin a corner of 'l'ractH aCoreeaid, thence cxtc_ndlng along eaid 'l'raclthc two·
l J
I · Collowlng couuce and dlataricu to wlt1 (II North One degree Thirty-eight
mlnutee Fourteen eeconde Wee! Two Hundred Twelve reel to an Iron pin (ll
South Elghty·elghl degreee Twenty-one mlnutce Forty • ehc tccondt Wc•l croulng
the E'ael<lrly side ol L\o~d Avenue Three lluntlred Forty feet to the 1\ret ·
m~nlloncd potnt ~~ond place or !><>ginning . ... ..... _ . __ _________ , ...... . ..

. .BEI.NG Tract 11 on said Plan, _ --· .

.~¢.~'f."(~!J';IJ!m,61,<l04 ac_rco more o~ lw~ - ·-~=-=-=-~~ -·~.: ~~ .::::. :: ·: .~.·.· ~ ·
· J.JRA~L,k
_,.I)~Qlt:I.!'HNQ..at an Iron pin In line of Iandt of Smedley R, VInton .and on the
- we-6-torfyrTghl of way 1\ne or that portion or Lloyd Avenue which .. Fifty (eel wldo ~.
•Eitccptlng •nd ·rucrv\ng lh~reout and therctrom unto 11\e Flrel Penntylv~>.nla Bank ..
N 11 Tru•tee for the bendlt of Mar11. 1-oul•~ Llovd, ~ncl(clafv• thC!Ir h~lrt,
1 ucc"e'uor• a nil ••• gnt an euemenl t·fneen tee Wlaa runn ng tom the 'South·
wu\erly (:Orner and alonJl th~ Southern bounduy oC the above dcecrl~d premleu
or a diiUn(e of Three Hundred }"iflv reel mJ)re fr.lu• ~to an eKit~nR watelh!lnc,
o lay •nd ma\ntafn~a · water line for ll\O benent o Trlld No, <t •• • ollln on e . .
above' c:aptloned Subdlvl•lon Pl•n•
L 511t[{ 68
---""--~---- --- ·- - - · -·-- -·---- --·----·----c---·-- ...... .... .... •. ........•. .. ...... . '


I.... ____ _
. ~ .... :'

. !

·-··· •·' ..,. . . ··-· ·-...

" . ~. - ..--. · •·· · ··· ._... .... ..... . _._ ............................

nhl Iron pin 11\eo hclnR on tho Norlhwardly proJo·ctton or tho c:entorllno o! tht
portion of f,loyd Avonuo which le Thlrty;thrco !cot wldoJ thence trom lhe uld
place ol bcglonlnp. continuing along li\nde of tho aroromcnllonod Sm~dley R,
Vinton North OM degree Thlrty-olght minutes Fourleon •ocond• Welt, Two
llun<lr..-cl f:lghlccn an<! i-"l(ly . •he Ooc·hunclrcdtha fool to an Iron pin on. lho Southerly·
right or way llno of an unimproved Servlco 1\oadl thence along the nld right o!
w~y lin~, Sl)ulh Si~ty.flvc des reo~ forly•onc minute• f'orty-rtvo eecond• £an
Thlrty-Uvo ,,nd Nlnc'ty-flvo ·Onc·hundredthe foot to an Iron pin a.nd South
'I. Seventy-on ~ rlc!j.T<'oe Twcnty.four mlnutco Twenty-three eecond1 Eut, Seventy. ·
live anr\ Slxlc.cn Onc · hundrcdlho f<'ct to an Iron pin 1 thrinco along a curvq to tho
rl~:hl hving a radlua or Thlrly·lhreo reel, and an uc d\ •fan<:c of f'llly·•bc at1d
01\Q Onc·hundrcdtho feet, a nd a chord of Soulh Two degreet NIM mlnut~s
Fourteen and Five-tenth• accontl• Wen, •'orty·nlno and f'IIty - lwo One·huildr~dthi
fc~l to an lrol\ pin, a point of reverse. curve on tho aforcmcnlloned \Vcolorly ·
riJ!hl or "'·'Y line of !.loyd Avenue: lhenco alol\g a ' curve· to lho lett having a radllu
of Three Hundred Twcnly·llvc feet lhrough a central angle or 'fwcnly-elght
•lcgr..-ea Forty-el~:hl mlnulcaTorly·elghl ucond• and an arc dl•tante or One
llun<lrcd Shty.thrco and )'"orly.four 0M · hundrcdlh1 feet to tho place ot beginning,
CONTAININ9 __o, ~?0 3cro of land, more or leu;

.~f~9~__1} . . .
U.f';9_1~m.t'I.Y~.at ~n Iron pin on tht. Nortl>crly eldo of an unimproved Sorvlce Road,,
B«ld Iron pin IJclnj\ alio 01\ the N~rthiYArdly projeellon ol centerline olthl.l
portion of 1.\oyd Avenue which I• Thlrly·lhrco feel wide: thence from th~ uld i'
pl«<:c of h..- ginning North One dogrco Thlrty·els:hl mlnuto• Fourteen aocondo
Weal Flfly.four . ~ml Six Onc·hundr.,dlha feet I<> 1.n Iron pin on lhe Eutorly .· I
right or " a y lor J,Jmllcd Acce,.· nampa ollho U.S'. Route 130 By-Pate: thence .i
along lhc Oi\11\Q lho tCvOr<\1 foltowln~ counce <'nd d\tlan<:Ul a\Onfl a tllrYO tO tho iI
loft having" ratllu• or Two llundrcd Scvcnty·lwo (cot a n ar<: dltiMco or Fltty•llyo
and Twcnlj'·lhrco Ono·hundrerltha feet, and a chord of North Slxty·four dcgreu
Tw<-nty-tour mlnul~" ~·orty oeconda t:aet FHty·llvo ·a·nd }"ourtc:cn One-hundredth•
feet to an I ron pin, · North t"Hiy •lwo degr~oe Five mlnulea Twenty· nino ucond4
· - ~: aat 'fwo llundred Twenty and Scvenly-el(\ht Ont·hundredtht !oct to ;in Iron pin,
alo"g a curvo to the rlj~hl, having a ndlue or o 'no llundred Scvenly·lllle feet an
a rc dlolanco or One Hundred Four and Sovenly-•evcn One •hundredtht feet, ~ond a
chord of North Seventy·l\vc degrou F'orty·four mlnutea Thlrty•elght ucond•
~:~st 0110 llunllrc'd Three and 'fwcnty·onc Ono-hun<\-edlhl f~ot to an Iron pin,
.{ South Se_v<'r\ty d c J~roe8 Three mlnulu Forty eecond• E.ut El!!.hlY·Ono and Forty
Ono·hunrlr~>dlhl feet to al\ Iron pin and South Sl~ty-llvo degreu Twonty•five
J' mhml~• f"l v.c •~conrh r.u1, One Uundrcd Twcnly·thrce and SIKty·four One·
hundrcdlho reel to a" Iron p\n on lho Southerly aldo of Pcnnaylvanl" S.ato
11\l',hwa.y fi•>ulc flH, also lvlown at the llt>uhoc l'll<c; thence along the u.mo,
Soulh ~'Illy-nino dogrcu Jo'lfly.one minute• Forty •econdl Ealt One Hundred . -'
Fourlccn and t'lltccn One ·hundredth• feel to an Iron p\n on lh~ Norlherly rl~tht
or w.&y lin<' of !.loyd !\venue, thcnco alonp. "th<' ume along a curve to the right
having a radiu8 or Thirty-three feet, an arc dl•lance· or rorty-one feel, and a
chortl of South Thlrly·lhree dcgreu Thlrly•two mlnutol Nineteen and flve•tenlha
ar<:ond• \Yul, 1'hlrly·clght and f'orly·:one. On<>·hundrodthe !eet to l.n Iron pin,
lhC'IIC<' col\lim1lng alonp. the hot mentioned rlghl of way· Jine, South Slxty·nlno

l. Slrl.lt 69

_..,..._ .......... ..- ... ..... ... .,_, ..

degree• Seven mlm>tca FICiy-nlnc Hct>n<h Walt, Tl>r~o lhln<lrcd Sevcni)'·Oil\hl

and· Ninety One-hundrcdtho Ccet to an Iron pin, lhcnc<> along A cun•c to tho rl~thl
hl\vlng a udtuo of SlKIY foot, · "" arc dlstancc of rorly·ona and Thlrty•lll'o Ohc•
hundrcdtha feet, and A chord oC South ~~lflhly-olflht dcj~rc'e~ •'ICiy-onc mh\utea
Jo'otly-elghl uconds Weal, Forty and f'ifty.onc Ono-hundrcdtha feet to ~n Iron
pin on the Norlhci'ly •ldo of lhG aforon>entloncd unimproved sorvlco road~ thence
&lona the oamo the Three following couuee t.nd dtitanccfl North Slxty-al><
dcgroea Sovcn minute• Nino ICC<Intla Weal l,.lfty-four and Twenty• ilK 01\C•
hundredths feet to An Iron pin, Norlh Seventy-one degree• 'fwcnly·Collr hllnutee
Twenly-thrce •econde Weal, One Hundred !eel to an Iron ph>, and Norlh Seventy·
seven deere<>~ No ilitnutot Twcnty-elghl •ocond• We~t, Jo'ICty·oM> ~nd 1\vcnlv·two
Onc·hundrcdthe feel lo tho place o! bc~ll)ntng, . ··- ···--· -·-··· ··-~ - ... ..... ·· -·· · -~
.c;:Q~J'/>Jl'-1t!.Q,,l., 470 o.cret of bnd , more or leu, . ---------·---- ..... -----~ - ..

:J :~ UN_J;)J'(!t..(\J:!P..§.\fP•.H~S:~~..Io a right of way irar~tcd to the Manufacturore Ileal

,•; . and Light Co, which croaee• Tract& fl. and 13 only,
__);~;.;U'!.9.~art oC t~e e~me prerillaca which William T, llord, Executor of the
,_ Eetale of W\lll&m M, J,Joyd 1 deceaacd by Deed dated July 19, \973 and recorded
·,. In 0\celer County, In the 0!1\ce for thc_l\ccord\ng of Dcc<h, In· r>ced ll<>Ol< IR·41
page 1'4'> f<c,, granted and conveyed Unto: Tho Flut Pcnneylvan\a 13anklng and
Truat Company, True leo · under Duel dated April n, 1971 by Mary l.oulae

:}r Lloyd, ·In fee, . -- ---------------·---- ----· .J.J..!..l1



I_ _ __ j


Hn. 11.21 CORl"nJIATION nr.t:lt

dny of ~<1'?1"' 'in tho ,l'enr of ou1· l.or<l one lh011Hnnd nine

hundred nnd Mo<~l!'rj c-;9?c>j iLletweett ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL, (a

Pennsylvania non-profit corporation) ·----~ - ·

( herclnnfler en lied uic C:rnntnr s), or the one pnrl, :ind

orgam.zed iiiider the laws of the Stafilof New Jersey - ·- - - - - - - - -- -·

(herclnnfler cnllcd the t:rnnlcc s ),or the nlh"r pnrl;

Thnl the •nhl Grantor
for nnd. In cnnRhlcrnllpn or th<• snm of .-;

.. . mone)' of tho United Stntes of Amerlcn, unln it well nn<l trulr pnid li)' the said r:rnnlec ,
. nl or heforc the senlln~: nnd deliver)', herenf, the receipt whereof Is hcrch)' ""hnnwl~dgcll, ·hat.h
grnnled, hnrgnlne<l nn<l Hold, nllened, enfcoffe<l, relcnscd nnd conflrm••l, nn<l h)'ll•••• .p,·c•cnlH doth
grnnl, hnrgnln nml sell, nllen, enfenff, relense nn<l c11nflrm nnln the snhl r:rantcc , itR nucccaaora
nnd nsslgns,
r- 1

ALL THOSE THREE CERTAIN , tracts or pieces of ground, Situate in

· the Township of Caln, Chester County'· Pennsylvania, bounded and
described according to a sul)division plan c•f property of ~lilliam
M. I.loyd Estate, made by Earl R. Ewing, Inc., dl\ted 5/07/19'70,
last reviae·d 7/29/1976, and recorded in Chestef .county as Plan
No. 619, as follows, to wit:

BEGINNING at a point on the title line in the bed of Lloyd Ave-

'nue, a corner of. 'l'ract No. 4; thence along the center line of
Lloyd Avenue, North 01 degrees 38 minutes 14 seconds west~
1,458,49 feet to a spike, said spike being at that point where
the- right-of-way of Lloyd Avenue changes to width from 33 feet to
50 feet1 thence through the said avenue, North 87 degrees 29 min- .'_!

utes 20 seconds East, 25 feet to an iron pin on the Easterly

right-of-way line of Lloyd Avenue1 thence along the sa!d right-of
-way, North 02 degrees 30 minutes 40 seconds west, l.40 feet to an
iron pin, a point of curve1 thence along a curve to the ·right,
having a radius of 275 feet ·, through a central angle of 71 de-
grees 38 minutes 39 seconds, and- an arc distance of 343,87 feet
to an iron pin, a point of tangent1 thence North 69 degrees W7
minutes 59 seconds East, 518,91 feet t~ an iron pin on the souQ~
side of PA State Highway Route No, 322, also known as the Horse-
flK 2 I J l:i I'G 5 2B

· -~- .....--
. !

~~~=:::::~ so-~t: 67 degr,:~:-54 m~~u~es 59 seconds East, 178.41 feet to

an iron pin, and south 59 degrees 51 minutes 40 seconds East,
565,67 ·feet to an iron pin in line of lands of the Arcbishop of
Philadelphia, the last mentioned corner being also South 02 de-
\ . grees 09 minutes 30 seconds East, 5,53 feet distant from a con-
crete monument, and also being South 02 degrees 09 minutes 30
seconds East, 35,49 feet distant from a ·spike in the center line
of the last mentioned highway; thence along lands of the aforemen-
tioned Archbishop of Philadelphia, South 02 degrees 09 minutes 30
seconds East, 1,752.87 feet to an iron pin, a corner of lands of
Caln Township; thence along the same, South 83 degrees 45 minutes
34 seconds West, 815,20 feet to an iron pin, and south 72 degre~s
37 minutes 34 seconds west, 240,07 feet to an iron pin, a corner
of Tract No. 4 a f oresaid; thence axtending along said tract the ..
·· two (2) following courses and distances, to wit: (1) North 01

de.grees 38 minutes 14. seconds West, 212 feet to a n iron pfn; and
(2) South 88 degrees 21 minutes 46 seconds west, crossing the
Easterly side of Lloyd Avenue, 340 feet to. the first mentioned
point and place ·of beginning,
~ Tract No, .1 on said plan, .
CONTAINING _61.1 004 acres more or less,
EXCEPTING AND RESERVING 'l.'HER!ill!J.'l'....AN.IL'IH.ERE!.ROM, unto The First
Pennsylvania Bank, N.A., Trustee for the benefit of Mary Louise
LLoyd, beneficiary, their heirs, successors and assigns, an ease -
ment 15 feet wide, running from the southwesterly corner. and
along the Southern boundary of the abo.ve described premises, for "
a distance of 350 feet more or less, to an existing water line,
to lay and maintain a water line for the benefit of Tract No. 4, ~-
as shown on the above captioned subdivision plan, - ---·-·-- l: '


BEGINNING at an iron pin in line of lands of Smedley, R. Vinton
·and on the Westerly right-of-way line of t.hat portion of Lloyd . i:
Avenue which · is 50 feet wide, said iron pin also being the North - i.
wardly projection of the center line of that pbrtion of Lloyd ·:,-
Avenue which is 33 feet wide; thence from the sairl place of begin- I l
ning, continuing along lands of the aforement i oned smedley,R, r
Vinton, North 01 degree 38 minutes 14 seconds \'lest, 2].8,56 feat
to an iron pin on the Southerly right-of-way line of. an unim-
proved service road ; thence along the said right-of-way lina,
South 65 degrees 41 minutes 45 seconds East, 35,95 eaet to an ~

iron pin, and South 71 degrees 24 minutes 23 seconds· Enat, 75,16

feet to an iron pin ; thence along a curve to the right, . having a
radius of 33 feet, and an arc distance of 56,01 foet, and a chord
of SoUth 02 degrees ~9 minutes 14,5 seconds west, 49.52 Ceet to

an · iron pin, a point of reverse curve on the aforementioned west-

erly iight-of-way line of Lloyd Avenue; thence along a curve to
the · left, having a radius of 325 feet, through a cent~al angle of
28 degrees 48 minutes · 48 seconds, and an arc distance of 163,44
feet to the place of beginning, ·-- ---·-·-- ·

·-------~ ---- ···-- =---· ·-·.

1 -- i
£PNTAININO ,290 acres of land more or less,
~N_O_. _ _J_

BEGINNING at an iron pin on the Northerly side of an unimproved

·service road, said iron pin being also on the Northwardly project-
ion of center line of that portion of Lloyd Avenue which is 33
feet wide; thence from said place of beginning, North Ol degree
38 minutes 14 seconds West, 54,06 feet to an iron pin on thfl East··
erly right-of-way for limited access ramps of the U S Route No,
30 By-Pass; thence along the same the several following courses
and distances: along the curve to the left, having a radius of
272 feet, an arc distance of 55,23 .feet and a chord of North 64
degrees 24 minutes 40 seconds East, 55,14 feet to an iron p!nr
North 52 degrees 05 minutes 29 seconds East, 220,'/8 feet to an
iron pin along a curve to the right, having a radius of 17 5· feet,
an arc distance of 104,77 feet and a chord of North 75 degrees ~4
minutes 38 seconds East, '103,21 feet to an iron pin; South 70
degrees 03 minutes 40 seconds East, 81.40 feet to an iron pinr
and south 65 degrees 25 minutes 05 seconds East, 1?.3.64 feet to
an iron pin on the southerly side of PA state Highway Route No,
322, also known as the · Horseshoe Piker thence along the same,
south 59 degrees 51 minutes 40 ser.onds east, 114.15 feet to an
iron pin on the Northerly right-of-way of Lloyd Avenuer thence ;;
along the . same, along a curve to the right, having a radius of 33
feet, the arc distance of · 41 feet and a chord of South 33 degrees
32 minutes 19,5 seconds west, 38,41 feet to an iron pin; thence
continuing along the last mentioned right-of-way line, South 69
degrees 07 minutes 59 . seconds west, 378,90 feet to an iron pin;
thence along a curve _t9 the right, having a radius of 60 feet, an
arc distance of 41.32 feet and a chord of South 88 degrees 51
minutes 4~ seconds west, 40.51 feet to an .iron pin on the Norther-
ly side of the -aforementioned unimproved service roadr thence .
along the same the three (3) following coursen and distances: ...I·
North 66 degreea 07 minutes 09 seconds west, 5~.26 feet to an
iron pin; North 71 degrees 24 minutes 23 secondR West, 100 feet
to an iron pin; and NoL' th 77 degrees 00 minutes 28 .seconda wast,
51,22 feet to · the place of beginning,
CONTAINING 2. 470 acres of land more or less, - ·- -·------- ........... .. . ·
UNDER AND SUBJE<;T to a right-of-way granted to the Manufacturers
1!6at:ana-L1ght company, which crosses Tracts No, ·2 and 3 cml.y,
. BEING the same premises · which The First Pennsylvania Dank, N A,
~~e under deed dated 4/22/1971, by Mary Louise Lloyd and Mary
Louise Lloyd, singlewoman, dated 7/28/1977 and recorded in Deed
Book L-51 page 67, granted and conveyed unto St, Joseph' fi ,.
Hospital, a Pennaylvnaia Non-Profit Cor.poration, in f:ee , ____ ._ ......... .

~ ~ T72A/S DEED--Truotu a' Counant- torporaUo11 • IndiTidaal. Print•d for and Sold by John C. Clark Co., 1326 Walnut St., ·Phila. ,

~~ D ~bts JJnbenture •aile tqe fifteenth day of

July in the year of o~r Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six (1996 )

The Order of the Felia:ian Sisters of. St. Francis

a non-profit New Jersey Corporation (Grant.oJ>)


His Eminence l>.nthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, Archbishop

of Philadelphia, in his representative capacity as
Archbishop and net in his private or individual capa.city

of th~ other part, Dlfitne5.6etq Th!).t the ~aid Gr.antor

for and in consideration of the tum of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars
lawful money of the United States of America, unto it , well and truly paid by the said Grantee

at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof it hereby acknowled'ed,
has granted, bargaihed, sold, aliened, eofeoffed, released and confinned and by these preeeota

does grant, bargain, aell, alien, enfeoff, releue and confirm unto the taid Grantee 1
his successors and a11igna,


;.. . ,..

iftng.efq~r with all and singular the buildings,

ways, watera, water-cour1es, driveways, rights,
liberties, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging, or in IIDY wise appertain·
ing, and the reversions and remainders, rent !I, issues and profits thereof; and all the estate, right, title,
interest, property, olaim and demand whatsoever of THE Sl~ID GRANTOR

in law, equity, or otherwise howsoever, of, in, and to the same and every part thereof.
mo haue nub to holb the said lot or piece of grounc. abe:ve described
wi tr:. ~fh(;: buHd:l.ngs a~~ irr.provements thereon erected
hereditaments and premises hereby granted, or mentioned and intended so to be, with the appurtenances,
unto the said Grantee, his successors and auigns
to and for the only proper use and behoof of the said Grantee, his successors
and assigns forever. ·

·.1\.u(l the said Grantor, its successors and/or assigns

covenant, promise and agree, to and with the said Grantee, his successore
and assigns, by these presents, ·· ~
that it , the said Grant.or

not done, committed, or knowingly or willingly suffered to be done or committed, any act, matter or
thing whatsoever whereby the premises hereby granted, or any part thereof, is, are, shall or may be
impeached, charged or incumbered, in title, charge, estate, or otherwise. howsoever.

fn Jl1itn.ess Jl!rfl.enof. the party of the first part hereto has set its
corporate hand and seal the day and year first above written.

italrl1 unb ilrliunl"~ The Order of the Felician Sisters of St.

in the pre1enee of us: Francis

Commonwealth of PennsyJv·ania
C..ounty of }ss:
On this, the day of t 19 , before me

the undersigned officer,

personally appeared

• , known to me (or satisfactorily proven) to be the person

described in the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged th11t he executed the same in the capacity
therein stated and for the purposes therein contained.
In Witnes~ Whereof, l have hereunto set my band and official seal.
St~t. .... of...·New Jersey
County of Bergen
On this, the fifteenth day of·July , 1996 , before me a Notary Public of the State
of New Jersey, the undersigned officer
personally appeared Sister Mary Antonelle Chunka ,>vho acknowl~dll:ed h.itUself (herself)
to be the President of Th:l Ordf'.r. or the Feu.cial'l Sl.sterS or
St. Francl.S
aNc!olf,?NiifloR,fJJ-d that she as such officer , being authori7..ed 'to do so, exe9uted
the fore!!oing instrument for the purposes therein contained by signing the name of the corporation by
himsel£ (henelf) as President,

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and official 1eal.

Sister Mary Fidslrna Klutlwws:<i
MY CO~.lMIS~ION EXPir.r~ ~.,~ :: ·~.: 6, 1£')9

·n.~ M

~+J 0\

·.-4 +J
Ul ·n

-~ [ .

u Q § 0.1-4.§'·
a1 .~ .
[;!~ ].~ ~
•n 0
u C>

~·~! .s il~l~
~ ro IS ~
... ·; . o::>

~ 0'"
0 (-!)

~ ~~~. ~~ ~ h~-~~
..~·~~~]~ c:: o_
P.nj'M ..c0
m• ....., lJ')
o::i· ·a+JI:S ti·~-~
""' Q)Ul~ ..:t
i 11=itj ::a p.;(j .


j . .· ' ' .

ALL THOSE THREE CERTAIN tracts or pieces of ground, Situate in the

'l.'ownship of Caln, Chester County, Pennsylvania, bounded and
.d escribed according to a subdivision plan of property of William M.
Lloyd Estate, made lly Earl R. Ewing, Inc., dated 5/07/1970, last
revised 7/29/1976, and recorded in Chester County as Plan No. 619,
as follows, to wit:
BEGINNING at a point on the title line in the bed of Lloyd Avenue, ... ""!

a corner of Tract No. 4; thence along the center line of Lloyd

avenue, North 01 degrees 30 minutes 14 seconds West, 1,458.49 feet
to a spike, said spike l.Jeing at that point where the right-of-way
of Lloyd Avenue changes to width from 33 feet to 50 feet; thence
through the said avenue, North 07 degrees 29 minutes 20 seconds
East, 25 feet to an iron pin on the easterly right-of-way line of
Lloyd Avenue; thence along the said right-of-way, North 02 degrees
30 minutes 40 s~conds West, 140 feet to an iron pin, a point of co
curve, thence along a curve to the right, having a radius of 275
feet, through a central angle of 71 degrees 39 minutes 39 seconds,
and ~n arc distance of 343.87 feet to an iron pin, a point of
tadgent; thence ~orth G9 degrees 07 minutes 59 seconds East, 518.91
feet to an iron pin 011 the south side of PA State Highway Route No.
322, also known as the Horseshoe Pike; thence along the South side
of the last mentioned road, South 67 degrees 54 minutes 59 seconds
East, 178.41 feet to an iron pin, and South 59 degrees 51 minutes
40 seconds East, 565.67 feet to an iron pin in line of lands of the
Archbishop of Philadelp1tia, the last mentioned corner being also
South 02 degrees 09 minutes 30 seconds East, 5.53 feet distant from
a concrete monument, and also being South 02 degrees 09 minutes 30
seconds East, 35.49 feet distant from a spiks in the center line of
the last mentioned highway; thence along lands of the
aforementioned Archbishop of Philadelphia, South 02 degrees 09
minutes 30 seconds East, 1,752.87 feet to an iron pin, a corner of
lands of Caln 'l'ownship; then~e along the same, South 83 degrees 45
minutes 34 seconds West; 8-15.20 feet to an iron pin, and South 72
degrees 37 minutes 34 seconds West, 240.07 feet to an iron pin, a
corner of Tract No. 4 afo~esald; thence extending along said tract
the two ( 2) fol.)_owiny courses and distances, to wit & ( 1) North 01
degrees 3B minutes 14 seconds West, 212 feet to an iron pin; and
(2) South BB degrees 21 minutes 46 seconds West, crossing the
Easterly side of Lloyd Avenue, 340 feet to the first mentioned
point and place of beginning.
BEING Tract No. 1 on said plan.
CONTAINING 61.004 acres more or less

Paqe 1 of 3 Pages.
Pennsylvania Bank, N.A., Trustee for the benefit of Mary Louise
Lloyd, benefJ.clary, the.lr heirs, successors and assigns an
easement 15 feet wide, running from the Southwesterly carne~ and
along the Southern boundary of the above described premises, for a
distance of 350 feet more or less, to an existing water line 1 to
lay and maintain a water line for the benefit of Tract No. 4 as
~hown on the above captioned subdivision plan. ' '


BEGINNING at an iron pin in line of lands of Smedley R. Vinton and

on the Westerly right-of-way line of that portion of Lloyd Avenue
which is 50 feet wide, said lr.on pin also being the Northwardly
projection of the center line of that portion of Lloyd Avenue which ... ~

is 33 feet wide; thence from the said place of beginning,

continuing along lands of the aforementioned Smedley R. Vinton,
North 01 degree 38 minutes 14 seconds West, 218.56 feet to an iron
pin on the Southerly right-of-way line of an unimproved service
road; thence along the said right-of-way line, South 65 degrees 41
minutes 45 seconds gast, 35.95 feet to an iron pin, and South 71
degrees 24 minutes 2J seconds East, 75.16 feet to an iron pin;
thence along a curve to the right, having a radius of 33 feet, and
an arc di~tance of 56.01 feet, and a chord of South 02 degrees 09
minutes 14.5 seconds West, 49.52 feet to an iron pin, a point of N
rev~rse curve on the aforementioned Westerly right-of-way line of ro
Lloyd Avenue; thence along a curve to the left, having a radius of
325 feet, through a central angle of 28 degrees 48 minutes 48
seconds, and an arc distance of 163.44 feet to the place of

CONTAJNING .290 acres of land more or less.


BEGINNING at an iron pin on the Northerly side of an unimproved

service road, said .!.ron J?in being also on the Northwardly
projection of center line of . that portion of Lloyd Avenue which is
33 feet wide; thence fr:om saicJ place of beginning, North 01 degree
30 minutes 14 seconds West,· 54.06 feet to an iron pin on the
Easterly right-of-way for l,imited access ramps of the U.S.Route No.
30 By- Pass; thence along the same the several following courses and
distances; along· the curve to the left, having a radius of 272
feet, an arc di~tance of 55.23 feet and a chord of North 64 degrees
24 minutes 40 s ·e conds East, .55 .14 feet to an iron pin; North 52
degrees. 05 minutes 29 seconds East, 220.78 feet ~o an iron pin
along a curve to the right, ·havin9 a radius of 175 feet, an arc
distance of 104.77 feet and a chord of North 75 degrees 44 minutes
30 seconds East, 103.21 feet to an iron pin; South 70 degrees 03
minutes 40 seconds East, 01.40 feet to an iron pin; ~nd South 65
degrees 25 minutes 05 seconds East, 123.64 feet to a.n · iron pin on
the southerly side of PA State Highway Route No. 322, ·also known as

Page 2 of 3 Pages.
the Horseshoe Pike; thence along the same South 59 degrees 51
minutes 40 seconds East 114.15 feet to an iron pin on the Northerly
right of way of Lloyd Avenue; thence along the same, along a curve
to the right, having a radius of 33 feet, the arc distance of 41
feet and a chord of South 33 degrees 32 minutes 19.5 seconds West
38.41 feet to an iron pin; thence continuinq along the last
mentioned right of way line South 69 degrees 07 minutes 59 seconds
West 378.90 feet to an iron pin; thence along a curve to the right,
having a radius of 60 feet, an arc distance of 41.32 feet and a
chord of South 88 degrees 51 minutes 48 seconds West 40.51 feet to
an iron pin on the Northerly side of the aforementioned unimproved
service road; thence along the same the three (3) following courses
and distances: North 66 degrees 07 minutes 09 seconds West 54.26
feet to an iron pin; North 71 degrees 24 minutes 23 seconds West
100 feet to an iron pin; and North 77 degrees 00 minutes 28 seconds
West 51.22 feet to the place of Beginning.

CONTAINING 2.470 acres of land more or le·s s.

UNDER AND SUBJECT to a right of way granted to the Manufacturers

Heat and Light Company, which crosses Tract No. 2 and 3 only.

BEING the same premises which St. Joseph's Hospital, a Pennsylvania

non-profit corporation, under deed dated August 17, 1990 and
recorded in the·office for the recording of deeds in and for the ("')
county of Chester at West Chester, PA in Deed Book 2,136, page 528 co
granted and conveyed unto The Order of the Felician Sisters of St.
Francis (a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the c..!:)
State of New Jersey) . u_

Page 3 of 3 Pages.
DATE: 08/02/199& Tll£1 11:04A INST 110.: 4&163 .... "'!

IJFICE If ~~~~ lDs

RECEIPT *I : 054444 TYPE 00C 1 DEED
REC FEE 21.00
LOC RTT 0.00
ST RTT 0.00
Ill IT TAX 0, 50
DATE: 08/02/199& TilE: 1h0-4A IMST 110.1

~ICE Of ~SWcr:tfiot ~DS ..::t

R£CEIPT *I : 0544-44 TYP£ DOC r HOOSIH6 co
R£C FEE 21.00
LOC RTT 0.00
ST RTT 0,00

~-14>< Paid
DEPT. 280603
HARRI~IURG. PA 17128.()603 See Reverse for Instructions Den. ~!.corded ~ •(._. 'l '
Comple!e each sedion and file in duplicate with Recor.der of Deeds when (1) the full valuakonsideratlon is not set fonh in the deed, (2) when the deed
is without consideration, or by gift, or (3) a tax exemption is claimed. A Statement of Value Is not required if the transfer is wholly exempt from tax
based on: (1) family relationship or (2) public utility easement. If more space is needed, a«ach additional sh ..t(s).
tC•1:JiJf1ifi•1¢1•1j ~ i M!j!l!ii.!IID!4J•h·f)·li·!it§U!ijlt§iittlt:J!(.fhlh.j.lij¥!·JI-
· . r:r:p~one Number:
West Ridge Abstrc:.ct Area Code ( 610 1 4:89-3000
StrHI Addrou City State Zip Code
313 W Ridge Pike, Limerick, :J?A 19468
B TRANSFER DATA ~~~~~~~~:-------
Grantor{si/Leuor(•lth~ Order of the Feliciar. Sisters
of St. Franc:l.s
.. . -!

2. Check Appropriate Box Balow for Exemption Cldlm.ed

D Will or intestate succession ----------;;,..--,.-.--....,.-----------,..,...,.,...,.....,---,....,..--------

(No""' of Ooc.O.nl) (Ed<>M Filo Nu111bor) L.f)
0 "Tro"nsfer to Industrial Developmen1 Agency. co
D Transfer to agent or slraw pony. (Attach copy of aeency~raw party agreement).
D Transfer between principal and ogenl. (AHach copy of agencylstraw lrusl aereement). Tax paid prior deed S - - - - - - - - - c_
0 Transfers to the Commonwealth, the United States, and Instrumentalities by gift, dedication, condemnation or In lieu of condemnation. I.D
(Attach copy of resolution): 0

D Transfer from mortgagor to a holder of a mortgage in default. Mortgage Book Number-----, Page Number _ _ _ _ _ .~
0 Corredive deed (AHach copy ofthe prior deed) .
D Statutory corporate consolidation, merger or division. (Attach copy of·ar1icles).

IXJ Other (Please explain exemption claimed, if other than listed above.) this transaction i .s exempt from taxes cnde.r
72 P.S. 'f.102-C.3, Sllbsection (17) and 91,"193{6)(17)

Under penalties of law, I declare thot I hove exomined this Statement, including accompanying Information, and to the best of my knowledge
and belief, It 11 true, correct and complete.